All Systems Go!

Wyvern's data slowly filtered into the network from the main hub. She had been transported almost directly to ACDC through a little work on Vita's part, and now here she was. Information began to strike her hard as the visual world washed over her. After all, everything she knew was merely data that was stored in her personality about what existed. Actually being in a place like this was completely different. She turned on her heel and checked out her boot, then twisted the other way around, trying to check out her own backside.

"What... What are you doing." Came a gruff and metallic voice from behind her.

Wyvern turned around and looked behind her, not seeing anyone there. She tilted her head like a confused puppy and then tilted her eyes upwards to try and think hard. "Hello?" She asked, turning her head again to suddenly come face to face with a mechanical dragon. She jumped back, but the creature followed her.

"Who the hell... What." The dragon said, Wyvern patting along her neck to see that it linked into her back where she couldn't reach comfortable. "Don't touch me." He added with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"What!?! What what what!?" Wyvern asked, grasping her head and running around in panic. "Who are you? What's going on! Ahhhh! Get off me!"

"S...Shut up!" The dragon told her in confusion and anger. "Calm the hell down, damnit!" He added, looking back to where he was linked with her. "I don't think I'm... On you. I don't know. Che." He blinked a few times and moved his jaw around. "I'm... Zed?" He suggested.

"Z-Dragon? That makes sense. I don't have any information on you but that must be because I was just born." Wyvern replied, tapping her fist into an open palm in revelation.

"Oi. You're a program, you weren't born, you were -"

"How's it feel, Wyvern? Everything working properly?" Vita asked, unable to hear the conversation by the program.

"Doing fine, Vita!" Wyvern replied. "I'm gonna head out now!" She added, running into the distance at a fast skip.

"Stop bouncing like that!" Z-Dragon complained as they ran along into ACDC Net.

[Battle One Welcome!]
Wyvern and her dragon enthusiastically charged into ACDC Net. They were soon greeted by a host of diminutive viruses that noticed them. Rather than the stock Metools however, the viruses before Wyvern were instead a trio of electric Bunny viruses bouncing around as excitedly as the Navi had started out.

Z-Dragon followed behind at a slower clip, coming to a stop beside Wyvern just as the Bunny viruses began to approach.

BunnyA: 50HP
BunnyB: 50HP
BunnyC: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Wyvern.EXE: 120HP

Battle 1 Start!
"Awwwwww, those are so cute!" Wyvern said hopping around in sync with them. "Omigosh! Look at those little ears, and their little bodies. That's adorable!" She added, putting her hands to her mouth to gasp between realisations.

"Eh heh heh... I think I reacted the same way." Vita said, trying to remember back to her first battle as a operator in the region, when she had seen those Metools and others. "Anyway, Wyvern! You know what you have to do, right?"

"Of course! Though they may be adorable, these little entities of cuteness cause harm to the local systems! I must purify them with my power in order to make sure that their cuteness programming returns back to the big server in the sky." Wyvern replied, taking a pose and looking pretty serious, were it not for her words.

"Oh gods, delete me now." Z-Dragon added, hanging from Wyvern's shoulder. "We just have to kill them. Stop fooling around or I won't help you."

"That's... Good, Wyvern." Vita replied. "What did I put into her programming...?" "Uh, listen, I'm not going to let you do that alone either. You'll need some help, so I've got your support program loading. Call her in and you can both do some training." Vita added.

"Okays~!" Wyvern said, throwing her hand up. "Initializing battle routines. Summoning Support Program now!" She called out, causing a red frame to appear next to her that slowly filled into smaller and smaller boxes until a figure appeared inside of it.

"Your command, mistress." The foxgirl that appeared said calmly.

"Um, Rokon, is it? Come on, we're going to go full force! Load up the chips, Vita!" Wyvern called out, moving into battle as her support program followed close behind her.

"First up, how about a... One of those gun things that hit a lot of people." Wyvern said, suddenly pausing.

"It's called a shotgun."

"Shotgun!" Wyvern called out, raising her arm and aiming. Nothing appeared to happen but none the less she pointed at her opponents. "Bang! Woosh! Boom!"

"What are you- guh, aaaah." Z-Dragon said, suddenly stopping as the core of his mouth glowed with green energy. He coughed and let out a blast of digital buckshot at the army of bunnies. "Ugh... I feel sick." He complained.

"Oh, uh..." Wyvern said, looking at her hands. True enough, she didn't have a buster on her arm, and that kind of made it difficult to form cannons. "I guess you're my gun now, Z-Dragon!"

"DO I LOOK LIKE A TOOL TO YOU?" He yelled at her, growling and twisting to bite her on the top of the head.

"Mistress, I will keep my distance for the time being and observe." Rokon added, lowering her head to watch her enemies in case of a sudden attack.

"Oh, ow, oh, okay, Rokon. You stay back for a bit and I'll show off what I can do, okay?" Wyvern said, holding her hand in front of her. "Next up, plant... thing!" She called, having a ball of cacti material form in her hands.

"For some reason I loathe that orb." Z-Dragon interjected.

"Huh? Well, whatever. Cactball gooooo!" Wyvern called out, swinging her arm back and then throwing the ball under-hand towards another one of the bunnies.

"You should follow Rokon's lead, Wyve." Vita pointed out. "If you attack the whole time, you could really take some heavy damage. Let's shift to the defensive now."

"Oh! Good idea, Vita! Staying alive, that sounds very smart." Wyvern said, putting up her hands like she was going to karate-chop one of the bunnies. "Sha! Sha! Sha-sha-sah!" She said to herself, hoping back and forth in preparation for dodging attacks.

1: Summon Rokon.SP
2: Shotgun Battle Chip: BunnyA (50 Damage + Spread 2 [Boost from Break-type])
3: Cactball1 Battle Chip: BunnyC (20 Wood Damage x 2-4 Hits, Ground Attack)
4: Dodge

1: Dodge
After bringing out Rokon as reinforcement, Wyvern had Z-Dragon fire off a Shotgun at the cluster of Bunnies. The shot caught the viruses off guard and resulted in the deletion of two of them in a wild burst of energy. Wyvern then proceeded to bowl a CactBall straight at the last virus standing. It hopped the first ball, sure that was the end of it. A second later two more spiky orbs crashed into it, deleting it.

Rokon watched from out of harm's way as the battle quickly ended.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Battle 1 Complete!

Wyvern.EXE: 120HP
Rokon.SP: 40HP

Rewards: 360z, 9 BugFrags
"Wow, you took them all out with only a couple of attacks." Vita pointed out, shifting back into her chair and watching. "I don't think I ever did that, even with..." She stopped, frowning a bit. "Well, I haven't seen it. You're pretty effective at fighting, Wyvern."

"Eh heh heh~." Wyvern said, holding the back of her head and smiling broadly. "Oh come on, Vita, I'm not that good. Just cleaning up the interwebnets with my data gun stuff." She said, twisting happily from the compliment.

"I must agree mistress, that was most impressive. However, we should continue onwards and not dwell on one success." Rokon said, bowing to Wyvern and motioning down the network's path.

"Oh! You're right. We should keep going, right?" Wyvern said, hopping down the path. "Make sure that you keep up, Rokon! I don't want to leave you behind on my path to justice and other things that are like justice!" Wyvern continued, pointing ahead as she hopped.

"Please don't tell me you're going to act this way after every battle." Z-Dragon interjected, hanging his head limply as he was thrown around from Wyvern's hops.

[Battle 2 Welcome!]

(Also, shouldn't I have received Bugfrags for that battle?)
Moving on, the spear wielder Wyvern and her companions, voluntary or otherwise, found upon another group of viruses. Two Melody were hopping up and down and shouting cries of glee. The reason? A couple of Beetanks were showing off their bombing skills, cracking a few tiles off in the distance. It looked like one of them was winning, and the other was getting a little frustrated.

Should she interrupt?

MelodyA: 80HP
MelodyB: 80HP
BeetankA: 50HP
BeetankB: 50HP

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Cracked (scattered)

Wyvern.EXE: 120HP
Rokon.SP: 40HP
"Wooow, looks like they're all having fun." Wyvern pointed out, still far enough away that she wasn't yet interrupting. "I guess even viruses have to find something to do aside from just be... Evil, or something."

"Virii." Z-Dragon corrected. "And they're breaking tiles. Let's just blast them away like that last group."

"Very what?" Wyvern asked.


"You said 'very'. About the viruses."

"Virii. And I didn't say very anything."

"You did it again..."


"Perhaps we should initiate an assault before we become targets ourselves?" Rokon suggested, pointing towards the sporting group.

"Good idea, Rokon! I guess we'll just have to do what we must. Can you do that blasting thing again, Z-Dragon?" Wyvern asked, looking over her shoulder.

"Load the chip and I won't have a choice." Z-Dragon replied sourly, the Navi ignoring his grimace almost completely.

"Okay Wyvern, I've prepared the chips after the last fight for another go. You head into combat and I'll give you full support." Vita interjected, not privy to every part of the digital conversation. "Oh! And be careful about those note guys. The Melody viruses. I haven't seen them before or even heard much about them." She explained, watching them carefully so that she could react if they did anything bizarre.

"Gotcha, Vita!" Wyvern replied, forming a spear in her hand and pointing it forward. "Let's head into battle, guys! Rokon, stay here and watch my back, Zed, let's move out!" She ordered playfully, rushing towards the little competition. "First thing's first, let's give those tanks a little blast!" She said, loading up a shotgun chip and pointing to them as she moved.

Z-Dragon was the one who actually had to do the work though, his mouth glowed as the chip loaded up and then he craned his neck towards the pair of enemies. "Haaa!" He coughed, blasting out another spray of energy that covered more than a single target's worth. He did just in time as well, Wyvern already on the move towards her next opponent.

"Activating attack... Jump!" She called out, her boots shining as she held her spear properly for once. She burst into the air in a high arc towards one of the two Melodies, slamming down towards one of them with her weapon pointed straight down at her opponent. "Ooooh~, what a rush." She pointed out, a little winded from using that attack, let alone for the first time. "Zed, blast the other one! Vita, gimme.. Uh... That blasting one."

"What was that, Wyvern? We've got... Here, this'll blast them." Vita replied, sending in the Icewave chip she had.

"Thanks Vee! Okay, let's blast them now!" She ordered, a blue glow forming in Z-Dragon's mouth. Wyvern suddenly reached up and grabbed the dragon's head, twisting to aim him like a shoulder cannon at her opponents. "Aim and fire!" She called, letting a wave of ice erupt from the symbiotic creature's maw at the other Melody.

"What the hell was that for?" Z-Dragon raged at the girl. "If you ever do that again I'll gnaw myself off you!"

"Oh, sorry. I was kinda getting gung-ho there." Wyvern apologized.

"Sorry will not cut it!" Z-Dragon yelled in her ear.

"Oh! We should get a move on!" Wyvern pointed out, wobbling a little from her attack but still able to turn to watch her opponents and move in case the counter attacks were on their way.

"I will remain here." Rokon pointed out from far behind Wyvern, moving carefully in case attacks became directed at her.

1: Shotgun Battle Chip: BeetankA + BeetankB (50 Damage + Spread 2 (+1 bonus)
2: Jump Signature Attack: MelodyA (60 Damage + Impact + Move + Self Slow)
3: Icewave1 Battle Chip: MelodyB (80 Aqua Damage)
4: Dodge
X: Drake Vitality: Wyvern (15 HP Recovery)

1: Dodge
Z-Dragon barfed up yet another glowy shot of Shotgun, catching the Beetanks and turning them into a heap of disintegrated data. The Melody appeared to try and retaliate, but were foiled, as their bounces were defeated by Wyvern's much more impressive jumping skills. A stab on the head almost killed the Melody, but still left it hanging. Its partner, however, was toast, as the blue IceWave was belched out by Z-Dragon once again.

MelodyA: 20HP

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Cracked (scattered)

Wyvern.EXE: 120HP
Rokon.SP: 40HP
"You damned giiiirl!" Z-Dragon started to roar, a glow in his mouth soon overflowing in a bright light.

"Eh? What what?" Wyvern replied, swinging around suddenly. Z-Dragon's head swooped to the side from the sudden movement and whiplashed once she stopped. His mouth exploded with energy and sent a series of small fireballs in a line towards the remaining enemy by sheer chance. "Oh! Good idea, Zed! We need to take out the last one quickly." She commended him, the dazed dragon having little to say in reply.

"I apologize for not acting as to speed up this process." Rokon noted from the distance, forming a pistol in her hand and aiming it. A scarlet beam of energy crossed the battlefield towards the last virus as well, the simple attack of the support program.

"You too, Rokon? I guess I'd better do something as well then." Wyvern pointed out, summoning her spear. "Vita, Rageclaw!" She called out. Her spear shimmered and began to change, moving from a single-blade into a trident that looked much like the Rageclaw's normal form. The Navi spun at her enemy, leaving three slashes across the air from her attack before she hopped away from him. She crossed her chest with the spear-claw in order to prepare herself for possible responses.

1: Dragon Rage Signature Attack: MelodyA (5 Electric Damage x 8 hits, Multi-hit)
2: Rageclaw Battle Chip: MelodyA (40 Damage + Slashing)
3: Dodge
4: Dodge

1: Attack: MelodyA (10 Damage)
CAN I H- okay, to hell with this.

It's dead, live your life.


Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Cracked (scattered)

Wyvern.EXE: 120HP
Rokon.SP: 40HP


- [DoubleBomb] Battlechip
- 200z
- 14 BugFrags
"Da na na na, da na, dun da naaa~!" Wyvern sang suddenly, hopping past the scorch mark that remained of the last virus and then carefully stepping around the cracked tiles. "Another victory for Team Wyvern!" She said, stretching her arms above her head.

"You're doing really well, Wyvern. Maybe I didn't have to be so worried about getting you settled in on things." Vita added, stretching almost in sync with her Navi. "It does seem like things are pretty easy around here, but I guess you aren't as fresh as your program is." She added.

"Yup yup!" Wyvern replied, finally out of the battlefield and able to walk on normal tiles again. "It's really fun, doing this. It may seem easy, but I enjoy the little challenges." Wyvern said with a wide smile. "Plus I've got Rokon and my buddy here to help out, so we'll be ready once things get tough."

"Your buddy, hm?" Vita said, a little confused. She pulled herself up from her beanbag chair and wandered a short distance into her kitchen corner. "I guess she's talking about her spear? It's not permanent so I didn't expect her to connect that deeply to the tool." She thought to herself, opening the fridge to find a bowl of grapes she hadn't eaten. She returned to her seat and moved forward to the PET again. "So Wyve, once we've made sure you're working properly we should go find someplace more challenging."

"Oh, true!" Wyvern said, looking upwards. "Though, I still wanna use all my systems and chips first. even raw data can't compare to battlefield experience." She said seriously. "Plus they're all shiny!" She added, back to normal and hopping again. "Oh! We should really make sure that Rokon is ready for more difficult combat too."

"Thank you for the concern, mistress." Rokon added from behind the Navi, strolling fast enough to keep up without looking like she was doing more than walking.

"It's decided then! Onwards!" Wyvern said, taking a sharp left turn and continuing down another length of panel paths.

"Sure thing, Wyve." Vita said with a smile, popping a grape into her mouth. "We'll go as long as you want, but I still get final say if things get too serious." She added, half to herself.

[Battle Three Welcome!]
The travels of the two (three if you counted the sassy dragon) brought them at a crossroads of network pathway. Before they could decide on which way to go, they heard a call from afar. A look would return them the sight of three Swordy charging into battle from one of the paths, two of them riding on metal-mouthed OldStoves, and one particularly swift one dashing in front. All of them had their swords brandished, and were uttering battle cries.

Swordy-N A: 60HP [Riding OldStoveA]
Swordy-N B: 60HP [Riding OldStoveB]
Swordy-N C: 60HP [Leader]
OldStove A: 50HP
OldStove B: 50HP

40% Missing (Edges of the road)
60% Normal (Crossroads)

Wyvern.EXE: 120HP
Rokon.SP: 40HP

"Waah, what do you think's down there?" Wyvern asked, stopping at the end of the void and looking down to the underneath of the network. The paths they were on were thinning down now into what felt like real roads. "Is there, like, more stuff down there? You can't just think everything floats in the middle of nowhere."

"Why don't you jump down and find out?" Z-Dragon asked, sighing and rolling his eyes. "Leave me behind first, won't you?" He added, closing his mouth into a frown.

"So negative, so negative." Wyvern pointed out, stepping back from the brink and heading to the middle of the road. "Oh. Intersection." She noted, hopping forward on the tiles almost just one at a time to head towards it.

"Mistress." Rokon said, moving up beside the Navi. "It appears that we have enemy virii incoming." She said, pointing in the distance where a few specks seemed to be moving.

"Eh? Already?" Wyvern asked, stopping just before the two roads crossed. "Wow, there's a lot of them... Are they riding one another? Hey Zed! That's just like you!"

"That most certainly is NOT comparable to my situation." Z-Dragon pointed out with venom in his voice. "Could I rid myself of you I would do so immediately!" He added, headbutting Wyvern from behind.

"Ah!" Wyvern said from the light bump. Not that the dragon could build up much steam to really wound her. "Don't fool around, geez, there's an enemy coming you now." She responded, causing the dragon's mouth to hang open as he looked for brutally abusive things to attack with.

"Wyvern?" Vita asked, looking at the data on the screen. "You sure do talk to yourself a lot. I guess you do have Rokon there with you though." She said half to herself. She was munching on a snack. "I've got a chip request system opened in your programming so you can grab what you need. All green for battle." She told her.

"Oookay!" Wyvern responded, going into an offensive stance and holding her hand out to summon her spear again.

"Stand aside, fool." Z-Dragon told her, swinging his head to throw off Wyvern's stance. "Look at their formation. We'll just blow them away already." Green light and data issued from his eyes as he pulled a Shotgun battle chip into the navi, using her own systems for his needs. A glow issued from his closed mouth as he aimed his head and opened again to send another shattering blast of digital ammo down the pathway and at the lead Swordy.

"Hey! Don't go taking all the action!" Wyvern whined. "I'm the one with the arms and legs." She said with a frown, furrowing her brow. "Vita, Magbomb!" She called out, getting her chip downloaded and forming the explosive in her hand. "And a-one and a-two and a-hup!" She said, winding up and tossing the bomb after the buckshot at the group of swordsmen, mounted or no. Once the crackling bomb had gone off, she looked over to the dragon. "What next?"

"What do you mean 'What next?'!? Do I look like your goddamn strategy guide?" Z-Dragon yelled at her.

"...Aren't those like books?"

"I swear I'm going to rip your-"

"Oh! I should keep attacking! Rokon, you too!" She called out, ignoring the dragon. She summoned a spear into her hand and pointed the tip down towards the ground. "Shockwave!" She called out, ripping the point of her spear upwards, creating a shockwave that blew down the tiles of the digital roadways at the team of enemies.

"Understood." Rokon responded, summoning her fire-arm into her hand and then narrowing her eyes down the field. She picked out one of the Swordy virii and blasted off a single and straight-forward shot.

"Can't forget they're gonna attack." Wyvern pointed out, going through her armour as if she was looking for a pocket.

"What... What are you doing. Use the shield. The shield!" Z-Dragon snipped at the Navi, angrily staring at her.

"Oh, I do have one of those." Wyvern said, stopping. She then looked over herself again until she was head-butted once more. "Oh! You meant a chip! I have one of those." Wyvern said, pulling her arm forward. "Vita, Guard." She asked, having a shield form over her arm and spread out into a large disc. She carefully hid behind it, keeping her eyes on her flanks as best she could in case they teleported next to her.

1: Shotgun Battle Chip: Swordy-N C + OldStove A + OldStove B (50 Damage + Spread 2 (+1 Break Bonus))
2: Magbomb1 Battle Chip: Sword-N A + Others (30 Elec Damage + 5 Elemental Bonus + Blast 3 (+1 Break Bonus) + Stun)
3: Shockwave Battle Chip: Sword-N C + Others (40 Damage + Piercing + Ground + Line Attack)
4: Guard1 Battle Chip (1 Hit Shield + (Reflect up to 60 + Piercing + Line Attack))

1: Attack: Remaining Swordy-N (10 Damage)
The Swordy in front was very quick to reach Wyvern and crew, using a split step that made it look like it was instantly there. Blasting a shotgun shell towards the leader Swordy (50) did not stop it from delivering a powerful blow to Rokon's shoulder, however. (30) The shot went through the Swordy and hit one of the OldStoves and deleted it instantly. (50) Now no longer accompanied with a rider, the unhorse- er, unstoved Swordy resolved only to hover around Wyvern a bit, teleporting around her to confuse her. The Magbomb hit it not, as it teleported out of range, though it did shock the heck out of its companions. (30, 30) A Shockwave eliminated the Swordy harassing Rokon (40) but nothing else. The remaining Old Stove brought its rider to arms against Wyvern, but she managed to fumble out the Guard beforehand, deleting the Swordy and leaving the Stove smack in front of her, stunned. However Rokon tried, though, the remaining Swordy just wouldn't let her hit it. It was just too damned fast.

Swordy-N A: 60HP [Teleporting around Wyvern]
OldStove B: 20HP (Stun!)

40% Missing (Edges of the road)
60% Normal (Crossroads)

Wyvern.EXE: 120HP
Rokon.SP: 10HP
"Rokon!" Wyvern called out during the clashing of attacks. The speed that the Swordy moved at easily surpassed the attacks they were able to use, dodging around most of the attacks and even getting behind the front line - well, Wyvern - to attack her support. "Stand down, I'll be right there!" She called out, pulling out a defense just in time to counter one of the mounted Swordys. "Rageclaw!" She called out, forming the trident-spear into her hand and whirling around in a sudden tornado to sweep an attack onto the Oldstove that was right next her. "Your turn, Z-Dragon! Chip load!"

"What do you mean, my turn?" Z-Dragon answered, suddenly going as pale as a robot dragon head could. "Gggguuuagh..." Tears started to fill his eyes suddenly. "Gu....Guuuuuuagh!" He did again, painfully coughing up a small bee virus. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he felt half-dead from coughing up a projectile like that. The bee, however, was already set on target and shot towards the remaining Swordy. "I'm... I'm going to kill you." He swore under his breath.

"Mistress! Do not concern yourself over me." Rokon called back. She looked to her side-arm and then dissipated it back into energy. "I am not yet powerful enough to serve you properly!"

"Don't worry about it, kay?" Wyvern said, bolting forward from her current position to chase around the Swordy. "Next time, just let me work as the shield, okay? I'm the one with all the armour." She spun her spear overhead and kicked off the ground, slashing a wide attack at the armed virus. Once her attack had swept through the air, she returned her weapon in front of her in order to parry another sword-swing.

"Rokon, don't worry about Wyvern or yourself. We can send you off to rest after this is over, but for now we both need you to stay on your feet." Vita interjected, watching the flow of battle. "And Wyvern's the one with all the powers. Rokon, we'll make you stronger, I promise." Vita added to herself. Out of snacks for the moment she took to nibbling on her thumb.

"I-... It's an honour, ma'm." Rokon answered, saluting to thin air. It was true, Wyvern was the one on the move and she was a mere support program after all. For now, she had to take that into account and used her agility to flip away from any virus or attack that got close to her again.

1: RageClaw Battle Chip 1/6 uses: OldStove B (40 Damage + Slashing)
2: Arrow1 Battle Chip: Swordy-N A (100 Elec Damage + 10 Elemental Bonus + Homing)
3: RageClaw Battle Chip 2/6 uses: Swordy-N A (40 Damage + Slashing)
4: Parry/Dodge action
X: Drake Vitality (Restores 15 HP)

1: Dodge Action
[Three Day Bump]
"Whew." Wyvern stated simply, her claw-spear disappearing as she cracked her neck and began to do some stretching exercises. "Those guys were really fast." She commented. "All like woosh and stuff. Crazy."

"The important part is that they were weak. Your tactics of being stupid and being more stupid won't work everywhere on the net." Z-Dragon told her. "And don't drop your guard so fast, with my luck when you're finally stabbed in the back they'll hit me instead." He chided, jabbing the back of her head with his chin.

"Eh heh heh. Maybe." Wyvern replied with a laugh.

"Kfuga- MAYBE?" Z-Dragon yelled at her, slamming the back of her head full-on. "Listen to me when I'm talking to you! I'm talking about an attack! Did your central processor blue screen or something? Idiot!"

"I beated all the bad guys though! There's no reason to keep fighting." Wyvern answered, suddenly stopping. "Unless..."


"...What were we talking about?" Wyvern asked, the dragon's head slumping in total defeat to her mind.

"Mistress." Rokon said, coming up beside the Navi.

"Oh! Rokon! Heh, you should really call me something else, you know. Mistress sound so..." Wyvern told her.

"Wyvern-sama? M'Lady? Madame? My liege?" Rokon tried.

"Maybe you should stick to Mistress for now, Rokon." Vita suggested, butting in. "Speaking of which, I'm going to return you for a bit so you can recharge a little. Wyvern, you'll be fine on your own, won't you?" She asked.

"I'll be fine. It's more important that Rokon doesn't get hurt, right?" Wyvern said, waving to her SP. Rokon bowed a farewell and returned to a datastream in an aura of light. "Take a good break, okay Rokon?" She added, looking around the now-empty battlefield. "I guess we should get going, right?" She said, walking down the path to her left.

[Battle 4 Welcome]
Snarling canines and spikey birds approach Wyvern and Co, looking for a fight. Maybe they were insane or something, I don't know. Typical RPG encounters are boring like that.

SpikeyA: 90HP
SpikeyB: 90HP
FishyA: 90HP
FishyB: 90HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Wyvern.EXE: 120HP


[Sidenote: If you want your passive heal, please RP it]
[Rokon was recalled before this fight. I'll make a note about the passive heal, however, thanks for reminding me.]

"At least there's no shortage of bad guys around here." Wyvern pointed out, putting up her dukes as the enemy forces approached. Z-Dragon swallowed hard, causing the Navi to turn around to look at him. "Is something up? It's just a couple dogs and... Flying triangle fish."

"What?" Vita asked, caught swallowing hard. "Oh, nothing, it's nothing. Just... Those Spikeys, I've seen them before." She said, recalling the disastrous fight she had had against them previously. "Listen, you should probably take these guys out quickly. You've been doing well so far, but they move fast and can dish out damage." Vita told her.

"Vita?" Wyvern asked, looking at Z-Dragon. "Um, okay. Whatever you say. Full-out offensive it is." She responded, throwing her hands to her side. "Let's go!" She roared, rushing forward.

Data began to trickle down from above around Wyvern, half of it forming around her hand and half being sucked into Z-Dragon's mouth. "Blast and blow!" She ordered, taking her aim having the data form into a ball in her hand. She lobbed the bomb into the air just as light began to issue forth from Z-Dragon's maw. He opened wide and sent a blast of buckshot across the battlefield as well. The bomb landed in the approaching group of virii and went off just as the forward forces were to meet the shotgun blast.

"Not enough yet!" Wyvern called, holding both her hands out by her sides. "Let's blow them all up!" She called, forming a pair of bombs, one in either hand. She whipped the first one straight on down the battlfield to the virii and twirled the second one in hand before letting it follow in a higher arc.

Setting her feet in the ground in a defensive stance, she raised one arm and let a flash of green light reveal a large defensive shield. "And just to finish it off. Come on and try your luck!" She called, feeling ready to receive and attack.

"Saying pointless things doesn't make your attacks more effective." Z-Dragon pointed out, snarling at her while still ducking partially behind the shield, his eyes exposed over the top.

"Eh heh heh... Yeah, I know, but I can't help myself." Wyvern replied with a smile. Scales began to form around the neckline of her armour along her bare flesh. Her Drake Vitality was in full force, recovering her power slowly but constantly.

1: Magbomb1 Battle Chip: SpikeyB + Others (30 Elec Damage + 5 Damage Elemental Bonus + Blast 3 (+1 Break-Type Bonus) + Stun 1)
2: Shotgun Battle Chip: Spikey A + Others (50 Damage + Spread 2 (+1 Break-Type Bonus))
3: Doublebomb Battle Chip: FishyA + Others (20 Damage + Blast 3 (+1 Break-Type Bonus) x 2 Bombs)
4: Guard1 Battle Chip: ((1 Hit Shield) + (Reflect up to 60 + Piercing + Line Attack))
X: Drake Vitality (Recovers 15 HP)