Starting Fresh Again

A beam of dark fire appeared over ACDC Net, scaring off a few Metools and a newcomer navi, and Blazeman came out of it.

"Well, time to start fresh again. Maybe test out my newest PowerShot chip." Blazeman said, while walking through the fresh streets of ACDC.
"Blazeman, do good and I will get you some upgrades and maybe even a new battlechip or two." Cole said to encourage Blazeman.
"Alright. Lets hope for some easys." Blazeman said, while running around for some viruses to kill.

[Requesting Battle 1]
Though some Metools were easily scared off by Blazeman's rather intimidating mode of entry, a few stayed behind, unfazed by the Navi that they were about to face. A few, which constituted of four helmeted heroes, waving around their mattocks and staring ahead at their target with unbreakable determination. They formed a wide arc formation, surrounding the fire Navi from 10 o' clock to 2 o' clock.

Metool A: 40HP
Metool B: 40HP
Metool C: 40HP
Metool D: 40HP

BlazeMan.EXE: 120HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

"Looks like four metools decided to tough me out." Blazeman said with an ok.. expression on his face.
"I know what you are thinking. You want me to send over a Shotgun and..a Powershot...and a Guard!" Cole said, holding up the three battlechips.
"That's it! Yes please." Blazeman said, giving Cole the thumbs up expression.
"Alrighty then! SHOTGUN, POWERSHOT, AND GUARD1 IN!" Cole said, while slotting in three battlechips.

Blazeman first loaded up the Shotgun. He fired a round at a Metool, hoping the shot would splash onto another Metool, killing it. He then brought up the Guard1 chip, and then taunted the viruses by saying this was a Metool's own hard hat. He then fired off the PowerShot at the group of Metools, while hiding behind the shield.

Action 1: Shotgun (-50 Splash Damage) (Target: MetoolA, attempt to splash onto another Metool)
Action 2: Guard1 (Reflect up to 60 Damage)
Action 3: PowerShot (-50 Impact Damage) (Target: MetoolC)
As Blazeman started off his offensive, the Metools also began to make their moves, with two of the Mets hiding under their helmets to start off. Unfortunately, before one of the Mets could get under its hat, a Shotgun blast hit it square in the face, deleting it. The Navi then lifted his Guard to protect himself against the Met's attacks. The gesture was fairly harmless, until he started taunting the viruses. The hardhat-wearing midgets responded by lifting two of their stronger pickaxe arms, and hurling them at the Navi. One managed to hit the Guard, and was subsequently reflected, the other missed by some distance. After that, a PowerShot was then blasted off towards one of the attacking Metools. Unfortunately, Blazeman got caught up in the moment, and fired just a few inches above said Metool's head.

Metool B: 30HP
Metool C: 40HP
Metool D: 40HP [Guard]

BlazeMan.EXE: 120HP

Terrain: 100% Normal
"Alright, time for a little action!"
"Ok, Blazeman. Need any chips?" Cole said, pulling out his battlechips.
"Put them back, I got this." Blazeman said, while charging up some fire.
"Alright, whatever." Cole said grumpily while putting away his battlechips.
"Alright. FIRE UNLEASH!" Blazeman said, with an awesome pose.

When Blazeman said FIRE UNLEASH, he grabbed the ground, and pulled it up. Suddenly, a volcano rose up and covered some of the place with rocks and coal, with leaving some normal spots. Blazeman then got away from attacks by dodging, then he moved closer to the Metool group, and then he went into a T-Stance. When he did that, draining fire erupted around him, attempting to attack the Metools.

Action 1: Volcano Rise (Large Coal Terrain)
Action 2: TACTICAL MOVEMENT: Get out of the way of attacks, then close in on viruses once all attacks stop for a while.
Action 3: Nova Fire Drain (-10 Fire Drain Damage) (+10 Drain for every virus hit)
The field ruptured into a hellish explosion as a miniature volcano appeared and began to spew out coals all of the battlefield. One of the Metool was unfortunate to step on one of the mat of coal, slightly burning its feet and causing it to haphazardly crash its pickaxe against the ground. The shockwave created from the virus struck Blazeman, but it didn't deem him any trouble when he managed to siphon the other two metool's life force as his own.

Metool B: 20HP [Normal]
Metool C: 35HP [Coal]
Metool D: 30HP [Normal]

BlazeMan.EXE: 120HP [Coal]

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Coal
"Alright! Cole, I need a Cannon chip, and an AquaNeedle1." Blazeman said, after a lot of thinking.
"Good! You are talking strategy for once!" Cole said, while inserting the two battlechips.
"Shut up.."
Blazeman sighed, and loaded up the two chips. He charged his cannon, did a spin, and fired a round at the group of Metools. He then got out of the way of attacks, hoping to prevent casualties. He then threw up 3 needles, and said "Hasta-la-bye bye!". He then directed the needles right at the remaining Metools.

Action 1: Cannon (-40 Knockback Damage) (Target: MetoolC)
Action 2: Dodge Action 3: AquaNeedle1 (-20x3 Aqua Damage) (Targets: 1 at MetoolB, the rest at MetoolD)
Blazeman was really having a bad day for some reason or other. The first Metool dodged his attack like it was nothing doing, and the other Mets weren't forgiving in their attacks, either. Fortunately, his dodge was well-done, and his subsequent attack only managed to kill the first Metool. The second and third shots missed completely, as his aim was really shot for some reason. Fortunately, there was one thing going for him, and that was that one of the Metools had stayed on the coals for far too long, and now had burning feet. Ouch.

Metool C: 30HP [Normal] [Burn5/Action]
Metool D: 30HP [Normal]

BlazeMan.EXE: 120HP [Coal]

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Coal