Just a walk in the Network

A beam of light fell from the sky's above ACDC's net, followed closely by spiraling flames before impacting with the ground. A giggling could be heard as the female navi started to materialize within the spinning flames that formed down to the ribbons about her wrists and ankles.

"I'm here!" Lucia let out with a sweet little call before skipping two steps forward on bare feet, taking a glance around the network. "It kind of reminds me of home, except less ice and wintery." The navi let out another soft giggling as she started to skip forward into the network.

"Yes, a nice change, I guess. Now remember the rules.."

"Aww, but that's no fun, what if they have different virii here!?"

"What's rule number 1 Lucia?.."

With a soft whine the navi skipped on several steps. "No hugging the virii, yes master alright I won't. But its still not fair!" Letting a pout hold her lips for just a moment before the playful navi started to hum lightly as she continued on.

(Initiate Battle 1)
Blazeman then jacked in.
"Hey there,newbie! Lets bust some viruses. Just make sure you don't die."
"Yeah,that could be very bad."
"Alright,lets search for viruses."

(Ready for battle 1 as well!
Walking out of the entry point of ACDC, it didn't take long for Lucia and Blazeman to come across a nice entourage of viruses. Two groups of viruses huddled together, forming one big mash of enemies. One, a Metool gathering, the other a Bunny mass. All of them jumped at the opportunity to kill something and turned towards the Navis!

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP
BunnyA: 50HP
BunnyB: 50HP
BunnyC: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Lucia.EXE: 100HP
BlazeMan.EXE: 120HP

"LETS DO THIS!" Blazeman said grinning at the viruses with an evil grin.
"Haven't you noticed your partner is a girl and your acting like a complete moron around her?"
"YOU FANCY YOUR PARTNER,DON'T YA!?" Cole said,while laughing.
"Okay...you fancy your partner xDD"

Blazeman sighed,and then fired a Shotgun at the 2nd bunny,hoping it would splash onto another virus.


Blazeman growled at Cole,and at the same time,he threw 3 needles of water at the last Bunny.

"Say that again,and im running away from the PET."
"Sorry. Guard1 In!"

Blazeman then guarded with his Mettaur Shield,hoping a dumb Mettaur or Bunny would hit the guard.

Action 1: Fire Shotgun (Target: BunnyB) (-50 Splash)
Action 2: Throw AquaNeedle1 (Target: BunnyC) (-20x3 Aqua)
Action 3: Guard with Guard1 (Reflect up to 60)
Vincent quirked a brow over at the new comer that decided to tag along with him and Lucia, though he just gave a faint smirk and turned his focus back upon the holo screen before him. "See Lucia, same virii as back home. So stay focused."

Lucia was already a half step into going for the bunny virii before hearing her opp speak out, Giving another pout before looking over to the other navi. "Hiya! I'm Lucia, nice to meetcha!"

"Save the pleasantries, the mets." Slipping his hand back into his coat Vincent produced the chips he'd been given when registering with this countries network. Slotting in the first with a quiet snap, "Shotgun." He stated simply.

"Yes master!" echoed the fiery navi as the flames about her wrist started to flow down around the navi's hand, starting to form itself into what looked to be a gauntlet with twin barrels atop it. Giving a soft giggle the navi took and let off the shotgun blast towards her nearest targets.

"Good, skyward, Sol's Needle."

With another soft response Lucia kicked herself from the ground, using her latent abilities to bring forth a gust of wind to throw her into the sky. While in flight the navi grabbed an arrow's quill, flicked it from the quiver as her bow flashed into existence in opposite hand. Turning her gaze down upon the last Metool she'd yet to try and strike while coming down for her skyward dodge, waiting until she landed to release the fiery arrow from its place and send it blazing towards her target.


1. Shotgun [Battlechip]: 50 null damage+spread1 @ Metool A & B.
2. Jump+Gust dodge to high altitude.
3. Sol's Needle [Signature]: 40 fire damage @ Metool C.

Signature Cool Downs:
1. Sol's Needle: 1 Turn.
((Pikaman. Just wanted you to know. My newbie-leniency has reached zero. I am not responsible for what happens if you don't brush up on your writing.))

Blazeman took a few shots at a couple Bunny, but his aim was slightly off-kilter, missing the rodent virus by a few inches, with only one needle hitting a Bunny. The rabbits took it seriously, launching a barrage of ZapRings before he could react, damaging him significantly before he could put up his shield. (20x2, Stun1) Lucia, meanwhile, was much better at her aim with her firearm, hitting a couple of Metools and finishing them off quickly. The remaining Metool whacked the ground with its pickaxe, sending a shockwave towards Lucia, but she was prepared. Bounding off with determination, she sent a fiery arrow towards the last Metool, deleting it with ease.

BunnyA: 50HP
BunnyB: 50HP
BunnyC: 30HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Lucia.EXE: 100HP
BlazeMan.EXE: 80HP [Stun! -1 Action] [Guard1]
"Haha! I did it I did it!" squealed Lucia as the gust of air brought her back down lightly to the ground, dissipating quickly once she'd landed. Though she'd set about to hopping and spinning about lightly. "Oh yeah!"

"Focus! The bunnies next, stop slacking off!" Grumbling quietly, Vincent grabbed the two remaining chips, eyeing them curiously before frowning over what they were. "Rush them, and before you start, no hugs damn you!"

Lucia gave a quick squeak as her attention was returned to the battle at hand, "Fine fine... err I mean yes master! Charge the bunnies, no hugs!" The navi broke forward into a quick sprint, bouncing from one foot to the other in a slight zig zag to try and throw off the bunnies aim.

Vincent kept close eye on those three bunnies, giving a quiet thoughtful hmming before sliding the next battle chip into place, snapping it lightly into his PET. "Rageclaw, Strike the one before you, and then Sweep the blade to spread them out."

"Yes sir coming up!" Lucia let out a soft haha as she came up upon the little bunnies. The data from her newest chip finally loading up as the flames around her right wrist burst brightly, sliding two long blades forward atop her wrist. "Bye bye little bunny, I loves you!" A giggle emitted from the fiery navi as she gave a thrust of her arm at the little bunny virus. Giving herself a quick spin afterwards to sweep the new metal claws out, hoping to catch its little buddies and it again to scatter them apart.


1. Dodge: rushing towards Bunny B.
2. Rageclaw [Battlechip]: 40 null damage + slashing @Bunny B [5/6 uses left]
3. Rageclaw [Battlechip] 20 null damage +impacting@ Bunny A & B [4/6 uses left]

Signature Cool Downs:
Sol's Needle: Cool Down up, usable next turn.
((Morisha, please indicate your targets in each of the actions in your summary))
"Ok, I want a good explaination why you missed all the Bunnies and didn't hit the bunny with all your AquaNeedles!"
"Uhhh...I suck at aiming?"
"Yeah, your maybe right."
"I hate my Stun.
But then Cole whispered to himself "Or you could be undressing Lucia with the power of your mind.."
"What was that, Cole!?"
"Nothing! Now go!"
"Oh, right, sorry for not introducing myself earlier Lucia. My name is Blazeman.""
"And Blazeman likes you and wants to marry you!"
"No you shut up!"
"Stop being mean!"

Ok, Blazeman and Cole argued for a few seconds, leaving Blazeman COMPLETLY vulnerable. What the Bunnies didn't know, was that he still had his Guard1 on. Eventually, they stopped arguing..

"Enough arguing. ZAPRING1, IN!"
"Agreed. EXECUTE!"

Blazeman then fired a ring that was covered in electricity at the first Bunny. It cackled with electricity, making it look painful. It traveled forward from Blazeman like some kind of frisbee, a painful frisbee. Hoping it would hit, he razzberried at the Bunny.

"Drain Flare, SET!"

Blazeman ignored the command though, he was too busy staring at Lucia.

"Blazeman, can you stop looking at Lucia and fire the Drain Flare!?"
"Alright, fine."

Blazeman grumbled. He then lobbed a Drain Flare at the first Bunny, attempting to recover some HP. The Drain Flare had fire bursting out of it, so we could all tell it was going to hurt, just a bit.

Action 1: Stun, and argue with Cole.
Action 2: Fire ZapRing1 (Target: BunnyA) (-40 Stun)
Action 3: Activate Drain Flare (Target: BunnyA) (-15 Drain)
24 Hour Bump.
Lucia rushed off towards a little Bunny, rending its spring-loaded body in twain and leaving it critically damaged. As she grabbed the little rodent virus, however, it managed to click off a shot before being hurled away to its death. The other Bunny was more agile than previously thought, however, and dodged its comrade's carcass easily. However, it leapt right into the path of Blazeman's Zapring, stunning it! His Drain Flare didn't have much luck in hitting, however. The last Bunny decided that it would fire at the Zapring user, but got its own hit reflected at itself.

MetoolA: DELETED [L]
MetoolB: DELETED [L]
MetoolC: DELETED [L]
BunnyA: 10HP (Stunned!)
BunnyC: 10HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Lucia.EXE: 80HP [Stun! -1 Action]
BlazeMan.EXE: 80HP [Guard1 Broken]
Lucia let out a painful cry as she felt the stunning bolt flow through her system, the lingering shudders as electricity coursed through her little body from head to toe and back, keeping her from being able to move. "M-master, I can't' f-ffeel..sys-tems.."

Frowning down at his holo screen as he watched the effects of the bunny's attack and its lingering effects follow through. "Calm yourself, calm down! The effects will pass in a moment." Still it wasn't something he was to happy about, he'd only the one remaining chip but decided against using it for now, waiting out the effects of the stun.

Fortunately those effects didn't last long and the little fire navi slumped down with a soft gasp when her system's finally cleared up and recovered from the surge of power. "Whew, mean bunny..."

"Get up, One's stunned as you were, take it out then get back." But even with orders Lucia still delayed a moment, hissing out lightly as she kicked herself up and thrust her claw at the nearest bunny she could. "Damn little rodents!!"

"Calm down, get out of line of fire now, now!" The fiery navi gave a soft whine but did as ordered all the same, hopping back a step before leaping into the air, triggering her airstep ability to send herself skyward off towards the left of the remaining virus, glaring down after it.


1. Stunned, recovery.
2. Rageclaw [Battlechip]: 40+slashing @ Bunny A.
3. Dodge + airstep to high altitude.
"Lucia! You ok!? Don't die right now!" Blazeman said, while looking at Lucia.
"Don't worry, your friend is ok. We need to focus on deleting these filthy hoppity-hops!" Cole said.
"Thank you for not saying Girlfriend when you said Friend."
"Don't mention it. Cannon, SLOT IN! GO!"
"Fire up!"
"Good joke there, FIRE up."
"Thanks, Cole!"

Blazeman then took out his arm and pointed it at the last Bunny. He was not looking for a hand shake, he wanted to make mince meat out of that third Bunny, and hopefully get at least 1 kill in. He got a cannon as an arm,and fired a shot at the Bunny, hopefully giving it a shot mark. He then rolled to th e left, and then got out 2 Cyber-Cookies. He then ate 1, and tossed the other cookie to Lucia.

"You need to have something to eat, you look pretty damaged." Blazeman said to Lucia.

Action 1: Fire Cannon (Target: BunnyC) (-40 Knockback)
Action 2: Roll/Dodge to the left of the battlefield.
Action 3: Get 2 Cyber-Cookies, eat one, and toss the other to Lucia. (Considered a do-nothing action.)
((Writing tip of the day: Use words instead of digits for numbers. 'He ate a couple of cookies' sounds better than 'He ate 2 cookies'.))

A thrust, and a shot. Two attacks, both deleted their targets within a few seconds.

MetoolA: DELETED [L]
MetoolB: DELETED [L]
MetoolC: DELETED [L]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Lucia.EXE: 80HP
BlazeMan.EXE: 80HP



Lucia: [Guard1] Battlechip, 240z, 1 Blazeman FXP
Blazeman: 60z, 1 Lucia FXP
Slipping a blank chip into his PET, Vincent saved the data for his new Guard1 chip, slipping it and the others away again to await his next battle. "Good job Lucia, and don't eat that." Taking a glance over to the child beside him he'd just shrug his shoulders.

Lucia started to stretch and groan softly, rubbing her shoulder as she tosses the cookie back to Blazeman. "No thank you, I'm fine, really." Peeking around the area again the navi hummed softly. "Which way should we go now I wonder?"
((Forgive the double post))

Vincent gave a faint frown when he realized things were coming to a small break in flow, shaking his head lightly afterwards. "Lucia, we're pulling out, take a break."

"Aww, alright master!" The fiery little navi turned around to give a soft wave towards Blazeman, smiling. "Take care fire boy!!" She'd no time to say much else as her form started to transform into raw energy and beam out of the system.

[Lucia.exe Jack Out]
"You fell asleep. And Lucia left!"
"I know. I didn't know what else to do."
"Man,when I get my hands on her NetOP.."
"Lets jack out now."

Blazeman jacks out.