A walk in the net.

"Ugh Angus do we have to go fight viruses to gain experience, chips, and zenny? Why can't we go netbattle other navis?" LifeFlame asked. He was walking through the ACDC net looking for viruses just because of his ops stubbornness to not netbattle yet.

"No Life because everyone's gonna have more than 3 chips and will be stronger than us. We'll lose and then everyone will make fun of us. Then we won't be able to go anywhere without having to head our heads in shame." Angus insisted stubbornly, using the same reason he'd already stated several times.

"Ugh fine...", Life said, giving up on arguing with Angus. He looked around and realised they were pretty deep in the ACDC net. There was no one around at all. "Hope Angus and I are ready for whatever's out here" he thought nervously.

(Battle 1 please)
LifeFlame ventured on into the ACDC network, keeping a close lookout for viruses. And what do you know, a small gathering of Metools came near his path. They recognized the fire Navi as a threat, and took out their pickaxes, whirling them around in a show of hostility.

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

LifeFlame.EXE: 100HP

"Alright some viruses!" Angus yelled out in excitement.

"Fine." Life said calmly.

Dashing to the right, he activated his right index finger's flame thrower, shooting a little fireball at Metool A.

"Rage Claw Battle Chip In, Download!", he heard Angus cry as his right hand turned into a bear claw. "Rip em to shreads Life!"

With his right arm drawn back, he dashed at full speed towards MetC, intent on grabbing it with the claws and throwing it with all of his might at MetB. However, he was tensed up as well, ready to jump into the air and dodge any shockwaves the Met's may send at him.


1. Basic fireball towards MetA
2. Dash towards MetC with RageClaw in order to grab and throw it at MetB.
3. Dodge
((Remember to include damage values in your summary))

Flicking the little ember into one of the virus's faces did nearly no damage, but did manage to draw its full attention towards LifeFlame. His following attack launched one Metool into another, damaging both, but not dealing enough to delete them. The first metool fired a shockwave in retaliation but it was so slow that LifeFlame had no problem at all sidestepping it.

MetoolA: 38 HP
MetoolB: 20 HP
MetoolC: 20 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

LifeFlame.EXE: 100 HP
Taking advantage of the Met's confusion from his successful attack, Life smoothly knelt down and put his hand to the floor, calmly activated Lava Stage and setting the terrain under him and the viruses into a burning sea of hot lava.

Standing up quickly, he raised his left hand as he heard Angus cry out, "SHOTGUN BATTLE CHIP IN, DOWNLOAD!".

Taking aim, he aimed for MetC, which was standing right where he had landed. He fired, feeling the recoil as the shot hopefully blazed to where he had aimed, hoping to take out both Mets. He then dashed and leaped into the air, with his eyes set on MetA, to finish it off by throwing it in the air with Rage Claw while he could pick it off.

1. Activate Set Lava on the terrain the viruses and Lifeflame are on.
2. Use Shotgun to possilby deal 50 damage to MetC and with spread to MetB possibly as well.
3. Dash and leap towards MetA to throw it in the air with Rage Claw(damage pending based on how mod determines)

Lava: 5 Fire (Burn) Damage to Non-Fire Elementals per action
The lava terrain shift kept the viruses occupied just long enough for LifeFlame to delete two of them with his Shotgun. He then lunged on top of the last Metool, splashing down into the lava himself, before hurling it up into the air for some kind of spectacular finish.

MetoolA: 13 HP [airborne]

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Lava

LifeFlame.EXE: 100 HP
Seeing the metool going straight up and then falling in the same spot, Lifeflame acted quickly. The instant his opponent went in the air, he began to charge the flamethrowers in his fingers. As the met began it's fall towards the hot lava, he let loose a long stream of flames from his fingers a bit below where the met currently was so it would painfully fall through the flames on its way to the lava.


1. Charge finger flamethrowers.
2. Charge Finger flamethrowers.
3. Let loose a stream of flames from the flamethrowers that is aimed a bit below the met so it will fall through it. (8 fire damage)
The Metool soon reached the apex of its skyward journey and began to rapidly descend back to the ground. Lifetorch had charged a flamethrower in preparation and the poor, helpless virus was caught in the jet of flames before landing back into the lava, finally putting it out of its misery. Some zenny and battlechip data were left behind, almost as if to reward his showmanship.


Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Lava

LifeFlame.EXE: 100 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 200z + Guard1
Excited as he was about winning that battle, LifeFlame remained calm and went over and picked up the chip and zenny data. "There we deleted some viruses and got some data, can we leave now?" he asked with a hint of tiredness. He wasn't used to combat still.

"No we still need more chips and zenny, Let's look for some more viruses." Angus replied stubbornly.

"Alright fine... but first put the chip in the folder" LifeFlame replied.

"Alright." Upon this reply, Angus put the recently acquired guard1 chip into the folder. "Done".

LifeFlame wandered the area for viruses, trying to not stray too far from the Lava he had created.

*Guard1 chip put into folder*

(Battle 2 please)
After a bit of a stroll further into the ACDC network, Life found a strange bit of data lying on the floor. Inspecting it revealed it to be a pile of paper of some sort, crumpled into a heap. Just as he was getting a bit closer, the pile came to life and assembled itself into something of an origami piece. Four, in fact. After a few moments, they were revealed to be floating paper dolls, but something told Life they weren't as innocuous as they looked...

PowieA: 60HP
PowieB: 60HP
PowieC: 60HP
PowieD: 60HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

LifeFlame.EXE: 100HP

LifeFlame jumped back in surpirse as the "paper" formed itself into 4 things.

"Ugh Angus what are those?!" he cried with panic in his voice.

"They are called 'Powies' the database says. Shouldn't be too hard to beat them." Angus replied calmly.

"You're not the one fighting them." He replied sarcastically.

Not getting a response from his operator, he let out a sigh and began to move. He backpedaled away from the viruses, hoping to see what they were capable of. Activating his finger flamethrowers, he let out 2 small balls of fire at the first Powie as he continued to move away.


1. Backpedal away from viruses
2. Basic Fireball towards Powie A.
3. Basic Fireball towards Powie A.
((Please, state damage every time, unless it's unknown. Also, throwing anything with Rageclaw deals 20 damage + impact.))

The Powies floated around a bit, hesitant to work on this new fellow. But when the fireballs were launched, all bets were off. They worked together to form a chain-line of Powie-weights, slamming down after the backpedaling Life. Fortunately, however, the Powies all missed, except for one. (10)

PowieA: 56HP
PowieB: 60HP
PowieC: 60HP
PowieD: 60HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

LifeFlame.EXE: 90HP