Continuity's a *****.

[OOC] Continued from The Nihilist[/OOC]

Ruina.EXE landed in a heap. "Demaisu, Hikari! That was the worst jack in you've done yet, and you've done some pretty stupid ones before. Next time do it with more enthusiasm. Now... Let's find some viruses." He growled before taking off to initiate one of those random battles. Hikari is acting odd today... I wonder if... Nah... Couldn't be. Hikari was fine. He, on the other hand, was spacing off. He was looking for viruses... Now to find some good ones...
Continuity may be a *****, but you know what else is a *****? The hostile virus population of the net. The population was on full display around Ruina and it didn't take long for him to find a small group of metools just waiting to be pounced upon by some enterprising newcomer navi.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ruina: 100 HP

"Alright, let's do this. Hikari, operate away." ...Ruina felt nothing happening. "Hikari! Push the ****ing buttons to make me bust some virus!"

"Sorry, erm... Ruina." It was plain that Ruina's operator was a newbie... However this just confirmed Ruina's own suspicions. Alright, press the directional pads to control me, and that little button with the "A" on it? That activates chips and Signature Attacks if you have them equipped. The "B" button shoots my buster. Good? Now let's bust some Metool ****es! Equip my Primary Signature Weapon, and then aim me at the viruses, Hikari."

Almost immediately Ruina felt the ability to move as his processor got him to acquire the three metools as targets. "Alright, now fire my Signature attack!" He shouted to Hikari.

From the palm of Ruina's hand, he felt an icy burst emerge and then fly off towards the metools. Nine more of these followed, however all ten shots were aimed at the metool on the left.

(1. Tutorial for Operator
(2. Told Operator
(3. Giga Ruin (3x10 dmg, multi-hit attribute, Aqua/Cursor) at Metool1?
((I wanted a bump-alumpagus for Christmas...))
((State target.))
((Bumity Boo-ha?))
Hikari learned the harsh ways of operating by his navi, but he still got the job done. With the machine gun-like ice attack from Ruina, one of the metools was nearly deleted! Any normal virus would retaliate at this time...But this is a tutorial battle!

MetoolA: 10 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ruina: 100 HP
"Hey, we almost got one!" Hikari cheered loudly. "Let's do that again!" He shouted as he input the commands. Ruina felt the pull of his battle routines, but he bypassed those commands and stopped himself. "Woah, 'Kari. We gotta cover one more thing. The charged buster. Hold down the "B" button to charge the buster. It takes a bit, but when it's charged, you can do a lot more damage than you can right now... I think..."

Immediately Ruina felt a pulling of energy towards his right hand. A light purple aura seemed to surround that hand as he began to charge his buster until it was almost at maximum energy. "Don't charge me all the way, though. We still gotta take care of those virii. Use my other hand to fire Giga Ruin and lower the health of one of those other ones." Immediately he felt his battle routines activated, lifting up his left hand and firing 10 shots of purple energy at the middle virus.

1) Charged Buster
2) Charged Buster
3) Giga Ruin (3x10 dmg, multi-hit attribute, Aqua/Cursor) at MetoolB
((Cooldown starts after turn used, which means Giga Ruin's cooldown starts this turn. You can use it next turn, please fix this.))