Slacking Off with Flowers!

A flare of light had crashed into the net area, pixels and data forming to reveal Rafflesiana as she had stood at the entry way of the net area that was ACDC. She had looked left to right as the yellow dress wearing navi had swayed her blonde hair every other way while her blue eyes aimed to catch anything in sight, well not really, that would be some sort of threat.

she had mused to herself suspiciously, "...nothing near the shop's network or computers. I guess I should check ahead just in case,"

The Navi snickering lightly as she had ran towards the area warp taking her from the shop's local netowrk to main net area that connected ACDC.

"W-wait Rafflesiana!" Xenneth had chanted aloud, "We weren't going anywhere beyond the shop's network! Remember?!"

The Netnavi had laughed slightly in a joyous way. "Of course I do XenXen! Do you think I'm slow or something?" she had teased, "I just want to check things out right quick ahead to make sure we have no danger coming this way." The flower beauty NetNavi obviously lying had pushed on into ACDC's Net Area as she surveyed around the first area seeing the usual civilian navis and sites.

If it was not obvious enough however, she seemed to be looking for trouble.

[Battle 1...Standing by...]
They say trouble comes to those who look, and it came in threes. Three Metools crossed paths with Rafflesiana, so they instinctively raised their pickaxes and prepared to attack. It seemed the Mets were communicating to each other with a flurry of "Meep!"s, but it was likely just pre-battle chatter.

Viruses Identified!

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rafflesiana: 100HP

-(Battle #1: A yellow dress matches with a Met helmet, right? Ready, Fight!)-
"Oh? Viruses! This is a stick situation we've gotten ourselves into."

Rafflesiana had snickered a bit with her right hand coveting her face, but it was not enough to pull the wool over the eyes of Xenneth. With a video screen opening and his eyes glaring towards the netnavi, he had let out an annoyed cry. "You're the reason we're in this mess in the first place! You were supposed to check the shop computer and then jack right back out Rafflesiana!" The yellow and green dress wearing netnavi had flung her hips about while her pinky finger nudged at her ear under her locks of blonde hair.

"Details! Details! We're already in a fight now, so why don't you send me some battle chips so I can defend myself, okay?"

It was a "wink" that sealed the deal from Rafflesiana to Xenneth. The NetOp sighed before reaching to his side and shuffling the only three battlechips he had recently. Typical that he would have to use them seeing he was not too comfortable with Rafflesiana. She was a new NetNavi that was to help him watch the flower shop, Tokyo Bloom, but overall she was another task to look after while the others were away, and she knew how to put on the charm when they came back.

"Okay, I'll use these two: shotgun and then cannon. That means you won't have to get too close and get yourself in danger."

Rafflesiana frowned hearing Xenneth's fail-safe logic. "That's no fun!" she had chanted, but she quickly placed a smile on her face while lifting her right arm and aiming towards the Mettaur Virus. "But I'll take it! Let's go! Cannon, fire!"

With a well placed aim, or at least as well placed as a trigger happy Navi could make, the cannon had fired forth aiming to blast the first virus in her path. She did not let up her attack as she quickly dropped her arm with a smile and brought it back up. A grin placed across her pink lips before revealing the narrow barrel on her right arm.

"Now for a Shotgun blast! Fire!"

The Netnavi had chanted aloud as she fired towards the second virus. The shot aiming to catch the third in the crossfire, but in a very unstable aim that was as wild as an explosion with no designation, but lots of intent to blow away anything nearby. She clearly did not know how to use her weapons to a strategic degree as the navi was just plainly trigger happy.

"Rafflesiana! I don't think that's how you use that one. Can you at least let me read the description on my P.E.T first?"

Xenneth's chants had fallen on deaf ears as the NetNavi passively swept her hand through the air dismissing his pleads. "Oh XenXen!" she had chanted, "The more you spend time thinking, the more chances of me being deleted by some sort of monster! Come on! Let's just blow 'em away already!"

Xenneth clearly making a frown on the video screen and his voice making an agitated groan, he only watched as Rafflesiana had seemed to dance around in a jittery rhythm going left to right. Surely she seemed like she was ready to dodge with nothing more than a simple spin out of the way, but the NetOp felt that if she would at least let him help, then they would do MUCH better.


Action 1 - Cannon - 40 Damage @ Mettuar A

Action 2 - Shotgun - 50 Damage (+ Spread) @ Mettaur B & C

Action 3 - Dodge when ready (Elegant spin to the side)
Rafflesiana's trigger-happy assault blows the first Met to bits before it can even lift its pickaxe. One of the other Mets, however, raises its pick for an attack...just as a haphazard Shotgun blast engulfs it and its friend. That was quick.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Battle 1 Complete!

Rafflesiana: 100HP

Rewards: 200z, Guard1
"Victory! Victory! Victory!" The flower themed netnavi had hopped around not long before skipping upon one foot and thrusting her right hand into the air. Her face had a delighted expression upon it while her hand made the popular "peace" sign that was used for her success. Her eyes closed and her expression the most cute, she had chanted aloud once more...

"V-for Victory!"

The violet haired NetOp was not amused however. His eyes had seemed to close and his mouth letting out a relieved sigh, it had only reminded him of the reality at hand...and that was being that he and Rafflesiana did not get into any trouble from their battle with the viruses. It felt good for one of few tries in his journey through the reaches of the internet, and one of few battles he had ever participated in which were even more "less."

"Rafflesiana!" the boy had chanted, "Don't you know how dangerous that was?! We could've gotten in trouble...and an excuse such as a "Firewall" security check would not get us out of a jam like this time around! We need to be careful and make sure that we do not end up making a mess of things while Mom and Rosy are away! Are you listening?!"

The boy's eyes went to his PET as the screen had seemed to be keeping track of a small progression through the net area until it had displayed "ACDC Area 1" which was in the shopping district of the town. His eyes blinked curiously seeing it was recently the change "Tokyo_B Address" which was for the flower ship, but it did not take him long to put two and two together and get his four. His eyes widened and his breath gasped in complete horror.

"Rafflesiana! Where are you going?!"

The NetNavi had let out a cheerful laugh as she continued through the NetArea running like she was going through a field of flowers. Such optimism was what got the two in lots of trouble, as well as adventure.

"Can't hear ya' XenXen! Going to go look for something cool!"

(Battle 2! In Bloom!)
Rafflesiana ignores her operator and ventures further into ACDC Net. It isn't long before she runs into a pair of green turrets. Due to her not-stealthy approach, the viruses immediately whirled to target the Navi. Just beyond them, two Beetanks positioned themselves behind the CanoDumbs and tried to look threatening.

CanoDumbA: 50HP
CanoDumbB: 50HP
BeetankA: 50HP
BeetankB: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rafflesiana: 100HP

Battle 2 Start!
"Yay! Look alive XenXen! The enemies are here!"

Xenneth had frowned with a slight twist of his lips. His eyes rolling in acknowledgement of the viruses. Two of them were stable, unmoving whatsoever, but the barrel of their front seemed menacing. The sight of the two cannon viruses was just as bad as the distant viruses behind them that had, in Xenneth's thoughts, a mean mug of a face. He did not feel to thrilled about it going from his cringed and threatened expression to a very upset one wasting his energy with a chant to his navi.

"This would not have happened if you did not go and run off!"

Rufflesiana seemed to ignore all of the chants and pleads in general. Her eyes had focused on the viruses as her hips went from side to side in a playful dance that tossed her knees in a shift while her hands were lifted at her side following close behind in action. "Come on! Come on!" the giddy netnavi had chanted with a smile. "Let's attack them before they attack us!"

Although Xenneth was still slightly upset, it was a good suggestion. He had went into his arsenal slotting a single chip in thinking it would put up a good defense as he felt no so reluctant to fight at the moment.

"I'll use Shotgun and the new one! Guard in! Download!"

Rafflesiana did not expect much from her NetOp who was not very violent. Even if the shield in her arsenal would be of some use, she would have licked to be more offensive this time around. However, she admired at least that he put in some effort, but most likely because it was fear if she was to become deleted and he would have to give some story that she would not be around to give. Her eyes glaring towards her enemies as she lifted her arms and placed her wide wrist sleeves of her clothing up presenting a single cannon after pressing per palms together.

"Go boom!"

With a chant, Rafflesiana had fired off a powerful round of her shotgun that aimed for the Cannon virus. With some luck she could have hit the tank unit that lurked behind the cannon, but being realistic, she was not much of a planner. She was simply going with things and locked into the thrill of the fray of battle.

Her eyes had went to the units upon the field as she had decided to take advantage of her NetOp's defensive tactic as she materialized the shield in front of her while standing in alignment with one of the viruses. She was unsure of what the shield would do at that moment, but if it were to fail her, she was squat lowly and ready to surely move about in another one of her whimsy dances....or better yet, dodge.


Action 1 - Shotgun - 50 Damage (+ Spread) @ CanoDumbA & BeeTankA

Action 2 - Guard - Reflect (Up to 50 Damage)

Action 3 - Dodge when ready (Dancin' out the way!)
Rafflesiana's shotgun blast decimated one half of the attacking viruses, sending a CanoDumb and a Beetank to their doom. The second CanoDumb attempted to retaliate, but its cannon shot ricocheted off of the Navi's shield and struck the virus straight in its stationary base. The Beetank fired a small explosive toward Rafflesiana, but she nimbly dodged away from the small explosion. The Navi had better be careful though, as the explosion ripped up the panels just to her left, leaving them cracked and ready to crumble.

CanoDumbA: Deleted
CanoDumbB: 30HP
BeetankA: Deleted
BeetankB: 50HP

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Cracked

Rafflesiana: 100HP
Rafflesian had lifted her hands in a success while wavering her wrists side to side in sight to her face. Her face had shaped itself to a "kitten-esque" type manner as she showed her joy simply through her facial expression. Eventually, she had let out a cheer that had been perhaps in Xenneth's opinion be too early seeing the NetOp had frowned towards the childish manners of his NetOp. A thick cloud of irony could be present here.

"Yes! Success!"
she had chanted, "Two more to go!"

Xenneth had been too busy trying to think as his eyes scanned over his chips, all which were tempting seeing that it was out of desperation seeing his reliable Shotgun and that now adored shield had simply vanished after leaving a lasting impression. It was the defensive chips that best suited him seeing that he lacked the vigor to fight, but then again, that was another subject for another day. His eyes had seemed to go back to the damaged cannon virus that was still standing as well as the remaining unpleasant of a sight BeeTank virus. His thoughts a bit train wrecked thinking what to do next, but he did not get the chance to act hearing the spirited voice.

"Don't worry XenXen! I got this one! Just watch me!"

Xenneth had gasped witness Rafflesiana go without his permission. Her body acting quickly as she raised her left arm and presented a large bow that stretched across her wrist in a twist and tangle of flower coated vines and then an elastic green rubber stretch of a pull that saw dormant. The right hand of Rafflesiana had slipped two arrows from her hand that grew sharp barbed ends to go along with their straight and true forms.

"Rafflesi-Arrow!" the netnavi had chanted as she loaded her arrows along the makeshift bow of her left arm and pulled back aiming for the cannon. "Fire!"

With a quick release, Rafflesian fired off two green arrows on course to the cannon across the field. Her eyes had opened completely after sharpening with a glance and then herself left in form as she turned her attention finally to the remaining tank that was upon the field that she glared at. Her eyes seemed to go over to the crack panel that was left behind by the recent assault from the other eliminated tank.

"That big meanie!" Rafflesiana had chanted, "That other nasty tank messed up the field!" she had said giving full attention to the destroyed panel while puffing her cheeks. The flower navi had let her body drop as she kneeled before the danger that loomed regardless and placed her right hand upon the cyber area beneath her that consisted of plain panels that were about her as well as the cracked one that was nearby.

"Power of the Earth, send me a miracle! Make this land flourish!"

Of course, the chant unnecessary, Raffleesiana was a strong believer of the power of the Earth and it's ability to make lands become fertile just as her NetOp. Believing this, she had only assumed that's what her "SetGrass" program had incorporated as she aimed to covet her side of the field with grass panels that would surround her upon the activation of her program. Satisfied by this, Rafflesiana had stood up as she had clapped her hands in bliss readily to battle.

"Rafflesiana! Watch out for the counter attack!"

The wood type navi had reached her right hand upward and pressed it across her chin. She knew her NetOp was right as her eyes rolled upward as she seemed lost in thought. Finally realizing she should be careful of the enemy's eventual attack, she had aimed to dive forward to not only avoid the blast, cut close some range all at once since the virus had so far managed to keep her on her toes with its constant moving and its dangerous, aggressive attack.

She would do away with that soon enough.

Action 1 - Rafflesi-Arrow - 20 Damage (x2 Hits - Wood) @ CanoDumbB

Action 2 - Activate! SetGrass! - Surrounding Area Becomes Grass Panels.

Action 3 - Dodge when ready (Dive! Dive! Dive!)
Rafflesiana begins another attack and fires two green arrows at the CanoDumb. The CanoDumb, lacking the ability to move, was promptly deleted. After that, SetGrass caused grass panels to appear on a large portion of the battlefield. She then made a move to dodge just as the remaining Beetank fired. However, the virus managed to get lucky and catch the wood Navi in the blast, doing a little damage. Being on the grass terrain helped to heal some of the damage.

CanoDumbA: Deleted
CanoDumbB: Deleted
BeetankA: Deleted
BeetankB: 50HP

Terrain: 15% Normal, 10% Cracked, 75% Grass

Rafflesiana: 95HP
"Wow! Nice move Rafflesian!"

Xernneth had chanted in cheer seeing the arrows make contact and hit their mark. He had never seen Rafflesian use her busting techniques like so. It was one of the few thrills he actually got seeing the movements of the small Flower Girl NetNavi combat seeing he had not seen her do this before. It was quite rare seeing he lacked the will to send her into fights, but with her dragging him along and calling some of the shots, or most of them being realistic, he had started to adore his NetNavi who could defend herself with ease as if she had done this before.


Xenneth gasping in response seeing the female netnavi had taken damage. He coveted his mouth while his lips moved in a lowly mention. Most likely his words at that time was "Oh! My Goodness!" but he could not panic with the battle still occurring.

"Rafflesian! Are you o-"

"Xenny! Focus!" the female Netnavi had chanted, "Send me a battlechip or two while it's still in range!"

Xenneth had gasped realizing that Rafflesian's dive forward could not be lost in vain. Quickly Xenneth had reached to his side and snatched his final two chips that were in his possession. He slipped one in with a press deciding to choose RageClaw that could do well with close combat. It seemed appropriate seeing she had gained some ground after her dodge. Close combat was not her thing, but she decided to give it a try as she attached the weapon to her right hand and swiped in order to strike the virus while she had the chance.

Her move was desperate and was growing even more desperate seeing that the virus could move. Aligning herself to the side of the virus, Rafflesiana had lost all grace as she had whirled around and shown a mean expression that seemed upset. Who would not be when it was a young woman like her? She adored the characteristics of her cute skimpy dress and boots, not to mention she treasured her lovely blonde hair that was in a ponytail which was like a diamond to her.

"Ooooh no!" the NetNavi had chanted, "You're NOT getting away from me!" she had said lifting her left hand and wiggling her finger. She had whipped back her right arm. With a loose slip of the claw from her fingers, Rafflesiana had quickly whipped her right hand forward letting the "claw" like weapon fly forward in a reckless pursuit of the tank virus. The nails were blunt and very much sharp enough to cause some damage, even if tossed so recklessly rather than skill fully like a dagger.

She was clearly "pissed' but managing.

Action 1 - RageClaw - 40 Damage (Sword) @ BeeTankB

Action 2 - My Boots! Get Over here! - (Increase Accuracy by Pursuit)

Action 3 - Mad as hell RageClaw Toss! @ BeeTankB
Rafflesiana's rage induced RageClaw slashed through the offending Beetank, after which it tried to move away from the Navi. She would have none of that, though, throwing the claw at the virus and spearing it to deletion. The grass she was standing on also healed her more, this time back to full.

CanoDumbA: Deleted
CanoDumbB: Deleted
BeetankA: Deleted
BeetankB: Deleted

Terrain: 15% Normal, 10% Cracked, 75% Grass

Battle 2 Complete!

Rafflesiana: 100HP

Rewards: 350z
"See XenXen? I got that one in the bag!"

The flower loving Netnavi shifting her hips to the right as she had let her head fly back to see the open vid screen seeing her NetOp who settled down slightly. Unfortunately it boggled her why he had such an expression in the first place thinking he was afraid of her losing, but really he was more afraid of what she looked like when losing her mind. He had let out a sigh of relief settling his hand over his heart before opening his sapphire eyes and narrowing them slightly before letting out a chant.

"H-hey! You still could have gotten yourself into trouble if things didn't go well!"

Rafflesiana only smiled mischievously hearing Xenneth and lifting her right hand waving it in the air in a passive gesture. "Yeah! Yeah!" she had said practically ignoring him, "I can't hear ya' XenXen! I'm exploring!"

Xenneth had frowned hearing her. Rafflesiana turned around letting out a smile and a minor laugh before lifting her fingers and making the "peace" sign once more.

"You should calm down a little XenXen! We've been doing good so far, and I'm pretty sure we can do better if we both just believe in each other just a little. Besides, how about that pay out we're getting from the viruses? I'm sure the Zenny data could help you in the future."

Xenneth had tilted his head slightly to the right as his eyes rolled in a curious fashion. It looked cute in almost anyone's opinion combined with his muse of curiosity as he grown amused over his partner's explanation. "I could probably buy myself a new set of working tools for the flower shop garden in the back." he had said lowly thinking to himself out loud.

"...or you can buy me some awesome new stuff, like battlechips!"

Rafflesiana smiled brightly with enthusiasm. Xenneth however did not share it as he frowned.

"Kidding! Kidding! Well....not really."

Taking a step forward, Rafflesiana had begun to walk forth once more as she smiled with a wide grin on her face. "Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!"

With her optimism ignited, and herself reeling her navi upon the "Bandwagon Express," which was her version of smooth talking, she had advanced through ACDC area observing it's sights as well as looking for another quick battle.

(Battle 3! Let's Go!)
Rafflesiana advances further into ACDC Net, where she finds a small group of animal viruses walking along in the open. A trio of Bunny viruses are hopping by with...a Spikey. Better watch out for that one.

BunnyA: 50HP
BunnyB: 50HP
BunnyC: 50HP
Spikey: 90HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rafflesiana: 100HP

Battle 3 Start!

"Wow! There are four enemies!"

"Thank you~ Captin Obvious!"

Xenneth had simply stood by as Rafflesiana had tended to the front line. Her eyes going to the enemies that had been sprawled about. No doubt the rabbits would be a problem, but not as much as that spiky dog like virus hat seemed to sit upon the field. Rafflesiana had twisted her lips as she placed her hands on her hips and observed her targets. After an idle while, her right hand swept outward snapping a finger as she had smiled.

"Listen XenXen!" she had begun, "We need to take out that blue dog thingy virus on the end. Do you understand? If that thing attacks, it's going to seriously hurt me since it's not so good with my affinity."

Xenneth had tilted his head as he heard the call of the Netnavi. He was slightly confused, but nevertheless trying to understand.


Rafflesiana had simply slapped her palm across her face as the next moment she let her hands spread out and she bobbed left to right in her jittery rhythmic dance. She had put a smile on her face that seemed joyous as well as confident as she hopped about.

"Nevermind! Just send me chips for that dog thingy!" Rafflesiana had commanded.

Xenneth had obliged with himself slotting in two sets of chips. His eyes focusing on the "dog thingy" that seemed to be the obstacle that was between him and victory somehow depending on the tide of this battle. "Shotgun! Guard! Battlechips in, and download!

Rafflesiana had quickly lifted the barrel of her weapon by presenting her press palms. Unlike her last reckless aim, This time being patient, she had mused a melody to herself before letting out a chant and firing off the blast of her weapon to strike the rabbit and with it's back fire, it could possible spread to make a strike towards the beastly Spiky virus as well. With that chip used, Rafflesiana had switched from her shotgun barrel to her left arm that wielded her cross bow.

"Okay! Here I go!"

Rafflesiana had reached her right hand and pulled back as she had presented two arrows. Her right arm readying the snap as she taken aim towards one Bunny virus, and letting go, she had aimed a volley of two arrows straight towards one of the rabbit looking viruses.

"Rafflesiana! Defend yourself!"

Wise advice, even if annoying from the young boy. Rafflesiana had glared towards the viruses that were most likely left over. Her attention going to the fiery spiky virus once more, she had lifted her palms as before it's vision, she had presented a shield. She knew she could parry only one attack, therefore, she hoped it could be the powerful impact of that virus.

Standing by, Rafflesiana awaited for the counter attack.
Action 1 - Shotgun - 50 Damage (+Spread) @ BunnyC & Spiky

Action 2 - Rafflesi-Arrow - 20 Damage (x2 Hits - Wood) @ BunnyA

Action 3 - Guard (Deflect up to 60 Damage)
Rafflesiana successfully damaged both the Bunny and the Spikey, deleting the Bunny and shaving off half of the Spikey's integrity. Then, the Navi shot a couple of thorny roses that instantly deleted the other Bunny due to its 'affinity', as she termed it. The Spikey was enraged at the attack, and let out a roar of fire burning through the air towards Rafflesiana. Luckily, the Guard which was put up reflected the fireball back at the dog-like virus, damaging it further. The remaining Bunny's attack did go through, though, as the Guard dissipated into the air, stunning the wood Navi.

BunnyB: 50HP
Spikey: 10HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rafflesiana: 80HP (Stunned! -1 Action)
"I-I can't...I can't move!"

Rafflesiana had twitched and spasm in place as she tried to continue to move her hips, a leg, or even toss a hand to continue her motion of a dance, but she could not. The ZapRing launched by the Bunny had caused some complications as the most minor of pixels had exposed themselves as if they were bones in her body. She had winced once more before falling to her knees where she breathed heavily while trying to recover from her state.

"Rafflesiana! Are you okay?!"

The netnavi had stood up once more giving a toss of her head and straightening her blonde hair. Her head shaken lightly as she warmed up rotating her arms and stomping her right foot. She seemed able to move once more and it was because of that, she was ready for battle. A nod of her head and a twist of her body showing how mobile she was before she could do hear fancy little jitter left to right as she began her active dance once more.

"Okay! Okay! I'm okay!" she cheered, "Just send some batltechips and support!"

Xenneth was relieved, quickly reaching his right hand to his side and debating on which chips to use. With the lost of action because of the Bunny's attack, he was very limited on what he could do. If he remembered correctly what Rafflesiana was so focused upon, it was the vicious fire virus that she had to keep from attacking her at all costs. Surely she could keep up a pace if he did not load her with excess data making there time for only one attack.

"Cannon! Battlechip in, and download!"

Xenneth had chanted aloud as he quickly slipped a chip into the open space of his PET. His eyes watching as the flower themed NetNavi had quickly placed her palms together once more, and inserted between them was a barrel peaking from her banquette of plants that made up her wrists. She had stationed herself as one moment she stood calm and aiming and the next, she was sliding slightly from the recoil of a cannon blast aimed towards the Spiky virus.

"Bleh! I wasted time!"

Rafflesiana had noted this to herself seeing her paralyzed state the recent turn. It was because of this she had only time to do one thing: ready herself to move out of the way and hope for the best. Preparing herself, or rather not, she simply kept up her usual rhythm as she danced about so she could simply whip her body out of the way with a quick spin if need be.

Action 1 - Stunned! (Recovering...)

Action 2 - Cannon - 40 Damage @ Spikey

Action 3 - Dancing About... (Ready to Dodge!)
Rafflesiana managed to recover from the stunning relatively quickly, and got right back into the fray. She aimed and fired a Cannon in the space of a few seconds, hitting and finishing off the dangerous fire virus. The last virus, a Bunny, took a potshot at the Navi, but she dodged it with ease this time. The battle was clearly almost over.

BunnyB: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rafflesiana: 80HP
"You're doing it Rafflesiana!"

The young male had chanted out happily as his Netnavi had let out a cheesy grin. Her right hand opened as she lifted it into the air and aimed it to the skies. "Of course I am! I'm awesome!" she had prided to herself before gathering her breath and letting out a chant. "Earthly Powers! Grant me a miracle!"

Rafflesiana had let out her chant before brining her hand down and slapping the terrain as the area had begun to flourish with a terrain of grass that complimented the area. Her eyes closed satisfied with the feeling of the grass under her feet for the moment as it grew. She was in her own terrain and it felt good to be treading upon her natural element that would give her energy. Opening her eyes and letting them go to her last enemy, she had prepared her left hand.

"Okay! Okay! Okay!" she had chanted her usual chant. "I'll finish this with one shot of my bow!" she had chanted aloud. Her left arm lifted and her right hand pulling back on a few arrows that slid from her sleeve. She had pulled back stretching the bow's strand to its limits and closed one eye as she aimed sharply.


She had chanted letting go of the bow with a slingshot. Two glowing green arrows had went forth aiming to pierce the rabbit virus while Rafflesiana had prepared to make an effort to dodge if her attack would not work.

Action 1 - Activate! GrassSet! (Earthly Powers! Grant me a miracle!)

Action 2 - Rafflesi-Arrow - 20 Damage (x2 Hits - Wood) @ BunnyB

Action 3 - Aware and hoping it's over! (Ready to Dodge!)
The shots Rafflesiana fired managed to pierce the Bunny's exterior even as it jumped around in panic. The grass that emerged from her earthly powers rejuvenated and healed the damages that the Navi sustained earlier.


Rafflesiana: 95HP

Battle 3 - Victory!
Rewards: [HeatShot] Chip, 330z