Looking for adventure...

Arriving in the ACDC net, Tranum looked around eagerly.

Remember, constant vigilance!

"Yeah, I know... wait was that fro-"

Yes. But I've been saying that since... before that was published. In any case, good luck.

"Thanks for that. Hmm, doesn't seem to be too many virii around today..."


"I'm going to ignore you now. Also, I'm going to hide in that bush and jump out at the first group of virii that go past."

I'm willing to bet that when you get close to the bush, a whole bunch are gonna jump out at you. And then I will laugh.

"Still ignoring you." Tranum sighed, and approached the bush. Moving several branches aside, he started.

"Whoah! What the..."

((Battle #1))
Suddenly the bush turned around and spat a log at Tranum! Reacting quickly, the navi jumped over the log to find himself face-to-face with a Shrubby and two Metools!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
Shrubby: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Tranum.EXE: 100 HP

Well, I most certainly did not see that one coming!

"Shut up and load the rageclaw."

Righto! There you are!

"Alright, any plans?"

I was thinking of hitting them repeatedly. That one seems to have worked out pretty well so far.

"That's it?"

No. Hang on. I have some more chips to try out.

"Such as...?"

A shield. Now, go for the shrubby first. Dodge any attacks that might provoke, and then back up and block.

"Well, that's better than hitting randomly, I suppose..."

With that, Tranum lunged at the Shrubby with all he could muster, hacking away with the rageclaw.

When he was satisfied with the results of his onslaught, he retreated backwards, ducking and weaving so as to remain hard to hit. Upon reaching a more defensible position, he dropped down behind his shield, holding it steady against any forthcoming attacks.

1) Rageclaw to Shrubby 40 damage
2) Dodge (if necessary)
3) Shield(if necessary)
Tranum started off with the tried and true method of mercilessly hacking the stuffing out of his opponents. After nearly gutting the Shrubby, he backed off. Deciding to play it safe, Tranum kept a close eye on the viruses as he put up his shield. One of the Metools noticed the opportunity and launched a shockwave at him. Both the shield and the attack disappeared as they canceled each other out. The Shrubby was too busy reeling in pain to attack, and the other Met was now wary of getting its attack blocked or dodged.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
Shrubby: 10 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Tranum.EXE: 100 HP
All right, mate! Nice going!


Have a plan?

"Yeah. The Shrubby looks mildly off-balance, so I'll go for it first. If I'm lucky, all I'll hafta worry about after that are the Metools."

That sounds like a good idea to me. What are you going to to about the Metools after you've gone for the Shrubby?

"...I think I'll go for the closest one. The second one looks like I'm going to hafta keep my eye on it all the while, so I'm gonna hafta be careful."

Hmmm... Can't see anything wrong with that plan of action. Remember, though, Metools have that annoying tendancy to duck under their helmets. You're going to need to get to it before it has that chance.

"I'll keep that in mind."

Tranum took a deep breath to steady himself, then jumped at the Shrubby, screaming an unintelligible warcry as he did so. He lashed out several times, striking fierce blows at whatever he could reach. After barely more than a second, he deemed the onslaught savage enough for the wounds to be fatal. With another cry, he shifted his attention to the Metool that had attempted to attack him half a minute before.

Moving as fast as he could, he slashed at the Metool, trying his hardest to strike below the helmet. After two strokes, he leapt backwards to avoid forthcoming retaliations. With the hope that the stikes he made to the Metool would be sufficient to incapitate it, he moved swiftly back to where he had started his outburst seconds ago.

As he moved, he turned his attention to the second Metool. He paused for an instant, then darted over to it, and commenced a fearsome assualt, clawing out at whatever he could reach with his trusty claw.

When he was finished, he dashed back to his starting point, weaving to avoid being targeted. When he stopped running, he turned back to his foes, surveying the results of his vicious offensive.

1) Rageclaw to Shrubby (40 damage)
2) Rageclaw to Metool A (40 damage)
3) Rageclaw to Metool B (40 damage)
((Bump ptank))
((Bump Btank))
With his claw ready, Tranum darted towards the Shrubby and landed a clean hit on the virus, promptly deleting. The two Metools were scared of the navi due to its ferociousness, but they tried their best to fend them selves. As Tranum approached for the first Metool, the virus was too scared from its own good and even forgot to hide under the helmet. The second virus was a little braver than the other, able to hit the navi with its pick axe before it met its untimely end.

Shrubby: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Tranum.EXE: 90 HP

[Guard1] Battlechip + 100z

Quote (Chip Info)

Effect: Reflects one attack, bouncing back a maximum of 60 damage
Accuracy: S
Description: Sends one attack back to the enemy
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Negated by Break.
"Well, that's another battle won, with barely a scratch!"

Aye, that it is. New chip, too. Think you're ready for the next one?

"Hah! I'm ALWAYS ready!"

Despite the fact that all of your previous battles started off with you getting surprised after you weren't paying attention to detail.

"Well, this time I'm ready."

Tranum rolled his eyes and looked around. Failing to identify any extra virii, he sighed and turned his attention to kicking at the ground with one foot.

((Battle #2))
((Ringringringringringring banana bump))
Tranum's kicking at the ground soon elevated from making a soft thudding noise to...a bouncing noise? Certainly that wasn't him making it, so he decided to look around before something came out of nowhere and hit him.

Too late.

The Navi received a swift hit to the back of the head, and before turning around Tranum instinctively swung at the threat. He managed to swat the attacker away several feet. It was some kind of musical note virus. From behind it came two pink and red Beetanks which positioned themselves beside the first virus. The Melody seemed to have gotten miffed over being swatted and now looked quite angry.

Melody: 80HP
BeetankA: 50HP
BeetankB: 50HP

Terrain: 100%

Tranum: 90HP

Battle 2 Start!
"Can't say I saw that one coming!"
Obviously not. What's your plan?
"I was thinking of trying out the shotgun this time."
All right! I'll load that up for you. Which one are you planning on attacking?
"I was gonna go for the Melody."
Hmmm...I'd go for one of the Beetanks if I were you. They seem to be more easily breakable.
"More easily breakable? Is that even proper grammer?"
Screw the grammer, I have a Les Paul! Really though, is that all you're planning on doing?
"...Yeah, why?"
Well, I was just thinking that maybe you could use the shield this battle. May come in handy.
"Alright. So, Shotgun towards the leftmost Beetank, and then retreat back to safer ground."

Tranum looked at the target Beetank. The corners of his mouth twitched upwards slightly as he grinned in anticipation of the forthcoming battle. He aimed the shotgun carefully, then released the scattered burst of shot.

"Alright. Now for the Rageclaw!"

However did I guess?

Tranum looked at the shotgun, waiting for it to be replaced by the Rageclaw. Feeling at ease with the claws' familiar weight, he sprung forward, straight at the other Beetank. With a cry of primal rage, he slashed once at the Beetanks front, striking as hard and deep as he could. Quickly, he slid to a sudden stop, only to dart rapidly behind the scratched-up Beetank, focusing another ferocious attack from the behind.

Satisfied, he quickly darted further behind the three virii, grey eyes watching their reactions carefully.

1) Shotgun to Beetank A 50 Damage
2) Rageclaw to Beetank B 40 Damage
3) Rageclaw to Beetank B 40 Damage
Tranum's first shot was towards the Beetank, which hit the target, as well as the Melody nearby. The Melody wasn't too happy about this poor treatment and attacked Tranum successfully. Then, Tranum turned his attention to the other Beetank, with his claws digging deep into the mobile bomber virus. One of his attacks did miss, however.

Melody: 30HP
BeetankB: 10HP

Terrain: 100%

Tranum: 75HP
Tranum cursed lightly under his breath, and quickly occupied himself with tending to his wounds.

Hmmm... The Melody is stronger than I first thought...

"Aaaand what are we planning on doing about that?"

I'd say that you should continue hitting them repeatedly with the Rageclaw. Go for the Melody first this time.

"Aye. That one is starting to get on my nerves a bit." He glowered at the Melody as he spoke.

Also, I'm going to load that new guard chip we found. Hopefully you won't have to focus too much on what the Melody is doing when you attack it.

Tranum looked impassively at the glowing barrier that the guard chip threw up in front of him.

Watching the Melody carefully, he suddenly lunged at it, hacking away with a vengeance. After satisfying his bloodthirst, he turned on his heel and began to slash away at the remaining Beetank. As he stabbed at it ferociously, he muttered under his breath. "That'll teach you for staying alive after I've attacked you!"

The instant he finished the assault, Tranum lept backwards, away from the skirmish, breathing heavily.

1) Rageclaw to Melody 40 Damage
2) Rageclaw to Beetank B 40 Damage
3) Guard (if necessary)
Plenty of explosions to go around today as Tranum went quickly to work on the remaining viruses, slashing them apart with his claws. The viral residue clumped together to form... rewards!


Terrain: 100% Normal

Tranum: 75HP
Battle 2 - Victory!
Rewards: 200z, [CrackerBomb] Battlechip
Hey, Tranum, mate, nice going! Listen, I'm going to make a trip down to SciLabs to get some upgrades, alright?


Too bad.

Tranum swore lightly as the scenery around him slowly dissolved into blackness.

*jacked out*