An icy entrance

A large aquamarine beam crashes down upon the net, revealing the form of an ice navi hovering slightly above the ground, her arms turned into large icicles in anticipation ffor battle as her wings fluttered slightly.

"I am ready for combat Kedamono, just be ready with your battle chips. I do not wish to be left untended." Yukika sent to Kedamono, whom quickly replied. "Not to worry Yukika, I have plenty of fire power for this area of the net, just be ready for most anything." Kedamono replied as she readied her chips for her first few battles with her new navi. "Alright, I'm going into the net, I just hope nothing out of the ordinary happens." Yukika sent to Kedamono as she began her decent into the ACDC network.

(battle 1, 120 HP)
Out of the blue, three Spikeys jumped in front of the fresh navi and slowly circled around her. At first glance, the viruses thought they had the upper hand...but it's time to prove them wrong!

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Yukika: 120 HP

Hmmm...three viruses... Yukika thought as she looked over the trio of viruses, unable to see what was so threatening about them. "Kedamono, what are their elements and Hit Point values?" Yukika sent to Kedamono as she continued to scan them up and down through her visor.
"These viruses are called Spikeys, Yukika, they are fire elementals and they have 90 Hit Points, considering your element, it shouldn't be much of a problem to you. I'm sending you my Wideshot and TankCannon, I hope they are of some use to you." Kedamono said as she slotted the two chips into her PET, making sure they were the right ones. Hmmm...she's definitely chipper, she must have a knack for battle. Yukika thought as the chips entered her system, ironically, sending a shiver over her icy body. Woah...that's different... she thought before accessing the data.

This should be good, I can wipe them out without even trying if I manage to hit them all. Alright, time to get this fight started. The ice princess herself thought before morphing her arms into the usual thin, wide gun shape that, with precise aim, could decimate the spikies that had jumped her, taking aim, in an attempt to line up her shot with them, she fired her shot as a thin and wide blade of ice shot out of her weapon, attempting to take out the trio in her special way. So, that's battle chip data? she asked herself, attempting to make a puzzled face, though it was quite literally, carved in stone, or ice, as it was. No matter, as long as I keep getting Kedamono's assistance, I should be fine. After all, these are just the low level viruses new navis and netops face every day. she continued before snapping back to battle.
Slowly accessing the Tankcannon data in her body, she began to hatch a plan as she created a large, well, cannon, in the place of her arms, a single barrel coated in glistening ice and heavy to boot. Taking aim at the viruses, she soon fired off the cannon as a gigantic chunk of ice barreled towards one of the Spikies in an attempt to crush it, and perhaps manage to delete the other two with the blast radius of broken ice shards and chunks that deviate upon impact with the targeted Spikey.

*Iced Attack used on Tank Cannon (Imbue Aqua)
Take aim at Spikey group
Wideshot1--->SpikeyA-C (60X2 due to elemental weaknesses, wide attack)
Take aim at Spikies (again)
TankCannon1--->SpikeyA, Blast at SpikeyB&C (or whatever is left, if anything) (80X2 due to elemental weakness, blast2, -1 accuracy rank with Blast2)
When Yukika was preparing the Wideshot, the Spikeys immediately took the chance and all three began to pounce right towards the navi. The chip was fired and, with its watery attribute, shot down two viruses with one shot and the other barely dodged the attack. The last one was coming closer, but Yukika was too focused with her next attack that she received a painful swipe across her arm. However, with the Spikey so close, it didn't matter too much if she was to aim or not and pulled the trigger to blast the virus into unrecognizable bits!


Terrain: 100% Normal

Yukika: 90 HP

"That was a good battle, Yukika. Now, that you have gotten a taste of combat in the ACDC network, try going a little deeper into the network, I want to see how far you can go without having to jack out." Kedamono said, downloading the reward data from the deleted spikies. "Yes, Kedamono. I still wonder why viruses drop money upon defeat...the economy could just run on net battles and things of this sort." Yukika "said" as she began her way down into a deeper part of the net.

(battle 2, 90 HP)
Two Powies floated toward Yukika, a Fishy leading the way, while Shrubbys cowered behind.

Oh well.

FishyA: 90 HP
PowieA: 60 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
PowieB: 60 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Yukika.EXE: 90 HP