Once again in the ACDC

A musical note appeared on the netways, and the musical warrior Bard appeared close behind it. After the light disappeared the Raven flew off her shoulder and hovered above her. He was keeping a look out for the new teammate. "You know he isn't going to be a threat right? I know he looks very different and a bit threating, but I am sure he will be fine. You don't need to be so protective." The Raven looked down at Bard with an unwavering stare. It let out a sad short caw, but kept its position in the air.

Bard pulled up her bongo to her lap, and readied it to be played. As she did so she looked to Leo and said, "Hey Leo, it doesn't seem like my new process upgrades have fully taken hold yet. Did you write them correctly?"

"I am pretty sure I did. I will look them back over soon, the old ones still seem to be enganged and installed, so you should be ok."

Bard started tapping out a simple smooth beat awaiting the arival of her teammate. As she tapped the disk hovered up off the ground, ready to move when the time came.
A shadow rose up from the ground of ACDC Net as a figure formed from the darkness. Cypher.Exe had returned ACDC. The armored Navi dropped a hand to his left thigh, the shell covering his holster sliding open to reveal the plasma pistol stored within. Cypher brought the gun up, finger wrapped around the trigger and ready to fire. He wouldn't be caught unawares again.

"Be careful," Cypher told his partner. "When I was here last, my companion and I were ambushed by a large group of viruses. They might be drawn to the sound of your drumming, right Enjolie?"

"Every day is great at your Junes!" the young woman answered.

"Er...What?" Cypher was dumbfounded.

"Oh, sorry. I was just singing to myself. Our new companion really has me inspired."

"Yeah," Cypher sighed. "But the sound..."

"It seems to me," Enjolie said, suddenly excited. "That we can use the sound of the music to lure viruses to us and set up our own ambush! Doesn't that sound like a great idea?"
Out of nowhere, four figures from the sky appeared to be heading straight towards both Bard and Cypher in a disturbingly quick speed. As it got closer, it vaguely reminded the navis of the Fishys, but something was off. There was a sphere like shape on the belly of the virus and, obviously, the identity wasn't clear.

Finally, the Fishy got close enough and dropped the sphere down to the ground! It crash landed right next to Cypher and it hatched open to reveal Metools with military helms!

Now, that, is an unnecessary entrance.

FishyA: 90 HP
FishyB: 90 HP
FishyC: 90 HP
FishyD: 90 HP
MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
MetoolD: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Bard: 190 HP
Cypher: 160 HP

Bard stopped drumming for a second and looked over at her new ally. "We will be fine if the virses are attracted early, promise." Bard looked to the operator of her new partner and starting tapping out a beat to keep up with her singing. She had a large smile on her face. She was clearly enoying the fact that she had new audience members to listen to her music. Bard was in a very light and carefree mood right now. All the while the Raven was on the lookout for incoming attacks. And it didn't take long for him to stop them. It let out a loud warning caw to Bard, who stopped her drumming to look up at the approaching enemies.

"What are those things? And what is on the bottom of-" Bard's sentence was cut short by the metool bomb. Bard let out a squeal of shock from the dive bombing virus attack. She quickly decided to land her hoverdisk and straightened her posture soon after. "Lets see what you got Cypher." Bard said before playing her first song. The song was a very fast verison of her dodge spell played twice over. The beat was simple, catchy and repeative. Bard felt the two ready dodge spells on her and said, "Ok Leo, send me some chips here. I need something...what do I need?

Leo didn't answer directly, but instead just sent the chips. He slotted in the dash attack, boomerrang, and shotgun chips. It didn't take Bard long to figure out exactly what to do with them. She sent the dash attack to her raven, and kept the other two chips for herself. She looked to her ally and said, "Take out what you can. I will attack from one side, you from the other." Bard, really, had no idea what she just said. She just wanted to sound really cool. I hope he understood that. She thought to herself. In her head she laughed at exactly how foolish she must look to this serious navi.

Bard pulled her bongos to her lap and set them carefully into place. She lightly tapped out the beat, letting her hands causally glide over the faces of the drums, acting as though there was no combat or danger going on around her. She brought up the music for the boommerang chip. As she pounded out the beat, the large of the drum faces began to change and shift. It started to become enlongated, but still produced the same sounds and noise. She stopped the song and picked the face of the drum off, it was no detached from the rest of the drums. She pulled her right arm back, taking careful aim at the right most metool. With a sharp fast action, she launched the bongo boomerrang from her hand, and casually raised her left to to catch it after it ended its cycle. No soon had it made contact with her left hand, had it hit the face of the durm, returning to normal.

Bard began to process and upload the next chip while the raven readied the dash attack. It was already in the air, and more than ready to charge the fishys. It processed the data, and in a dramatic manner, threw its wings out to the side. The full effect of the chip took effect as its wings changed to a set of sharp blades. Its beak grew longer and more deadly, and it lowered its head back glareing at the targets. It let out a caw before charging the line of fishy viruses. After ending its attack, it flew up in the air and returned to its starting postion, flying over the head of the musical warrior.

Bard pulled her piccolo up and started playing the final song she could for this match. The song she started playing was very sharp and rough, with quick pounding notes. As she did so, the piccolo took on a more metallic look, gaining a small trigger on the underside near Bard's right hand. She opened her eyes after the song, and took aim at the metool's on the far left, the ones least likely to have been hit by the boommerang. Bard leveled the piccolo, finger resting on the trigger. She swayed her shoulders a bit more, enjoying the song she just played and contiuned it in her head. After a short moment of this, she took a quick second look and fired at the metools.

After the attack, Bard brought the piccolo back to her lap and watched the viruses, but was humming happily under her breath all the while. lets see exactly what this guy has as far as firepower goes.

1) 8th Note Dodge Sig Attack (2 Dodge spells ready)
2) Boommerang to Metool group starting with D (60 wood)
3) Dash Attack to Fishy group starting with D (90 + Impact to up to 5 in a row)
4) Shotgun to Metool A (50 + Splash aimed at Metool B )

8th Note Dodge: Used
"Damn it," Cypher muttered as the raven shrieked its warning.

The Navi glanced up, spotting the quartet of birdlike viruses as they barreled down toward Cypher and his companion. The viruses resembled the birds that he and Daisy had fought just a few hours before, though there were subtle differences. The belly of each of the birds was distended, round potbellies only slightly smaller than the birds themselves. Perhaps they had come from an all-you-can-eat buffet. Unconcerned about the differences, Cypher raised his pistol and took aim.

Before Cypher could squeeze off a shot, the birds' stomachs dropped off to reveal themselves to be four separate viruses; Metools by the look of them. Cypher sighed and held his shot, reevaluating the situation. The amount of adversaries had just doubled and Bard remained untested in Cypher's eyes.

"Let's see what you got Cypher," Bard said as she landed her disk and began to play a fast paced song.

"Hmph," was Cypher's answer, especially since there really wasn't much that the Navi could offer to Bard when it came to firepower. "Enjolie, we'll start off at range. Send me what we have."

"Okie dokie," the girl nodded as she slotted in two BattleChips.

Cypher immediately felt the familiar surge of energy that accompanied the BattleChips. Strength flowed through him and he guided it gently, channeling the surge into cool steel that rested in the palm of his hand. The pistol came to life with a gentle hum, a soft tune that fell in sync with Bard's tapping. A small vial located at the back of the gun flared with silvery light, the aura casting shadows across Cypher's armored form.

Cypher glanced to his side, watching Bard take action. The musical Navi hurled a boomerang of some sort at the group of Metool as her raven dive bombed the bird viruses. Both attacks came from the same direction, each threatening to rip through the lines of viruses. If her strikes flew true, there was a good chance that Bard would wipe out the viruses in one go. The best way to aid Bard would be for him to place his shots to hit the viruses that were most likely to dodge. That meant attacking the duo at the end of the line.

The Navi took aim at one of the birdlike Fishy, anticipating the virus' speed and agility. He would have to aim at where the Fishy would be, not where it is. He took his time, lining up his shot as the virus passed low to the ground. Cypher squeezed the trigger, the plasma pistol responding by launching a searing beam of silver light across the battlefield. If he had judged it right, the blast would rip through the Fishy and smash into the Metool that stood behind it.

Cypher heard a sharp, piercing cry sound from Bard's piccolo and turned to see the Navi fire off a shotgun at two of the Metool. Cypher smirked behind his visor. His partner was cleaning up after herself. Cypher turned back to the wounded Fishy and prepared to fire a second shot. If the shotgun blast had wounded it, it would no doubt be slowed and in no position to dodge incoming firepower. Cypher pulled the trigger, the pistol barking as a second beam of light flashed from the muzzle. The beam hurdled through the air, sailing straight for the virus.

Cypher lowered his gun and raised his free arm. A shaft of silver light extended from the middle of his forearm to about a foot beyond his elbow. The shaft widened, circling around his arm to form an oval of energy that hummed softly. The shield would enable Cypher to defend himself from viral counterstrikes. Cypher held it in front of him, covering his chest, thighs and most of his head. He peered over the lid of the shield, eyes scanning the battlefield for any survivors.

--Snipe: Seeking to Shotgun
1. Shotgun(50) to FishyA and spread(50) to MetoolC
2. Cannon(40) to FishyA
3. Data Shield to self(3-hit shield)
((And another...))
Bard's Boomerang deleted three of the Metools while her raven punched its way through three of the Fishys. Cypher took it upon himself to fire a Shotgun round at the remaining Fishy and finished it off with a Cannon after Bard deleted the last Metool with her Shotgun. The viruses had no chance to counterattack and the navis managed to gain some important information. Bard learned that Cypher was not impressively armed at all and Cypher learned that zenny seemed to be distributed according to participation.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Bard: 190 HP
Cypher: 160 HP [3-hit shield]

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Bard get: 700z + 1 FXP
Cypher get: 100z + 1 FXP
Bard let a smile cross her face as all of the viruses were deleted in one fel swoop. She knew she had done most of the work, which pleased her to no end knowing she could wipe severn viruses at once. She pulled her piccolo to her mouth, and played a happy song while Bard's Raven flew down to gather the zenny. It scooped it up in its mouth an sent it to Leo's Bank statement. The Raven flew back over and settled down next to Bard. Bard summoned her hover disk once more and looked her ally in the eyes once hovering.

"Not to bad. At least you have good aim. Lets keep looking, I have some saving of zenny to do." She smilied once she finished speaking and starting hovering down the netpaths, tapping out a simple beat as she went along.

"That was pretty good Bard. Nice and quick," Leo whispered.

{{Battle 2 please.}}
"Yes," Cypher muttered. "Unfortunately, I lack the arsenal to take out large groups of enemies. Enjolie has hoped for us to earn some more weaponry while traveling."

The Navi scooped up the laughable zenny reward and sent it to Enjolie's account.

"Let's continue."

((Yeah, battle 2))
After the first confrontation, the two navis faced against another horde of viruses! This time, their strength wasn't as powerful as the Fishy the fought before, but like they say, strength comes in numbers. Hope the same applies to Bard and Cypher!

KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP
KabutankD: 80 HP
BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP
BunnyD: 50 HP
OldstoveA: 50 HP
OldstoveB: 50 HP
OldstoveC: 50 HP
OldstoveD: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Bard: 190 HP
Cypher: 160 HP

Cypher and Bard had barely left their last battlefield behind them before they were beset by another detachment of viruses. This time their enemies had come in strength, outnumbering the Navi by six to one, not counting the soaring raven. A veritable viral horde had come upon him and Cypher had little in the way of weaponry to combat them. The Navi cursed under his breath, wishing that he had more at his disposal than his plasma pistol.

"Damn," he turned to his partner. "It looks like we have our work cut out for us. I can handle two of them right now and can wound a few others, but that's it without engaging them in close combat. We may not be able to take them all out at once, but it would be beneficial for us if you can wipe out those tanks before they can start lobbing bombs our way."

Cypher scanned the battlefield, gauging the strength of each virus in turn. He had faced the tanks before and knew of their capabilities. The rabbits were new to him, but their design and colorization spoke of the electricity. An electrical onslaught would fry the circuitry in Cypher's armor, possibly rendering it useless. The rabbits were beyond dangerous and had to be considered priority targets. The final set of viruses resembled stoves of some sort. Cypher paused to consider them for a moment before dismissing them entirely. He didn't even have the firepower to take out the group of rabbits in one go, let alone enough to allow him to spread out his shots.

"Enjolie," Cypher called. "Send me the shotgun and whatever else we have that can hit multiple targets."

"Gotcha," Enjolie smiled as she slotted in two of her meager supply of BattleChips. "Do what you can alright. We'll need to trust in Bard until we build up our own arsenal, alright?"

"Yeah," Cypher muttered, not liking the prospect of relying on anyone other than himself.

The Navi grimaced behind his visor as he viewed the incoming viruses. He would be lucky to make it out of this unscratched. The familiar surge of energy from the uploading BattleChips flowed through his body, strengthening him, and he channeled it into his pistol. The gun hummed to life once more, emitting a silver light.

Cypher took aim at the closest of the rabbit viruses, determined to take out the most pertinent threat before they had the chance to attack. He picked his shot, waiting for the hopping viruses to align themselves and enable his shotgun blast to unleash maximum carnage. He held the pistol with both hands, feet planted in a shooter's stance, and sighted down the short barrel of the pistol. The rabbit hopped once, twice, and Cypher squeezed the trigger. The gun barked a retort and a beam of silver energy sizzled as it soared through the air toward its intended target. Cypher had aimed the shot so that the blast would rip through the first rabbit virus and pepper a second with the searing plasma.

Cypher loaded his pistol once more, sliding a cartridge into place. The cartridge held enough energy to fire off a barrage of low powered shots. The Navi dropped to one knee, steadying himself in order to maximize his aim. He sighted the other two rabbits, each virus hopping along, and squeezed the trigger three times, the gun responding with three shorts bursts of fire. A series of silver beams left the barrel of the gun, each zipping across the battlefield toward the rabbit viruses. The rapid fire shots were difficult to aim, but even harder to dodge and the hail of bullets could rip through both of the rabbits if Cypher's luck held.

The Navi dropped his left hand to his side, pistol aimed at the ground. He raised his right arm, once more initiating the oval of pulsating energy that would protect him from enemy fire. He peered over the edge of the shield, waiting to see what kind of firepower Bard could unleash as he planned out what he would do next.

--Snipe: Seeking to shotgun
1. Shotgun(50) to BunnyA, Spread(50) to BunnyB
2. Vulcan1(10x3) to BunnyC, Spread(10x3) to BunnyD
3. Data Shield(3-hit shield) to self
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Bard looked at the new group of viruses and was slightly dismayed by them. I won't be able to wipe them all at once like last time. She studied the group carefully, trying to think of the best plan of attack for them. Unable to come up with something solid she took the advice of her partner. "I can take the tanks out and with any luck, the stoves as well. Then the last targets will be the bunnies, we won't be able to get them all in one go this time though." Bard took a second look over the field and said to Leo, "I am going to need the dash attack regardless. Send over the boomerrang as well for the stove group."

Bard felt the presence of one of the asked for chips in her system. The dash attack. The boomerrang wasn't there, in its place was the shotgun. She looked over the field slightly confused. But then she saw the dangerous opponents to her ally, and saw the threat. "Oh I get it now." She watched her partner unleash the first wave of his attacks, targeting the bunny group as Leo had silently pointed out. Bard sent the dash attack to her raven and kept the shotgun for herself. She pointed in the direction of the tanks, and let the raven go do its job. Meanwhile she pulled her piccolo up to her lips. Lets try that other defensive process upgrade I have. She began to play a spell on the high pitched instrument. The sounds were simple and repeating. At first there were two divisions of melody. As the song progressed, they became less and less obvious which song was which as they melded into one. Once this was finished two large repeat signs formed beside Bard. She began to shuffle about and the song she played could be heard twice in the background. Once she was finished there were three Bards and three Ravens. Bard looked at them and exclaimed "Cool!" in unison with the other Bards.

Bard next pointed her Raven over to the side of the tanks, well all three Bard's did. The raven saw how far away they were, and quickly took to the sky to line up right beside the tanks flanks. Once in the right position, the bird processed the data for the dash attack. It first it seemed like nothing happened, almost like the chip had fizzled. But then the image of the bird disappeared and a loud caw was heard. On the other side of the tanks the bird appeared again. It had its metal wings and a few images of the bird could be seen moving its line path through the tanks. The dash attack made it move so quickly in the blink of an eye through the tanks. The raven let his wings disappear as he looked back to Bard. He flew up a little bit for protection and waited for her next directions.

The Bards all pulled the piccolo up to their mouth and started to play a song. the song was the same as one recently played. Cypher should be able to recognize it whereas Bard has heard it many times over. When the song ended, the Bards leveled her piccolo with the two viruses on the end of the line of bunnies. They all fired and sent the shot into the enemies lines. She brought the piccolo back to her side and looked to her ally. He was just finishing pulling down her vulcan chip and starting his shield. She nodded in approval at him, knowing he was doing the best he could to assist.

1) Da Capo Process Upgrade (2 decoys)
2) Raven tatical movement to flank of tanks.
3) Dash attack tank line starting with A (90 + Impact)
4) Shotgun Bunny C Spread to Bunny D (50 + Spread)
Cypher initiates the battle by using his excellent marksmanship combined with a Shotgun to get rid of two Bunnies. He moves on to fire his Vulcan at the remaining two, but the three shots only go toward one of the creatures. The undamaged Bunny fires off a Zapring in response, but Cypher throws up his shield, blocking the hit.

Bard moves on, creating copies of herself to confuse the viruses as she commanded her Raven to do a straight out Dash Attack to the Kabutanks, one of which scurried out of the way in time, launching a bomb at one of the Bards, but missing and only destroying a Decoy. The remaining two Bunnies were effortlessly taken down by a Shotgun courtesy of Bard.

The Oldstoves move forward....

KabutankA: DELETED
KabutankB: DELETED
KabutankC: DELETED
KabutankD: 80 HP
BunnyA: SHOT

OldstoveA: 50 HP
OldstoveB: 50 HP
OldstoveC: 50 HP
OldstoveD: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Bard: 190 HP [Decoy]
Cypher: 160 HP [2-Hit Shield]
Bard smiled as her other defensive process upgrade worked correctly. It confused the enemy, causeing them to attack to her decoy. She will be more than able to attack outright this turn. She scanned the battlefield for a moment before turning to her opponet and saying, "Good thing we got those bunnies out of the way they are a problem for you huh?" She smiled at him before saying to Leo, "I am going to drop them all this turn, so if you could send me what I need to that. I think a shotgun would be nice."

Leo looked at his PET, thinking of the plan for what to do to the enemies. He saw that the tank in the back had the most health, and a quick sword slice from the raven would end that problem. Then we can just hit with the shotgun and the boomerrang. With the attacks from the ally as well, the stoves and the tank should fall really easily. He slid his hand into his pocket to find the correct chips. It took him a few moments to find them, seeing as he had to be secertive about it with the teacher watching everyone closely. He slotted in the correct chips and snapped his attention back up to the class at hand.

Bard took the chip data, and sorted through the chips. "Why did he send me the sword? Bard thought outloud. She looked back to the lines of the tank, noticeing that one of them was still alive. "Oh." She sent the sword to her raven to use it, and then easily figured out how else she was to use the chips she recieved. The rest of this battle was straight forwards. Her eyes snapped back from the advancing targets and her ally before she said, "We should drop those tanks they are getting really close to us. Launch whatever you have left ok?"

She started to upload the shotgun data. She pulled the piccolo to her mouth, and played the song required. The beat was fast, powerful, and quick. It was full of small notes, and there was a constant crescendo in the song. Once it was finished she leveled the piccolo to her targets. By closeing an eye she tried to draw a bead on the two stoves who where the furthest from her. The blast fired from her piccolo at them, and no sooner had they left, she had pulled the piccolo back to her mouth to start the dodge spell. This was a much shorter, much less dramatic spell as apposed to the last. Once it was finished she looked to her bird.

The Raven's eyes met Bard's for a brief moment before it swung its ebony head back to the tank. Its eyes narrowed as the sword began to process in the raven. A black mist drifted from the face of the bird. From the eyes and the nose and the very feathers of the bird. In doing so, its beak began to extended to a deadly length. It became sharp and gleamed in the netlight. The raven finished its transformation and then flew down to dive bomb the tank. It flew a sharp arc on its dive, pulling back up when close to the ground. It hovered back above as Bard readied the piccolo. She began playing a spell that sounds very losse and free. It had nearly a celtic and earthy feel to it. As she played the piccolo began to expand and grow. It took the shape of the boomerrang chip and she pulled it back in her right hand. With a careful look she threw it at the line of stoves. She placed her left hand up to catch it, following its arc with her eyes. "You should be able to take caree of the rest of them easy." Bard said to her partner with a smile.

1) Shotgun to Oldstove C - Spread to Oldstove D (50 + Spread)
2) Prepare Dodge spell
3) Sword Tank D (80)
4) Boomerrang to Stove group A, B, C (60 Wood)
"Hm," Cypher mused as the raven dive-bombed the remaining tank and Bard utilized a her shotgun. "That is quite the arsenal you have, Bard. You and your NetOp are quite prepared."

Cypher rose to his feet, keeping the shield raised in front of him to block incoming fire. The disk of energy pulsed slightly, wavering for a brief moment before returning to its smooth shape. One of the bunnies had launched a ring of electricity at Cypher moments before it had died. The shield had absorbed the hit, but Cypher figured it could only take two more before the energy field dissipated. They would have to finish this quickly.

"Enjolie," Cypher muttered. "The cannon is useless against these viruses. It doesn't have enough stopping power."

"Um, the only other attack chip we have is the claw." The young woman answered.

"Damn. That BattleChip is just as weak as the cannon. Well, at least it is reusable...Tch, I don't like getting into melee range, but we have little choice. Send me the RageClaw."

Cypher holstered his pistol, the hidden slot in his leg armor sliding shut. He held his left arm out behind him, already summoning the BattleChip energy that Enjolie had sent him. The armor around his hand fluctuated, fingers lengthening to razor sharp talons. He felt strength flow through him, the power to rip apart steel or hurl his opponents through the air.

Cypher held the shield in front of him, covering his body from neck to thigh, and charged forward. He watched the trajectory of his partner's boomerang, mirroring its path as he charged toward the last virus in line. If Bard's weaponry was to miss any of the viruses, it would be the one at the far end. His feet carried him over the battlefield in quick strides, legs eating up the ground within seconds. Cypher planned his target and came within a yard before ducking his head behind his shield and plowed into the virus.

Cypher trusted in his shield to absorb the force of his charge, hoping that he could use it to knock the virus off its feet so that he could finish it with a quick thrust of his claws. Cypher struck with thrusting claws, hoping to tear past the steel door and puncture deep in the virus' body. Cypher spun around the virus, once more lifting his shield to block any incoming strikes, and found himself behind the stove. He attacked again, claws raking through the air in an attempt to shred the back of the virus.

Data Shield: 2-hits left

1. CHARGE! (Shield Slam to OldstoveD
2. RageClaw(40, Slashing) to OldstoveD
3. RageClaw(40, Slashing) to OldstoveD
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