Faded Memories

Validus looked around in the net, waiting for his partner to show up. The first time meeting Tsujsa's cousin's Navi. He wondered. What kind of navi was it? He shoved those thoughts aside. He would know soon enough, as he warped into Cyberspace.

"I'm in the net. I'm waiting for your cousin's navi to show up." Validus said.

"Alright. Hold on, Rhea will be coming in shortly." Tsujsa replied to Validus.
Rhea could be seen running towards Validus's direction, though her eyes were more on the area around them rather than on the other navi. It was the first time that she actually went into the cyberspace, so it was no surprise to catch the purple-haired program looking here and there, curiosity evident on her face.

Nonetheless, she skidded to a stop in front of Validus.

"I have arrived at the designated meeting place," she reported dutifully to Camillia, causing the NetOp to sigh. "You don't have to be so formal..." Camillia mumbled, but couldn't keep the smile from her lips. "Greetings. I am Rhea," the girl said. And that was it. What a brief introduction.
"Er..." was all Validus could get out his voice at the sudden formality exhibited by the purplish Navi known as Rhea. He scratched his head. "Hey, just because I call my operator captain doesn't mean it's always military-ish between us..." Validus said as he looked away, his face flushing.

"I'd hate to interrupt the two of you getting to know each other, Validus, but I'm sensing viruses heading your way."

"When will I ever find a day where we'll have peace in the net..."
"You did. It's called a netsquare."
"Shut up." was Validus's reply as he placed his hands on his cannon, ready to bring it out to face the enemy.

[[Battle 1, Ready to engage.]]
A cluster of Metools dropped down from above to ambush Rhea and Validus before they could get fully acquainted. The viruses looked different than the normal breed found in ACDC Net, sporting slightly tinted helmets. This would prove to be an interesting battle.

MetoolEXA: 70 HP
MetoolEXB: 70 HP
MetoolEXC: 70 HP
MetoolEXD: 70 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Validus: 120 HP
Rhea: 100 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
"Well, well. What's this?"
"Updated Metools. Be on Guard, Validus."
"As if you need to tell me."

Validus whipped the weapon strapped to his back out and brought it aiming at the Metools. "Don't hold back. Those things look weak, but they aren't slouches either." The Navi said to his partner as he sprinted towards the Metools.

Tsujsa slotted a Fireburn chip into the PET, morphing Validus's weapon into a flamethrower as the Navi charged towards the enemy, getting into a position to harm more than one at once.

And with a squeeze on the trigger, the Navi bathed the Metools in fire, a small, maniacal glee lighting up in his heart, until the flamethrower ran out of, well, flames. Validus then moved from his position, keeping his eyes on the four metools and getting ready to avoid their attacks.

Summary of actions:
1. Get into position
2. Firehit - 50 DMG - MetoolEXA, MetoolEXB and MetoolEXC
3. Dodge.
Rhea nodded to Validus in response, observing the little Metools with their hard helmets and sturdy pickaxes. "W-what am I supposed to do?!" a panicked voice stuttered, and the greenhorn Navi realized that they were not entirely well-versed with battling just as yet. "Calm down. Being panicked will not help us," Rhea reassured, starting to move sideways quickly to put some distance between the Metools and herself-- just in time to escape from the scorching flame Validus was throwing at the enemies.

"I recommend Rageclaw," Rhea said autonomously, knowing that her NetOp still could not make a decision. Her assumption was right-- the next moment, the bear-like claw data had already merged with her right arm, ready to be utilized. Her confidence was no longer lost, and with it came her returning passion for the art of battle; Rhea lowered herself slightly and was seen charging to the only upgraded Metool that her partner didn't target.

As soon as the proximity between the enemy and herself closed in, she swung her almost joke-like of a weapon. Twice, before retreating backwards in a few hurried steps.

1. Dodge
2. RageClaw1 - 40 DMG, Slashing - MetoolEXD
3. RageClaw1 - 40 DMG, Slashing - MetoolEXD
- (Swordplay - Free dodge after two consecutive Slash attacks.)
((AR, I'm assuming that the chip you used was FireBurn rather than FireHit. Make sure you don't mistakes like this again))

Validus prepped himself into an optimal position, lining up the three viruses in a straight line to fire his FireBurn. As he pulled the trigger, the first metool was charred black and the second one hid under its invincible helmet, negating the attack for him and the virus next.

Rhea was brave enough to head straight towards the deadly Metool with her RageClaw. The virus crashed its pickaxe against the ground, sending a shockwave towards the navi, which Rhea had no problem dodging. The navi laid a quick slash onto the virus, promptly deleting it right on sight!

MetoolEXA: 20 HP
MetoolEXB: 70 HP [Hidden Under the Helmet]
MetoolEXC: 70 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Validus: 120 HP
Rhea: 100 HP
"Gah, I didn't do much on them..."
"Don't worry. We've still got plenty of attacks for this group." Tsujsa assured as he slotted in a cannon Chip. The flamethrower in Validus's hands morphed back into it's normal state as it charged with a colourless glow. Validus aimed the Cannon at the unharmed metool, and fired a shot.

"Don't let up on the assault. Keep it going with Rhea, Validus." Tsujsa said as he proceeded to slot in a Shotgun chip. In a split second, the weapon shifted into it's Shotgun configuration. Validus leveled the rifle and aimed it at the same Metool, then turned to Rhea.

"Rhea, try to knock one of them into my position so I can hit two at once!" Validus suggested. He waited for his partner to make her move, but didn't wait long enough for the pickaxes to start hitting his face as he pulled the trigger after 4 seconds. Validus then moved from his position again, constantly on the move to make the Metools dizzy.

Summary of attacks:

1. Cannon - MetoolEXB - 40 dmg
2. Shotgun - MetoolEXB - 50 dmg
3. Dodge
"Good one, Rhea!" Camillia could be heard shouting through the transmission enthusiastically, throwing an unseen fist in front of her before she settled down in her wheelchair once more. It was the first time she had seen Rhea so responsive... And looking as if she was enjoying herself. The NetOp couldn't be any happier than that for now; and it would seem that Rhea gave sound advice to her when she was lost. That could prove advantageous for both of them. "Validus's opinion is worth a shot," she added, then her eyes were glued to the screen on her PET once more.

"I agree as well," Rhea nodded, looking at a particularly weakened Metool. "But I suggest we lay this little one to rest, first," she commented, gaining the instant approval of her NetOp. Rhea wasted no more precious moments to charge and swipe at the Metool with all the accuracy she could muster before changing her footing to swing her Rageclaw at another seemingly dejected Metool lurking nearby, taking full advantage of her momentum, hopefully with enough force to throw it in Validus's line of fire.

Then she dashed backwards quickly, the Navi already planning her next action. "Requesting for Shotgun," she communicated to Camillia, and the redhead couldn't help but chuckle slightly at the moment. Perhaps Rhea could be a better NetOp than herself... "... Granted," Camillia said with a smile evident on her lips and mimicking the Navi's formality, digging for the chip and slotting it in a flurry of movement. Hmph. Looks like we're getting used to this, and enjoying it, Camillia huffed mentally.

The new weapon data came to Rhea as soon as it was sent, and one could see that the Navi was trying to adjust to it's weight before taking aim at the same Metool her partner was targetting. Then she pulled the trigger of the shotgun, hopefully catching any other Metools clustering around in her shot as well.

1. RageClaw1 - 40 DMG - MetoolEXA
2. RageClaw1 (and ? whacking it at Validus's Shotgun fire) - 40 DMG - MetoolEXC
- (Swordplay - Free dodge after 2 consecutive... slash? Attacks)
3. Shotgun - 50 DMG - MetoolEXB - Spread damage at MetoolEXA (if applicable) or MetoolEXC
((AR, it's required that you put the Zenny count out rather than in your Operator's profile. It's really nothing, it is so that we can see if a member is cheating or not.))

The middle Metool looked up to see if the coast was clear, only to be hit by an one-two shot by Validus and met an untimely end. Rhea was multitasking as she finished off the remaining two Metools without too much trouble!


Terrain: 100% Normal

Validus: 120 HP
Rhea: 100 HP

Validus: 400z + 1 FXP
Rhea: 350z + [Guard1] Battlechip + 1 FXP
Guard1 -
Effect: Reflects one attack, bouncing back a maximum of 60 damage
Accuracy: S
Description: Sends one attack back to the enemy
Duration: Once
Element: None
Special: Negated by Break.
"Targets Neutralized." Validus said as he racked the slide on his weapon, ejecting a shotgun shell.

"We're not out of this yet. I'm still detecting more targets." Tsujsa said. Validus sighed. "Well, let them come. It's not like we're going to be easy prey for them." He added as he readied his weapon.

[[Battle 2 Ready]]
"I do not see any immediate threats," Rhea reported, and Camillia breathed a sigh of relief. Who knew that netbattling could be oh-so-stressful? Stealing a glance at her older cousin, she wondered just how experienced Tsujsa was in this-- he seemed very comfortable about it. She reached for her water bottle, downing a gulp as she saw that Rhea found a battlechip, spoils from the fight. "Um... Guard... ?" Camillia squinted, unsure even as the data was recorded into her PET. "Yes. It will be an invaluable asset in future battles," Rhea replied, then made a funny look at her arm's transmission monitor. "If you find this very demanding of you, we could stop operations right now," the purple Navi said, and anyone listening could almost hear the concern in her tone of voice.

"A-ah, no! I'm fine, Rhea, really," Camillia stuttered, taken aback slightly by the sudden kindness. Nope, this never happened before. "U-uh, I think I see more enemies ahead, too," the redhead added, clearing her throat frequently. Rhea's facial features returned to her normal deadpan one at that, turning and ready to greet the enemy.

[Battle 2 ready.]
[[where is my mod you said there would be mod]]
As the pair moves furthur in, they come accross a variety of viruses. Two melodies jump about here and there while two Champus sit resolutely before the navis. Two Fishies move slowly back and forth behind the boxing viruses, sizing up their enemies. In the very back, a Miner sits, all rolly polly with a smile on its face.

MelodyA: 80
MelodyB: 80
ChampuA: 60
ChampuB: 60
FishyA: 90
FishyB: 90
Miner: 100

Terrain: 100% Normal

Validus: 120 HP
Rhea: 100 HP

Battle 2 Go
"Target in range." Validus said.
"Those boxing things look of the fire element. Let's douse them with the water needles!" Tsujsa remarked as he sent an aquaneedle chip into the PET.

The weapon in Validus's then shifted into a lance-like weapon with a pistol grip. The targeting screen came up and Tsujsa designated the targets as he constantly moved, not giving the enemy any chance to hit him at all. He tapped the screen with his free hand. 2 shots on the first Champu, and 1 shot on the second. He aimed and pulled the trigger, sending the needles raining onto the boxer-like viruses.

"Cam, target that mine-laying virus. The earlier he's taken care of the less we'll have to worry about stepping on any mines placed by that damn thing." Tsujsa said to Camillia as he slotted in a shotgun chip. Validus's weapon morphed into the shotgun shape as he took aim and fired the shotgun at the Miner virus.

"That should keep him busy." Validus muttered as he began to move from his position once more.

1. Aquaneedle (Elemental weakness - ChampuA - 2 hits (80 Dmg) - ChampuB - 1 hit (40 dmg)
2. Shotgun ( 50 Dmg - Miner)
3. Doj!
... Wow... Both Camillia and Rhea had never seen this many viruses in one shot before. However, that didn't douse the Navi's battle spirit, even if Camillia sounded even more unsure than before. "Be careful, Rhea... I see so many..." Rhea didn't respond to it, her eyes only at her current opponents ahead. She had a lack of resources at the moment, and rushing in head-first with her sword might not be a good option, either. Thankfully, her NetOp's cousin was experienced enough to guide Camillia through on things, so Rhea wasn't entirely worried as yet.

The redhead, taking Tsujsa's suggestion, slotted in a battlechip in a hurry, forgetting to look at it's description or tag. "One shotgun, c-coming right up!" she said, and Rhea was happy for the moment that Camillia was starting to get the groove.

Until a Rageclaw came into view, that is.

"... This does not look like a shotgun to me," Rhea reported promptly, but knew that they no longer have time to debate; she would just have to make the best out of the blunder. The NetOp could be heard mumbling a jumble of apologies which Rhea didn't respond to, just charging on her way to meet the Miner. Digital dust scattered under her deliberately heavy footsteps, her right arm brandished and ready to draw blood.

As soon as she got close, she let her still on-going momentum swing the claws for her in an arc before she threw another slash at the Miner with clear-cut killing intent. Nimble feet brought her away from the Miner before she could see if she had actually hit or not, praying for the best as she was now in a dangerous position-- behind the enemy lines.

1) Move to the Miner
2) RageClaw1 - 40DMG - Miner
3) RageClaw1 - 40DMG - Miner
- (Swordplay - Free dodge after 2 consecutive slash attacks)
Validus quickly determines the Champus to be fire element and as such, hits them with Aquaneedles. He then aims at the Miner in the very back, fires and... one of the Fishies move in the way and recieve the damage instead. Rhea is a bit more successfully in the endeavor, using her melee skills to get around the rest of the viruses and make her way to the Miner, which she slashes twice. A Melody leaps at Validus, but he manages to get out of the way.

MelodyA: 80
MelodyB: 80
ChampuB: 20
FishyA: 90
FishyB: 40
Miner: 20

Terrain: 100% Normal

Validus: 120 HP
Rhea: 100 HP
Validus cursed. That damned fish got in the way. It looks like he would have to deal with it with another attack. "Captain, requesting a new chip to attack them with." Validus said. Tsujsa merely nodded and slotted in a firechip. "Show them hell." He said. The Navi chuckled as his weapon turned into the flamethrower. He moved from his current location and got into a position where the Melodies and the Miner was lined up. He pulled the trigger and fierce flames erupted from his flamethrower, enveloping the viruses in flame.

Validus didn't waste any time right after he had completed his attack. Tsujsa slotted in a rageclaw for Validus as he charged, his hand morphing along the way, and targetted nearest melody, swiping it with a force that he hoped would be enough to knock it towards the other melody.

1. Get into position
2. Fireburn - MelodyA, MelodyB, Miner - 50 DMG
3. Rageclaw swipe - Throw MelodyA (40 DMG) towards MelodyB (20++ DMG)
Rhea turned around just in time to see Validus letting loose flames of unknown calibre, and she had to get away quickly so that would not be scorched. "H-hey!" her NetOp could be heard shouting, more of a tone of concern than actual anger. "Rhea? You alright?" Camillia said, her PET inching closer to her eyes. ... It was going to be a sooner-or-later before she would have to get prescripted glasses. "I am well," Rhea said, looking at the flames for a while. As soon as the fire dissipated, she rushed back into the fray, her eyes on the Fishy that had eaten Validus's shotgun shell. As soon as she got within Validus's earshot, she threw an exaggerated shrug at her partner Navi with a straight face. The scene could be described as comical, considering it was in the middle of the battle. "Be sure to warn me beforehand next time," Rhea noted, before turning her attention fully to the enemy once more.

Then she greeted the Fishy with a bear-like swipe of the RageClaw, unceremoniously and as brutal as she could. Her attention was elsewhere within the next millisecond, turning to the remaining Champu, swinging her weapon once again without hesitation. Then she was off, rejoining Validus with the help of her nimble feet and movements. Hopefully they could still manage... She only could swing her RageClaw twice more before it was rendered useless. Thankfully, her partner was much more experienced in this than she was. If all else failed, she would just have to use her personaly trusty blade.

"Oi Tsujsa! Were you trying to kill Rhea?!" Rhea's communicator blared loudly, and she blinked. Camillia was still at it? She sure have alot of stamina when it came to shouting. The Navi was almost sure that they would both tire out right after the entire trip in cyberspace was over.

Summary actions:
1) Dodge (from flames, from enemies...)
2) RageClaw1 - 40DMG - FishyB
3) RageClaw1 - 40DMG - ChampuB
- (Swordplay - Dodge after 2 consecutive slashing attacks)