First day in ACDC

(This is my first RP in these forums, so it is sort of a test run. Also whoever moderates this topic would you mind looking at my signature real quick to make sure I got it right? I"m not sure I did...)

A navi who vaguely resembled a fish, walked through ACDC's town net. His blue and yellow eyes scanned the area around him. A bright glow of happiness shone in his eyes. A grin on his lips. "So this is the ACDC net," he began scratching behind his right ear-fin,"More specifically your new town's net." A few second soon passed. "..." Hearing no response from his net op the navi stopped. "Damien?"

"Yeah... my new town..."came a soft voice, almost like the owner of it was lost in thought. "Another one..."

The navi frowned. "Damien you know your Dad finally got his job at SciLabs, instead of the programmer-for-hire he will stay at SciLabs, we won't have to move for a while," he said with a sigh, his two ear fins drooping slightly. "So please snap out of your gloomy mood, you're more depressing that usual."

"Oh... right... sorry Nen," came the net ops's voice, apparently named Damien. "I guess, I"m just having trouble adjusting..."he paused,"again..."

The navi's smile returned. "Hey I'm just gald you're talking to me now, so lets explore this piece of the net for a while. How about it?"

"Heh.. whatever you say Nen."
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As Nen wonders the net of his new home, yellow hatted figures appear in the distance, waddling towards the aquatic navi with pickaxes in their non-existent hands, waving them around, threatening him and ready to rumble.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40

Nen.EXE: 100

Terrain: 100% normal

Battle one! Fish navi vs yellow terrors! BEGIN!

Nen stopped spotting the small Metool viruses. "Oh thats odd... what are those adorable little things?"he asked bending down slightly with his hands on his knees. A smile still present on his face.

"Nen no!"came Damien's voice. "Those are viruses, they damage the Net and attack navis!"he shouted, panic evident.

Nen blinked and stood up straight, taking a step back,"I-I didn't know,"he stuttered.

"I'll send you a battlechip now, you remember how to use them from that... battle that..."Damien began to say but trailed off. The memory of whenever Nen was in a battle before obviously wasn't pleasant. "A-anyway... I'm sending a canon battle chip now." And he did just that, he inserted the canon battlechip in the port at the top of his PET. The small device greedily ate the chip.

The fish-like navi looked down at his arm as it tranformed into a canon, a smile appearing on his face. "I remember this!"he exclaimed and pointed the canon at the mentool farthest to the right of the small group and fired, the canon disintegrating as he did so.

"Shotgun battlechip in!"came the operater's voice as Nen's arm transformed once again into a weapon, this time a shotgun. Nen aimed again and shot at the center mentool, a part of the projectile arched to the third mentool.

"Rageclaw battle chip in!"Nen glanced down as the spreader was replaced by a set of claws. He ran towards the last mentool and struck at it with said claws.

1) Canon (40) - Mentool A
2) Shotgun (50) - Mentool B possible spread to mentool C
3) Rageclaw (40) - Mentool C
Nen fires the Cannon and takes out the first Met. He follows the strike up with a Shotgun, deleting another. The previous two blasts cause the last Met to panic and take cover under its helmet, protecting it from the Rageclaw slash that followed soon after.

MetoolC: 40 (hiding under helmet)

Nen.EXE: 100

Terrain: 100% normal
Nen stummbled backwards as his claws bounced off the metool's helmet causing no damage. "The cute thing blocked me!" Nen gasped stating the obvious.

"Its helmet must have a breaking point right?"came Damien's voice. "Attack it with your rage claw."

Nen nodded. "Alright... I guess..."he mummbled charging at the Metool slashing at it's helmet twice before recoiling. "This will break throguh it,"he growled as his claws vanished into thin cyber air. Pointing his arm at the mentool his arm transformed. His aqua buster now was mounte at the end of his arm. "Aqua spiral!"he shouted as his weapon fired. A bullet of water flew out of the buster and headed rapidly towards the metool. While in mid air it began spinning rapidly, so fast that its end came to a sharp point that collided into the mentool.

1) Rageclaw (40) - Mentool C, 2nd use
2) Rageclaw (40) - Mentool c, 3rd use
3) Signature Attack, Aqua Spiral, Impact + Break + 20dmg - Metool C
Nen flails uselessly at the cowering met for a few seconds then, realizing his folly, switching to a custom aqua attack, which smashes through the virus's helmet and deletes it.


Nen.EXE: 100

Terrain: 100% normal

Rewards: Guard1, 75z
Nen breathed heavily lowering his buster of an arm, a slight dribble of water leaked form it. Well until it transformed back into a normal arm once again. "The metools left behind some zenny, I'm transferring it to your account now,"Nen stated in a monotone voice. Binary code ran through his eyes as he scanned the data the viruses left behind. "Oh and even some battlechip data, insert a black chip into the PET so I can transfer it."

Damien nodded. "Alright, the blank chip is inserted,"he replied. A few seconds later a Gaurd1 chip popped out. "This could come in handy later..."

Nen nodded,"Yeah, I didn't know viruses carried around battlechip data, and Zenny... maybe one reason people create viruses is to harvest the zenny and chip data..."

Damien smiled weakly. "That is an interesting theory but I would stick to 'destroying the net' for the reason viruses are produced."

"Maybe..."Nen mummbled before sighing. "Man I thought the ACDC net would have more traffic than this... no-one is here..."

"Good,"Damien replied quickly. "Other navis would mean other operaters..."

(Batle 2 engage)
Nen's first battle was a bit taxing on the greenhorn navi, but the net is a harsh place, as he encountered another set of viruses shortly after his first. With two Canodumbs, facing their barrels towards Nen, and two Bunnies, playfully hopping around. Let's just hope that this battle ends quickly!

CanodumbsA: 50 HP
CanodumbsA: 50 HP
BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyA: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Nen.EXE: 100