Virii: Another Excuse to Procrastinate

A blinding light infused with the colors of the internet itself seemed to beam down onto the surface of the web itself (if the internet has a surface, at least) to reveal an excited and almost battle ready Rodger charge into the unknown. He poised his arm, aiming in many random directions, as if ready to strike while dashing across the platform provided that was the internet. "Ain't no virii gonna get me!" Yelled the over-enthused Navi, who made pretend shots in mid-air.

"Woah!" His operator yelled, "Calm down, Rodger, if you stumble upon some random virii we won't be ready for it. There's only so much I can do to help, but if you rush into things so quickly you might be deleted."

The Navi, who was currently going so far as to "sniff" the net for viruses, recomposed himself. "You're right. I'll calm down." He lowered his arm and simply walked about, waiting patiently, although inside he was going nuts from the hunger for battle. He listened carefully for anything specifically to do before his owner called out to him.

"Just... go to NetSquare, I guess. Hopefully we'll catch some virii on the way there, so keep a steady watch out." Jared said intelligently, ready to assist in a battle in any way, shape or form.

"Rodger." The Navi sounded, keeping his armed gun up and ready to fire. He scouted far and wide, taking a while to actually move anywhere, but realizing his eventual path of NetSquare. It had been a while since he had actually been virii busting... and Rodger was itching to let loose!
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Rodger, probably one of the most headstrong navis in the net, rushes towards his first virus encounter, he quickly trips over one of three viruses, clad in yellow helms, easily undetectable, as he managed to get up in time to avoid being hit by a shockwave from the virus he tripped over. Battle routines set in and it's time to fight.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40

Rodger.EXE: 100

Obligatory beginning battle 1 for new players BEGIN!
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Head spinning, Rodger pulled himself up from the floor after his close encounter with the virii. Face in palm, the embarrassment swept through him as his operator looked on with a comical smile. "It's okay. You're rusty," Jared said with a slight giggle. His voice quickly tensed up, "Seriously though. Now is no time to play games..."

"I know that. Sorry, bud." He said, wiping his face clean of all blush. The Navi faced off, squaring himself with the Metools and removing any sense of intimidation. After all, they were the lowest level viruses, and in fact were infamous among all nets. A shortened feeling of confidence rose over Rodger as he prepared for attack. Taking one last moment to sum up his composure, he contacted Jared, "What are your orders?"

Like anyone who knew anything of NetBattle, Jared knew this was the signal to start. His hand dug into his pocket, reaching for the only chips he had... "Okay, these shouldn't be that hard to beat... I'm going to send in a Cannon and a Shotgun, and with correct usage you should be able to delete these three, no problem." Jared determinately swore as he slid the basic chips into his PET. Every operator had these... at least everyone he knew of. "Think you can handle it?"

The feeling of reliability was a great thing. It hadn't been long since Jared had created Rodger, but since then he knew that he could trust the Navi to complete any task he had given it. Whether it be fixing the circuit programs or finding the right work file, emailing his contacts about important news in his life or even presetting alarms ahead of time... He could trust the Navi. And not once had Rodger ever failed him. Yet.

As Rodger felt the data streaming into his core, he darted off towards one of the virii that was straggling from the group, quickly developing a Cannon in his right arm. Traveling in an arc, he waited until the precise moment to fire... and then stopped in his tracks, letting loose a quick bolt of a Cannon's shot towards the wayward virus. The sound of the shot crackled through the air as it whizzed towards it's target, but without waiting to see if it struck or not, Rodger continued on with the strategy.

Keeping the other two Metools in sight, he prepared himself for the worse as he continued to relocate himself before receiving the Shotgun data his operator had promised. "Got to line this up just right..." Rodger whispered, concentrating solely now on the virii, lining them up in his sights. By grouping together, Rodger hoped that his Shotgun would spread from the first to the last of the viruses. The line now in view, one Metool in front of the other, Rodger decided now was the best shot he could get. Quickly taking action, he once again stopped in mid-arc to fire at the virii head on.

A smaller crack, not as devastating as the Cannon's sound, emerged from his buster. Smoke from his heated buster filled his sight, blocking any visual results from his eyes. In a quick moment of wit, Rodger stepped back and prepared to evade anything until his operator was there to give him further orders. Rodger hoped this wouldn't be the case, but it truly was always best to be safe.

1. Use Cannon Chip on Metool A
2. Use Shotgun Chip on Metool B, Spread to C
3. Dodge
(plox state the damages and effects in yur summary's in the future too (IE: Cannon is 40 normal damage plus knock back and Shotgun is 50 normal damage plus a single target spread), but, as far as your RPing goes, you have it down.)

Roger sends a cannon into one metool's face, eliminating it from existence before it could even HOPE to react with his quick attack. He then sends a shotgun down towards one, hitting, and piercing into the second, deleting them as well. Due to spectacular busting from the plainly named Roger.EXE, data, resembling zenny, appears in a tiny pile while a small packet of data takes the shape of the Metool's signature helm.

MetoolB: This is...

Roger.EXE: 100


Rewards: Guard1+100z
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As the smoke cleared, Jared watching on in exasperation, Rodger.EXE peered into the darkness of the net where the virii had once held dominion. What he now saw, rather what he didn't see, were any viruses! "Awright! Piece of cake!" The Navi shouted out in self-praise. He dashed over to his just rewards and grinned as he bent down to take a closer look.

"Well, looks like a good job, Rodger." Jared sighed with a smile, leaning back in his chair. Rodger looked at the pile in curiosity. What would they get? Zenny? A chip? There was no telling what could be... As he brought his eyes to the prize, he realized that he was right! "Looks like we got 100z and a Guard1 chip!" The Navi shouted in excitement.

"Well, sounds good to me, but I think we should continue heading to the NetSquare. There's sure to be other virii along the way, so calm down." Jared mused in a quiet giggle. His friend was just a slight bit more energetic than he, as Jared himself was having a hard time keeping away from the jitters.

Rodger nodded in regard to his operators orders, and continued down the path to the NetSquare in excitement. "I hope we find something soon... that was fun!"

(( Ready for Battle 2! ))
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Roger walks along the nets, looking around at the sights and, for some odd reason, STILL looking around for the entrance to net square, he instead comes across two wolf-like viruses...or are they more like coyotes? Anyways, they bear their fangs and ready to eat the navi whole...or rip and tear, whatever.

SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90

Roger.EXE: 100

"Jared... I don't remember anything about these virii. It's been so long..." Rodger stated, looking over his new opponents and searching his memory bank. It had been quite a long time since he had actually busted any viruses... and these wolf-like ones didn't seem to familiar. Jared soon piped in to help Rodger with his dilemma. "Yeah, I don't remember them either... Give me a second while I look them up."

After a few moments of silence, Jared returned with an answer. "They're called 'Spikey.' I'm not exactly sure how they attack, but they have 90 HP." A quick pause gave him a short breath, and Jared then continued speaking. "I suggest trying the Shotgun once more to start with, a quick 50 to both of them could give you a chance to use your special shot to finish them off. I have a backup plan if that doesn't work, so trust me." Jared's voice seemed distant, concentrated, while Rodger fidgeted in impatience. "Okay, let's do this then. Routine set," Rodger begun, assuming a battle stance.

"Execute." With that, the Navi took off in a running dash towards the opponent, preparing his arm for the data that was to come. His eyes scanned the wolf-like virii, trying to pry from their appearance how "smart" these viruses were. Of course, assortments of data weren't actually smart, but that wasn't the point. An excited grin slowly shown on Rodger's hidden face as he felt the chip data running through him. A quick preparation of aim, a sudden slow in his run, Rodger was ready to take the shot. Releasing the all too familiar chip, the noise of the gun could be heard across the field before Rodger took a step to the side, and continuing his run.

There was no time to stop, he had to keep moving. Sure, even in this area, ACDCNet, the virii were somewhat tame... but playing around, even with these viruses, was simply asking for deletion.

There would be no chip data for his second move, no, this one came straight from Rodger himself. After the first shot, the Spikeys would be weakened, and it was up to this shot to deliver a finishing blow. "Okay... got to keep my arm steady..." Rodger slowly said, changing from a run to a slow pacing, and eventually a fully fledged stop. He had to get the virii in his cross hairs, or he would simply be wasting time with this shot. After a few seconds of concentration, he surged his own power into his buster arm, and took the shot.

A large crack, louder than the Shotgun, sounded from his own buster, the small shock wave leaving him balancing on one foot. If all had gone as planned, when he looked up to see the virii, they wouldn't be looking back. However, as Rodger expected, Jared chimed in right on cue. "Before we assume that took them out, let's try this new chip out just in case. It's a defensive chip that will throw any attack made against you back at it's owner!" The master strategist sang, shoving the chip into his PET.

Rodger understood the urgancy of protection after his last shot, so he quickly activated the shield in order to save his own skin. A large bubble shield shone in front of him with a familiar plus sign across the center. "Hey, it looks like a giant Metool helmet... cool." He mused, almost hiding behind the shield. This last line of defense gave him a little time to calm himself down.

1. Use Shotgun (50, Spread) on SpikeyA and Spread to SpikeyB.
2. Use Signature Attack, Single Shot (40, Spread) on SpikeyA and Spread to SpikeyB.
3. Use Guard1 chip to reverse any attacks if the viruses are left standing.
Rodger starts things off with a Shotgun, nailing both Spikies with a blast. The pair then move apart, not wanting to be targeted together again. THis comes just in time to avoid the navi's next attack, which only manages to take out the primary target. Rodger then puts up a shield, which manages to reflect the remaining Spikey's attack.

SpikeyB: 10

Rodger.EXE: 100
"Drats! We didn't get him..." Rodger groaned, teeth gritted. His shield vanished before his eyes, depleting into a river of electronic particles after reflecting the opponent's attack back at the Spikey. "What do I do now, Jared?" The Navi anxiously stuttered, feeling like a sitting duck as he waited for order.

"Well, I have another chip you haven't used yet... you could take a risk and go for close range..." Jared mused, flipping the chip through his fingers calmly. Jared rubbed his chin before continuing. "I have a Rageclaw chip... I'll send it. Afterwards... I guess you should start dodging." He said nervously.

"Okay, send it." Rodger sighed, staring the Spikey in the face. This virus was considerably tougher than the Metools, however, Rodger knew he could handle it.

A powerful feeling overswept Rodger.EXE, sending power into his right arm, crafting his buster into the form of a Claw. Rodger didn't dare make any swift movements as he ran after the Spikey, he needed accuracy. With a powerful slash of the arm, Rodger tried to rip the virii in half. As he finishes his strike, he dashes back and runs far away as to not get hit.

1. Use Rageclaw (40 + Slashing) on the remaining Spikey.
2 & 3. RUN AWAY! (dodge)
The last Spikey attempted to fire its fireball right towards Rodger, but it was cleaved in half by the navi's lethal claw, causing the virus' body to slowly slump down to the ground. The body disintegrated, but the fire still burned brightly and changed into a chip data.


Rodger.EXE: 100 HP

[Heatshot] Battlechip
Before Rodger could even begin to celebrate, Jared chimed in with his own helpful advice. "I think we should head to the NetSquare now, it can't be too far." Rodger nodded with a huge grin on his face, and began taking the path to the Square.

As he ran there, he started to feel a little guilty. His eyes shifted from side to side before he finally sighed a gasping breath of relief. "Okay," Rodger confessed, "I could've gotten there before last battle. I just... wanted to fight again. Sorry."

In the background, Jared began laughing, which confused Rodger. "What? Why are you laughing at me?" He asked, stopping in his tracks. Jared was quick to respond, "Don't you even know why we're going to the Square?" Jared brought up a good point, Rodger had no clue why they were going. "No, but I'll bite. Why?"

"We're going to set up some Team Busting, so hurry up!" Jared yelled playfully, a huge grin on his face. Rodger quickly complied, darting down the path to NetSquare.