Old Don, New Beginning

On one inconspicuous corner of the Net, a nearly-opaque cloud of smoke formed out of nowhere. After a few seconds of waiting, the smoke returned to it's usual translucent state, with Cosa Nostra standing in the middle of the cloud taking a long pull on his cigar. Putting the cancer stick down, the aged Don looked up to a window of Ryouta. "So, what happens now?" the teenager asked.

"We wait," Cosa Nostra replied, spinning his revolver. And so he waited. For what? He didn't know for certain, but he had a pretty damn good idea.

<(BATTLE 1.)>
The mobster Navi decided to wait it out, no need to waste time wandering around for a fight, when the enemy will eventually just come to him. The smoke from his cigar made him a bit easier to spot, and a trio of metools converged on his position in a V formation. The lead Metool raised its pickaxe into the air, and belted out a fierce war cry.


Viruses Identified

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Cosa_Nostra.EXE: 100HP

<(Battle #1: Smoking Gun! Ready, Fight!)>
"Just three sewer rats, barely worth mentioning," Cosa Nostra spat. Nonetheless, he raised his revolver and rolled his neck, several cracks sounding as he did so. "Ryouta, give me the guns," he commanded, tapping the toe of his worn dress shoe against the floor.

"Shotgun and Cannon, all yours. Have fun," Ryouta replied, slotting the two chips in one after the other.

"I intend to," Cosa Nostra growled. He adjusted his fedora a bit, and went to work starting with the Cannon. Taking a long, slow drag of the cigar, the old smoky Don put the Metool on the right flank in his sights. He cocked the revolver, and the firearm sang an echoing crack as the bullet shot towards the living hardhat.

"One," was all Cosa Nostra muttered as he eyed the other two Mets. He glared at them through his veil of smoke for a few seconds before suddenly jumping to the left, displaying remarkable agility for a Navi in the form of an old man. The smoke billowed behind and below him, almost seeming to carry him to ease his journey over. When he was where he wanted, the two Mets were nearly in a linear line to him, one directly behind the other.

Cosa Nostra raised his cigarette, and took an extra-long drag of it. After a good five seconds of puffing on it, the wizened Don exhaled, expelling a cloud of smoke far more massive than what should have been expected from a drag of that size. The new cloud of smoke fused with his own haze, writhing as if it were alive. When it had been completely assimilated, the smoke cloud rushed towards the Mets in a fury, pushing by an unseen gale. The force of the rushing wind and smoke was easily enough to lift a Metool off it's feet and flying a short distance backwards. If Cosa Nostra had any luck, the first Metool would do just that, and collide with the second.

The smoke stopped blowing after a little while and returned to it's master; the extra smoke Cosa Nostra had conjured, however, acted as normal smoke would and rose up into the sky, wraith-like images forming within the cloud before it dissipated into nothingness. At the same time, Cosa Nostra cocked his revolver again and the gun sang once more. The resounding echo wailed a tale of the shot screaming towards the jumbled-up Metools. With the right angle, the one bullet might be able to bite into both of them.

"Two," the Don murmured, watching the scene unfold before his sunken eyes. Ryouta watched too from his little window.

*Gust: Knock MetoolB into MetoolA

1. Cannon to MetoolC (40)

2. Dodge to right, line up Metools A and B

3. Shotgun to MetoolA, MetoolB (50, Splash)
Boom. Boom. The first metool fell and though another tried to hide under its helmet, it was deleted with the splash from the Shotgun along with the one directly ahead. None of them stood a chance.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Cosa_Nostra.EXE: 100HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 330z
"And it all ended up going just as expected," Ryouta commented.

"Too boring, though. They never even stood a snowball's chance in hell," Cosa Nostra added coldly, spinning his revolver. The smoke around him seemed to swirl and eddy about more rapidly, as if it was agitated. Without saying another word, Cosa Nostra started to walk. Slow, mysteriously echoing paces reverberated as he walked a bit deeper into the Net.

<(BATTLE 2.)>
<(Bump, please.)>
As Cosa_Nostra walks the dangerous place called the net, several viruses, mainly Spookies, appear out of nowhere, with a couple Metools trailing behind, one of the spookes gives the navi a "wink" and a wave as the other viruses just...roll their eyes and ready for battle. DELETION IS IMMINENT!

SpookyA: 50
SpookyB: 50
SpookyC: 50
MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40

Cosa_Nostra: 100