The Navi Cafe

A shimmer of green light shifted about in the digital world as Longshot logged into the cafe's network connection, it was rather amusing how the digital version was designed to mirror the one in the real world, but the people in this version were far far more colorful then those of the real world. At least in his opinion.

Stepping out of the portal Longshot stretched his legs and arms out reaching over his shoulder to check on his buster, "Everything seems to be okay, is the video feed working?"

"Like a charm from out here. You actually look tan on this PET instead of a muted gray."

Grinning with delight Longshot started to head for the door to the cafe, this was great finally having a PET that could hook up to the network with out crashing while he was loading. Maybe he could finally really get out and stretch some. "Well it's not the upgrade you promised but it does work rather well. I think I'm going to take a little walk outside and see what else is around..." Nothing could go wrong today, nothing at all...
So, Longshot.EXE walks out of a bar, er, cafe, and not long after he is assaulted by a bad joke of three metools whom wave their pickaxes in the air and waves them around as if saying "WE WILL EAT YOUR SOUL MORTAL!" But, there is two things wrong with that. First, navis technically don't have souls and second, they are about to be ripped apart by the navi standing in front of them.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40

Longshot.EXE: 100

"Uhhh Longshot? I think you have some company." Amadeo said while trying not to laugh. The sight of the little Metool's was rather amusing something about the look in there eyes trying to make them look serious made the whole scene rather comical. "Sending you some chips now, I wish we had some better ones, but this was all bro left behind." If one listened closely you could hear Amadeo mutter something about him being a jerk too.

"Oh this won't be too hard. It's like bull's eying targets back at home on the practice programs." With the plan settled he dropped down onto his left knee readying his buster as the chip programs loaded in, the power symbol booting up as the data was accepted. "Seems like a good plan but are you serious about that last chip? Rageclaw?"

"It's all we got, besides, you should do fine with melee attacks on these little things. Just pick em off and whats left slice and dice!"

With the programs fully loaded Longshot's buster began to change, the whole barrel bulking up to make room for the Cannon Chip shot it was about to fire. Taking aim at the farthest Metool from his crouched position he fired off the single Cannon shot.

With the first shot done the second chip booted up, the barrel of his buster snapping down to become the pump of a slightly over sized shotgun. Taking aim for the closest Metool with hopes that the other was close enough to take the blast too Longshot fired with a pleasing thump of buck shot data.

With his two ranged chips spent his buster returned to its normal state as a bear claw gauntlet formed over his right hand. Standing up Longshot prepared to move in and finish any of the remaining Metool's.

1) Cannon A 40 dmg @ farthest Metool
2) Shotgun A 50 dmg + 1 spread @ closest metool
3) Rageclaw on closest Metool
Longshot readied his cannon, and proceeded to blast one of the Metools into tiny bits. He quickly changed the configuration of his weapon into a shotgun, and fired a spread of energy shot into the second Metool. The shot and residual shrapnel from the recently deleted Metool sprayed backwards and perforated the final Metool. For his first time fighting on the network, he managed to deal with the viruses before they even had the chance to react.



Terrain: 100HP

Longshot.EXE: 100
Rewards: Guard1, 25z
A cafe is typically a quiet place, normally people don't get up and yell, but Amadeo would be an acceptation for that. "Alright! Deleted before they could even blink an eye! So what did we get? Any new chips Longshot?" Settling back into his seat he awaited the data to come in as Longshot collected it. "Seems like we got 25 zenny, and a new chip, Guard1." Having collected the prizes of victory Longshot stood up glancing around trying to find where the Virus group had come from, "Hey Amadeo, I think I saw the Virus' come from behind that building over there, should I go check it out and see if we can find more?"

"Do you even have to ask? After that last fight no way can we pass up another one, were gona get our selves a hot streak going!" Maybe it was the coffee, or maybe adrenalin, but either way the boys excitement was obvious. "Alright, I'll head on over and see what I can find." With that said and done, Amadeo loaded the Guard1 into Longshot's folder as the Navi took off to seek down more enemies to battle.

((ROUND 2))
Longshot approached the building, and overheard the distinctive "Meep!" of metools behind the building. Longshot rounded the corner to meet a pair of Metools, flanked by a pair of quadrupedal Beetank viruses. The new viruses swung towards Longshot and lowered their barrels in preparation to fire.

Viruses Identified!

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
BeetankA: 50HP
BeetankB: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Longshot.EXE: 100HP

<(Battle #2: Bombing Ambush! Ready, FIRE!)>
Longshot stepped around the corner with his buster at the ready, he could hear the Metools before he even rounded but was surprised to notice the two Beetanks aiming their cannon's right back at him. "Amadeo! Chips! Two ranged types this time!" Even before he could finish the green glow of downloaded data started to fill into his power symbol. "Way ahead of you! Take out one of the tanks and use the shotgun for the metool's we'll give the last tank a surprise..."

The first chip loaded in, again it was a Cannon, with two enemies with ranged cannons it would be a bad idea to stay in the open too long. He took aim at the first Beetank, his buster had hardly finished enlarging its barrel for the cannon shot as it was let loose.

Imediately after he snapped the barrel down lowering the buster to his hips as the shotgun chip took over, aiming for the closer of the two metools once again hoping the spread would take them both. A quick pull of the trigger and he started to move back around the corner to use the building as cover, hopefully he was quick enough to get off both shots and duck back before the other Beetank could react.

1) Cannon A Dmg 40 + knock back @ BeetankA
2) Shotgun A Dmg 50 + Spread 1 @ closest metool
3) Dodge back around the corner.
Longshot's near-perfect marksmanship proved its worth when it successfully shot the Beetank and knocked it far far away from the navi. Next, the Shotgun made sure that the Metools was destroyed, as well as one more that was unintended.

BeetankA: 10HP [Knockback]
BeetankB: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Longshot.EXE: 100HP
"Alright that Beetank took a good hit, and the metools are down. We have one last trick up our sleeve and its time to let it loose!"

"The heavy shot I assume, I figured we would end up needing that. You know I only have one though right?" It was a useful ability, but compared to some other stories they had heard from Amadeo's brother it was hardly the strongest kind of attack around. Still the Navi knew it would be more then enough to wrap up the un-harmed Beetank provided it hit. Ejecting the magazine from his buster freeing up room for the new data he reached to his ammo pouch pulling a new one out, in it was the data for a single .50 caliber shot, his signature move. "If this doesn't work were going to have a problem..."

"Trust me, your above and beyond these virus junk!"

With a shrug and a deep breath Longshot slammed the magazine home the data instantly replacing his normal shot, taking his chance to move he dove into a roll coming up on his left knee buster raised and aimed at the health Beetank, taking just a moment to line up the shot with his sniping abilities he pulled the trigger sending the shot flying with a healthy kick from his buster.

With out even pausing to see what the first shot did he holstered his rifle onto his back activating the rageclaw chip data lined up for after his signature was spent. The tank was far but he could hopefully he could finish it before it got a good retaliation shot. "You know I hate melee!" he shouted as he charged down on the last virus arm pulled back to try and plunge the claws straight into it. "You can DO IT!"

1) Movement
2) Signature: Heavy Shot A DMG-60 2TCD @ BeetankB
3) Rageclaw B DMG 40 Slash / 20 Impact @BeetankA
The unscratched Beetank was shot in the face with the devastating .50 Cal bullet from Longshot and it was deleted in an instant. The last Beetank, realizing that it has good distance away from its enemy, fired one of its bomb towards LongShot. However, the navi was nimble in his feet, especially with the help of the Rageclaw, and dodged the bomb and sliced the last virus into pieces.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Longshot.EXE: 100HP

"Told you it would work!" The smug tone rang loud and clear after the dust cleared from the fight. Longshot sighed quietly as the rageclaw faded away returning his hand to normal flexing it slowly. "You know very well that I still don't like melee combat... and what if that shot had hit? Wouldn't it have been better to use the new Guard chip we got?" It was a valid argument, odds are the guard would have soaked up the hit letting Longshot get a better set up to fire on the last Beetank.

"It would have but you just don't have the fire power yet, at the most you could have scratched him up, maybe get him to his last string. Besides your Heavy Shot, you can't really punch that hard on a whim" Sighing in defeat Longshot gathered the Zeny and glanced down the alley way. "Either way I think I'll keep following this path, I'm sure we'll find more along the way."

Reaching over his shoulder he readied his buster, now back to it's normal state, already his programing had built up a new Heavy Shot for the next group they met. "Comon' out where ever you are..." Longshot muttered as he continued down the ally.

As the navi walked around the ACDC network, cautious and vigilant about his surrounding, something appeared just ahead. The mysterious figures started to float towards Longshot and then suddenly sped up! The figures revealed to be a group of Swordys ready to cut their enemy down with their powerful swords! Longshot has to react to this ASAP, or else he'll be deleted instantly!

SwordyA: 60 [Swordy Group: ON THE OFFENSIVE]
SwordyB: 60
SwordyC: 60

Terrain: 100% Normal

Longshot: 100

Moving down the ally proved uneventful for a while, nothing tried to ambush him, and no virus had appeared. Just when things were looking quiet enough for heading back something shifted in the shadows ahead. Quickly he raised his buster as his systems started to run. The hologram flaring up before him trying to get a better view... and suddenly it was clear, three charging Swordy! Melee attacks! Of all things!

"Oh those don't look so bad, I'll send the chips in now..."

"No no no! It's too narrow in here! We can't keep using the same tricks, send me the shotgun, I can at least take a chunk off of them but after that I need the Guard!" The hint of panic in Longshot's voice was clear, he didn't like being in such narrow areas with such quick enemies approaching. With a grunt of disproval Amadeo loaded the chips as Longshot requested.

Slowly starting to move backwards Longshot took aim at the closest of the approaching Swordy before letting loose the shot, just as the shot was released he snapped the barrel back into place on his buster holstering it on his back. At once the guard data filled in, his power symbol flashing a brighter tint of green and a slight shimmer of green data floated about him, if he couldn't dodge this, at least it would be reflected.

And with this done he started to look for the best place to go, seeking anything that might be in the general area to dive behind as the Swordy approached closer and closer. Worse case scenario he could always try to dive under them... but those swords looked awfully sharp.

1) Shotgun DMG 50 + spread 1 @ closest Swordy
2) Guard1
3) Dodge!
The first shotgun was able to flinch the leading swordy away, giving Longshot some space for him to continue his defense. One swordy raised its sword up high and tried to bring it straight down at the navi, but the Guard barely blocked and deflected the force straight back, deleting the virus on the spot. Now with a Swordy defeated, Longshot made a quick retreat away and the two remaining virus stopped their assault.

SwordyA: 10
SwordyB: 60

Terrain: 100% Normal

Longshot: 100
"Huh I guess your plan works too... how you feeling after that hit?" Amadeo had to admit he was impressed at his Navi's quick thought plan, and it worked too. "We still have cannon left, I'll send it in now. I think you can handle the rest." The cannon chip was sent downloading at once to Longshots buster. Once more a bright green glow filled his chest piece. "Hope that Sword didn't shake you up too much, Guard seems to work well."

"It worked pretty well, still just a little shook up about having to let that guy get so close..." That was the past now though, raising his buster he took aim at the shotgun dazed Swordy, "Taking the shot." With a click of the trigger the cannon shot fired off, not botherinf to watch its arch he moved on to the next step pulling his recharged .50 caliber shot from his pouch loading it in raising the rifle to his shoulder taking his aim. "Get out of my sight..." he muttered as he pulled the trigger before starting his retreat backwards, if he didn't finish them now he had no intention of staying still with that last charge they tried.

1) Cannon A DMG 40 + knockback @ SwordyA
2) Signature Heavy Shot A DMG 60 @ SwordyB
3) Dodge
((Whoops, made a mistake with the Guard chip...It's suppose to reflect the damage, not 60 full damage...It's alright, let's continue~))

BAM, BOOM, BOOSH! Longshot continuously fired his array of long range chips. The poor Swordys couldn't do anything with their swords and watched as they were obliterated into tiny pieces of data. The threat was defeated and left Longshot with the loot of his victory.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Longshot: 100

(( Faulty programing obviously, not at all your fault, the chip just felt like being awesome today? ))

"Huh, that guard was weird, I don't think it quite works like that normally..." The boy leaned back in the chair at the cafe tapping his chin wondering what caused the odd reaction.

"Either way it did its important job, protect me from being hit. Anyway we got another 400 zenny, if we keep this up you can buy me an upgrade like you promised." The Navi couldn't help but smirk a little, Amadeo did promise an upgrade and he was holding him fully to it. "Yes yes, well if you want more zenny make it quick, we have time for maybe one more battle then I need to head home for dinner. We can go out tomorrow and try to find an upgrade for you so we at least have a price range to aim for."

"Sounds like a plan" and with that Longshot moved on wandering the net seeking one more battle.

((Final round: FIGHT!))
((It's a common mistake all Moderators make...CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY *Evil Laughter*

Also, if you didn't know, if you reach battle 5, you can fight against a mini-boss and have a chance to get something good~))

It seems like Longshot's decision to fight one more could've been a good choice or not. The navi came across a fierce battle between two viruses. It was between one of the strongest viruses available in ACDC, possibly fighting to claim who is stronger. Just when the battle was about to reach the climax, they stopped and turned towards Longshot. From the look on their face, they found a better opponent to test their strength...Uh-oh.

PulseBat: 80
Spikey: 90

Terrain: 100% Normal

Longshot: 100

((Oh you taunt me with the mini-boss.... maybe if they finish this quick Amadeo can be 'late' for dinner by a few minutes? ;D ))

"Well it looks like we found our fight." Leveling his buster towards his enemies. "These ones seem a bit tougher then the rest, get the chips ready, I think were going to use every last one this time." At once he reached for his .50 best to punch clean through one with a quick shot.

"Pulling out the big gun? Well alright then I guess. Sending chips now." As the chips slotted and downloaded to Longshot his chest symbol started to glow storing the data once the first shot was off, with the rifle raise to his shoulder Longshot tried to get the pesky bat into his sights using all his training to snipe. Once the trigger was pulled the chip started to take hold, snapping the barrel down on his buster he raised the now loaded shotgun chip weapon again at the bat, if things worked out the bat should have stumbled enough from the first shot or even dodged closer to the Spikey. "Boom," muttered Longshot as the shotgun blast was released. At once the buster started to shift back as the guard chip took hold, once again a faint green glow wrapping around him to protect him from the first counter attack.

1) Sig Heavy Shot A DMG 60 + Cursor ability Snipe @ PulseBat
2) Shotgun A DMG 50 + spread 1 @ PulseBat
3) Go go gadget GUARD CHIP!
The PulseBat is quickly assulted by Longshot, ending it's pathetic, misserable life by way of signature attack and Shotgun, data blasted onto the panels and coated them in PulseBat remnants. The Spikey, not taking it's ally's death well, blasted a ball of fire at Longshot, but only to be counter attacked by his Guard, damaging the Spikey.

Spikey: 60

Terrain: 100% Normal

Longshot: 100