A Refresher Run

"Saraaaaah. How long are you going to keep double checking everything? I'm tired of waiting!"

A green and vaguely reptillian Navi loitered near a homepage link in ACDC Net, her arms crossed and a foot tapping the ground. She obviously looked quite impatient, and the cause...

"Hold on Bas...you know its been a while since I've done this. I'm not even sure if I remember everything." One Sarah Tustin. Over a year ago she moved to ACDC Town, and settled in before promptly being railroaded by life and all its needs. With school and family life to deal with, she had slowly lost free time, until the only times she really used her Navi were to clear out unwanted guests from her homepage.

Needless to say, she hadn't done any serious virus busting in a loooong time. But now she had free time... and one very pent-up Navi.

"Bas" scoffed and rolled her eyes, the fin-like wings along her back fluttering sharply. "Well I remember how to do it. And you know I don't like that nickname, makes me sound like a fish."

"Which you practically are?"
"LI-ZARD. You should know, you're the one who programmed me!"

Sarah sighed, checking her battlechips and installed programs one last time. "I know, Basilisk, I'm just getting a rise out of you. Ready to go?"

"I've been ready!" The navi pumped a fist, and darted away from the link into the network, keeping a watch out for viruses. The last thing she needed was her day spoiled by a surprise attack.

[Battle 1?]
As Basilisk walks through the net, his reptilian eyes spy three metools, the trio of metools were happily dancing around in a very loose circle before spying Basilisk in the distance. They raise their pickaxes into the air and wave them around. It's battle time!

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40

Basilisk.EXE: 100

Terrain: 100% normal
[sub][Just a note... Basilisk is female][/sub]

Basilisk came to a halt as she spotted the Metool, finwings fanning in a subconscious attempt to look threatening. At most, they made her look something like a person with fish wings. She raised her left arm, and her glove flickered and shifted into a cannon shaped like a lizard's head.

"We've got three Mets, Sarah!"
"Gotcha. We'll wipe these ones out quickly. Hold on, sending a Shotgun"

The navi's buster shifted, a metal cylinder emerging from the 'mouth' of the weapon. Basilisk grinned, taking aim... and paused a moment.

"Wait a second..." Her fanned finwings began to glow. As they did, a gust of wind stirred up and suddenly rushed at one of the Metools in an attempt to align it behind another one.

Success or not, the glowing stopped and Basilisk fired off the shotgun shot at the Metool.

"That's two! Got a Cannon?
"Roger. Sending it now..."

The metal barrel of Basilisk's buster withdrew and expanded in diameter, and she pointed at the previously spared Metool, firing and releasing a blast of energy. The buster returned to its original state, and Basilisk bounced backwards. She was hoping there wouldn't be any retaliatory shots, but you could never be too careful.

Action Summary:
*Gust: Align Metool B behind Metool A
1. Shotgun to Metool A (splash to MetoolB)
2. Cannon to Metool C
3. Dodge
Basilisks toying with the wind worked perfectly as the mets helplessly flapped in air to free them selves. They met an unfortunate fate when the shotgun ran straight through them, as well as the other one who had it with a cannon...But hey! It's a hard knock life being a virus~


Basilisk.EXE: 100

Terrain: 100% normal

The Navi blinked, her wings dropping and her buster vanishing. It took a moment for what had happened to sink in.

Once it had, she let out a whoop and pumped both arms in some sort of victory routine.

"HAH! I told you I still had it!" She stretched her arms behind her back, grinning at the Operator she couldn't see, but knew was there. "And you spent 10 minutes fretting!"

Sarah muttered, although there was the slightest hint of pride in her voice. "They were just Metools, you know. They aren't exactly difficult."

The mocking tone, on the other hand was blatantly obvious.

Basilisk frowned, and glared at nothing in particular. "I'd like to see you try and take on a Metool,"she grumbled. She crossed her arms, glaring a moment longer... and then darted off again, searching for viruses.

"Hey! You shouldn't just be running off like that!"
"Oh, come on! I'll be fine! They're "just Metool" after all!"

In the real world, Sarah opened her mouth, closed it, and sighed, rubbing her face. "Yeesh... you didn't change..."

[Battle 2, please!]
Yep, those Metools weren't too much of a problem...But how about those Metools with a little side of Canodumbs? While Basilisk was walking around in the net, two Canodumbs sprung out from the ground and aimed straight at her! And another pair of metools were hiding just behind them!

CanodumbA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
MetoolA: 40 [Behind CanodumbA]
MetoolB: 40 [Behind CanodumbB]

Basilisk.EXE: 100

Terrain: 100% normal

Basilisk nearly tripped as the Canodumbs popped out of the ground. "Woah! Where'd you come from?"

Basilisk, of course, had a decent idea of where viruses were from, and was fairly sure they wouldn't talk back. She looked over the group, seeing the Canodumbs but missing the Metool in her haste. "Sarah, two Canodumbs from the looks of it! I can wipe them out at the same time!"

Sarah nodded, grabbing the Shotgun chip she had put on her desk and slotting it back in. "Only Canodumbs? I thought they normally had reinforcements..." As a precaution she fiddled with her PET, bringing up the first person view and watching closely.

Basilisk didn't hear or didn't heed Sarah's warning, ducking to the side of the Canodumbs as her right arm shifted into the reptilian buster. The silver cylinder grew out of the mouth and she took aim, waiting to fire until she was sure she'd hit the other Canodumb with the backsplash...

Sarah blinked, and spotted a glint of yellow on the PET. "Basilisk! Hold up, there's some Metool as well!"

The Navi blinked, stumbling slightly and accidentally letting off the Shotgun fire too soon. While the first Canodumb was still in the path of fire, the second wasn't, leaving the shot to go off at a diagonal towards one of the hiding Metool.

"Gah!" If Basilisk knew any curses, she probably would have been spitting one out now. "Couldn't you have waited until after I had shot the Canodumbs to tell me?!

"And let you get hit by some sneak attack? You're still hitting something!" The operator grabbed the lone Rageclaw she owned, slotting it into the PET. "I'm sending you a Rageclaw, try and go for the other Met with it!"

"Got it..." Her right hand flickered and shifted into a large claw, which she flexed a moment before dashing at the Metool. Her finwings expanded and began to glow, a gust of wind stirring up behind her. She took advantage of the gust, managing to glide somewhat and land behind the Metool. She began with what appeared to be a slashing motion, but changedher mind partway through and tried to scoop up the Metool instead and toss it towards the other Canodumb.

"Hyah!" She then charged at the Canodumb, the clawed hand raised and already slashing downwards as she reached it.

Action Summary:
1. Shotgun[40] to CanodumbA, attempted splash to MetoolB
*Gust: Basilisk moves behind MetoolA
2. Rageclaw[20+Impacting] to MetoolA
3. Rageclaw [40+Slashing] to CanodumbB
((FYI~ You can both slash and scoop at the same action. So there is no need to waste an action to throw the enemy, unless you wanted to REALLY throw the enemy))

The misfire of the shotgun was pure luck as the Canodumb and the mis-targeted Metool got the face full of the shotgun blast. Basilisk's sudden flight was noted as a disappearance to the viruses due to their poor line of sight, causing them to be little confused. The navi appeared behind and "WHAP!", the Metool was thrown and the Canodumb was sliced and diced. The metool hazardously swung its pickaxe and managed to scratch the navi's finwings...

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED
MetoolA: 20

Basilisk.EXE: 90

Terrain: 100% normal
[sub][Ah, thanks for the note.][/sub]
Basilisk winced, the scratched wing snapping down in response to the pickaxe strike. Sure, they were mostly for show... but that didn't change the fact that they weren't very tough, and attacking them hurt!

She growled at the offending Metool, and with the claw still out and ready she didn't hesitate in clawing the virus to what would hopefully be an untimely death.

Sarah blinked, and spoke into the PET. "Basilisk, calm down! It's just a scratch!"
"It hurt!"

Sarah just glared disapprovingly at the PET, and eventually Basilisk signed, jumping back and observing the battle.

Action Summary
1. Rageclaw [40 Slashing] to Metool A
2. Rageclaw [40 Slashing] to Metool A
3. Dodge
After getting hit, Basilisk retaliates and takes the last Metool down with a swing of her claw. She recieves a brief chiding from her netop but once that's over, she is left to collect her rewards.

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED

Basilisk.EXE: 90

Terrain: 100% normal

Rewards: Guard1, 150z
Basilisk relaxed as the last of the viruses fizzled, leaving her momentarily alone again.

"Right! Let's see what we got off of those guys..." Data scrolled across her visor for a moment. "Zenny... oh, chip data!"

Sarah paused a moment, ejected the Rageclaw chip that was still in the PET, and then began scrambling through her drawer for a blank chip. After a moment she finally procured one, and slotted it in. "Okay, blank chip's ready."

Basilisk nodded, the data across her visor flashing and vanishing. The PET whirred a moment and ejected the chip, allowing Sarah to examine it.

"Huh, a Guard chip... this might be useful." She set it and the Rageclaw with the rest of her chips. You think you can do another battle? You seemed to be in some pain there..." The Operator had an almost challenging tone in her voice.

Basilisk scoffed. "Just a scratch! I can do some more battles!"
"Right. You won't go darting off this time?"
"But I like to... fine." Basilisk knew that her Operator could end her fun at any time. Sometimes it was annoying having someone else with the PET ready.

She started off, this time without the reckless running that had come with her prior encounters.

[Battle 3 please?]

A small group of Bunnies were staring right at Basilisk with curiosity. They hopped and hopped closer to the navi and suddenly became enraged for some odd reason?! What did the navi ever do to these viruses?

BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
BunnyC: 50
BunnyD: 50

Basilisk.EXE: 90

Terrain: 100% normal

Basilisk blinked at the Bunnies, somewhat baffled. "...why do viruses always look like little cute things?" She readied and cocked her buster, backing up slightly.

"Designer has a sense of humor? Get ready, I'm sending the Shotgun." Sarah selected and slotted in the chip while Basilisk readied the shot.

The buster shifted in its usual way, and Basilisk let off a shot towards the Bunnies. "Got it! Next!"

"Sending you the Cannon chip." Out came the used Shotgun, and Sarah quickly snatched it out and slotted in the Cannon. She didn't take as long to aim, but she was confidant enough in her abilities to hit. The expended chip came out of the PET, which Sarah removed.


The operator began towards the Rageclaw, then stopped. "No, lets hold off on attacking. I'm not sure, but these might be more dangerous than usual."

Basilisk muttered and extended her finwings, wind stirring up under her as she bounced on her toes. "They're just rabbits"

Action Summary:
1. Shotgun[50] to BunnyA, attempted splash to BunnyB
2. Cannon[40] to BunnyD
3. Dodge
*Gust: Assist in dodge.
The shotgun was able to hit the Bunny, but wasn't able to use its full effect as only one of the viruse was deleted. The cannon was a direct hit, but it just wasn't enough to take the Bunny down! They retaliated by chucking electric rings here and there at Basilisk, but the navi gently evaded the attacks one by one with the help of the wind~

BunnyB: 50
BunnyC: 50
BunnyD: 10

Basilisk.EXE: 90

Terrain: 100% normal
"Is th-GYAH!"

She hadn't been expecting electricity. Basilisk's landing wasn't as graceful as she would've liked. "Elec?! Why the hell are there rabbits shooting lightning?!"

"Well, they do look like of like lightbulbs..." Sarah looked disdainfully over her relatively small chip collection, her voice calm. This calmness naturally infuriated the already panicked Tiamat.

"Well I didn't know that!" Even with one of the Bunnies deleted, there were still 3 more, and that meant she was still in danger.

She made up her mind to boost her chances, and aimed her buster.

"Take this, you little freak! Geyser Shot! Her wings snapped out and glowed brightly as a blue sphere gathered in the mouth of her weapon. There was a hiss of steam, and then the sphere exploded into a blast of water that hurtled towards one of the Bunnies.

Sarah was silent and watching. There wasn't much she could do, not with two chips already expended, and one of the remaining ones being close combat.

The new one, however...

"Basilisk! Get closer to those Bunnies!"

The Navi, who had been focusing more on trying to stay away from the viruses likely had every right to question her operator. She was no mind reader.

"Just go! I'm sending you that new chip data: see if you can reflect one of those electric rings!" Sarah slotted in the Guard1 chip as she spoke, the data materializing as a round yellow shield with a black cross on the Navi's free arm.

Basilisk fluttered her wings in agitation, and cautiously approached the Bunnies. "If I get deleted, I swear I'll haunt your computer..."

Action Summary:
1. Geyser Shot [50 AQUA+knockback] to BunnyB
2. Dodge
3. Guard1 [Reflect [u]>[/u]60]
The Geyser Shot shot straight through one of the Bunny it was quickly deleted. The weakest of the remaining Bunnies tried to avenge the loss of his comrade by throwing its electric chakram. While it was heading towards Basilisk, the navi just received her Guard chip and used it to deflect the Bunny's attack, deleting the poor virus.

BunnyC: 50

Basilisk.EXE: 90

Terrain: 100% normal
"Told ya."
"Yeah yeah. Now what? We don't have any other ranged battlechips." The Navi kept bouncing on her feet, ready to duck away in case of an attack.

"Not ranged, no... but we've still got the Rageclaw."

Basilisk balked. "You want me to get into close combat with the death rabbit."
"At worst you'll be zapped once before you delete it. Besides, you're supposed to be the one charging into battle."

Before the Navi could argue any further, Sarah slotted the Rageclaw Chip in, and Basilisk's hand turned into a claw. She opened her mouth, shut it, grumbled something very angry sounding so her operator couldn't hear, and dashed towards the Bunny with a yell. At the same time, her wings snapped out and wind shot from the Navi towards the virus. It wouldn't do damage, but at least it could distract the Bunny untitl Basilisk was able to attack.

*Gust: Blow wind at BunnyC's face.
1 & 2. Rageclaw [40+slashing] to BunnyC
3. Dodge
Basilisk disorients the remaining foe with a gust of wind before slicing it to pieces with her Rageclaw. WATER TRIUMPHS OVER ELECTRICITY, HAHAHA!


Basilisk.EXE: 90

Terrain: 100% normal

Get: Zapring1, 300z
Basilisk bend over as the Bunny was deleted, panting a little. "That... was kind of scary."

"You didn't even get hit once. Can you see what we got from that pack?"
Basilisk dismissed the Rageclaw, and watched the data scrolling past her visor. "Zenny... and chip data. I'm not sure I want anything to do with a chip dropped by those things."

Sarah sighed, slipping a blank chip into the PET. "Just calm down and send the chip data, Bas."

"Basilisk," she grumbled, and sent the data. The PET beeped and spat out the new Zapring1 chip, which Sarah looked over with interest.

"Right, this'll be useful... now, do you want to keep going? Or are you still too rattled by those deadly rabbits to continue?"

If looks could kill, Basilisk could have killed a Metool with a glance.

"Oh shut up and keep your hands from logging me out. I'm just fine!"

The Navi stomped further into the network, and Sarah could do nothing but rest her forehead on her hand and sigh. "That's more like you..."

[Battle 4? :D]