Plans Note:

Bomber, there is reason to believe that Asator knows we're on to him. Execute ASAP. Extreme Prejudice.

At the stroke of midnight tonight, we'll close down the forums and claim that our server has been hit by lightning. At this point, we'll begin the transport of documentation and characters to the drop point.

After this is complete, begin the rules change to gimp all players while allowing NPCs more power.

Also enlarge the meta.

Rules to be implemented:

Bosses will be known as 'MVP's, and will need to have full teams of players attack them.

Build Rule, where placing a single upgrade wrong might screw your character over.

Chips are permanent, and you can only have thirty. They can only be used once a battle, and you cannot gain any more chips, sell chips, or trade chips once you reach 30 chips. This rule will be removed for those who donate $40 to the 'Pay for college fund' for the admins.

Subtype Additions:

-Awesome Subtype:
-Active: Like, Cool, Dude:+40 to all attacks this turn with the prefix 'Totally Awesome' yelled before. (Free Action)
-Passive: I'm Badass!: All Awesome subtype characters receive an additional dodge per turn, and automatically dodge any gun-based attack with this dodge.

-Artistic Subtype:
-Active: Drawing: -20 to damage of user's attacks, user spends all actions sketching out a fabulous picture.
-Passive: Feel the Beat: This navi is great at dancing. (And DDR/Rock Band, depending.)

We will also be switching to the d6 system of Shadowrun 4th Ed, because it works very well and makes the combat more 'visceral' and quick. All navis will be able to purchase armor and weapons. They will also have to decide their qualities and whether their navis are agents, programs, black IC, or even free sprites.

Remember, the awakening has taken place, and your character's metatype will have changed because of it. Choose: Human, Ork, Troll, Elf, Dwarf. (Nobody takes dwarf)

This is due to the fact that multiple people have expressed dissatisfaction with the way netops do not interact with each other. This will fix everything by allowing two methods of breaking into corp-sec. First would be by sending your agent/program/sprite-navi into the system, or your character could storm the facility themselves and head in. Remember that tripping alarms will bring down attackers both magical and technological.

We will implement these once the board comes back up, under the pretense of this having been the entire point of Executor's plan. He managed to reach into the ACTUAL real life world. this should make them re-evaluate his power at mary sue level and begin to pursue him at all costs.

Nerf the Netmafia too, while we're at it. Kill at least two of the families and drink the tears of the creators.

Defector(s), identification [Pikaman X], #884, has been successfully internexecuted temporarily at 0900 hours. Person(s) in question will no longer be able to defile threads with inane nonsense for the period of the execution of the plan.
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All subtypes now have an unlockable subtype ability once you reach level 30. The list is as follows. Credit goes to Pocket.

- gain 1 more use to sword chips
- proficiency with toothpicks increases dramatically

- gain an extra instance of knockback
- your farts don't smell as bad or sound as loud

- gain an extra instance of take aim
- never miss when you guess someone's age

- gain an extra instance of break
- doors sustain <level> damage when you knock on them

- stall the effects of a debuff by 1 turn
- reduced effect from a hangover

- add 1 more use to non-sword melee chips
- upon a successful hit, enemies suffer -10% teeth

- gain an extra 5% to base evasion
- no crash after a caffeine boost

- be able to anchor an object once per turn (rendered immovable)
- increased expertise in magic tricks

- backstab attacks gain <level> damage
- people tend to forget debts you owe much faster

- +5% to amount of terrain changed
- you are permitted to use carpets on your homepage

- 25% chance knockback/pull will not work, 25% chance microburst/gravity is reduced to knockback/pull
- increased chance of success when performing Berry Frops

- 10 HP bonus for every 40 HP spent on barriers and casings
- added resistance against insults

- passively reroll a glitch effect on an existing glitched target. Only once per glitched target
- be able to rationalize any RP BS as a result of "improper coding".

- increased chance of success when performing improvised coop attacks
- increased chance of success when attempting a pick up line

- multi-hit chips gain an extra hit
- increased chance of success when playing the stock market
Be on the look out for new cybeasts that are in development. Why another one after making a nice, revised one? No particular reason.

There will be 15 new cybeasts that will come out at the end of this week, all following the subtype's theme (ie: Sword will be a Praying Mantis, Ground will be a mole, etc)

Since there are so many of them and we don't have 15 different networks, we decided that these beasts will be encountered by PURE LUCK. So kudos for those who will be lucky enough to fight a 3000 HP boss at battle 2!
Note: the above announcement does not exclude the following possibilities:

- Encountering multiple cybeasts at once
- Encountering cybeasts during NPC boss battles
- Encountering cybeasts during chip trades
- Encountering cybeasts inside of your own PET
- Encountering cybeasts in the real world
- Encountering cybeasts in all spinoff boards related to RERN.
- Thinking you encountered a cybeast, assuming it was actually a joke, and then immediately actually encountering a cybeast following that assumption.
- Encountering cybeasts as your reward for successfully deleting cybeasts.

Have fun everyone and happy hunting!

i new you guys were up to something its jsut like that time during the war

SgRT.POrter: i will delet the admins with my signature attack.