The Legend of the ACDC Net Kitsune

A burst of flame lit up the net. When the roaring flame died down, a huge three-tailed fox was in its place. "Darn," he said, looking around, "I didn't get to scare anyone."
"Remember," his operator Scott Fox told him, "we're here to look for viruses... and anyone gullible and 'deserving' of having their attitude knocked down a peg or two."
"You think I am ready to fight another navi?"
"I don't know about that, but you are ready to outsmart one. Anyways, on to the virus hunting."

((Darn. I keep accidentally using the wrong name - My guy was originally called Tom, but I decided to change it.))
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Kitsune.exe: 100 HP

"This shouldn't be hard," Scott commented. "We can destroy these Metools with ease. First, try to hit all of-"
Scott was cut off by Kitsune, who exclamed "time's up! Let's do this!" He charged at the viruses, yelling "KITSUUUUUNE!" Right before the impact, he did a backflip, returning to his original position. "Just kidding. What were you saying?"
Scott sighed. "Very funny," he replied," but this is semi-serious. I'm sending you a rageclaw. You were supposed to hit each Metool with it, but with that charge, I think they will pay more attention to you. They will probably be able to counter a third attack, so just attack two of them."
Scott slotted the Rageclaw chip into his PET, sending the data to Kitsune. Though it seemed like nothing happened, Kitsune's claws became much stronger. He dashed "through" one metool straight on, and then sprinted "through" the third one. He then turned around to see if his attacks connected, or if he missed.
1) False Leeroy Jenkins technique (dodge)
2) Battlechip - Rageclaw [40 dmg] to MetoolA
3) Battlechip - Rageclaw [40 dmg] to MetoolC
((You know, it's quite silly that you're operator is TOM Fox and your sig says SCOTT Fox))
The viruses were so startled by Kitsune's sudden rush and abrupt backflip that two of the targets were instantly eradicated. The last one was too shocked to even move.

MetoolC: 40 HP

Kitsune.exe: 100 HP
((Actually, the operator is SCOTT Fox, and I accidentally typed TOM Fox. Also, I attacked Metool A and C, yet A and B died? Kitsune must have aimed wrong ))

"Two down, one to go," Kitsune exclaimed. "I'll just take out that last Metool with the 'Boxing Technique'."
"I never heard of that technique," Scott said.
"Neither have I. I'm just going with the flow." With that, Kitsune stood up on two legs, ran towards the lone Metool, and started attacking. First he gave a left jab, then a right, and finally did a double uppercut - he did an uppercut with both front paws, but both sleightly to the side of the Metool, trying to hit both sides.
1) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40] to last Metool
2) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40] to last Metool
3) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40] to last Metool
It dies.


Kitsune.exe: 100 HP

Get: 210z
Kitsune retrieved the zennies and sent them to the PET. "Pretty good," Scott said, "but maybe we can do better. Let's search for strange viruses. Maybe we can find one that nobody has ever found before.
"I have a signal," Kitsune exclaimed.
"Is it a virus," Scott replied.
"No, it seems to be food. I'm gonna go check it out!"
Scott knew that when Kitsune was hungry, there was no stopping him; he let Kitsune follow the signal to find the food.
Oh look food- Oop! Just more viruses!

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP

Kitsune.exe: 100 HP

-<Insert weird battle music here>
Kitsune sighed. "Where's the food," he asked, "and why do you lame viruses always try to ruin everything? Ah, well, I guess I'll just destroy you all in one hit."
"How are you going to do that," Scott asked.
"I'm glad you asked. FIREY DEATH CRASH!" As Kitsune yelled this, a ghostly fireball shot out from each tail, then curved to hit the enemy. At the last second, however, the flames changed direction to circle the enemies, without ever hitting them.
"I love that trick," kitsune laughed, as he prepared for his next move.
"Very funny," Scott replied, as he sent the Cannon chip to Kitsune, who quickly fired it from his mouth at a Shrubby. "Now get ready to dodge."
Kitsune complied, ready to do a side-flip if necessary.
1) Signature attack - Kitsune-Bi [3 5-hp fireballs, each automatically taunts an enemy]
2) BattleChip - Cannon [40dmg] to ShrubbyB
3) Dodge
The viruses quickly rid themselves of the fireballs. The Shurbby is blasted.

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 10 HP

Kitsune.exe: 100 HP
"I'm sending a Shotgun," Scott told Kitsune. "Try to take out the Shrubby, and hit any others you can with it. I like this chip. You can destroy multiple viruses with it, if you are lucky or good aim, and it does such good damage. I wonder why it is cheaper than a cannon. "
Kitsune interrupted his operator's rambling. "We should be fighting these viruses. I'm having a hard enough time dodging while you are talking. Gimmie the chip!"
"...... fine. Here you go." He slotted the chip in. At the same time, Kitsune's eyes started glowing. He was concentrating very hard on getting the perfect shot. Just then, a powerful gust of wind pushed at the weakened Shrubby, trying to put it in front of the other. When he thought it was the perfect moment, he shot at the damaged Shrubby, attempting to take both of them down at the same time.
1) Dodge
2) Dodge
+) Gust to ShrubbyB, move in front of ShrubbyA
3) Shotgun [50dmg + splash] to ShrubbyB
The plants go boom, and the cannons missed.

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: dead
ShrubbyB: dead

Kitsune.exe: 100 HP
"Very good," Scott congratuated Kitsune. "I'm sorry about not seeming to have a sense of humor. I was afraid you may have had a few bugs."
"Really," Kitsune asked. "You thought I had fleas?"
"Good one. No, I meant glitches from fighting with your new 'Kitsune-Bi' technique. All right, let's take those cannons out. First you should use the Rageclaw on them."
Scott slotted in the Rageclaw, increasing the power of Kitsunes claws. Kitsune then charged up to the first Canodumb, then did a double backflip to slash the enemy while dodging. Finally, he finished the attack with a quick charging slash to the other Canodumb.
1) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40dmg] to CanodumbA
2) Dodge
3) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40dmg] to CanodumbB
They both are slashed. One fires, but misses.

CanondumbA: 10 HP
CanondumbB: 10 HP
ShrubbyA: dead
ShrubbyB: dead

Kitsune.exe: 100 HP
"Ready to finish this, Kitsune," Scott asked. "Just shred those cannons to pieces."
"Understood," Kitsune replied, while flailing his front "Rageclawed" paws. He then uses the claws to dig up the ground, creating a cloud of dust. When the dust settled, Kitsune was behind the viruses, using his tails as a shield.
1) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40dmg] to CanodumbB
2) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40dmg] to CanodumbA
2) Dust cloud + tail shield [fancy dodge]

CanondumbA: dead
CanondumbB: dead
ShrubbyA: dead
ShrubbyB: dead

Kitsune.exe: 100 HP

Get: 400z
After the prize was retreived, Kitsune complained about his lack of food. "Man, my stummy hurts. Where's that food?"
"I don't know, Scott said, "but I think we are done here. Nothing interesting seems to be happening." That said, Kitsune jacked out.
Jack out to [ACDC Town thread 'The Fox's Den]
After returning to the ACDC Net, Kitsune felt strange. "I have a strange feeling, he said, "like I'm being watched."
Scott looked at the computer, then at his PET, and finally spoke up. "I think it might be because of those viruses watching you..."
"No, really?" Kitsune sarcastically replied.

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP

Kitsune.exe: 100 HP


((F**k yeah, this is going to be what I say unless I can think of something wittier to start it off))
"Ah, target practice," Kitsune said happily. "I think it is time to try the new chip. What do you think?"
"Good idea," Scott said. He quickly slotted in the Thunder chip.
"Which one should I fire it at," Kitsune asked.
"It doesn't matter," was Scott's reply.
"I NEED to know."
"Okay.... how about the first one?"
"No, I'll fire it at the third one."
"Fine, but why did you as-"
In the middle of Scott's sentence, Kitsune fired the Thunder at the second Canodumb. The powerful ball of energy slowly glided towards the virus, arcing off bright bolts of electricity that hit the ground randomly.
Scott sighed, wondering the point of that whole conversation, as Kitsune asked for more chips. "Here," Scott said, slotting in the cannon chip - which was fired at the first Canodumb as soon as it arrived. Next, Kitsune received the Shotgun chip. He kept his aim at the third Canodumb, while trying to move it in front of the first with a fierce gust of burning wind. He finally shot a blazing-fast shot from his mouth, surely piercing through anything it hits.
1) Battlechip - Thunder[40dmg + stun] to CanodumbB
2) Battlechip - Cannon[40dmg] to CanodumbA
+) Gust - [move Canodumb C to front of CanodumbA]
3) Battlechip - Shotgun [40 + splash?] to CanodumbC