Wiz dropped down onto the hard, paneled ground of the 'Net with a loud thunk, not even bothering to slow his fall as he usually did. He grinned, feeling the new strength of his improved Sig Attack fully awaken within him, and burst forward, dashing through the long pathways of ACDC's 'Net in an attempt to find some Virii.
Wiz suddenly found himself in the middle of a pack of viruses, all of them looking very eager for the destruction of something--probably him.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
SeedbatA: 50 HP
SeedbatB: 50 HP
SpookyA: 50 HP

Wiz.EXE: 140 HP

"H'n." Trenn scratched his chin, observing the incoming scan data from Wiz's sensors. He typed in a few quick commands on holographic keys, each making a small, barely audible beep as it was "Pressed". Nodding, Trenn slotted in three chips, one after the other, each one locking in and uploading it's data payload with a satisfying click.

Trenn grinned, then tapped another quick few key commands on his glowing blue "Keyboard", causing a set of three orbs to pop up in front of Wiz in a wide, horizontal line. The right one was glowing a bright red and emitting a large amount of heat, both traits signifying it's fire-elemental properties.

The middle orb was a shiny silver, glowing slightly but not too brightly-- it's sheerly normal traits screaming "There's nothing special about me".

The left orb, on the other hand, didn't glow, but rather was a sickly, dried-blood red, the color instantly marking it's identity in Wiz's mind. "Rageclaw." The word rolled off of Wiz's tongue as he stared at the orb, only prying his eyes away when a blip next to him announced the presence of Trenn's grinning face.

"Precisely." Trenn's response was quick, and he pressed a few more keys, three small displays subsequently appearing above the orbs. Above the right was a display of a flaming fist that flew through the air and then punched an enemy, setting it ablaze.

Above the middle orb was a shot that screamed through the air before bursting into a bunch of smaller fragments. The name of this one readily came to Wiz's mind, as the chip was pretty common knowledge-- "A Shotgun."

Finally, above the left orb was a recorded video of Wiz tearing through a Dollnavi in a nice display of rage, wielding something that looked remotely like a Bear's paw. The images that flooded Wiz's mind made him flinch, and he held his head with his right hand, shaking it. He didn't like being mad like that... being happy suited him much more. He'd use that chip last.

Shaking his head once more to clear it, Wiz sighed and then closed his eyes...

...And then immediately started forward in a brisk pace. He grabbed the middle and right orbs in each hand, and then hurled them forward, one after the other, at his foes. The right one burst into flame, the outline of a fist being made by the fire surrounding it.

It seared through the air as it went, leaving a small trail of blazing hot smoke behind it. It smacked into the Spooky at the end of it's flight and exploded afterward, A large burst of flame being the main evidence that it had hit the mark.

Meanwhile, the orb that Wiz had thrown out of his left hand smacked into one Metool, damaging it, and then burst into a cluster of smaller pieces, piercing through the Metool and cutting through anything unfortunate enough to be behind it.

Wiz upon seeing this turned, and looked at the orb holding the Rageclaw within. He shook his head, and instead resorted to hopping around the area he occupied in an attempt to dodge any incoming attacks.

(Passive: Heal 10 damage this turn.)
1: Firehit1 to Spooky A (60, Fire)
2: Shotgun to Metool A, Splash to anything behind it (50)
3: Dodge
<(Good post, but you oughta know better than to make attacks hit)>

The firehit takes out a spooky, but the Metool dodges the attack. The other virii stirke back, and only a seedbat hits.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
SeedbatA: 50 HP
SeedbatB: 50 HP
SpookyA: 50 HP

Wiz.EXE: 135 HP
((ITALICS = Thought. Which, in Wiz's case, usually means he's acting things out in his head. These things may or may not match reality, but they're what he attempts at the very least.))

((Been out of inspiration and attempting to force it to return-- excuse me if this post and the following ones are a little crappier than usual.))

Wiz grunted from the small amount of damage the Seedbat had inflicted upon him, and then charged forward. He'd need something for this... Rage. His eyes drifted back towards the Rageclaw off to his left, and he sighed. No way around it, I suppose...

Wiz pulled at the small, sickly-red orb with his mind, and a large bear claw burst out of the top. It stretched, then clawed at the air around it before floating over to it's master's side, still attached to the orb. Wiz moved his arm, and the Rageclaw next to him moved as well. He lifted his arm, and the Rageclaw lifted.

He dropped his arm, and the Rageclaw dropped. He thrust his arm forward, and the Rageclaw struck out at an invisible foe, flailing in an attempt to damage. Wiz merely nodded, and then closed his eyes...

Only to burst forward in a dash, speed aided by the wind at his back. He sped past a Metool and grabbed it with his Rageclaw. He aimed his shot at a second Metool a little ahead of him, and then hurled the captured Metool forward.

Wiz didn't give it time to hit.

He jumped forward and balled his hand into a fist, which he then slammed into the Metool in front of him, further increasing it's speed. With any luck, the thing would take out the other Metool; Wiz wouldn't bother checking.

Instead, he merely took off again in a sprint, feet barely touching the ground as he ran. He sped past the pair of Seedbats, and then reached the Spooky at the end of his run.

He tackled the thing and began to literally maul it with his Rageclaw, striking at it once- twice- three times- before throwing it upward into the air and attempting to hit it from below.

(Passive: Heal 10 damage this turn.)
(Passive: Use Gust to enhance running speed/help Wiz avoid attacks?)
1: Rageclaw to Metool A, throw it at Metool B (20 to both)
2: Rageclaw to Metool A to add power to the throw (20 to both)
3: Rageclaw to Spooky A (Yes, just one 'hit') (40)
Wiz was pleased to discover that his metool assault had played out just as he had envisioned it; the metools were successfully mauled, evaporating into some scrap particles of data. The Spooky was also quite battered up, but was still holding on. It teleported over to Wiz, attempting to give him a hard lash with its tongue, but this effort was to no avail. Two seedbats also fired down; only one managed to connect with its seed shot.

SeedbatA: 50 HP
SeedbatB: 50 HP
SpookyA: 10 HP

Wiz: 130 HP
((Arghergh, long-time-no-posty-post.))

"Ergh!" Wiz clutched his left shoulder where the Seed Shot had hit, and looked up, glaring at the Seedbats above him. His eyes momentarily shot back down to his shoulder, and he spent one particularly long moment glaring at the small gash now present on his left shoulder. Wiz's head snapped up, facing the Seedbats, and he shot upwards in a burst of wind, eyes closed...

Wiz quickly reached the Seedbats, and his Rageclaw-empowered arm lashed out at the Seedbat closest to him once with the Rageclaw that hovered by his side. His intent with this action was not to main, but rather to grab-- once the virus was firmly in his grasp, he then roughly hurled the encaptured foe at the other Seedbat, only to quickly drop back down to ground level rather than pressing the attack.

Once back at normal height, Wiz then literally glided along the ground, arms flung behind him as he dodged and weaved his way towards the Spooky. When he reached it, he picked the annoying virus up with the Rageclaw, and hurled it at an upward angle towards the two Seedbats above; with any luck the impact might actually hit more than one of the things.

Wiz's eyes then opened just in time to see the green glow of Lifegiver encase his body. He sucked in a sharp breath of air when he felt it's healing energies come over him, and his already small wounds sealed up and repaired themselves, seemingly by magic. The small cut that had appeared on his shoulder from the Seed Shot earlier had also sealed up and repaired itself, and Wiz's skin tone overall had brightened. He smiled. That was indeed better.

(Passive: Heal 10 damage this turn.)
(Passive: Use Gust to fly/glide/possibly help Wiz avoid attacks?)
1: Rageclaw to Seedbat A, Throw at Seedbat B (20 to both)
2: Dodge
3: Rageclaw to Spooky A, Throw at the general location of Seedbat A/B. (20 to all three if successful.)
(Lolz, I modz teh Twi)

The seedbats are struck against one another, but as the Spooky nears them one flies out of the tangle of wings, sacrificing its own HP to save its ally.
Wiz just smiles and heals.

SeedbatA: 10 HP
SeedbatB: 30 HP

Wiz: 140 HP