Blatantly just Bashing

Kazu hadn't liked that Oberon had requested to train the very moment the HealProgs were done with him, but after several minutes, the born-again NetOp reluctantly let Oberon into ACDC. Kazu had presented the Net as a place popular for training because of the battlechips that could be dropped by virii in the area, and Oberon had quickly agreed.

Expecting a challenge, Oberon's feet were off the ground and moving almost the instant they had solidified into the shape of his boots.
MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
CanodumbA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
CanodumbC: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP

Oberon.EXE: 190 HP

Are you ready, Oberon? The words were Kazu's.

"I was born ready," said Oberon out loud. It was an old joke between them, because in Titania and Oberon's case it was true. Oberon continued to make steady tracks across the friendly terrain of ACDC for several seconds, then was surprised when his blades instantaneously appeared under his fingertips, already ignited with the orange power of a RageClaw chip.

There was a reason I asked. Trouble, nine o'clock. Titania wouldn't have gotten caught by that one.

Oberon only heard half of Kazu's words before whirling to face his enemies and dropping into a combat stance. So Kazu was being jovial again. That was fast. Oberon's teeth would have gleamed if there had been any difference in tone between them and the rest of his facial features, but the one item of stark contrast on his body model-- his pendant-- was alight with zeal. Titania, obviously unworried about her counterpart, was actually amused.

Oberon's boots beat a quick rhythm on the Netscape as he charged the enemies head-on, and then played one last quick staccatto as he shuffled, then vaulted his body over the front line to bring his blades down on the Cannons, weapons held in an iron grip at arm's length. Oberon was aware of all things, and even Titania knew that his mind was as quick as the edge of his blade, and no matter how they joked about his tendency to be unaware of his surroundings, in combat nothing escaped his sharp eyes, nor his twin swords. The ethereal steel of his left weapon brushed the ground with a wierd scratching noise as Oberon whirled, and thrust one sword into an unsuspecting Met.

Flying leap
Blade Rageclaw[40+20] CanodumbA, B
Rageclaw [40] MetA
Two cannons were quickly dispatched by Oberon's dual-bladed assault. The metools began to panic as one of them was taken out by another slash from the navi's translucent sword, swinging their hammers frantically. Fortunately, both missed, but Oberon was caught unaware by a rolling log from the small shrub virus left unaccounted for.

MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: DELETED!
CanodumbC: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP

Oberon.EXE: 170 HP
Oberon actually tripped over the log rolled his way, prompting another small laugh from Titania. Oberon's blades disappeared giving him the chance to spring off of his hands, sailing through the air as if compensating for his earlier clumsiness, landing in a combat stance with weapons already drawn, heart now afire in similar fashion to his weaons. Everyone except Oberon had such a lighthearted mood. In all honesty, it was annoying. Oberon grunted in annoyance as he noticed Kazu leave his post, but didn't curse his Operator too heavily; there was no reason for another chip until his RageClaw had run its course.

A quick analysis (or was it actually Titania's advice?) revealed the enemies' HP levels, and the best way to deal with them. Oberon thought he could hear Titania playfully say, "Go get 'em," as he sprinted through the ranks of Metool and towards their stronger companions. Before he was even in range to hit the remaining Cannon with a swing, he leapt forward, arm extended in a fleche, aiming to pierce the stationary virus to the core.

Upon landing, still running at top speed, Oberon planted one foot on the ground and rotated his shoulders, heaving his momentum into a crescent arc that took his opposite blade through the core of the Shrubby virus in a powerful upper slash that ended with his back to the target and the points of his swords facing the Mets. Oberon grinned. Too easy.

Fleche attack
Strike Rageclaw [100] CanodumbC
Unlock Rageclaw [50] Shrubby
The cannodumb and shrubby both have their core data shattered, evaporating into useless particles and disappearing into the air of the net. Not finding this at all an acceptable fate, the two metools go for Oberon's arms. One rips the weapon from Oberon's grasp with a sharp jerk from its pick axe, which it had managed to hook over the fleche as the navi held it horizantally. The other struck him in the shoulder, but did little to actually harm the navi.

MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: DELETED!
CanodumbC: DELETED!
ShrubbyA: DELETED!

Oberon.EXE: 160 HP (Rageclaw broken!)
Oberon hardly even noticed when he got hit, the damage was so small, and he was so deep in the fury of battle. As soon as he felt the two Metools lay into him, he whirled and struck with his remaining blade without even activating the chip that Kazu had sent him. Kazu's timing was, granted, perfect.

Whether it was out of anger, pure bravado, or confidence that this battle would not be lost, Oberon's illogical impulse was to finish this battle with only what he had left. With great effort he stopped his run and pivoted on the spot, forcing his momentum to hook sideways in a tight circle, driving his blade into the Metool who had struck him with the full force of Oberon's body.

His feet never stopped moving; as soon as this attack ended, Oberon stepped backward with one foot, then swung the other upward in a sweep-kick, aiming to send the Met airborne and over his head from in back to in front of him. The small virus would fly quite well from the force of Oberon's kick, and by propelling himself forward with a small press with the muscles in his planted leg, Oberon had plenty of time to pull into a full forward somersault. Calculations might have been Titania's specialty, but this school was not totally unknown to Oberon-- and there could be no doubt that the title for master of his own body went to the male part of the pair.

Oberon came out of his maneuver, and twisted his body to give the Met the finishing blow in mid-air.

Blade MetoolB [49]
zero-physics kochigaroma
Strike MetoolC [69]
A stab and a kick later, one Metool was falling apart into deletion, and the other was flying through the sky to disappear into the distance with a single flash of a tiny point of light.

CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: DELETED!
CanodumbC: DELETED!
ShrubbyA: DELETED!

Oberon.EXE: 160 HP


Get: Cannon x1, 150z!
Oberon landed lightly on his feet, then looked around one last time, ensuring that victory had been secured, and finally resummoned his second weapon. He started to say something, then realized that Kazu wasn't there to hear him.

He was on the phone. But of course.

Mustering his minimal amount of patience, Oberon dismissed his weapons and folded his arms, watching Kazu through his laptop's built-in camera.
The sounds of two furred hands clapping together slowly after the sounds of the battle had died down. From somewhere off behind Oberon, a winged figure emerged, slowly coming into focus as Shinokami, still clapping while walking slowly forwards.

"Koudai, koudai... my Master is impressed. Very impressed."

Shinokami stopped clapping and walking, still a bit away from Oberon, but not too far to be out of range either. He just kept staring at Oberon.

"So impressed, in fact..." he continued, "... that my Master wishes to see your skills once more, this time up close. You will grant my Master his wish."

Shinokami held out one hand, a black flame extending outwards perpendicular to his arm, spreading outwards first, then one end curving around like a blade. The firey weapon seemed immaterial, yet Shinokami spun it around and bashed the base against the floor, which turned the flames into a material weapon. A black scythe. Shinokami still didn't speak, or even move a muscle after his strange movements for a minute or so.

"I will not, however, be your opponent as that is not my Master's wish. Viruses are adequate fodder, in this circumstance."
The two navis feel a chilling wind swoop through the area as indistinguishable whispering voices seem to drift in and out. Faint shadows appear and disappear into the network as a dark haze seems to spread ever so slightly upon the immediate area. As the shadows collect, not one, not two, but three ghostlike viruses materialize, their skull-shaped masks glistening in the artificial light. As the navi's turn to face the new threat, a trace of movement directs their attention to the side. A quartet of Spikeys bear down upon the duo with glowing red eyes. The intimidating opponents elicit a small meep from behind the pair as the two stumble upon the third wall of the viral deathtrap...

...a single quiverring metool, hiding beneath its helmet.

Looks like they're surrounded.
What will they try?
Isn't it obvious?
They'll fight till they die!

Battle Routine Set! Execute!


SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90
SpikeyC: 90
SpikeyD: 90
SpookyA: 50
SpookyB: 50
SpookyC: 50
MetoolA: 40 (Hiding)

Shinokami: 100
Oberon: 160
Shinokami slowly surveyed the area. A three-pronged assault. Perhaps intentional, perhaps not. Viruses rarely showed much thought when it came to attacks, but with the rate technology was advancing, you never knew. To be honest, his inexperience with battle meant he didn't know which enemy was the weakest, but he'd take the middle ground when it came to numbers. Which meant the three Spookies.

"Your mere existence is meaningless," he said to the trio. "Allow me to wipe you from this world and end your suffering."

Running forwards at a slow, yet steady pace, Shinokami readied for his attack, the blade of Irkalla dragging along the ground and causing sparks. When within melee range, he spun around on the spot, bringing Irkalla across the trio, before slowing down his spin to a complete stop, facing away from the enemies with the shaft of Irkalla across his back and the blade on the ground in front of him, almost as if posing somewhat or waiting on an effect.

((1/ Attack SpookyA))
((2/ Attack SpookyB))
((3/ Attack SpookyC - Sword Play Dodge (though written as block ... if that's do-able) added))
"Looks like you won't be disappointed, if you're looking to see my fighting prowess," said Oberon darkly as his blades rematerialized in his white grip. "For now, I have nothing else to rely on. My operator is occupied." Oberon was irritated at being without Battlechips once more, but not overly angry; Kazu could be forgiven his human weakness. A survey of the enemies revealed nothing particuarly intimidating. In fact, with an ally by his side, this would be quite an enjoyable encounter.

An inner conflict flashed within Oberon's pendant as Titania tried to caution Oberon against recklessness. Oberon's confident, almost dismissive nod was visible even as he charged. The upgrade that Kazu had installed burned in Oberon's veins and powered his step, propelling miles with every stride, sending his blank-featured body flying bravely into the heart of the enemies. Before he even knew it, Oberon was in distance to drive his weapon into the Spikey's head with a flying thrust, and with grim satisfaction he used his newfound strength to rip his weapon sideways out of the grinning virus' body.

With one dangerous enemy now in front of him and another behind, Oberon leapt backwards, tucking his legs into his body to perform a jackknife, rotating forward while his jump took him backwards. His jump took him even higher than he expected, and he had plenty of time to position himself to bring both blades down onto the second Spikey.

Fury Blade [149] SpikeyA, B
Strike [69] SpikeyB

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Shinokami's initial assault catches the three ghosts off guard, and the navi's razor-sharp shining scythe scores a series of strikes against the spectral soldiers. The ghosts retaliate, and although Shinokami manages to block one of them from his relatively badass pose, the other two move in for the kill. One sails hopelessly past, tongue extended as it sails toward the cowering metool and creating a resounding "CLANG!" as it crashed harmlessly against the protective helmet. The second, however, has better luck and delivers a rather disgusting lick on Shinokami's face. (Drool, and 15 damage)

Oberon seems to have better luck, landing a devastating blow with a combination signature attack that makes everyone remember why we banned same-turn signature attacks in the first place. The two lead spikeys go down in a flurry of blades, but the second two retaliate with deadly force! A pair of blazing bullets barrel forward. One misses high, exploding harmlessly into a shower of sparks overhead. The second catches Oberon square in the chest, knocking him backward and leaving the unpleasent stench of charred data all over his body. (30 damage)

The Metool continues to cower, but its shivering grows much less noticible. Is it becoming braver?

SpikeyC: 90
SpikeyD: 90
SpookyA: 41
SpookyB: 41
SpookyC: 41
MetoolA: 40 (Hiding)

Shinokami: 85
Oberon: 130
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Oberon's heart flared against the viral fire, and his grip tightened around the two blades in his hands. It would be a hard-fought battle, and at best it would severely reduce his ability to continue to finish battles in a streak. His pendant glimmered as he steeled himself against the possibility of a hard struggle, when he felt an unexpected surge of real power of a different sort reach him from the outside world.

"Oh, yes. You are too kind, Kazuhiro Sachio Ishihara."

The chip's timing was perfect. Almost before the download was even complete, Oberon leapt again, bringing the point of his glowing blue weapon down on the rear Spikey with a flying lunge, then shifting his weight and using the off-hand to mirror the attack against the Spikey behind him. Two Sword-empowered weapons made Oberon feel strong. Without even resorting to extreme measures, he could annihilate these enemies. What had looked like a tough fight was now looking like a complete rout.

Pulling his weapons into his body and tightening his center of gravity allowed Oberon to pretend that physics worked here in the Net, and twist into a double rotation with just the slightest hop. Before he ended the dance with a final deadly strike to the two weakened enemies, however, something caught his eye.

A young girl?

Not to be distracted, the two blades thrust outwards to cut both virii in a sincle fluid motion, striking two at arm's length, leaving a blue trail of data.

But what was a young girl Navi doing here?

Sword [80] SpikeyC
Sword [80] SpikeyD
Sword [80] SpikeyC
Sword [80] Spikey D
Off to the side of the fight, a light steadily grew, then faded, reveiling a small girl who looked more than fourteen years old. Her dirty blond hair tied up behind her, her face was perfectly visible. Her wide, blue eyes were scouting out the battle, trying to find where they were.

She put her fists protectively in front of herself, as if she was going to punch something, and slowy moved forward, her feet never crossing. Her fingerless gloves made her look more threatening than she would've otherwise as she moved herself closer to the battle. She put little effort in being quiet, her dancer's shoes were made for grace and quiet, touching the ground with no more than a whisper, even if she attempted to stomp. She was in herself strong enough to delete these things, but she was new at battling. She had comfidence, though, that she would be able to help beat them, at the very least.

She watched as a ghost-like male navi slashed away at two virii before her. They were demolished, taking two heavy blows each. It seemed effortless to him, and the grace he held while he attacked them was incredible. The power he held awed her, and she immediatly wanted to be that strong. On day, she promised herself. One day she would be that strong.

After witnessing that attack, Kitt was not sure if she would be able to help at all. Perhaps the power levels of the virii were too high for her. No, she would not let herself be doubted. Not when everyone had always doubted her, or so Jean said. Kitt was made after the real world image of Jean's younger sister, and if she programmed nothing into her Navi, it was pride. Kitt's eyes turned fierce, she would not let Jean down. She would beat them, and she would be accepted by everyone as the newest member of the Net.

She searched the area for more virii, convinced that she would hurt one, if not delete it.
"Unforgiveable that you should attack me. Though my Master has a gift for you all. I shall grant you your deaths."

In his real-world apartment, Hisai pushed a Battle Chip into the slot on his PeT, his expression one of utter indifference, also reflected in his voice.

"RageClaw. Slot In."

Shinokami's free hand grew a little larger and sprouted long claws on his fingers. He glanced down at the claw, then towards the two nearest Spookies. From his previous pose, Shinokami spun around in the reverse direction, slashing two of the three Spookies that were in range, before leaping after the third that had got close to the Metool, raking the claws across their midsections (or the nearest counterpart on these virii), again placing the scythe's staff section between him and his assailants.

"Be glad my Master wishes for your torment, or you would have been granted slumber eternal, by this moment."

((1/ RageClaw1 - SpookyA - 40 Damage))
((2/ RageClaw1 - SpookyB - 40 Damage))
((3/ RageClaw1 - SpookyC - 40 Damage [Swordplay Dodge]))

Quote (Roguen Child)

She searched the area for more virii

Kitt comes across a few stragglers: Her first battle.

The fight behind her rages, and no one notices that she's there to intercept the small group of reinforcements.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40