Firebird Jack In

Firebird appeared on the net, disguised now. "So, where shall I go?"

"Why not just wander around?" Matthew asked him.

"Yeah, you're right." Firebird started to wander ACDC's net, going nowhere in particular. He briefly thought about removing his disguise, but decided to keep it on. After all, he had his reasons for having the disguise in the first place.
MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
CanodumbA: 50 HP

Firebird.EXE: 100 HP

"Well, this should be interesting." Matthew sends his navi a cannon battlechip and a shotgun chip.

"Yes. Very." Firebird smiles as he calmly aims and fires at the virii.

1. Cannon- MetoolA
2. Shotgun- MetoolB
3. Fire Buster- MetoolC
With a resounding boom, the Cannon took out the first of the Metools. A Shotgun blast knocked out another, and a burst from Firebird's buster put a dent in a third. The lone Canodumb locked on and fired, blasting Firebird right in the middle of the chest.

MetoolC: 31 HP
CanodumbA: 50 HP

Firebird.EXE: 80 HP
"Argh." Firebird grunted from the impact. "That could have gone better."

"Don't worry, Firebird," His operator said, "I'm sending you another chip now." Matthew slotted in a rageclaw chip. "There ya go. Finish them."

"No problem there." Firebird smiled as his hands were replaced by long claws. He leaped at the virii and slashed.

1. Rageclaw- MetoolC
2. Rageclaw- CanodumbA
The Metool was effectively hacked to bits, and the Canodumb sustained a long gash to its cannon-like head, rendering it totally unable to fire back at the Navi.

CanodumbA: 10 HP

Firebird.EXE: 80 HP
"Well, this is easy," Firebird said as his hands returned. "But now it's time to finish it." He fired a few shots from his buster at the remaining virus.

1,2,3. Buster Shot
The Cannodumb, being immobile, is easily overwhelmed by the first two of the three buster shots launched by Firebird.


Receive: Guard, 100 Zenny
"Good going, Firebird." Jake smiled at his navi, who was beginning to walk on, deeper into ACDC Net.

"Thank you, Jake." Firebird looked around him, ready for anymore virii. "Of course," he added, "You were a big help."
Almost as soon as Firebird finished with the one group of metools, he came upon three more. Out from behind the row came a menacing new foe: a large dog jumped out from behind the line, spewing flames from thin crevices in its fur.

Metool: 40 HP
Metool: 40 HP
Metool: 40 HP
Spikey: 90 HP

Firebird: 80 HP

<(Aim, unless I'm wrong, Spikies are 90 HP)>
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