"In a flash of silver light!"

A number of silver rays shot down with a loud sound effect, the kind one might expect to find a spaceship making as it fired a shot toward an 8-bit alien closing in on it. Eventually, they formed on indistguishable ray, and within the silver light a silhouette became visible, the only lit part being the blue lights that occasionally flickered on the panels of its stomache. This mass eventually stepped into the light, and Teethman's towering frame became clearly visible in the Net. "Ah... It's fine to become returned," Teethman declared, glancing around him. "It's a tearjerker as you acquired leave concerning your prior assets, however."

"Yeah, well... a guy's gotta start anew. It's new day, Teeth, and we're making a new image!" Hal declared, not admitting how much of his lost assets consisted of things he'd simply misplaced. "Now, let's get to it."

"Took it," Teethman replied with a nod. He was as happy to see Hal back in action as he was to be back in action himself.
Teethman finds viruses almost immediately!

MetoolA 40HP
MetoolB 40HP
CannondumbA 50HP
CannondumbB 50HP

Teethman 100HP

"Ah, the basic viruses!" Hal said, clenching his fist as his eyes lit up. "I remember them so well... It's things like this, seeing these simpler designs earlier on, that eventually became the groundwork for my own designs. I know it's not good to be praising the people who make viruses, but it's nice to see that they go through the trouble of at least giving them an interesting design, rather than simply slapping some data together and letting it run around like that. Those people were probably actually some of the first to incorporate design into the world of the Net. I imagine they might even have been doing it back before the first custom Navi was created, and everyone was still using the Normal ones. And isn't it amazing to think these guys have been around for so many years, far after the time of Dr. Hikari? The same ones have survived so well despite how they're so often killed off. I wonder if there are bots or something that produce more..."

"Hal! Implorings hold your thoughts onto the fight to present!" Teethman reminded him. Reminiscing was fine enough, but there was a time and a place for everything and as he stood staring back at the four malicious viruses with only 3 chips to his name, Teethman knew that such a time was not now. "Keep onward- I shall initiate the commencing procedure personally." Teethman realized he'd had his powers retuned for his new design, but Hal hadn't actually told him what they did. Nonetheless, he'd been instructed to simply hold out his arms the same as he used to, and the rest would take care of itself. As such, Teethman raised his arms, leveling them to the point where his traditional Twice A Day would have sent his arms rushing forward to crash into two enemies via extension. To his surprise, however, the 3 blocks that composed his arms began to disconnect, making another sci-fi sound effect as they began circling around him.

"Now, Teeth, pick a target!" Hal shouted. "This attack makes you lose the function of your arms until the teeth snap back, so make sure to get your target picked out as soon as you launch."

"C-correct," Teethman agreed as his head circled, following the strange bits that now flew all around his head. Concentrating, Teethman got all of the teeth links to line up in a circle, firing six small lasers that streamed forward to meet one Cannondumb, raising smoke and burning a concentrated hole through whatever they hit. With that, the teeth began snapping back in orderly pairs, until all six were back attached at the elbow. The Navi almost fell back at the impact of their locking back, and he had to brace himself on the last to keep from falling over. Regaining his composure, Teethman began running in whatever direction he was facing, feeling that attacks should be coming in soon and a measure of dodging would be required.

"Okay, it's time for the second fun part of Netbattling- the chips!" Hal shouted. Reaching in his pocket, he drew out the three that had been provided with the starter pack. He thumbed through them, recognizing the first two off the bat, but stopping at the final. He stared at the chip, which pictured a virus like a teddy bear that he'd never seen. "Hm... Teeth, why don't we give this a try? I don't think I recognize it."

"I'm standing to what," Teethman accepted, recieving the data and having a large furry appendage with claws replace his traditional teeth links. "Basically, proceeds this function as a blade?"

"I think so," Hal commented. "I'm not sure that it's as powerful, but it should allow you to perform some more dexterous feats, considering it's a functioning arm instead of a weapon.

"Fine next, leave us present it a typhoon," Teethman responded, redirecting his dash to get in closer to the viruses. He came storming upon one of the Metools, finding himself towering over it even more greatly than he had the first time he'd encountered them. He felt as though he were suspended in motion, the lights flickering on his waist the only thing moving, as he brought the claw down to connect and attempte to rip through the enemy virus.

"This..." Teethman recalled, "is whatever it seems as toward exist again into battle..."

Sparkling Whites to CannondumbA [60]
Rageclaw to MetoolA [40]
The viruses fall to Teethmans blinding whites and powerful cannon as they try and fight back, both missing with their shockwaves and cannonshots.

MetoolB 40HP
CannondumbA DELETED
CannondumbB 50HP

Teethman 100HP
Teethman arose from his slash, the moment breaking as attacks crashed around him but seemed to leave him unscathed. "Heh," he chuckled, "I suppose I persist own my feel?" he said, grinning confidently and placing his arms at his hips. "As long, I'm impervious."

"Yeah, Teeth, you're doing a great job," Hal said, his eyes lighting up as they did in his younger Netbattling days. "You've proven to me that my redesign may have actually helped in the end, but more important you've proven that you still have the old age that made us the premier tag team of our generation. Let's follow up on our success, eh? As I'm sure you well know," Hal continued, fishing the chips out of his pocket once again and thumbing through them, "That last attack was your signature. You won't be able to use it too often, or you'd run out of energy no matter how well you were fighting. I'll send you another chip: use this, then I'll give you some further instructions."

"Confirmed," Teethman acknowledged, going ahead and straightening up to face the enemy viruses. He didn't expect too much from the viruses in ACDC, especially now that he had his bearings back: defeating them should prove to be a cakewalk, even if he didn't put his all into it. But he would: rather than just winning, this battle would be Hal's basis for whether or not he entered the Netbattling world again, wheter they would become champions. What would happen if he couldn't clean-sweep even a pathetic group like this?

With that, Teethman drew his claw back and broke out of what felt like an endless moment, taking the momentum to attempt to swipe up the remaining Metool and finish it in one slash. Assuming the virus was dead and not bothering to croon over and determine the presence of a small virus ready to prick his foot, he aimed at the remaining cannon virus and allowed the links on his arm to take on a cylindrical shape instead of their sharp-edged form. Soon, they linked together, and a buster nozzle at the end of his arm informed him that the shotgun was prepared. He released the recoil-packed shot at the enemy Cannondumb. After the attack, his arm quickly snapped back into its original form with a shifting noise.

"Okay, a good run. Now, Teeth, you remember how I said I'd lost most of our stuff, right?" Hal reminded him, raising a finger matter of factly. "Well, I actually managed to salvage the Shield program from our old Navicust. It should still work mostly the same way: you'll enter a more complete lockdown mode with it active. Go ahead, try it out, but carefully.."

Teethman obliged, and held up one of his three-blocked arms experimentally, turning it in front of his face. Suddenly, he held it back as it began to whir, spinning insanely as it widened out and threatened to slap the Navi in the face before both arms settled in the shape of two huge, connected plates. He was a bit taken aback, having not performed that operation for a number of years, but was thankful for the opportunity to set it up to protect from attacks.

Rageclaw to MetoolB [40]
Shotgun to CannondumbB [50+splash]
The viruses are torn and blasted to peices!!!

CannondumbA DELETED
CannondumbB DELETED

Teethman 100HP


Rewards: 200z, Cannon
Teethman's arms flipped back into their normal position and size as he walked over and scooped up the rewards, dexterously flipping his hand under them and catching them midair on the flat. "Also present moment regarding only concerning my desired pieces: claiming the rewards."

"That was an excellent operation, Teeth," Hal remarked with a grin. "We're already on a roll and we're just getting started. Let's go on into the next one. I'm still itching for more, aren't you?" Hal asked, clenching his fist with fiery determination.

"We're returned into the mount!" Teethman replied cheerily as he continued on into the Net, searching left and right for viruses.
Looks like a few viruses have come for their bi-annual dental checkup!

[I just had to use that line again. DX]

CanodumbA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP
SpookyA: 50 HP

Teethman.EXE: 100 HP

"Faces upward," Teethman alerted Hal. "We possess a novel collection allowing bugs here. Your prepared to navigate?"

"Of course, Teeth," Hal affirmed, glancing over the enemy viruses. Two Cannondumbs would be no trouble, and he vaguely recalled the Shrubbies quivering behind them from his earlier battles as well. But one stood out: the strange, floating ghost virus with the white mask and purple cloak. He'd seen it somewhere as well... but where? Suddenly, it hit him: "That thing's called 'Spooky,' isn't it?! It's one of the viruses I used to study when I was a kid, in the book my grandfather gave me! I'd always wondered why I couldn't find it, but I assumed that the old Netbattlers had wiped out that strain of virus or somehow rendered it obselete. It's possible they went into hiding, I guess, but I'll bet that for some reason virus crafters had stopped utilizing them for some reason. But, I wonder what opportunity came up that gave them a reason to-"

Teethman was a bit surprised to see that his operator was still subject to going bananas over individual battles... it just went to show that somethings really didn't change about people. Nonetheless, this was hardly the time for it. "Yo, Hal! You recall that Ghoulish strikes, correct?"

"Oh, oh, right. And it's a new virus, so we don't know how it's going to attack. We'd better hold off for now- let's start on the ones we know and work our way to this guy, in case he's got something tricky planned. I'm going to send you a chip to start with: use this along with your signature to go ahead and get the ball rolling... It's a shame we don't have our old folder," Hal remarked. "It's going to be a lot of the same to start out- you fine with that?"

"Eh, you fret over the diversity," Teethman replied with a shrug. "I shall focus onto accomplishing the feat." With that, Teethman was off. He went ahead and detached the links that composed his arms, discharging steam as the blocks disconnected and began whirling over his head. Soon, they all stopped, held in place in their spots over his head. Each of them emitted a thin laser beam that went straight for an enemy Cannondumb, each of them striking the same point. He braced himself for the impact of the links' return. He didn't bother looking back at the Cannondumb: he could assume the attack had hit its mark, but he didn't have time to dwell on it. For now, he had to concentrate on the next one. His arm again began to shift and lock as necessary to form the tube-like gun structure of the Shotgun data. Raising his arm and taking as careful aim as possible, the Navi fixed his sights on the other enemy Cannondumb and fired: he could only assume that one of the Shrubbies may have taken up refuge behind the virus. If so, it might also be damaged by some of the shots that made it past the initial target.

With that, he unlocked his arms, beginning the shift into the shield form at the same time and causing a massive reaction of whirring as the shotgun arm reverted from its cylindrical shape and to a flat, plate-like structure at once. Teethman held both of his arms at arms-length during the process, just to be safe. Once his shield was formed, the Navi took into crouching position to await enemy attacks.

Shining Whites to CannondumbA [60]
Shotgun to CannondumbB [50+splash]
The tooth based attacks chomps all of the canodumbs strength. The shotgun hits the other one, as well as the virus behind it. The Sppoky vanishes, then reappears in front of Teethman, its tongue bringing down the defense.

CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: DELETED!
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: DELETED!
SpookyA: 50 HP

Teethman.EXE: 100 HP
Teethman reeled back as the tongue hit his arms, carrying more force than one would expect. The shield deactivated, the arms began to whirl and spin back into their original shape, discharging steam with a heavy sigh. The Navi drew into ready stance as he watched the virus randomly blipping in and out. "Hal," he asked, "proceed you acquire a view toward its assault?"

"Yeah... really wierd," Hal said, running his hand through his uncombed hair and looking puzzled. "I was expecting something more... you know... spooky, but it looks like they actually get close range and use their tongue ans their main form of attack. It comes out from just below the mask. Obviously, with its sporadic movements, there's no way we're going to be able to calculate its movements and sync them with our own: it's time to try and take it like a shooting gallery. Ready, Teeth?"

"Hears like entertainment," Teethman responded, accepting the chip data that his operator quickly provided. Recieving the two chips at once, his hands began to whir, but didn't spin as they had before: instead, the two end blocks seemed to stack, a barrel extending out of the end of each arm, and his armtips suddenly housed two massive metallic cannons. He recognized the wait, all the same: he began to try and level them with the virus. It was nearly impossible to keep a lock on it as it seemed to teasingly vanish every time he so much as got a glimpse of its outline. His arm shook as he held both shots steady: he'd have to aim for the perfect time.

"Present... flame!" he shouted, firing both cannons at once and falling from the kickback as the shots went ripping toward where the virus was... or had been a second ago, at least.

Lying on the ground, Teethman didn't have time to see, how his attack had worked. All he knew is that he'd better scramble: if the enemies decided to launch a counterattack, he would be a sitting duck. He began scuttling across the ground randomly in an attempt to dodge shots as he attempted to get his head risen and take a look around.

"Teeth," Hal said, with a hint of embarrasment, "I know it's fun to call out your attacks, but try to be more careful, okay? If that virus can teleport faster than its letting on, it could hear your announcement and time its evasive maneuvers more effectively..." He knew, though, that if he were in Teethman's place he would do the same.

Cannon to Spooky [40]
Cannon to Spooky [40]
The ghost gets dispersed. The Shrubby sends a log rumbling at Teethman--who dodges it easily.

CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: DELETED!
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: DELETED!
SpookyA: !DELETED!

Teethman.EXE: 100 HP
Teethman arose from his mad scuttling, having just seen a log go rolling by where he had been a second ago. He locked his vision on the Shrubby: one opponent left, and he could call this another clean sweep. He brushed the dust off from his Navisuit that covered his body below the waist. This fight wouldn't take much longer.

Without bothering to hastle over communication, Hal sent his Navi the Rageclaw battlechip: it should prove more than enough to finish the job. His arm whirring, again taking on the furry clawed shape as the links loosened their bonds to accomodate flexibility in the joints. He moved the fingers on the arm experimentally: he was ready to go all out with his next attack.

Dashing in, Teethman rose the claw above his head. He wasn't going to give the little quaking virus a chance to attack. Rushing toward it, the fur-coated mechanical arm drawn high above his head, he dove for the Shrubby, attempting to grab it. He tossed the virus into the air, hoping he'd grabbed the whole thing and not just a tuft of the foilage that composed its body. Tossing it into the air, he began into a jump. Surprisingly, he found rocket propulsion driving his chip from the pack newly added to his back: he braced to go much further than he intended, but he discovered that his actual weight was keeping it from doing much more than allowing him to jump at all. Focusing back on his airborne target, he attempted to bat it out of the air and into the ground like a volleyball.

With that, he moved forward a bit farther and then hit the ground, bending his knees. The landing was accompanied by a heavy clang as his metal boots collided with the floor. Straightening to his full height, he glanced behind to see what damage had been inflicted.

Close distance
Rageclaw ShrubbyA into air [40]
Rageclaw ShrubbyB bat down [40]
Teethmans rageclaw deletes the final one!

CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: DELETED!
ShrubbyB: DELETED!
SpookyA: !DELETED!

Teethman.EXE: 100 HP


Rewards: 250z
Teethman's arm again clicked and clacked as it formed back into its original shape, shedding the fur messily on the ground at the Navi's feet. He quickly scooped up the rewards and sent them to Hal.

"Aw... this reminds me why I want to be part of the big leagues again," Hal said with a sigh. "Well, let's keep on going: we'll be there in no time, right?"

"Concerning path," Teethman agreed, continuing on into the Net.

(Battle 3)
Another boring set of virii turn up to challenge Teethman's pearly whites.

SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90
ShrubbyA: 50
ShrubbyB: 50
BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50

Shrubby are behind Spikey

TeethMan: 100

Battle....3. Fight!
The white figure suddenly solidified into a female form, armed with a massive bow easily taller than she was. She was somewhere between a ghost and a real Navi, but certainly she acted normal as she slung the bow off of her shoulder and took off towards Teethman on sight, with a serious, military look in her eye.

"I'm not sure if we've ever met before," she said, taking a stance next to Teethman and nocking an arrow seemingly out of nowhere, "--but you look like you could use some assistance. I am Titania."

EDIT: Ha, no actions here. Turn-splice!
"Eh? Help?" Teethman pondered for a second. "Er... whatever proceed you believe, Hal? May we believe her?"

"Don't tell me you're getting suspicous in your 'old age.'" Hal joked. "I've never been one to turn down an offer of help before, and with our current reservoir of two chips this could be just the break we needed to keep this from being any more painful than it needs to be. All the same," Hal said, suddenly cautious, "let's wait until we're certain we can trust them to reveal our identities. It could be bad news for us if I showed who I was, only to find out that they could gauge from the surroundings where I was right now. It could be a hitman or something. Every time I'm out netbattling, my life and the future of the company are on the line. Any moment I could be snatched up and held for-" Hal continued on, the tension mounting in his voice.

"Er... everyman including his senior believes I am your guide," Teethman reminded him abruptly. "Considering this guide was hunting to you, she could prior believe you were my navigator."

"Oh... hehe, right," Hal admitted with a sheepish nod. "Well, I'll appear then," the operator decided, appearing on a floating screen beside his Navi. He straightened his tie and put on his best business face, as if out of habit.

"Good day, madam. I'm Hal Belfast, representative and acting head of Belfast Avatars Inc. I don't believe we've met, but I'm flattered you've decided to help my Navi Teethman.EXE in battle. If you are indeed willing to help, please prove it to me with your attacks," he finished with a grin, his signature deal-closer. With that, he phased out.

"How was that?" Hal asked his Navi anxiously. He tended to fret over surprise meetings more than ever.

"B-PL!" Teethman nodded in approval, as he generally improved all of his operator's business gestures as successful.

"Good. Now, let's go ahead and show this Navi what we can do: if we are going to recieve help, we should give her a reason to stick around. Slotting in a shotgun. Download! Use your signature attack as well for effect. Remember," he added with a surprisingly serious tone, "first impressions count! That's always been my motto."

Teethman nodded... he could confirm that, as he'd heard it a million times before. Recieving the shotgun chip, he turned to the new Navi, offering his same toothy grin to her despite her ghostly appearance: after working in some of the situations he had, it took a bit to phase him. "Delight toward exist toiling alongside you, Titanus," he acknowledged her as his arm began to lock into the cylindrical shape, resembling the familiar shotgun chip. He pointed the cylindrical gun at his enemies, and prepared to discharge the shot: he'd be aiming for the Spiky right off, which could prove to be a tricky maneuver. He wasted no time, however, and as soon as he thought the shot was lined up properly he sent it screeching toward an enemy dog in hopes of pummeling the bush taking shelter behind it.

"Present, you may view whatever I may actually accomplish!" he called, spreading his feet apart and bracing himself as he unlocked the teeth bits on his arms one by one, the cylindrical bits already forming back into their original cubical form. The bits began to orbit around him, probably in a highly unnecessary aesthetic attempt, and eventually lined up in an even circle, firing six lasers that formed into one concentrated one as they met their target and attempted to burn a hole straight through it.

Before the pieces returned to their joints, they had already begun to form together, three at a time in midair, and elongate to form their flat plate form that served as a shield. The Navi placed the shield in front of his normally exposed midsection. He called out to Titania, though his voice was a bit muffled from its position withdraw into his neckarmor for defense: "Therefore, present me whatever you possess own!"

Shotgun to SpikeyA [50+splash]
Shining Whites to SpikeyB [60]
((sure, whatever))

At the opposite end of the battlefield from where Titania appeared, a black figure was emerging, encased in shadow, his entrance masked by silence. The shadows soon vanished, leaving only the silhouetted figure of a tall, thin assassin navi. Details soon began to appear on the figure. Dark red trim appeared on his armor, his blood-red scarf began to flap in the breeze, and the rod-like object strapped to his waist became recognizeable as a sheathed katana. Finally, the eyepieces on his helmet lit up, now glowing scarlet, and Pianissimo stood in the net, surveying the battle.

The internal monologue started almost at once, he didn't like to say anything out loud during battle, unless he felt it was necessary.
Well, there's Titania. Scanners say the other one is...Teethman? He looks a bit different from Duke's description...

Pianissimo leaned against a nearby pillar. I suppose it doesn't matter. The concept is the same. Besides, I didn't come here to worry about the appearance of this guy. I came here to fight alongside Titania and Oberon.

This battle didn't appear to merit him jumping in, though. The two navis currently fighting were likely more than enough to take down such a pathetic group of viruses.

((I'm here, but not doing much of anything until after this battle.))
An explosion of lightning issued from the portal that led to the NetSquare and, by extension, ACDC. Raiden materialized out of it in midair, and landed with a flip that he had deemed himself gusty enough to attempt.

He straightened up, looking around, and immediately taking notice of the three Navis that had gathered in the vicinity of a pack of viruses. Two of them--a tall, thoroughly absurd-looking one that looked to be modeled on the subject of teeth, and a rather spectral form with a longbow slung over her shoulder--seemed to be in the middle of conversing, while a black-armoured Navi with a scarf that was bright by comparison stood slightly removed from the others, contenting himself to watch.

Raiden himself strode forward a bit, and then stopped. He raised his head to look upward toward where he knew Anti was watching. "Well, two of them are weaker than me. That third guy, though--he's too tough to take."

"And that suddenly matters now?"

"'Course it does. Track your networks, lady."

Grinning, he folded his arms, and called up the three Navis' summaries from the network core to pore over whilst he waited for the dental plan and the chick to finish up with the viruses.

[waiting for the end of the fight.]