Being Serious or Stupid?

As Jr jacked in, he smiled deviously. Bust alone, will he?

"Oh shoot, there's something I need to post on the BBS. Gimme a minute." He began writing something, then used to PET's function to mail it to the square's bulletin board, "Okay, I'm ready~"

(Battle 1, I suppose.))
Red Riding Hood.exe blasted into the Net in a column of red light. She looked around and spotted Soulman just standing there.
"Is he the one?" Red asked Shin.
"Looks like it. Better introduce yourself, and be cautious too." Shin stated.
"Okay!" Red skipped over to Jr. and tapped him on the shoulder. "Are you the person who posted on the BBS?" the navi asked him.
A large grin formed over Jr's fae and he began to turn around, "Why yes" His tone turned uncertain as he got a look at the figure of the one who answered his date invitation, "Uh... just call me Junior. And you are?" He used the question as a distraction so that he could speak privately with his netop, "I ask for someone to show me some love and I get a kid? I'm not some pedo!"

"Yeah, I'd totally sympethize with you if you did say, and I quote, 'P.S. My netop's hiden somewhere in ACDC Town because he likes to be mysterious and is a nerd like that'." Wes replied sarcastically, "Yeah, my empathy's hiding just like I am."

"What, would you rather had me requested a date for you as well?" Jr was sort of surprised that Wes had checked his post. Maybe mentioning that he was advertising something wasn't such a good idea... He had gotten careless.

"Well, that would've shown that you were at least keeping me in mind, but I can actually find a girlfriend myself, if I really want." Wes replied, "Its mostly the connotation you placed on 'nerd' there. Yeah, I'm a nerd, and proud of it. Don't make it out to be a negative thing."

"Whatever. Still, protecting kids does fit in my agenda. I'll go along with it for now." Soulman shrugged, then smiled at the girl and nodded. He didn't want to look like he was talking to himself.
"I'm Red Riding Hood.exe!" Red replied to Junior's first question. "What's your name!?"

"It's Soulman if I remember correctly... Or maybe some copy of him." Shin told his navi.

"Oh, well hi Soulman!" Red greeted Junior and shook his hand that it looked like hsi arm might fall off.
"I'm... not a copy." Jr glanced away for a moment, looking slightly troubled, "Just call me Junior, please."

So he isn't really over it. Thought it seemed too soon. He almost had me fooled, too. Wes thought.

"Anyway, wanna head out and see what we can find? I have a goal to fufil, to become level 5, so I'll be counting on you to help me out." Jr lowered his glasses and gave a wink. He then began walking off and gestured for her to follow, "Just stay behind me, okay? My netop has a few notes on the area, but considering the source, they're probably dated. We gotta be careful."

((Ready for batle 1, I believe))
"Roger that!" Red stated, giving a salute to Soulman and following him closely.

((BATTLE 1 HAJIME!!!!)))
The pair finds a small troupe of virii awaiting them!

MetoolA 40HP
MetoolB 40HP
CannondumbA 50HP
ShrubbyA 50HP
CannondumbB 50HP
ShrubbyB 50HP

Soulman 100HP

Red Riding Hood 140HP

Each shrubby hides behind a cannondumb!

Wes raised an eyebrow, "Hiding behind another virus? How stupid. Sending shotgun, take them both out at once." He instructed, calmly inserting the chip.

"Got it. Red-chan, follow my lead. Got any chips with splash?" Jr smiled at the small navi. He then focused on lining up his shot. He spread open his palm and released the attack, hoping to snag two viruses in a single move. He then glanced at the Mets, "And what about these guys?"

"Sending cannon. Let you partner take out the other one." Wes said again, keeping his voice level. Seems this round would be easy, but if Sensei was right, things would get a lot harder a lot faster as they progressed into the area.

"Okay, Wes is the boss, so we better listen, Red-chan. After this we're gonna run like the dickens so neither of use gets hit. Got it?" Jr smiled again. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all. She was a cute child, so even if there was no chance of romance, she would definately make a good friend. Once again he held his hand in front of him, palm open. Channeling the energy, he fired off another shot, though this one didn't have near the kick of the last one. He noted this with a sigh before dashing off to the side. He kept a careful eye on Red, making sure she would be able to handle herself. He'd leave her alone for now, while the opponents were still weak to she if she could manage. He'd cover her if she got in over her head later.

((1.) Line up attack
2.) Shotgun, 50+splash, CanodumbA
3.) Cannon, 40, MetoolA
4.) Dodge))
Red nodded as her orders were given out. On Shin's line, he got out the exact same chips Wes used.
"Sounding like the old Soulman already." Shin murmured to himself. "Get ready Red! Shotgun! Cannon! Slot-in!"
"Right!" Red replied as she drew a gun out of her picnic basket. She aimed for the cannondumb besides the one Soulman Jr. fired upona nd blasted it with a giant composition of energy bullets, hoping to hit the Shrubby behind as well.
The navi then focused on the other Met, aiming her gun at the virus and shooting it with a powerful shot from her gun.
"Evasive action initiated!" Red shouted cheerfully as she gathered wind around he legs and zipped to the side in order to avoid any oncoming attacks.

Turn Summary
1. Shotgun CannondumbB [50 DMG] w/splash to ShrubbyB
2. Cannon to MetoolB [40 DMG]
3. Dodge
The pairs surprisingly similar tactics manage to tear down the viruses around them! Each ones shotgun and cannon both destroy their main targets, but Soulmans superior lineup destroys the shrubby while RRH's only damages it. However, instead of attacking, it stays there, shaking and fearing!

CannondumbA DELETED
ShrubbyA 25HP
CannondumbB DELETED

Soulman 100HP

Red Riding Hood 140HP
"One little bush left... send me some clippers." Jr requested.

"Fine. I'm also sending the other chip we got. It'd be a good idea to test it while the situation isn't that threatening. If we waited until you got into a hectic battle and tried to use it without any practice, we'd only be asking for trouble." Wes commented, "Just concentrate on where you want to go and as soon as the chip clicks in, you'll be there."

"Well, beside the Shrubby would be nice, but what-" a click was heard and suddenly Jr was there. His eyes got wide from behind his shades as his sudden shift in locaton registered in his brain, "What the-"

"Don't waste it! Sending Rageclaw!" Wes slammed another chip into his PET's slot.

"Got it!" he brought his arm up, then quickly swung it down again. He needed to strike the enemy before it could escape or try to counter. He attacked once more before moving back. Being right next to a conered enemy probably wasn't a good idea, "Hey, Red-chan, can you use a projectile to cover me? I wouldn't recommend getting too close yourself."

((1.) Areagrab beside ShrubbyA
2/3.) Rageclaw x2, 40 each, ShrubbyA
4.) Dodge))
"Whoa, he dissappeared!" Red exclaimed, commenting on Soulman's performance of teleportation.
"Well, we better cover him. Fire at will Red!" Shin commanded, holding two chips on standby.
"Okay then! Take this!" Red shouted as she drew cherry blossom petals from her picnic basket and peppered the Shrubby virus with them.
"Now Boomerang! Slot-in!" Shin said as he sent his navi the battlechip.
"Here we go!" Red shouted as she threw the wooden projectile at the Shrubby, mainly to distract the virus instead of hitting it.
"Time for some defense Red. Guard! Slot-in!"
Red placed her hands in front of her and produced a Met-Hat shaped sheild in order to defend against any oncoming attacks.

Turn Summary
1. Normal Shot to ShrubbyA [9 DMG]
2. Boomerangy distraction to ShrubbyB [60 DMG, but mostly distraction]
3. Guard
The pair easily wails on the one remaining virus.

CannondumbA DELETED
CannondumbB DELETED

Soulman 100HP

Red Riding Hood 140HP


Soul: Ringlog1, 120 zenny.
Red: 180 zenny.
"Onwards!" Red proclaimed enthusiastically, pointing dramatically forward at the same time.
"Wait for Junior though." Shin said to his navi.
"Oh okay! Come on Jr.-san! Hurry up!" Red called to her superir officer.

((Saying Junior-san makes my head full of oxymorons...))
"Got another chip. That makes five, putting us at level three. Only two more to go." Wes inserted a blank chip into the slot. A few seconds later, the PET beeped signaling the sucessful download of the data, "Okay, its been retrieved. Keep going."

"Fine. Let's go, Red-chan." As he turned to his partner, he was surprised to see she was already ahead of him. He soon followed behind.

((Battle 2))
Red ran upon a group of viruses! (Jr. did too, but a second later.)

SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90
SpikeyC: 90
SeedbatA: 50
SeedbatB: 50
MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40

Red: 140
Soulman: 100
Junior bit his thumb as he glanced over the enemies. The stakes had been risen quite a bit, "Okay, Red-chan, these guys look a lot tougher than the last foes, so we're going to have to fully utilize what weapons we have."

"Shotgun the bats, Cannon a Met, then Flash a Spikey." Wes instructed, slotting in the pair of chips.

"Okay, now to get them both in one shot!" Jr cried. He squinted as he viewed the Seedbats. With their fluttering wings, they would probably start flying around like mad as soon as the attack went off. There was no way he could sucessfully try to hit them both. If he did, it would be purely by luck, "Scratch that... I'm hitting one unless some divine being really loves me!" He tried to anticipate the first bats movements and fired when he thought he might have it in view. No sooner had the first attack been fired when a second projectile was downloaded as well. This time his target was a Met, so he didn't have to focus nearly as much as he did with the bats. He stared the second one down, then released the energy, praying that the twerp of a virus wouldn't do something lame like try to hide. He then concentrated his energy inward, preparing for his most glorious attack. The Spikeys looked mean and if they did attack, he didn't want them hitting. He stared straight at what he figured must be the lead Spikey. In a minute, he was going to wish that he didn't have eyes. As the energy reached its peek, he fired it at the Spikey. The beam of light sparkled and shined in a magnificent display of beauty. Pleased with his lovely display, Soulman prepared to put distance between himself and his enemies' attacks. He smiled at Red, "These guys look nasty, so concentrate on projectiles for now. It's probably not a good idea to get too close. I'd be very wary of those wolf-like things on the end there. Well, now its your turn, Red-chan."

((1.) Shotgun, 50+Splash, SeedbatA
2.) Cannon, 40, MetoolB
3.) Soul Flash, 40+lowers accuracy, SpikeyA
4.) Dodge))
"Okay you heard the man." Shin said to his navi.
"Yup! Copying strategy initializing!" Red replied to her netop with a salute.
"Ok then! Shotgun! Cannon! Slot-in!" Shin said, sending the chips to his navi.
Red drew out a one-barreled gun from her picnic basket and aimed it at the Seedbat Soulman hadn't fired upon. The Red-caped navi fired upon the virus with a blast of compacted bullets.
Next, she focused on a Metool. Red blasted the virus with a powerful shot from her gun and flipped the gun back into her picnic basket.
The navi then dug through her basket and produced 5 loaves of bread and 2 pies. She smirked as she sent the bread flying at the Spikey Soulman executed his signature attack upon and then sent her two pies speeding towards another Spikey. The navi grinned cheerfully as her pastries exploded on contact, creating large clouds of smoke in the virii's area.

Turn Summary
1. Shotgun to SeedbatB [50 DMG]
2. Cannon to MetoolA [40 DMG]
3. Pastry Bombs to SpikeyA [50 DMG] and SpikeyB [20 DMG]
As Soulmans attacks delete their marks, his...display...shocks and stuns the spikey as RRH tears into them with her own attacks. The spikeys each attack one of them, RRH catching it while jr dodges.

SpikeyB: 70
SpikeyC: 90

Red: 110
Soulman: 100
"Agh! It burns!" Red shouted as the fireball hit her.
"You okay?" Shin asked his navi in concern.
"It really... burns..." Red muttered to herself.
"It's not like I have any recovery chips, but lets finish these viruses off. Sword! Rageclaw! Slot-in!"
Red clenched her right arm arm as it mutated and transfomed into the furry clw of a bear while her left arm transformed into a brilliant blue blade. The red-caped navi glared at the virii and rushed forth striking one Spikey horizontally with her blade while slashing the other Spikey's face with her Rageclaw. Red then plunged her blade straight into the body of the Spikey who's face was slashed by the Rageclaw.

Turn summary
1. Sword to SpikeyB [80 DMG]
2. Rageclaw to SpikeyC [40 DMG]
3. Sword to SpikeyC [80 DMG]