First time around

Arbalest.exe >>>

a beam of light appears somewhere at ACDC as there's a navi behind the light.

" so, where should I start? " ask Arbalest

" sigh! do I need to answer that one for real??? " Arch questioned back

" err, no... " answered Arbalest as he walks to nowhere, hoping that he could find viruses.

((virii req. battle 1))
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
Spikey: 90

Castman: 140

Battle 1 Start!
A group of virii bumped into Arbalest.

" hey, I found some.... " said Arbalest while changing his normal hand into a bow. He sense that the viruses in front of him are not so friendly.

" great! let's begin virus-busting tutorial....first, we need to examine the virii. Confirm their maxHP, then bust them with battlechips but we need to use the right battlechip. They give me shotgun, cannon and rageclaw as starter pack. Let's try shotgun, it's ranged. " Arch begins his very first virus busting but then, a message alert tone came from the PET.

" it's a mail Arch. It says that there's a bonuses for your navi since it's classified as cursor type. " says Arbalest

" bonus? what bonus?? " asked Arch

" can you wait for a second, i'm not finish yet. Gun-type battlechips can hit very accurate and there's a additional 10 damage point for gun-type but be careful, 10 damage point will be taken away from battlechips other than gun-type. Lastly, be extra careful when fighting with melee type virus or navis. " Arbalest finish reading the mail with full sentences

" that's great but how do I know which of these is gun-type or non gun-type? " Arch asked again

" I also don't know but let's just keep in our mind to use ranged type battlechips only since gun-type would be probabbly ranged attack. " Arbalest give his opinion and solution as well.

" maybe you're correct and let's close our mouth for now so we can begin virus-busting, we spend too much time. " Arch try to close the conversation between him and his navi, Arbalest.exe.

what Arch said is right, they waste too much time but luckily the virii don't attack Arbalest. He pick a shotgun battlechip from his battlechip holder and slot-in the battlechip. Arbalest received the battlechip and he feels that something is inside his bow, maybe it's the shotgun bullet. Arbalest point his bow to the virii then he tries to lock down his enemy, his left-eye were kept closed. When all is set, he fires the shotgun towards the viruses. A light-blue energy beam came out from his bow and it went straight to a spikey while Arch slotting in another battlechips. Again, Arbalest feels something is inside his bow. He repeats his action, this time a yellow energy beam came out but it's size is twice as the blue one.

" hey Arbalest, you may don't know this but you have special ability you know. Take two arrows at your back and put it inside your bow. " Arch give some advice and orders him as well

Arbalest did exactly as what his operator hold him to do, then he fires the arrows towards the virii. One to the spikey and the another one to a met. But he seems do not understand anything at all so he questioned Arch, " okay, can you tell me what's going on? and why did you want me to use arrow instead of battlechip ".

" just wait and see my friend.... "

[ Turn 1 - Shotgun(50+10) >>> Spikey ]
[ Turn 2 - Cannon(40+10) >>> metA ]
[ Turn 3 - DA(30) >>> Spikey, metB ]
The attacks all land, leaving only one severely weakened met. He attacks, doing a small amount of damage.

MetoolB: 10
Spikey: DELETED!

Arblast: 130
(Who's Castman?

((summon castman.exe and pokes PA's eye with magic rod))

Shotgun past through the virii and blasted a spikey and it roars after got hit by shotgun, maybe blasts injures the spikey badly but it still in one piece which also means the spikey is not dead yet. Then Arbalest used cannon and it get caught up with a mettaur, it's a instant deletion as the cannon blast is too powerful for the little virus to resist. To end his attack movement, Arbalest fired two arrows, one of the two hit a spikey and this time it's going nowhere as the arrow kills the beast virus while the other arrow hit a mettaur, which is the only virus left after it's companion got killed by cannon and arrow. The mettaur attacks, and it manage to hit Arbalest but it's only a little scratch.

" wow, I never expected that my arrow could be this powerful....and useful. " Arbalest talks to Arch

" hehe, that's your skill and I called it Double Arrow. Yes it powerful but you only can used it once, you need to wait for a couple of minutes to use this skill again. " said Arch, explain everything.

" okay cool! any more secrets??? " questioned Arbalest

" hmm, yeah!....damn! I almost forgot, you still can use arrow but it's a bit weaker than Double Arrow, look at your crossbow buster. Try to charging it up but remember, you must fully charged it or it wont work. "

" okay, i'll give it a try "

Arbalest looked at his bow, then he try charging it up. A strong energy can be sensed from the bow, a blue-ish light also appeared inside the bow. Arbalest become surprised for a second so he stops charging. Then he hold his bow with left hand, point the end of his bow far away from himself, again he charge and this time he charged to the max. When he feels that he did charged it fully, he let go and an arrow came out from his bow. " What the heck??? " Arbalest got confured and shocked at the same time but it's not the time for him to think about it, he's in a middle of a fight. An arrow is gone from his arrow's case right after he used the charged shot. Arbalest didn't know it and Arbalest also didn't know that Arch currently running out of battlechips but he also don't noticed it as he's too excited with his arrow skill so he tried it on the remaining virii which is the little mettaur.

" now let's see if this arrow is powerful or not " said Arbalest while shoot the arrow towards a met.

[ Turn 1 - Charging ]
[ Turn 2 - Charging ]
[ Turn 3 - Arrow(16) >>> metB ]
The met is struck.

Spikey: DELETED!

Arblast: 130

Rewards: Guard, 100z
Arbalest's arrow strucked the mettaur's head before it's gone, becoming a scrap pile along with the arrow....

" phew....I guess that this arrow is not too weak at all... "

" Arbalest, to make your arrow become more powerful...your buster stats need to be increased....your attack and charge rating... "

" kay....but, how to leveled it up... " asked Arbalest

" leave that to me, but we dont need to maxed it out right now....we still new in this virus-busting world so, just use battlechips and your ability for now.... " answered Arch....

Arbalest nodded and he look out for some more virii but he's not going without collecting the data that came out from the met that he just killed....

((virii req. battle 2))
Virus Attack!

CanodumbA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
CanodumbC: 50
BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50

Arblast: 130

Battle 2 Start!
Another group of viruses bumped into Arbalest, and there are more than three viruses standing in front of him this time. Arbalest prepares himself, with the bow at his right hand. He know that this is the real fight, what they have earlier is just a practice. The viruses is completely different than the ones that Arbalest fought. There's a green cannon statue and a rabbit with two elec rings at it's hand, there are elec rings at it's body too. Three cannondumbs and two bunnies, can Arbalest handle them.

" no more fooling around Arbalest, let's concentrate on this fight. We will have our chat later. " Arch became serious. He opened the battlechip holder and pick three battlechips, leaving one chip one the holder. From the three, he put in shotgun chip first followed by cannon chip.

" shotgun, cannon, double slot-in!! " said Arch while slot-in both battlechips.

Arbalest receives the battlechip and each time his operator sends those chip, he feels that his bow is heavier than usual. He uses his left hand to support the weight of his crossbow buster, then he find the virus that he can take it down with one shot or dealt best possible damage. He spots a bunny and behind it there's another bunny. Before he use shotgun to the bunnies, he make a contact with Arch who is currently smoking.

" hey Arch....what the??? you put a cigratte on your mouth in a time like this....ahhh nevermind, I got a question here....does shotgun hit anything behind the target??? "

" what's wrong if Im smoking and the answer for that question is yes.... "

" alright, thanks.... "

He cut off the line with his operator so he can resume his fight, he fixed his sight to the bunnies that was spotted by him before. Without no hesitation, he fires the shotgun towards the bunnies leaving him only with a cannon. Again Arbalest makes another movement. He moves closer to the viruses, then he duck, take aim and bang!, fires the basic cannon towards a cannondumb.

" Arch, what do you currently have in your folder.... " ask Arbalest as soon as he uses cannon.

" ermm, a guard and rageclaw....but don't worry, you still got your arrow skill and I might use guard chip if they attacks " Arch replies the question, but he changes his mind. He slotted in the guard chip that Arbalest got from the met that he killed. Then he contact Arbalest again, " I changed my mind, i'm gonna slot-in guard chip right now and when they attack, hide yourself behind the guard. "

Arbalest didn't reply, he become silent all of sudden....

[ Turn 1 - Shotgun(50+10) >>> bunnyA, expands to bunnyB ]
[ Turn 2 - Cannon(40+10) >>> cannondumbA ]
[ Turn 3 - Guard >>> cannondumbB ]
Both of Arbalest's skilled shots take down their intended targets. One of the remaining cannons fired, but was unable to damage Arbalest due to his shield.

CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: 30
CanodumbC: 50

Arbalest: 130
Both shots from shotgun and cannon scores a bullseye, the shotgun blast expands to the back and hit another bunny and thus deleting both bunnies. The cannodumb also shares the same fate as the bunnies, the single cannon managed to blast the green cannon tower and deletes it as well....a cannodumb spots Arbalest and target lock him instantly, Arbalest took a quick move hiding behind a met-guard that was send by Arch. Cannodumb attacks but it's shot failed to hit Arbalest who is standing behind the met-guard, making the cannodumb attack being deflected. The other cannodumb did nothing meanwhile.

Arch made a contact....

" We're in a situation here, a troublesome one....i have used all battlechips except rageclaw but that chip only useful to sword-type navi and, you're on your own.... "

" Just slot-in the damn claw thing, I'm in a heavy fire zone you know....maybe I cannot use that chip very well but it might do some damage to those two.... " Arbalest force Arch to give him rageclaw

" okay, okay!! here's your damn claw thing....and let me say this, im not going to responsible for whatever you did because it's you who want to take the risk.... " Arch warns Arbalest as soon as he slot-in rageclaw chip

" you don't need to worry a single damn thing....i can handle this fight on my own, in fact..... "

" quit your yappin, just get on with your fight....don't you remember what I said, no chat in a middle of a fight.... " Arch becomes mad

" sheeshhh!!! "

done with the conversation with his operator, Arbalest resumes his fight....there are two remaining cannodumbs on the battlefield, Arbalest took two arrows from his back and put it in his crossbow buster. Arbalest didn't notice that his left-hand have turned into a claw, he noticed it right after he launched Double Arrow attack to a different target and he shouted very loud....he even said " what the f...! ", quickly he tries to get rid of the claw by throwing it to one of the annodumb....he's terrified even though he managed to throw the claw to a cannodumb and not only that, his left-hand vibrates quite fast....

" next time, don't give me that chip even in a critual situation.... " said Arbalest to Arch while his left-hand is still shaking....

" I warned you.... " replies Arch with an evil grin looks at his face....

Arbalest is a bit upset because Arch knew that things like this will happen but he didn't said it, so he pretend to act normal....he grab his crossbow buster with his left hand then he speaks.... " now, if I can fire one more will be enough, even for a buster shot....and im not going to let Arch win just because he knew this will happened to me.... "

his whole body is shaking while he's aiming his bow to cannodumb, maybe it's caused by his left-hand....but he still managed to fires a normal buster shot towards a cannodumb with his bow....

[ Turn 1 - Double Arrow(30) >>> cannodumbC, cannodumbB ]
[ Turn 2 - Throw Rageclaw(40-20) >>> cannodumbB ]
[ Turn 3 - Buster shot(4) cannodumbC ]
((Uh oh. Made a small mistake in my modding. Cannondumb C should have 30 HP. Does this affect your strategy at all? ^^; Just checking before modding again.))
Arbalest trashes the viruses, but not before one of them shoots him.

CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: DELETED!
CanodumbC: DELETED!

Arbalest.EXE: 110

Rewards: Cannon, 150z
both arrows hit their target and one of the arrow went straight through the hole before it explodes. Arbalest becomes terrified all of sudden as he saw his left-hand turned into a claw. He tried to get rid of that thing by throwing it away, somehow the claw reached the remaining cannodumb and deletes it but the cannodumb still managed to fires a shot that hit Arbalest's chest.

" ouch....where the heck did that shot came from??? "

" from a cannodumb, silly.... " answered Arch.

" im not asking you.... " Arbalest defend himself

" yeah but still, you're afraid of that claw thing don't you.... " said Arch and teasing him as well...

" heh....if I don't force you to give me that battlechip, you'll waste a lot of time here....and then you'll feel regretted for not giving me rage claw.... " Arbalest fought back from being humiliated....

" don't speak a thing that will never happen, the reality now is that you.... "

" it WONT happened again!!! and I wont speak to you anymore, better for me to search any remaining data from the cannodumb and continue hunting virus " Arbalest finally pissed off....then he go search for any data and he found two, one a cannon chip and another one is zenny with an amount of soon as he finished that job, he left the place and go somewhere else....

((virii req. battle 3))
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
SeedbatA: 50
SeedbatB: 50
SeedbatC: 50
SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90

Arbalest: 110

Battle 3 Start!
a group of rampaging viruses went wild on the net and stops once it saw Arbalest. A signal came from Arch, but Arbalest ignored it....

" need a hand??? " Arch offers to help Arbalest

" give me those chips and be quiet! " Arbalest still mad towards his operator

" show me some respect and i'll help you....there's no time to waste, we argue some more after we settle this one okay.... " Arch quits being a fool and become a serious person.

" such a different personality you've turned into....anyway, this fight will be tough for me but I gonna enjoy this.... " said Arbalest while waiting for chips

" hmm, yeah you're right....this is tough, I dont even know what to give you....i've calculate and it seems that we will ran out of battlechips before you bust all the viruses and it's up to me not to let that happen but.... " Arch seems to be stucked and before he could finishes his sentences....

" leave it to me, let me do all the job....and when I request battlechip, quickly you give okay.... " Arbalest give a suggestion and Arch replies it by saying "OK!"....

The rampaging viruses consist of two mets, three seedbats and two spikeys....a total of seven viruses, mets at the left while spikeys at the right. Seedbats got themselves cought up in the middle between those two, one bat at the front and two bats at the back. Arbalest surely got some guts here, dare to take control of everything....then he contacts Arch,

" Arch, send me a shotgun chip "

He don't know what's on his navi mind but he's positive that Arbalest can do it....without even asking why, quickly he pick shotgun chip and sends it to Arbalest. Once Arbalest feels that his bow is loaded with shotgun, he straighten his arm as his eye search for the right target. He stops when he saw spikeys, then moved this bow and aim it to the beast-like viruses....his left hand took two arrows at the back while he's aiming the spikeys....

" heh, you think you can't get hurt from my attack by hiding yourself behind another spikey....let's see if your prediction is true, take this! shotgun.... " a light-blue energy beam came out from Arbalest's bow and it move towards the spikeys, quickly followed by two arrows....surely that one is Double Arrow skill....

" Arch, prepare to load guard chip! " said Arbalest to his operator before he decides to play defensive....

((bad RP....yeah, something is wrong with me....bad day maybe))

[ Turn 1 - Shotgun(50+10) >>> spikeyA, splash to spikeyB ]
[ Turn 2 - Double Arrow(30) >>> spikeyA, spikeyB ]
[ Turn 3 - Guard >>> MetoolA ]
The shotgun strikes one of the spikeys and the arrows pierce them both. The guard reflects an attack from a seedbat but a Met's strike makes it thorugh.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
SeedbatA: 30
SeedbatB: 50
SeedbatC: 50
SpikeyB: 60

Arbalest: 100
" darn it! the shot only hit one spikey, I guess your prediction were right. "

Arbalest attempt to attack the viruses with shotgun and double arrow, he assumed that shotgun and double arrow can deletes both spikeys at the same time but it didn't happened. Shotgun only hits one spikey while the arrow directly hit their targets, he only managed to kill one spikey even though he failed....A seedbat attacks using it's wing that moved like a boomerang chip, Arch noticed that and quickly he slot-in guard chip....once Arbalest saw the met guard, he hides himself behind it while the guard blocks the attack and counters it at the same time....the bat wing bounce back and hits a seedbat, the injured bat fell to the ground....Arbalest thought it's safe to go out but he's wrong, a met attacks by waving it's pixel to the ground to create a shockwave....the shockwave injures his left leg but it's only a scratch anyway....

" Arch, after that's my HP " Arbalest make another contact with Arch....

" ermmm, you're down to I began to worried about you.... "

" come on, i'm still in a good shape....and i'll end this fight as soon as possible. By the way, can you give me rageclaw

chip....I want to save cannon chips for the seedbat and my strategy for now is to clear the spikey first, i'll deal with the mets after I owned the bats because met does the less damage from the other. That's why I want the rageclaw, i'll use it on the spikey.... " Arbalest tries to comfort his operator and tell his plan at the same time but Arch disagrees....

" no, that's suicide! you might leave yourself open to other viruses plus your cannot dodge their attack pretty well.... "

" but I don't have other options left, it's a waste to use cannon chip because if I use i'm suppose to handle the bats, got any ideas??? "

" you know, it's hard for me to let you do that kind of thing but it must be hard for you to do the dangerous act.... " said Arch while slot-in rage claw, he's speechless right after that...

" thank you, and I won't dissapoint you Arch.... "

Arbalest morphed his right hand back to a normal hand before the claw grows at his finger, he make a stance like a beast....then he move as fast as he could towards the lone spikey with a loud roar, he leapt before slashing the spikey with his rageclaw....he moved back then claw the spikey again, he did this at least three times....

[ Turn 1 - Rageclaw(40-20) >>> SpikeyB ]
[ Turn 2 - Rageclaw(40-20) >>> spikeyB ]
[ Turn 3 - Rageclaw(40-20) >>> spikeyB ]

((please state if Rageclaw is broken or not))