Start your day the virus busting way, with XII

"Jack in! XIII.exe"
"Here I go..."

XIII warped into the net and looked around. Ahh, it was god to be back where he belonged. Sure it was nice to move around in the real world with that proxy body, but everything was so large there because he was only 4 1/2 inches, and he couldn't escape the overbearing feeling of confinement in a shell. Kasumi had said that she could fix most of that eventually with some tinkering, but right now she was at a bit of a stand still on that.

Here on the Net, though, XIII felt like he belonged. Every thing was in proportion, and he could move freely and use his weapons.
"XIII, keep your lets make our way to the net square. We'll see whats going on, and if its nothing, you can jack out if you wish."
"Ok, Remii."

He started walking in the general direction of the entrance to the next area, keeping on the lookout for viruses.
XII runs into a group of virii heading towards the NetSquare portal!


XII: 100

Battle 1, Start!
"Alright then here we go XIII! Vulcan 1, Slot in! Vulcan 1, Slot in!"

Both of XIII's arms turned into the vulcan guns, which he aimed at the first row of enemies (Metool A and B). He fired off the shots at both simultaneously, Keeping ready for any counter attacks (preemptive dodge).

1) Vulcan 1 @ Mettool A
2) Vulcan 1 @ Mettool B
3) Preemptive dodge
(Thanks for listing both how much damage vulcans do in your sig and your layout.)

Due to poor XII's type, the vulcans spang off the creature's armor while they stare at him indreculously.

Perhaps he'd be better off using a weapon that doesn't involve shooting. I hear sword navis aren't too good at that.


XII: 100
((Wait, I didn't list the damage for the vulcans. Was that sarcasm?))
((I never had problems with shooting before. In the past, it usually just meant that I couldn't inhance the damage. Was this a new rule?))

"XIII, try using your sword. You always have trouble shooting from that distance."

XIII pulled the over sized katana from the sheath at his hip, and charged up his energy into it.(Charge) He unleashed the powerful slash at one of the Mettools in the front, hoping to do some damage this time.

Charge buster
Charge attack.
((You need to include an attack's damage and target in your summery. Also, about the Vulcans, recheck the rules for Sword navies to see why it did no damage.))
XII hits some random met. The other two then whack him with their pick-axes. trying to defend their ally.


XII: 80
((Ahhh, I see now. Thats new isn't it. The whole ranged deficiency. Taking off 10 damage for gun chips seems like a bit much though.))
((Sorry about not specifying the target and attack damage. I was typing in a hurry. What would be the damage for a charge attack and regular attack though? I couldn't find that info.))

XIII managed not reel too much from the blows, but still took some heavy hits. "Crap," he muttered under his breath, "I forgot about the counter attack. I'm really rusty."
Charging up again, he slashed at Mettool B again (buster), trying to take out at least one of them before focusing on any others. This time though, he readied himself for any other attacks by dashing backwards (dodge).

Charged Buster attack (16?)
Preemptive dodge.
((Charged attack is 3 actions. ;P))

XII leaves a Metool crippled, but before he can finish it off, its allies step in front of it!

The Spikey blasts XII with a fireball.

MetoolA:40 (In front!)
MetoolB:8 (Behind!)
MetoolC:40 (In front!)

XII: 50
((sorry. I can never find this information when I look for it. Then this happens. Is a special also three attacks, or can I do other stuff along with it? I want to make sure before I continue with this next one.))
(Sigs are one action, charged shots are three, regular shots are one, and battlechips are one. The rules cover this.)

XIII really felt the impact this time and almost fell backwards. This was getting to be too much for just his forst battle in a while. "Remi, Lets use that technique!"
"Ok, XII... here's the set up! Heatshot, Slot in!"

XIII's left arm turned into the heatshot, to where he aimed the gun at the Mettool infront of him (mettool B) in an angle sot he splash behind it would hit the Spikey.

He jumped up and landed in front of the Spikey with his oversized Katana held behind him in one hand in a reverse-do style. "Now you will feel the heat of my soul! Legendary Blade!"

He brought his arm over, the massive blade igniting in the air as it sliced his enemy with blinding speed. After completing the strike, he kept moving around, so he'd be harder to hit by the others (dodge).

Heatshot (40)(+5 fire bonus)(Mettool B, Spikey)
Special Attack: Legendary Blade (60)(Fire)(Spikey)
(Then post it in the damage overview.)
((Sorry> To tell you the truth, My life is getting kinda hectic right now. I'm making all kinds of mistakes on and off the net. I fixed it, but thank you for putting up wiht me right now.))
The heatshot hits the one in front and the Spikey is nailed by the special. Two Mets attack, dealing a bit of damage.

MetoolA:5 (In front!)
MetoolB:8 (Behind!)
MetoolC:40 (In front!)

XII: 30
((The heatshot was at the Mettool B, not mettool A. but its ok.))

"Ok XIII, You've got them against the wall! Shotgun, Jack in! Cannon, Jack in!"

XIII's arms formed into the Cannon and Shotgun right away. He fired off the cannon at the Spikey, and subsequently fired at Metool A with the shotgun, aiming so any spread would hit metool B behind it. At this point he had to keep moving to avoid any attacks. This was too close, even though he had gotten off several decent hits.

1) Cannon (40-10dmg) (Spikey)
2) Shotgun (50-10dmg) (Metool A)
3) Dodge
The Spikey manages to jump out of the way of the cannon, but two of the mets call to the power of the shotgun. The other met waddles awkwardly around, seemingly trying to get behind XIII.

MetoolC:40 (In front!)

XII: 30
"XIII", Kasumi's voice rang out. "We're down to our last chip. Go for the Skipey first, since he does more damage, and keep moving! Rage claw, Slot in!" "Gotcha.

XIII's arm morphen into the giant bear claw, and he charged forward, taking a swipe at the Spikey, then turning around to make another swipe at Mettool C. He still tried to keep moving around, making himself a harder target to hit. (dodge)

1) Rage Claw (40+10dmg) @ Spikey
2) Rage Claw (40+10dmg) @ Mettool C
3) Dodge

The Viruses are the mauled.



Rewards: 200z
Kasumi and XIII both put their arms in the air and yelled "Victoly is ours!"

"hey Remii-chan...." XIII had suddenly just noticed something about that battle. "What is it XIII?" "Those were some pretty tough viruses for this area. Do they usually travel in that large of a number?"

Kasumi thought about that for a second. She finally responded, saying, "No, that was kinda unusual." "And why were they heading towards the entrance to net square?"

This did actually startle Kasumi a bit. Neither of them hadn't noticed before, but in retrospect, that particular group of viruses had indeed been heading towards the Net square portal. This was highly unusual for many reasons. One, the firewalls on the net square should have prevented the viruses from even getting that close. And two, Viruses generally avoided high traffic areas like that due to all the skilled navis and officials that tend to be there. "Yeah, " Kasumi said, "That was weird. Well, lets not worry too much about it. We should just tell an official what happened and worry nothing more about what happened." XIII nodded reluctantly. "Alright, Remii-chan, lets go."

XIII stepped through the portal, but still felt rather aware of his surroundings. It may have just been a chance fluke like Kasumi had said, but there was something about it that just didn't seem kosher.

((To be continued in Net square))