To Infinity and Beyond!

Red crashed down on the network in her usual beam of light, Myun following along as per usual.

"What do you think you're doing?" Shin inquired, a bit annoyed. "What if your connection to this network makes my work go slower, huh?"

"Pfffff, Silly Shin! You don't have to worry about the Champion ruining your internet connection~" Red chided, twirling around. "Besides, I'm doing everyone a favor and beating up some viruses~"

"....Whatever, just... don't break anything you don't need to," Shin mumbled, going back to work while putting a pile of battlechips at the ready.

"Aye aye sir~ Now~ One small step for navis and one giant leap for... internetkind!" Red exclaimed, bouncing off toward wherever. Myun hopping along close behind.

((BATTLE 1))
Red: 250 HP
Myun: 115 HP
Red and Myun merilly made their way around the new, strange NAXA net. Coming across a rather large slope, an escalator was already set in place for adventureres like Red. However, a group of viruses seemed to take advantage over this and placed themselves on top floor, not letting anyone pass so easily!

-Upper Floor-
SparklerA: 160 HP
CannonGuard2222222: 150 HP
SparklerB: 160 HP

40% Metal
10% Upward Escalator / 10% Downward Escalator [Pushes user forward]
40% Metal

-Lower Floor-
Red.EXE: 250 HP
Myun.SP: 115 HP

"Oh it's like an airport! I love escalators!" Red giggled, stepping up on the moving platform before noticing the viruses.

The Cannonguard raised its shield. Maybe. Who knew. Well it looked like they were hostile. Nope, definitely hostile.

"Welp," Red shrugged, snapping her fingers, a top hat dropping down over her entire body.

In a few seconds it lifted up, but no Red.

"Yaho~" Red whistled, behind one of the Sparklers which she stabbed at with a bamboo knife. Not wasting any time, the red-caped wonder threw her blade quickly at the other Sparkler before pulling out a giant toy hammer and rushing toward the CannonGuard.

"Hraaaah!" Red grunted, swinging the hammer around in a spiral before sending it flying at the CannonGuard. It had a pretty short distance to travel though.

Myun proceeded up the elevator and tried to roll quickly behind the CannonGuard while her mistress dodged out of the way of any attacks she could.

Turn Summary:
1. Magic Trick [Decoy + Teleport behind virus group] (3 turn cooldown)
2. BambooKnife to SparklerA [60+25(Elemental Bonus) Wood DMG x2(Weakness) = 170 DMG + Slashing]
3. Throw BambooKnife at SparklerB [60+25(Elemental Bonus) Wood DMG x2(Weakness) = 170 DMG + Slashing]
4. HammerToss2 to CannonGuard2 [60 DMG + Break + Spin Attack / 120 DMG + Break]
5. Dodge
6. Dodge

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Ascend Escalator
1. Try rolling past CannonGuard2??? [Dodge]
2-3. Dodge
Red and her magic trick was just enough to trick the viruses who thought they had the upper hand in the battle. When the first Sparkler virus was deleted, they were just too late to properly respond. The second Sparkler barely dodged the thrown dagger, but the immobile Cannonguard wasn't as fortunate...

Being at the upper floor, the Sparkler tried to tackle against Red with its electric body, but it was easily evaded with Red's nimble body.

SparklerA: DELETED
CannonGuard2: DELETED
SparklerB: 160 HP

40% Metal
10% Upward Escalator / 10% Downward Escalator [Pushes user forward]
40% Metal

Red.EXE: 250 HP
Myun.SP: 115 HP
"Stay still!" Red yelled at the virus, who would probably not listen but she wanted to say it anyway. Following through with her action though, the red-caped wonder drew out a metal canister from her picnic basket and slammed it into the ground. Her cloak gleamed as it folded around her.

In moments, a stream of caramel erupted from underneath the Sparkler, trying to restrict its movements.

"Now! SideBamboo!" Shin called out, sending in the chip.

"Not getting away!" Red threatened, snapping her fingers as part of her shadow separated from the rest, moving toward the Sparkler, giggling menacingly as it came level with the Sparkler. Forming a wide grin, the shadow thrusted a clump of bamboo spears at the Sparkler, hoping to end its demise.

All Red could do was wait for the result.

Turn Summary:
*Blood-Red Cloak: Passive 20 HP Casing on Red
1. Caramel Stickiness to SparklerB [Hold 1]
2. SideBamboo1 to SparklerB [80 +25 Wood DMG = 210 DMG + Piercing]
Red managed to hit the virus with molten caramel that quickly hardened into a sticky mess, stopping it place long enough for her follow-up bamboo spear to impale the ensnared virus, deleting it.

SparklerA: DELETED
CannonGuard2: DELETED
SparklerB: DELETED

Red.EXE: 250 HP
Myun.SP: 115 HP

40% Metal
10% Upward Escalator / 10% Downward Escalator [Pushes user forward]
40% Metal

---- VICTORY !! ----
1350 Zenny, 24 Bugfrags
"Haha! Couldn't handle it could ya~ This is a piece of cake!" Red taunted the viruses that were pretty much too far gone to hear her.

"...This is a lot of money," Shin mumbled, nervously scratching his head. "Aw heck with it, keep going!"

"I was gonna even if you told me otherwise!" Red scolded, sticking her tongue out at Shin. "Off we go!"

And so they were off.

((BATTLE 2))
After setting off for a while, Red and her SP came across a wide square-like area. Contrary to some other networks, the road here was denoted by metal panels leading through a sea of otherwise-Solar terrain. Off to the side of the road, Red spied a pair of electrical viruses waiting with some sharp-bladed mecha. They moved onto the road in front of Red, the DarkMechs taking positions in front and looking about as threatening as mute machines of death could.

Which was pretty threatening, admittedly.

ElecMechA: 200 HP (Metal)
ElecMechB: 200 HP (Metal)
MagTec+: 160 HP (Metal)
ElecOgre2: 210 HP (Metal)

30% Metal (Plus-shaped across entire area; arms are three panels wide)
70% Solar (Everywhere else)

Red.EXE: 250 HP (Metal)
Myun.SP: 115 HP (Metal)

They found it.

The elusive breed they've only encountered once before.

Shin stopped doing his work, apologizing to an associate as he needed to respond to something urgent. His fellow intern just shrugged. Their work didn't have a set time-limit after all.

"Blow 'em away," Shin snickered, sending through four chips that he thought might do the job.

"Yeah yeah! You're going down!" Red exclaimed, fistpumping. Finally, a worthy opponent.

Well first let's give this place a make-over. So Red thought as she stomped on the ground once, transforming the previously flat area into a grassy hill. Well, most of it anyway. A tree popped up next to the ElecOgre in this case.

"Spice! Ready! And.. Go!" Red called out, transferring the chip data to the grassy area. An explosion of spores blasted anything on the surface of the grass terrain, potentially corrupting the viruses' navigational functions.

"Myun, go!" Red signaled, transferring a crimson jacket to the boxing bunny's upper body before accessing the Areagrab chip. She chose to warp to the left of the viruses, making sure some of them were in a line for her next attack.

The support program responded with obvious haste, bouncing toward the viruses and attacking the DarkMech's head on with a solid punch for the first, and a follow-through uppercut to the second. Initiating her innate attack systems, Myun quickly threw a straight punch at the Magtect, before bouncing away as pillars of fire scorched through the line of enemies. Whether they hit or not was another question.

"This is the finisher!" Red cried, whipping out a Boomerang from her picnic basket and sending it flying through the enemy ranks. She closely watched the smoke in case there were any retaliatory attacks, which she could then avoid if need be.

Turn Summary:
1. Picknicker's Refuge: [Large + Medium Grass Terrain + 10 HP Tree next to ElecOgre2]
2. Spice1 [80 +15 Wood DMGx2(Weakness) = 190 DMG + Confusion + Ground Attack + To-All-Grass]
*Blood-Soaked Cape: 20 HP Casing on Myun
3. Areagrab [Teleport to the left of the virus group]
4. FireTower1 to virus group [100 Fire DMG x2(Terrain Bonus) = 200 DMG + Piercing + Ground Attack + Line-Chain (Move toward escaping virii if possible)]
5. Boomerang1 to virus group [60 +15 Wood DMG x2(Weakness) = 120 DMG + Group Attack(Arc)]
6. Dodge

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Get in Melee Range of ElecMechs [Movement]
1. Attack ElecMechA: [50 DMG + Break]
2. Attack ElecMechB: [50 DMG + Break]
*Gatling Attack: Attack MagTec+: [50 DMG + Break]
3. Dodge
After a barrage of attacks, it had kicked up a cloud of dirt in the midst of the viruses, covering them up while the navi continued her attack. When Red finished up, one ElecOgre was revealed, still standing after all that Red has given, and fired a shock of electricity at the jolly girl! As the powerful jolt coursed through the girl's body, the virus was ready to fire one more...But fortunately, it was a miss.

ElecOgre2: 90 HP (Grass)

45% Grass (Plus-shaped across entire area; arms are three panels wide)
55% Solar (Everywhere else)

Red.EXE: 190 HP (Metal)
Myun.SP: 115 HP (Metal)
"Yikes!" Red yelped, shaking from the shock the ElecOgre gave her. "That was unfair! And why is it still so healthy? Did the spores not get to it?" Red pouted, stomping her feet.

"Looks like that's the case, but there's only one left, make it good!" Shin remarked, sending in only one chip this time.

"Right right, I got it," Red sighed, her body drawing power from her sugar reservoir as it healed the damage from the electric attack. "Myun, stand back!" Red called to her pet, who simply nodded in reply, bouncing away from the ElecOgre, yet keeping watch if it decided to attack her.

Red's cape glimmered as it regained its hardy defense. "Yoohoo! Mr. ElecOgre! I won't move so try attacking again~" the crimson crusader taunted, a giant top hat covering her body as she seemed to have stood still.

The top hat lifted up to reveal...

"Just kidding~" Red snickered from behind the ElecOgre, quickly stabbing and slashing at the virus with a bamboo spear. She rolled to the side in case it decided to retaliate.

Red's Actions:
*Innate Sugar Rush: Heal 30 to Red
*Blood-Soaked Cape: 20 HP Casing on Red
1. Magic Trick [Decoy + Teleport behind ElecOgre2] (3 turn CD)
2. BambooKnife to ElecOgre2 [60 +25 Wood DMG x2(Weakness) = 170 DMG + Slashing]
3. BambooKnife to ElecOgre2 [60 +25 Wood DMG x2(Weakness) = 170 DMG + Slashing]
4. Dodge

Myun's actions:
*Run Myun Run: Move away from ElecOgre2
1-3. Dodge
The last ElecOgre thought he might have had a chance at winning this battle. The girl seemed weak and innocent enough...despite the fact that she was able to wipe out the rest of its comrade. His attack was dealing damage, and she was even standing still for an easy attack! After expelling a powerful zap forward, the virus found no trace of the navi! It was overcome with joy from its victory as tears began to roll down from its gigantic face!


No need to sour the mood. It got deleted and that's the end of the story.

ElecOgre2: DELETED
Tree: 10 HP

85% Grass (Plus-shaped across entire area; arms are three panels wide)
15% Solar (Everywhere else)

Red.EXE: 220 HP (Grass)
Myun.SP: 115 HP (Grass)

1,600z + 39 BugFrags + [MagBolt2] BattlechipMagBolt2
Damage: 110 + Stun + Magnetic Pull
Accuracy: B
Description: Uses an electromagnet to pull the target into range, then stuns them with a close range electrical shock.
Duration: Once
Element: Elec
Special: Magnetic Pull: A stronger version of the Pull effect that either pulls the target towards you, or you towards the target over a greater distance than normal.
"Woohoo~! No one can take me on~!" Red cheered, grinning with confidence as the virus was deleted.

"...Maybe I should just apply to virus troubleshooting," Shin mused, seeing his account nearly double with the last battle.

"You know it~! The champ's in the house and no one's stoppin' her~" Red giggled, skipping further into the network.

((BATTLE 3))
Red was continuing her invincible rampage through the NAXA network, feeling even more unstoppable than ever...But how could a little girl fare against a planet???

Coming across one of the strangest thing anyone had ever laid eyes on, Red came across a giant planet (Small, compare to an actual planet size) with viruses constantly orbiting around it. It seemed "normal" for satellites to revolve around the planet, but the inclusion of an UFO and two aliens just made things...Strange.

Nonetheless, the viruses wasn't satisfied with the presence of a netnavi and readied to attack the little navi! It's Red vs. the world!

-Floating Planet n' Orbits-
BiggerBang: 240 HP
BlueUFO: 160 HP [Revolving around BiggerBang]
Satellite2A: 200 HP [Revolving around BiggerBang]
Satellite2B: 200 HP [Revolving around BiggerBang]
Invader2A: 190 HP [Revolving around BiggerBang]
Invader2B: 190 HP [Revolving around BiggerBang]

Terrain: 100% Solar

Red.EXE: 220 HP
Myun.SP: 115 HP

"Heeeeey.... didn't we see this thing in the library?" Red commented, scratching her chin as if trying to remember where she's seen such a big virus. Her cloak gleamed with the remnants of her past enemies in the meanwhile.

"Was this after or before that weird tree growing from under a pile of books?"

"After... I think!"

"Really reassuring. Well it looks like it uses gravity to do something to the rest of the viruses... But our main problem is that UFO," Shin remarked, pointing out the Blue spaceship. "I've heard troublesome things about that virus."

"Then we'll just have to take it out first!" Red yelped, a giant top hat dropping from the sky and covering her body a moment after she declared war.

"Right right, be careful," Shin advised, sending in a few chips.

"Okey-dokey~!" Red grinned, approaching the BlueUFO from the side, a wooden blade already in her hands as she dealt two quick slashes at the virus, before rolling on the ground. What actually happened to it would determine her next course of action.

*Blood-Soaked Cape: 20 HP Casing on Red
1. Magic Trick [Decoy + Teleport next to BlueUFO]
2. BambooKnife to BlueUFO [60 +25 Wood DMG + Slashing] (5 uses left)
3. BambooKnife to BlueUFO [60 +25 Wood DMG + Slashing] (4 uses left)
A daring plan for a very surprising planetary setup, Red was quick to protect herself before that giant magical hat dropped around her. Which as it turned out seemed to come just in time as that UFO quickly moved over and tried to steal the chip before it could be used. Luckily for her, she was already gone, and waiting in surprise as it returned back, where she readily delivered two quick slashes before it even got the chance to settle back into its former orbit.

But getting so close turned out badly for her, as while one of those rotating viruses went flying by overhead, a second satellite came swinging in and slammed right into the navi. The bad news was it took out her casing, the good news was the collision also dealt damage to the virus.

-Floating Planet n' Orbits-
BiggerBang: 240 HP
BlueUFO: Deleted
Satellite2A: 200 HP (Revolving around BiggerBang)
Satellite2B: 180 HP (Revolving around BiggerBang)
Invader2A: 190 HP (Revolving around BiggerBang)
Invader2B: 190 HP (Revolving around BiggerBang)

100% Solar

Red.EXE: 220HP (Casing Destroyed)
Myun.SP: 115HP
"Deletion confirmed~!" Red cheerfully cried out, placing her BambooKnife in her mouth for what came next.

"Alright! Let's go all out! Take out the big boss first! Everything else will be small fry compared to that!" Shin called out.

"Rohgah!" Red managed to sound out as her knife handle occupied her mouth. Breathing in through her nose, the red-caped wonder rolled out a comically giant hammer from her picnic basket, and quickly spun around with full-force, hitting anything in the immediate vicinity.

"Taykuh dis!" Red cried out, using the centrifugal force from her spin to launch the hammer straight at the BiggerBang, though the distance wasn't really much of a gap, hoping it would collide with the darn thing.

Myun rushed in at this very moment, letting out a flurry of strikes from her fists and ears at the gravity virus, before moving around it and delivering a powerful uppercut at the virus. She gave a thumbs up to Red to look cool, and her owner cheerfully returned the gesture.

"Alright, Myun! Hi-five~!" Red proposed, reaching out toward Myun...

...before a Fishy head assembled itself onto her outstretch hand.


Without any warning, Red barreled toward the Invader viruses while screaming in confusion, probably impacting with them, and then rolling toward Myun like a bowling pin that just got striked out.

"Aaaah~ The world's spinning~" Red commented in a daze. A barrier of Honeycombs set themselves up around her but maybe that wouldn't be enough???

-Splice over-
4. HammerToss2 at BiggerBang [60 DMG + Break + Spin Attack / 120 DMG + Break]

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Passive Movement into Melee Range of BiggerBang
*Rhythm Boxing to BiggerBang [2x10 DMG]
1. Attack BiggerBang [50 DMG + Break]
2. Attack BiggerBang [50 DMG + Break]
*Gatling Attack to BiggerBang [50 DMG + Break]
3. Dodge

5. DashAttack1 at Invader Group [90 DMG + Impact + LineAttack(5) + Movement]
*Movement: Pass through Invader Group toward Myun
6. RiskyHoney1 [1-Hit [color=green]Wood[/color] Element Shield + Riposte(10 Wood DMG x 5 hits + Homing): On Hit]
Continuing her assault as the momentum carried her, Red brought out the big guns in the form of a large heavy ball and chain, giving a quick spin round and round. This happened to smack right against both Invaders as they orbited around the large planetoid virus, only to finally release it, slamming that hammer right into the large central virus.

Little bunny wasn't too far behind as it rushed into combat with all the bravery it has become known for, and let loose a flurry of attacks that quite literally started to pound the giant planet into dust. Though with a final act it seems one of those orbiting stones looped around to try and smack the bunny, luckily she saw it coming and ducked out of the way.

Each virus seemed ready and willing to launch an all-out attack upon the pair, but just as sights had been set, their orbit failed, and each fell to the solar panels below, giving a temporary shock that threw off any hopes of attacking.

A result that Red quickly took advantage of as she dashed through the wave of surprised enemies, smashing through Satellites and Alien both in turn, the third just happening to be just too far away.

Ending her turn with a calling up of her sticky honeycomb safeguard, something that would turn out to be a true use as finally viruses got their acts together, aliens sent out beams of powerful energy, the first of which was easily deflected by the Honeycomb shield that triggered a counter attack in the form of 5 groups of bees. The first seemed to get cut down by the rebounding beam, but the last four easily overtook the first virus, deleting it with what had to have been painful stings.

The second beam wasn't so easily deflected however and not only struck Red head on (-50), but bounced off towards the bunny's direction as well, fortunately the beam sailed overhead, disappearing into the distance.

Floating Planet n' Orbits
BiggerBang: Deleted
BlueUFO: Deleted
Satellite2A: 110 HP [Solar]
Satellite2B: 90 HP [Solar]
Invader2A: Deleted
Invader2B: 130 HP

100% Solar

Red.EXE: 170HP
Myun.SP: 75HP