BugFrag Trader

In the corner of the usually happy and bright café, sits the strange, corrupted, broken and sinister looking machine that is the BugFrag Trader, with a small picture of a bug fragment and three buttons beside the numbers 200, 350 and 500.

How to use: Insert the desired number of Bug Fragments into the trader and out will pop a random battlechip based on the number you give.
((From => The navi shop))

A small detour before heading out to the bounty shop led Courser instead to stop over briefly in the nearby cyber cafe. His focus was drawn to the peculiar machine that occupied one corner and he checked his resources briefly. He wasn't yet sold on the idea of making one of his decoys tangibly real enough to have its own thoughts. Things were confusing enough already while it was just him, and Jenny might appreciate a freebie chip to balance out him buying a couple of extra updates on his own. He wandered over to the machine and examined the buttons, then crystallised a portion of their frag horde and gave it to the device.

((Spending: 500 Frags for the third tier option.))
Loading the crystalized bug fragments into the machine in front of him and starting it up, Courser would soon listen to a loud windup noise in front of him, light shakes from the machine's likely first use in gods know how long, as it did it's duty. Before long, a crystalized essence of chip data would come down with a thunk in the receptacle below, the picture of a fearsome totem virus on the front of it.

Courser get: Totem3HP: 100
Properties: Anchored, Element Shift
Object Damage: 100 + Impact
Damage Method: Telekinesis
Attack Damage: 180 Fire + Line Attack (3) / Healing 90
Accuracy: A / S
Description: Summons a Totem to breath fire and heal you. Attacks once per turn, and switches faces when hit.
Duration: 3 turns, or until destroyed.
Element: Fire / Wood
Special: Element Shift: This Object alternates between Fire element when Attacking and Wood element when Healing.
Trader Rank: B

Courser lose: 500 Bugfrags
His eyebrows lifted for a moment as he examined the output from the machine. A strong chip, and one that would fit in with much of his preferred style as well. That was convenient. Might be worth saving up for more attempts later. He glanced around the cafe and pocketed the chip data, then got back to his actual errands.

((To => The Bounty Shop))