Looking for Babes

Soulman appeared in the Onsen network. Now decked out in a purple speedo. While his normal suit was comfy, it sure wasn't something you wore in the bath. As he looked around, he noticed he was alone.

"Aw... no girls here..." he sighed as he sank into the water.
Ayumi beamed onto the net, a swirl of yellow Daisy petals signifying her arrival in the onsen. She was still in her normal body suit, and much to her dismay, there didn't seem to be any place private to change into her swimsuit. She quickly looked around, and not noticing anyone, activated her bikini.gmo. The body suit quickly faded to reveal a bright yellow bikini, with black around the edges and black tie straps.

Still thinking she was alone, she began stretching a bit, first her upper body, then her thighs and butt. She made sure she was as stretched as possible before hitting the hot spring, slowly lowering herself into the warm water and laying her head against the side of the pool. She lowered her head farther, until just her nose and the top of her head was above the water. She closed her eyes and let out a long breath under the water, enjoying her first time to relax in a long while.
Soulman floated facedown in the water. He was bored. Hearing a noise, he lifted his face out of the water, just as a blonde navi logged in.

Well, this is interesting, though I must admit, I'm a bit disappointed she seems to still be wearing a normal navi suit. he thought to himself. She then shifted into a bathing suit, flooring Soulman, Holy crap! She just changed right there! I mean, it wasn't like she got naked, but still. I better go introduce myself before some other guy comes along and steals my chance. Soulman started to get up, but then immediately shot back down as she began stretching. He moved closer, hiding behind a rock, W-wow... this certainly was worth the trip. Okay, she's finished, so I better go over and.... damn! If I go over now, she'll know I was watching. I'll go up, she'll call me a pervert, I'll get slapped, crash back into the water, and then she'll climb out and probably electrocute me by sending a Magbolt or something into the pool. Damn it! Not being able to contain his frustration, he submerged his head, let his shouting be absorbed by the water. He then sat up, sitting quietly with his arms crossed. Then, as an afterthought, he crossed his legs as well.
Ayumi opened her eyes and raised her head slightly. She had a bewildered look on her face, and she sat like that for a moment before settling back to how she was. "I swear I head something that sounded like someone yelling there... must be my imagination..." she thought to herself.

A few minutes later, she raised herself up enough so that she could lay her arms on the rocks behind her, tilting her head back to lay it on the rocks, looking upwards. Her bust was only partly covered by the water, as she let out a long and relaxed sigh. She complained out loud to the ceiling. "I wish I got to do this more often. Stupid Leon and his never ending errands."

She rolled her head back and forth, stretching her neck out some more.
Soulman looked over at the girl again. It seemed as though she was relaxing. Enough time had passed now that he could probably approach her, but right now probably wasn't a good time to stand up. Now that he thought about it, if he suddenly appeared out of the mist, he might appear threatening anyway. Well, it seemed like the best idea for him to act like he had just noticed. Better yet, pretend he didn't even fully know she was there. Ah yes, it was the perfect plan... maybe.

"Eh? Someone else in here?" he called out, trying to sound unsure.
Ayumi jumped slightly at the sound of someone else in the hot spring, letting out a small "eep!" as she sunk to her shoulders in the water. She scanned the hot spring for signs of another navi, and when she couldn't find them, she thought to herself "I swear I heard someone a second ago..."

She decided to reply, but since she wasn't sure who it was or where they were, she sounded completely confused. "Um... hello... I guess...? Who's there?"
"Yo. Just some random navi, trying to relax." Soulman said. Hmmm... would it be presumpsious to ask her if she wanted company? Oh well, what the hell, "So... um, mind if I join you?"
"oUh... um... I guess it's okay?"

Ayumi wasn't too sure what to do in this situation. She didn't want to come off as a complete bitch, but at the same time she didn't want to spend her only chance to relax this month feeling uncomfortable around some navi she'd never met before. "I hope he's at least not a serial killer... and hopefully a good looking guy too."
With a beam of light, Capuchin materialised into the Onsen, doing a backflip as she did so and landing on a rock.

"Wow! This place looks so nice!" Capuchin said looking at herself, "Hmm, this isnt teh right outfit for this place though. Time for a change!" Activating her swimsuit GMO, Capuchin's clothing formed into a creamy white bikini top with a black bottom piece. Her tail still stayed and her pony tail as well. "Ah! This is great." She then turned around to se more people, "OH! Hello there!"
Ha ha! Now I can go over there and... oh crap. Soulman thought as he was aware of his current situation. He hadn't calmed down completely yet. Suddenly, he had a brillient idea: the butterfly storke!

"I'll be right there!" he shouted. He began to float on his stomach, using his arms and legs to propell himself forward. He got about half-way there when suddenly a monkey-like navi appeared on a rock in front of him. Tail aside, she seemed quite attractive. As he looked up at her, she switched into a swim suit as well. Two good looking, bikini clad navis in one place.... he didn't know where to look. He pushed up his suglasses to hide his reddened face, "Er... um... hello there. I.. um.. am known as... um... Soulman... I think." Remembering the other navi was waiting, he dashed forward. As he kept with his swimming technique, he stuck his head under the water, hoping to cool it off. Unfortunately, he had forgotten this was a HOT spring. As he reached the blonde navi, he immediately sat up and crossed his legs. Perhaps a speedo wasn't the best attire, "Um.. hello. M-my name is Soulman." He said, still blushing. This was all a bit too much. He glanced over to where he had seen the other navi, wondering if he'd jon them. That might be more than his simple mind could handle.
Ayumi looked up as the new navi beamed in and changed into her swimsuit. "Hello!" she said in a cheerful tone. She noticed the other navi had been on his way over as she appeared and changed in front of him. She couldn't quite make it out, but it almost looked like he was checking her out as he said something to her.

The other navi had come over and introduced himself as Soulman, with a rather embarrassed and unsure tone. She giggled slightly to herself. "I wonder if he's really that shy or if he's just pretending," she thought to herself. She took a a look at his face, instantly noticing the sunglasses in a hotspring. "Sunglasses in a hotspring? Wouldn't those just... make it hard to see fogging up all the time?" She smiled as she said this in a slightly serious yet teasing way, hoping she wouldn't be coming off as a flirt. "Anyways, I'm Ayumi. Nice to meet you."
Soulman shiftly his position a bit before responding, "I always wear them. They're almost like my trademark." He lowered the shades a bit so he could peek Ayumi and see her clearly. She was a bit.... lacking in one area, but other than that, she was hot, Crap! Don't think that! Don't think that! Of course, now that this was on a one-on-one basis, he really didn't feel as nervous, "So, do you come here often? This is my first time in the country, so I figured I'd stop by here while my netop was busy."
"I used to come here all the time, until I got a new operator. He likes to tinker with the PET and my programming a lot... so I'm usually busy being stuck in the PET and testing out whatever he's changed." She looked at him, almost expecting him to back away like she was a disease as most other navis seemed to do. "Anyways... he's a pretty good programmer and tinkerer... although I wish I had more time online to make friends and hang out. This is my first time out of the homepage for a month..."

She realized she was talking too much as usual, and quickly changed the focus to Soulman. "So um... why are you in the country then? You said its your first time right?"
Ozho, coming from ADCD net, still carrying the signs, walks by the water, where he slips and dropes all of them in while nearling falling in himself. "Just great" he says in a somewhat angry, but still dull tone.
Her words surprised Soulman. Tinker with her programming? What was she, a toy, "You poor girl...." he mumbled sadly, looking at the water sadly. In his emotional state, he forgot about his position and uncrossed his legs, "We're here on vaction right now, but knowing my netop, we might stay."
Ayumi jumped as the signs fell in the water and made a loud splash. "What was that all about?" she said as she looked over to where it had happened. "I guess we should go get those out so they don't leak the ink into the water or something..."

She stood up, the water running off her smooth skin quite easily. She waded over to where the signs had dropped in and picked a few out, placing them on the rocks near the edge of the pool. "Good thing you didn't fall and hit your head or anything" she said to the obviously flustered navi.
Signs? Perfect. Soulman swam over grabbing one and then stood up. He held it just above his waist, "So, where do you want this?" he asked. He gulped as he saw the water trickling over Ayumi's body. She was beautiful and so willing to help others. She was an angel. Soulman almost cried with joy and he had to remind himself to be aware of where he held the sign.
He looks at the two navi, intreged at the fact that they are getting the signs out without being asked to. He respons in a low, cheerful manner, "for all I could know, not getting hit in the head could have been bad, just put the signs on the ground out of the water." Ozho picks one of the up, presses something on the back, then a 3 foot post shoots out from under it, he lines it up to the ground, picks up a nice sized rock, and begains to pound it into the ground.
Soulman watched the navi, then followed his example. Jumping back in the water quickly, submerging his lower half, he waded over to Ayumi, "So, you need any help? I can show you al sorts of things." He immediately realized how stupid this sounded.
"All sorts of thing?" Ayumi echoed jokingly. "Well, I haven't gone busting in a long time, so I'd be a bit rusty there..." She played it off like she hadn't noticed his obvious attempt to hit on her. "I don't really feel like doing any hard work right now though. I'd rather just pamper myself and enjoy my day out, you know?" She looked around the area, and much to her dismay, didn't see a place to go get a net massage or to go tan. "I wish they had a full spa here... not just the hot spring."

She tilted her head and turned to Soulman. "So, where are you from then? I'm originally from ACDC, but my current netop lives in Electown."