Well, to put it simply...

Pally gave us a little gift before he left R&D in favor of working on the plot.

After a (small) bit of (incredibly lazy) tweaking, we've decided to implement it.

List of changes
X-Hit Barriers: KILLED IT DEAD
Passive Sigs: Can now be turned on and off at will.
Stacking Clause: KILLED IT DEAD
Poison: Removed
Regen: Removed
Rapid Poison: Removed
Charged Regen: Removed
Empower: Removed
Strengthen: Changed to 1:1 ratio
Zombie Nerf: Removed
Stun: Clarified and Nerfed.
Freeze: Modified
Disarm: Added
Blast #: Added
Spliced Terrain Change: Added
NC Resistance: Clarified.
NC Immunity: Cost increased to 60 from 40.
Folder Resistance: Clarified.
Folder Immunity: Cost increased to 60 from 40.
Sig Resistance: Clarified.
Sig Immunity: Cost increased to 60 from 40.
Buster Resistance: Clarified.
Buster Immunity: Cost increased to 60 from 40.
Tac Movement: Replaced with Movement.
Sleep: Clarified for RP purposes.
Burrow: Moved into the Free Action section, where it belongs.
Submerge: Moved into the Free Action section, where it belongs.


There are a few things we're still working on, but this has been approved for implementation... so yeah.

...And besides, I'm sure all of you will be as happy as I am that we finally KILLED THE STACKING CLAUSE DEAD.

Check the Sig Attack Effects list in the rules section for more details.

PS: If these changes break any of your sigs, you may continue to use them as normal until you jack out. Then you may (FOR FREE OMGZ) use the points you placed into the broken sigs to register whatever sigs you like.

For anyone worried about their Regen sigs, fear not, you can still heal each turn at a rate of 15 HP per 20 points spent. To simulate Regen, all that is needed is to specify that it heals X HP per action taken during a turn.

Same deal with Poison. The damage can be chopped up to work as X damage per action as you like.

For Empower, just use Strengthen and have the power divided up among actions as you see fit. It's actually more flexible than Empower was.

Just know that you can get the same effects with what you have now. I'll be starting an Advanced Effect Building Guide to help you out with this, and anyone can contribute to it.

You'll be surprised at just what your Navis are really capable of with the new tables.
Just a quick note: Freeze is now back, with a new effect. It's on the list for those who are curious.