Hello everyone; It's me again, Rose!

Anyway, I have an interesting offer to make, that I want to get done with in a hurry.

So it's first come, first serve.

I'm offering up a single Ringlog1 chip for any other chip and 140 zenny.

I just want the cash right now. Any battle chip is fine. I'll accept the first qualifying offer made.

Thanks for reading this. Thanks even more if you consider making an offer.

Hey, Rose! It's me, Sabrina. Read the post, and I attached a little something. Enjoy!~

-Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: AquaNeedle1 Battlechip data, 140z
Hey Sabrina!

Thanks a lot. Like I said, first come first serve, any offer accepted.

This is a lot better than I expected to get. Thanks a million.

You're the best!


[Attached: RingLog1 Battlechip]
Nice to see things working out for you both!

Sabrina GET: RingLog1
Sabrina LOSE: AquaNeedle1, 140z

Rose GET: AquaNeedle1, 140z
Rose LOSE: RingLog1


Thanks, LinkMan! Thanks, Sabrina!

Your help is really appreciated.

No prob! Any time!~

-Sabrina Jetto