Rose's Chips

Hello there, all you people looking for chips! My name's Rose Dunrae.

Basically, I recently decided that I wanted my Navi's folder to follow his theme. He's basically a summoner, so I figured that "Object" class chips would do well.

So, I'm looking for "Object" class chips. Or zenny, since I could use it to get what I want too. And I'm willing to offer up most of the chips that I have, though I need to keep a few in my folder until I find enough theme-chips to fill it.

So, I'll tell you what I have and what I'm most willing to part with, I guess.

I have:
1 Shotgun
1 Cannon
2 1 HiCannon
3 2 Guard1s
2 Ringlog
1 Recov10
1 Sword
1 Dash Attack
1 Heatshot
1 Cactball
1 ElecKnife
1 Quake1

So, other than that, I'll take you're offers and tell you what I think of them.

Thank you all very much, I greatly appreciate it.
~Rose Dunrae
I offer 600z for your Guard1.
Or I could trade a RiskyHoney1 for it, whichever you prefer.

-Fujiwara Shin.
Hey there Shin, this is Rose. You're my first customer, So, Thanks!

Since the RiskyHoney doesn't really get me any closer to achieving my goal theme, I think I'd rather have the 600 zenny, if you don't mind.

So, if you're cool with this trade to, then let's do it.

~Rose Dunrae

[Attached: Guard1]
I've got a TimeBomb1 I never use. Any way you'd trade your DashAttack for it?

-Sabrina Jetto
I am the bone of my sword.


[Attached: 600z]
Er- Soryu? Linkman? Anybody there?

I find it depressing how many people come here to buy chips here rather than my shop.


Rose GET: 600z
Shin GET: Guard1
Sorry about that Soryu, sometimes I find more of what I'm looking for here rather than at your house.

Anyway, much obliged Miss Dunrae.

-Fujiwara Shin
So, uh, I made you an offer a few days ago. But I guess you missed it or something. I'll copy and paste it for ya:

Quote ()

I've got a TimeBomb1 I never use. Any way you'd trade your DashAttack for it?

-Sabrina Jetto

The offer still stands, so if you're interested, let me know.

-Sabrina Jetto
Hey Sabrina! Sorry, I guess I sort of missed this. Well anyways, thanks for coming.

I'm really interested in that TimeBomb1 that you have, however, I really like my Dash Attack chip, and since it's one of my two melee type chips, and probably my most valuable chip, it's hard to let go of.

So I'm having a little difficulty making up my mind about this trade. I'm not very good at this whole "appraisal" thing, but is there any chance you'd either trade away that Timebomb1 for something else, or throw something else in on your side, like maybe a small amount of zenny? Even if it's very little, just having that zenny there, I think, would make me feel like I was getting a good deal.

So I'm sorry to pester you, and I'm sure the offer you gave up is very valid, but I'm hoping to make the most of what I have so I'm hoping you'd be willing to make it nicer for me.

However, since I do agree that your trade sounds fair to me, if you don't think changing the deal at all is fair, that's fine (I mean, as I said before, I don't know much about these chips' value, so for all I know, the offer as it stands now is a huge deal for me). If so, just say the word and I'll accept the deal as it stands.


P.S. However we perform this trade, you're my second customer, so thanks for showing initiative and coming here.
Well, sorry, but there's nothing else on that list I'd trade TimeBomb1 for, since you wouldn't give up that AquaBalloon (I love Aqua chips). But I know the feeling, so even though I'm kinda saving for something, I'll add a little zenny. Does 500z sound okay?

-Sabrina Jetto
Hello again, Sabrina,

Sure, 500 zenny sounds great. You're the best, you know. Thank you so much for coming.

And sorry, but I really do want to hang onto that AquaBalloon, since it fits my object theme. If I had another aqua chip I'd give it up, but this one works too well for me. Tell you what; if I ever find another one of those AquaBalloon chips, I'll give it to you. And that's a deal (assuming I can find you again after finding it).

So, assuming everything is all well and good, I'll see the trade through now.


[Attached: Dash Attack]
Well, I dunno if I'm the best...and you don't have to do that, with the AquaBalloon. I mean, it'd be nice, but...well, unless you really, REALLY want to, it's not necessary or anything. Thanks for the offer, though!

But if you got it somewhere on the Net, you could tell me where you got it...

-Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: TimeBomb1 battlechip data, 500z
Hey Sabrina,

Well, you're being nice with this deal, and its a fact, so why not be nice on a gamble. I mean, I can't be certain I'll get another one, but if I do, and you still need one, then it's all yours.

Oh yeah, I remember where we got it, too, because it wasn't too long ago. It was ElectownNet. And based on the enemies we were fighting, the one that probably gave it to use was that little bluish octopus guy, whatever he's called. (Although, that's the only one I remember right now anyways, I guess my memory of that battle isn't doing to well.)

Well, if you do decide to look for it, happy hunting. If you want anymore info (though I don't think I could tell you anything else really, short of showing you the area I was busting in) feel free to drop me a line at

Hope my Dash Attack serves you well, I'm sure that Timebomb will help me out.


EDIT: Oh yeah, I just remembered what's it's called. It was an Octon. So that should help if you're looking for it.
ElecTown, huh? That's actually where I am right now, but I think I'm going to wait on trying to get one for a little while. I mean, it's got a lot of Elec viruses, and I have an Aqua Navi...and yep, that's sorta why I like Aqua chips so much.

And yeah, enjoy TimeBomb1. I think you're gonna get way more out of it than I did. And DashAttack sounds like a really fun chip, too. Can't wait to try it!

-Sabrina Jetto
This sounds... kind of questionable on the fairness, but nobody else did anything sooo...


Rose LOSE: Dash Attack. GET: Timebomb1, 500z.
Sabrina LOSE: Timebomb1. GET: Dash Attack.
LinkMan: ...Uh, okay?

Rose: Hi, I've got another Object chip freed up, and you're looking for them, so...yeah. It's just a Wind, though. Are you interested in it at all? If you are, make an offer!

-Sabrina Jetto
Hello again Sabrina,

Actually, I'm very interested in getting a Wind chip. However like I said before, I'm not very good at this whole appraisal deal so I don't know what offer would be fair.

How does a HiCannon and 200 zenny sound?

Well, If that's no good, feel free to suggest something better. I'm really not very good at this.

All right, I'll post out the math for this, at least the way I see it.

Hi-Cannon is sold at the ACDC Chip Shop for 1500z. It's a decent chip with decent power, but it's nothing really special. I know because I already have one. But, used chips usually go for less than what shops sell them for. So, that'd leave it at probably 1100z-1300z. I'll call it 1200z.

I personally would put Wind at, oh, let's say 1400z. It can be useful at really random (and sometimes important) times, but sometimes it can be absolutely worthless. Of course, it's used too, so...uh, about 1100-1200z, I think. Math isn't really my best subject...

So, going by that, they're about equal. So, I think we can do a straight-up chip for chip trade. Since that's better for you than your own offer since you don't have to give up cash...I'll go ahead and attach it, okay?

-Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: Wind battlechip data

Hey, thanks. That's actually pretty cool of you, both explaining it and offering a better deal for me. I mean, you could've just taken it. It's nice to know that there are nice people like you out there on the Net, not just a bunch of self-interested opportunists.

So, since it seems that it's ok with you, I'll just attach the chip then.

Again, thank you very much.


[ATTACHED: HiCannon]