Trading guns for sword/recovery

i want to get rid of my two cannons,a heatshot and shotgun. Anyone willing to trade them for a recovery/sword chip? You don't have to trade all of my chips, you can also trade only my canon or shotgun with me. ^^
I do have rageclaw. I haven't used it so its in good shape. I'll trade it for your heatshot.

That is if you want it....
Waiiit a tic, you're the same little whipper that traded that Rageclaw to me! You know, for the Energybomb! You little snip!

-Silas Lemrock-

<(Dude, you traded that Rageclaw to me. You can't trade it to anyone else unless you withdraw it in your other thread)>
((Phoenix, what on earth are you talking about? You traded that Energybomb to completely different user.))
<(Sorry, got mixed up. Continue, pretend that that post was never there, etc etc etc. Kay? Sorry again.)>
Ok, let's trade!!

Quote (Rave)

Ok, let's trade!!

Okay. Thank you for trading!
Woah, woah, woah! Seems a trade went down here without my authorization. Don't force me to remind you of my powers as administator of this trade board.

Cal<--- Heatshot

Don't let it happen again, okay?