Trading chips (cannon, shotgun, markcannon1)

Heya people! I'd like to trade in some of my chips that my navi refuses to use. We accept payment in Z, recovery/barrier/melee chips, and charge+1/Attack+1 navicusts, and any combinations of the aforementioned.

- Sieg

I just want to get rid of them, so I don't mind if the deal is mostly in your favor.

- Valkyrie

attached: cannon, shotgun, markcannon1
Care for a ragecalw for the cannon and markcannon?

- Well I already have one, and its also "permanent" so to say... and the trade doesn't seem good enough from my side at all... sorry

- Sieg
Alright, then sorry for asking then
What would you be willing to trade for a Sword?

And what would it take in the way of additional Zenny to close the trade with all 3 chips?

- Jared (Via mad Net programming skills)
A MarkCannon!? How much you want for that? I'm talking in terms of Zenny, of course.
I only have 500z right now, but after this battle I'll have more. Maybe even a chip to barter.

Don't go spending all our Net fund on a single chip...

<Swift and Gunner.EXE>
@Gunner&Swift: Hmph, the chip is a lot more powerful than a normal cannon. I think if I say a price around 2000Z I'm being generous. If you have a spare charge+1, I'd also accept that as payment instead of Z.

@Jared: Well another sword would come in handy I guess. Considering the retail prices, I'd probably give the cannon and a shotgun for the sword and 500Z. As I said, the markcannon is an extra 2000Z.

- Sieg

I'll have to pass for the moment, things are getting interesting over here.

- Jared (logged out)
Humm... At the moment, we do not have 2000z or a Charge +1 part that we're willing to barter. Sorry, but Ill have to withdraw from the deal, at least for now. Thanks anyway.

<Swift and Gunner.EXE>
i'm willing to trade my charge+1 NCP with your battlechips....

charge+1 NCP + 350zenny + rageclaw/guard <> cannon, markcannon, shotgun


charge+1 NCP <> cannon, markcannon


*Arbalest.exe is somewhere in a portal*
It seems I won't strike a deal if I don't go lower...

I accept your first offer Arch.

charge+1 NCP + 350zenny + guard


cannon, markcannon1, shotgun

If someone has a better one, hurry up!


attached: Markcannon1, cannon, shotgun
okay...give me a sec. I need to uninstall charge+1 NCP....


- Arch

Attached items: charge+1 NCP + 350zenny + guard
Okay then, Persephone, would you commence the trade?

- Sieg

Somebody's rearranging the armory today.

Sieg<----- Charge +1, Guard, 350 zenny
Arch<----- Markcannon1, Cannon, Shotgun

Massive trades seem to be afoot. Enjoy your chips, navicust programs, zenny...