Hello, future Counterinfectualists! I'm here to offer you the chance of a lifetime: three beautiful, young two-out-of-three beautiful and all young ladies are waiting to meet YOU! That's right: for a limited time, team up with Exorcist, the star disciple of Counterinfectualism, and her fellow devotees. We'll help you through a mission, making life easier for you and all the while giving you exciting tips on opportunities you have to better serve humanity. You sit back and earn whatever you want the GNA to give you while my girls help you out with the hard stuff! Sounds good, riiiight?

~Burt J. Blanchard

((Waiting for MC))
Isn't this more like a personals' ad than a request to team up? creeeeeeepy. Reminds me of that one case...

Anonymous, I'm reasonably sure no one cares of your opinion, especially since you appear to be too much of a coward to state your actual name. But that's not why I'm posting. My Navi, SharpMan, seems intrigued by this...opportunity, and would like to request a team up.

- Hector Guerrero
Very good! We'd be happy to meet up with him. Now, what sort of mission prize is your navi interested in? Besides this lovely opportunity itself, of course!

~Burt J. Blanchard
Our mission reward will be simple: a Support Program base.

- Hector Guerrero
Alright, it's ready! I'm sending you the mission coordinates right now. I think there's a farm with some corn or something... maybe some viruses to kill. The perfect background for discussing Counterinfectualism! Exorcist will see you there!

~Burt J. Blanchard

*LOCATION.DAT attached*
As will SharpMan.

- Hector Guerrero