Need some help

So, the comps at my workplace in ACDC seem to be heavily infested with viruses. My colleagues told me to just wait for the officials, but I need the money I earn there, and the officials are flooded with requests anyway. If anyone is interested in some busting, I've attached the directions to this post. There is no payment, aside from what we get from the normal busting, though.

- Sieg

I'd do it myself, but my operator needs it done quickly; I'll share the glory with you this one time.

- Valkyrie.exe

attached: officemap.png
i'll come help you, i need to get into some virus busting anyways.
We took care of the first wave put there is still a lot more in here... You can still join the fray if you want.

- Sieg
We could use some help (again). Sieg entered me in planeswalker event at the Colosseum, and wants me to ask anyone that reads this to join. I don't know why he wants me to do that, when the registration clearly states that one person is enough though....

- Valkyrie
if you don't mind, i would put her in your team, she wants to be freinds with you.

*Nikko.exe is curently virus busting alone in yoka*
Fine by me. Try not to get in my way this time.


Excuse her, she is not in a good mood right now.

There is place for 3 people in one team, so anyone else up to the challange?

I am sorry to say this you two but....this could take a little while, we have net police and Nikko's fighting them....i knew i shouldn't have used that regen40.

*as timmy said Nikko is fighting against the Netpolice, one that looks like a runt and he has teo dolls that look like navis*
There are currently no Net Police units deployed at your location. You are mistaken.

~ Net Police Public Representative i'm not mistaken.....this VisorNavi attacked Nikko after we finished out last fight...after i used the Regen40.....not even giving us a chance to refresh our a look at the data then. this is live video feed from my present location where my Navi is fighting at.

attached:live video of curent battle
VisorNavis are not a part of the standard units of the Net Police Force. If you are engaged in battle against one then you have breached your contractual obligations as a volunteer netbattler.

You've brought this upon yourself.

~ Net Police Public Representative
damn it.....this does not look good....
The Colosseum has reopened, so I guess, we can get this started, finally. Anyone else interested? There is still one spot left in our team.

- Sieg

You better be strong if you join us. Should you prove to be a hindrance... I will let you fill that part for yourself.

- Vaalkyrie