Introducing Zylaen


Hello there, I am Zylaen, the boy who moved to ACDC last week, and I am the Netbattler In training. I live at the old house I moved in, which is where I play my old 8bit games on my Laptop.

Oh yeah, One more thing before I stop Introducing... ... ... ... Okay, I don't have one more thing, so anyways hi.
Welcome to the communtity.
Hey, welcome. I'm into 8bit games a bit myself... I'm not allowed to play a lot of the newer games that come out, besides. My parents don't really want me getting into them, it seems... Anyway, looking forward to seeing you when I'm in ACDC. Travel currently has me in Yoka.

Hey, man, welcome to the ranks of us Netbattlers. Here's wishing you many a happy voyage into the Net.
It's good to see some people still like those old relics. 8-bit games have something games today lack. Especially the Lightman series... Lightman 2 is one of the most widely celebrated 8-bit games out there.

Yeah, hi. Always good to see some new blood.

<Swift and Gunner.EXE>

((Care to guess what Lightman 2 is? ;D))
HEY!!!...idunno what to sa y

i also came to acdc like a few week ago. so i guess were in the same league eh?

see you some times in the town!!

This is Alphonse.EXE speaking...*sigh* I should put a sign on him to say that he has a grammar error in his mids...anyways. Welcome to ACDC town, Zylaen. Yes, just like my operator said, we've moved here few weeks ago and still getting use to the society. If you are in need of a help or an accompany, please visit the CDCA Apartment area and check for room number 7.

Please enjoy your time in ACDC

Well, then, another youngster moving into ACDC, eh? Well, a great many sorries for not introducing myself, I'm Silas. I also recently moved here from faraway Nation Z. I guess it was finally time for me to retire from the military, heh heh heh. I'm in one of those three big ol' apartment buildings you can see from the park, I forgot which, and I'm on the penthouse, don't know what number, though. I really ought to check someday.

Well, a happy welcome to you, Zylaen, and I bid you goodbye.

-Silas Lemrock, age 64-

-Raven.EXE is currently unavailable for comment-

-Yeah, I like the 8bit puzzle games like the Puzzle Wars 2, Now that's my favorite puzzle game. I wonder who will challenge me to the game of Puzzle Wars 2. Of couse this game lets me play up to 2 players.
8 bit games? Well, I happen to sell old and new games and other electronics at my shop in ADCD....when it opens in three days. Anyway, names Alexander, nice to meet you.