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Good evening,
I'm MachMan.EXE, recent recruit to the great Neo Shogunate. I don't really know that much about our organization and would like to learn more, but I'm not sure who I should direct my questions to. I am not currently occupied with anything, so I can meet wherever you would like. Thank you and have a good day.


MachMan.EXE (MkII)

Thank you for choosing to learn more about our organization. We are thankful for your allegiance and would like you to fully understand the vision and principles of our great Shogun. Allow me to pass on to you the guidance that we soldiers receive:

The "Neo" in the name of our Shogun helps emphasize the "newness" of the order that he wishes to create. The net, in its history, has never experienced order. What is not unconquerable and vast is heavily fragmented with factional, government, and corporate control. Each of these sides resists the great union that our Shogun envisions. Union through empire is the driving motivation of the Shogun. The net should not be a place where a man ventures into an uncharted world of viruses. One should not worry about treading on the toes of a police force with self-given authority, nor being intimidated by an underground mafia, nor fearing the motivations of a corporation with private interests. In the end, for all motivations to be satisfied, all navis must have a common goal in maintaining the Neo-Shogun Empire, which must grow to encompass the entirety of the net.

This is the creed that leads us to serve both our generals and our Shogun. Please accept it into your heart as well and continue to serve him as a Subordinate!

Do you have an e-mail link? I can grant you additional information if you will provide me with one.

-A Concerned Soldier
Fellow Soldier,
Thank you for enlightening me with the NeoShogunate doctrine and overall goal. I hope to understand more, and to help achieve this goal of net unification. However, I have received information pertaining to previous activities of the NS, and wish to investigate to determine the validity of this info. My email address is attached.

MachMan.EXE (MkII)

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