The Great Viral Purge - Regroup

Quote (NetPolice)

"Welcome to the NetSquare!" A female voice whispers as you step out of the portal, into a dazzling landscape.

The first thing you notice is that this place is huge. The second... well, that the NetSquare is actually paradoxically a giant circle. At the edges of the circle are portals like the one you just stepped out of, with a symbol of the Net that they connect to.

In the center is where the fun is. Normally, there are people marketing goods, showing off, or just plain socializing.

Welcome to the NetSquare indeed. Make yourself at home.

Hopefully everyone made it back from the darkness of Netopia.
Sparks sent a comm link to sector c.
comm link:"We are retreating... Sorry bro."
With fiery blaze falling from above the navi entered the square, small ring of fire erupting upon the panels as she made her landing and formed within the blaze with a slow spin.

Giving soft flick of her hair Lucia started to move forward into the area, looking for her partner, and the others if they too had arrived. "This is the right place right master?"

"Yes Lucia, SINNBAD should be here waiting for you I'm sure, we can find out what happened when we meet up with him."
"Why did we retire? Why?"

SINNBAD's exasperated voice could be heard around the corner of the nearest building, several meters to the north of the plaza. It sounded different, gruffer.

"They knew what they signed up for. We will just have to wait until they arrive to explain what happened."

Destin's voice came through. SINN sighed.

"... I guess you're right. I just hate being idle when there is more adventure to be had."
"I don't know master, it just seems strange that we suddenly are told to leave, I don't like it. What if something happened to.." Lucia cut herself off mid-sentence when she heard a familiar voice near by.

Skipping softly along the network panels as she rounds the corner in time to hear a sigh and the last of SINN's statement.

"Oh, there you are. You ran off so quickly, I was surprised. So whats going on? Is the mission over, did we win?"
Lucia and her operator suddenly saw a different navi from the knightly one they had known. This one was roguish, but still charming. His outfit consisted of a loose-fitting, dark colored doublet and a pair of leather breeches over a linen undersuit, topped off with gloves and boots. It all seemed to be made out of medium weight, waterproof materials. The navi's hat, a version of the Tricorn design, sports a few large feathers that droop down behind him like a ponytail. His navi symbol had the same two concentric rings of broken grayish lines of SINNBAD. The symbol appeared once more as a badge on the left side of his chest. Inscribed on his doublet.

His skin was like his operators, a semi-tan, pinkish-white. All that Lucia saw before of SINNBAD was his face when his helmet's visor was up. His face was still the same face she knew, but it was somehow gruffer and less refined. And she could also see parts of his arms and legs. The navi's hair, now visible under the hat, was the same light cloudy-gray as his eyes. A long rifle hung on a strap, diagonally across his back.

The navi and operator listened to her questions before answering. SINN seemed to almost seethe. Destin was the first to answer.

"No. It se-"

"We lost."

SINN interrupted. Destin continued after a moment.

"I don't know the details yet, but any number of things could have happened. We just have to wait until they show up to explain. I'm also going t-"

"You mean I have to."

"Return the V-Eliminators and try a different route. Regardless of how we lost, the viruses will repopulate. Perhaps even decide t-"

"Consume the surrounding Network in their filth."

"Right. So I think we'll need to find somewhere we can use as a base in Netopia to keep an eye on that dark part. Organize and train a fighting force, since it seems to be too much for us at the moment."

"Then go back and finish the job."

SINNBAD stated as he pounded his right fist into his open left palm.
Blazeman teleported to the open group.

"Hey guys. I was just posting a mission for me and Sparks, a little re-do. So whats new with you guys?" Blazeman asked.
Before Lucia could respond:

Quote (Pikaman X)

Blazeman teleported to the open group.

"Hey guys. I was just posting a mission for me and Sparks, a little re-do. So whats new with you guys?" Blazeman asked.

"There they are... Well, one of them."

SINNBAD noticed Blazeman to the side of him and Lucia. Destin's window appeared a foot or so over and slightly behind SINN's head.

"What happened with your group? All I got was a message from Sparks that you guys were retreating."
Blazeman explained the whole story.

"Well, Sparks tried to hit a Beetank, but since the two looked alike, he didn't notice the green aura on one of them, and he hit the spawn one. Suddenly, that one was deleted, and the green aura was left behind. The green aura was able to move, and attack with a powerful green bomb that gave me this." Pikaman said, as he showed a broken leg.

"We attacked it, but it was no good, so we decided to get the heck out of there."
As Lucia rounded that corner she couldn't help but blink in surprise. It sounded like her knight, the face was right, but the rest of him was so.. different. Stepping closer she'd slowly making a quick glance around him, stepping this way and that, almost inspecting him from head to toe. Even so much as to rise upon her toes and fluff the feathers hanging from that strange new cap.

"You look so different mister knight, I didn't know your armor came off too. Oop sorry, please go on!" Her comment came just as she heard Destin start to answer and the navi cut in, several times. So for now she'd step back and listen quietly as the two spoke for one another.

"Lucia, Stay and play night, I believe I'll go look about some upgrades.."

"Yes master!" Still navi listened to the two of them and their short exchange, until finally a third of their party arrived, wrinkling her nose when she realized just who it was, the fiery little navi walked over to eye him curiously. "You probably did something naughty didn't you, Where is the other guy?"
Lucia became fascinated with SINNBAD's new appearance. Vincent left shortly after the two navis met up, leaving Lucia to talk to SINNBAD and Destin. Then Blazeman came in and began to answer Destin's question.

So SINNBAD, Lucia, and Destin listened to Blazeman's story. SINN and Destin both frowned thoughtfully as he talked about the green viral light being a handful. Either of the two might have spoken then, but Lucia asked one of the big questions: where was Sparks? The question of where Sparks and his operator were was a good question. So everyone waited for Blazeman to answer.
"Sorry, all I remember is me and Sparks getting away. I had enough power to jack out, but Sparks didn't. I dunno where he was. And blame Cole for making me jack out with no Sparks." Blazeman said.
"Well, if you find Sparks again, tell him that SINN and I are heading back to Netopia. I have been searching the Net and have found some articles on a preponderance of ruins and ancient forts. If we can find one in good condition, we can use it as a base of operations. I plan on eventually finishing the job we failed today.

Blazeman, you may go about whatever business you wish. Go on that mission. I'll give everyone a call when I find what I am looking for."

Destin stated to the group of navis. SINNBAD turned to Lucia.

"Will you join us Lucia?"
Lucia watched the two talk, before shifting from one foot's toes to the other, balancing idly as they spoke. Though when SINN's opperator started to speak she shifted softly upon her feet and bounced alittle. "Ah.. master? Come back? Er.."

The little fiery navi sighed softly and murmured softly about her owner leaving her for to long. Still SINNBAD's question brought her back to focus.

"Er, go with you? Ah, where, to uhm, Netopia or something? I'm not sure, I mean, I had alot of fun with you! But master makes the orders." She leaned a step or so closer, whispering quietly towards the other navi, "I bet if you told him it'd make us stronger, he'd agree to go."

Quickly she took a hop back with a soft giggle, flicking her hair. "Oh yeah, is it cold there? Ugh where is he, such a lazy master sometimes!"
"We don't need to leave right away. I'm still processing the update I have received while we have been talking."

SINNBAD stated to Lucia.

"I'm also sifting through a lot of information over the best site. It will take a while. So we can wait until Vincent gets back."

Destin chimed in for a moment before going silent. SINNBAD unholstered his rifle and sat down to begin checking it.
Vincent would make his return soon enough, turning his PET's screen back on as he hm'ed softly. "Sorry for the slight delay, did I miss anything important?"

"Ah master, there you are! Uh SINNie and his master invited us to go get more strength with them in um, Netopia, that's it wasn't it?" The fiery little navi bounced on her toes softly, "Please can we go? He's fun to kill things with!"

Off in the outside world Vincent would let a soft breath pass as he tilts his head slightly. "I suppose that would be their call dear, I've some upgrades to integrate into your systems. And my next thought was to look into acquiring a Support Program for you, As having a partner in battles definately gives quite the helpful aid."
"We could always do an .SP mission together."

Destin said.

"Building up our forces is one of my goals after all."
An earthquake shook the plaza where the three navis were.

"Blaze, Lucia, SINN. Get out of there!"

Destin yelled into his PET's microphone just as a huge dark tower cast its shadow over the three navis. SINNBAD grabbed Lucia and Blazeman before EJO. They could return to their PETs after they got out.
"Lucia, do as he says, we'll check on things when the dust settles."

"Right away master!" came quick reply as navi activated her EJO system and bolted off to the skies of the net to return to her PET.