A meeting with a Titan

Seconds after being thrown through the portal, Splitman landed flat on his face while Freya landed on her feet next to him, she picked her ally up and set him on his feet. Now...where is Titan? He said to bring it here to the Net Square, now, just have to find him... she said aloud to herself, making her partner walk along side her as they began to look for Titan...would have been helpful to them if he had left them his description.
Fortunately, it turned out that a description wasn't needed, as a 20 foot NormalNavi tended to stand out in a crowd. Especially one that walked right up to the pair of Navis.

"Ah, you two must be Freya and SplitMan. I ran a background check on both of you after you accepted the mission, so I'd be able to greet you personally. I...I can't thank you two enough. To think that AbsoluteMan survived that ordeal...I fear he may have suffered some permanent damage, but I'm more than happy that he's alive...excuse me, I didn't introduce myself. My name is Titan. From the bottom of my heart program, I thank you for getting there in time." He paused slightly, as if he'd just remembered something. "Now, you did remember to acquire the black box, did you not?"
So You're titan? And, it was no problem to help out, although a bit tough, but as you can see we made it through just fine. She said before lifting her arm, black box in hand. I belive this was what we had to grab. She said, handing it to Titan.
If he was capable of it, Titan would've smiled as he accepted the box. And not just because it looked like a small die in his hand. "The box...now I can finally learn what happened..." He looked at the two Navis for a moment, as if he was trying to burn their faces into his memory. "I shall never forget this. I have packages set up for both of you. I hope you enjoy them...you've more than earned them." He present the puppet and healer with white boxes, each containing a Battlechip and...something that seemed rather formless. "I apologize that the chips aren't superb, but it was the best I could do on short notice. Thank you again...and farewell!" Titan proceeded to jack out, leaving the two Navis to their own devices...

Freya GET: SPBase.DAT, CornShot1 Battlechip data
SplitMan GET: SPBase.DAT, Candle1 Battlechip data
Freya opened the box to see the data, an SP base and a Cornshot...freya would have smiled if she could. She turned to splitman. Here's my Netop's E-mail. I'm pretty sure we're even for the battlechips now. Contact me if you want. she said, handing Splitman Jack's E-mail before jacking out.