Not Again

Pianissimo let out a sigh as he was jacked into the netsquare. "Well, might as well get this over with," he said, the annoyance clearly evident in his voice. As he looked around, he wondered why the Bird God wouldn't have recognized his operator's name. And then he realized that it probably wouldn't have seen the actual request post.

Right then, he thought, searching for the irritatingly familiar golden statue. Come on out, you oblivious god.
Before Pianissimo had even seen anything, hushed whispers and mutterings throughout the NetSquare told the professional assassin that his client was already here. "How is it flying...?", "That gold is so gaudy...", "I want one, mommy!", and so on. Yep, that could only be...

"Warrior Pianissimo! The Bird God is pleased to see you once more!" shouted the golden statue as he floated up to Pianissimo and landed on the ground. "The Bird God bets you are surprised to see that your client is the Bird God! The Bird God hoped to find a powerful warrior to assist his noble crusade, and the Bird God has faith in you! You have a limited edition figurine of the Bird God, after all! The Bird God has spoken!" Looked like that booming voice wasn't just limited to the Sky Shrine, as the Bird God shouted with total disregard for the NetSquare being a public place.


Yeah, that would be a crowd starting to gather around the Bird God. Duke and Pianissimo might want to get whatever questions they want to out of the way.
Pianissimo rolled his eyes as the Bird God Statue approached him. "Yes, it's quite a shock," he said sarcastically. "Okay, listen, I'm sure you're loving the attention you're getting here, but I'm not. What's the details of your 'noble crusade'?"
"Yes, a noble crusade!" exclaimed the Bird God in his usual repetition. "In a remote part of Electown Net's industrial district, there is a data refining factory is that is polluting my skies! This is disrespectful towards the Bird God! The refinery must be dominated as punishment!" At this point, the crowd began whispering something about Net terrorism. Can't really fault them for that.

"But..." the Bird God trailed off, actually getting kinda quiet (for him)... for a moment. "The Bird God is the Bird God of the skies, not the Bird God of the ground! If this was a magical flying refinery, the Bird God would do it the Bird God's self in the Bird God's way! Since it is not, though, the Bird God needs a warrior of the earthly Net like you, Warrior Pianissimo!" If he wasn't a completely static statue, the Bird God would currently be pointing at Pianissimo like a military recruiting poster, subtitled "The Bird God needs YOU!" or something like that. "So will you help, Warrior Pianissimo?! The Bird God would appreciate it! The Bird God has spoken!"
"You sure you couldn't find a more subtle way to brief me on this than yelling it to a crowd in the middle of the NetSquare?" Pianissimo asked. He wanted, very badly, to be sarcastic, but since he had the sneaking suspicion that the Bird God would take him seriously, he chose not to.

"Anyway, while I don't see why you can't just drop a magical flying rock on it...sure, I'll help. Under the condition that I am not held responsible for any backlash that might come of it, of course."
"Excellent! The Bird God is pleased! Perhaps the Bird God will find a magical flying rock on the way there, but otherwise you shall do well, Warrior Pianissimo!" Answered the omnipotent statue, who was seriously considering the possibility of magical flying debris. Backlash will not be a problem, for this is the Bird God's noble crusade! Justice does not create backlash! The people shall praise the Bird God and Warrior Pianissimo for undertaking this task! Now come! The Bird God is magnanimous! The Bird God has spoken!" When he finished lauding himself in self-worship, the Bird God lifted his heavy golden mass up off the ground and floated into the link redirected to Electown Net. If Pianissimo wanted to get this over with, following him might be a good idea.

"Should we call the NetPolice...?"
"Maybe that was the NetPolice...?"
"It was the NetMafia!"
"Don't be dumb, it's a secret operation!"
"They're just random hoodlums!"
"I wonder if I can get that statue's autograph..."

... Or perhaps it'd be a good idea solely on merit of getting away from this crowd.

(Move to Electown Net)
"I highly doubt that," Pianissimo muttered after the Bird God had already left. He ignored the crowd, not wanting to allow his position to seem any dumber than it already was, and walked toward the Electown link. "So much for not having to deal with that thing for long," he sighed, stepping through it.