Sharo Expedition Start!

Titania came through the portal mid-leap, and skidded to a halt. Her weapon was drawn but it quickly disappeared as she straightened and searched in all directions for her allies.
An explosion of lightning shot out of the ACDC portal, and Raiden landed easily on the panels of the NetSquare. He straightened up, and then his entire body shuddered as he made the typical personality switch between networks. Soon the spasming stopped, and he pulled himself back up to full height again. The sarcastic grin was gone from his face, replaced by a rather kind-looking half-smile.

"Hi." He thought silently for a second. "You said that your name's Titania, right? Nice to meet you. I guess none of the others have made it yet, then?" He looked around, wincing slightly as he remembered that this place had been the scene of the Pie Incident, and quickly shoved the memory out of his mind.
Shadows congregated around the portal, then vanished as Pianissimo stepped out. Hearing the tail end of Raiden's conversation, he wondered for a minute if his operator had done something to him as they were walking. He sounded completely different.
Raiden twisted around as the shadowy Navi appeared as well. The smile on his face got wider.

"Hi, Pianissimo. Good to see that you made it."

Something hovered on the edges of his memory. It was something recent, something from the place that the group of them had been in....he always had trouble remembering anything that he himself did when he was under the intoxication of the network, but he was pretty sure that he had left a....bad impression on the other members of the group.

"Er...yeah. Were you around for the Incident here? I think I might have seen you."
Pianissimo was temporarily taken back by the sudden non-asshat-ness of Raiden's speech, but quickly regained himself. Perhaps the guy had paid attention to SOMETHING he had said.

"Yes..." Pianissimo said softly, "Yes, I was here. What of it?"
He shrugged mildly. "I was just wondering. It was pretty crazy, wasn't it?" He looked toward the portal again, as if trying to will Teethman into existance. "Where's that other guy...Teethman? I want to get going and see Sharo."
Teethman stumbled in, a bit winded after trying to keep up with the others despite his bulky frame. He placed the ends of his blocky arms, what would have passed as his hands, at his knees, catching his breath and looking around to see everyone staring at him. Apparently, he was late.

"Erm... anyway, I am found present," he told the group, rubbing the back of his head as he arose. "Leave us continue forward, eh?"
"Hi, Teethman! Glad you could make it." Raiden looked around at the others, saw that they were all ready to go, and nodded. "Right! Should we get going, then?"
"Yes, I think so," said Pianissimo simply. "We're probably not in danger of another attack here, but I still would rather not stick around."

"Going paranoid, are you?" asked Rigel.

"Not quite. I'd rather come in later than be caught up in an attack when it starts."

Something in the silence that followed told Pianissimo that Rigel probably didn't believe him. Nonetheless, he stepped into the portal to sharo, wrapping his face in his scarf to protect it from the inevitable blizzard on the other side.
Pianissimo seemed quite eager to get going. Raiden shared his excitement to set foot on the new network, and didn't bother to restrain himself. He took off at a run toward the portal that Pianissimo has just disappeared through, calling back over his shoulder at the other two Navis.

"Titania! Teethman! C'mon!"
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"Huh," Hal said, surprised at Raiden's behavior. "He hardly even seems like the same guy... it's funny, running seems to have tired you out, but it did a world of good for him."

Teethman nodded, a bit surprised himself. With great speed, two of the four Navis had already left: Teethman picked up his pace and rushed into the portal with a small leap. "View you yonder, Titanus!"
"I won't disappoint you!" A surge of pride and eagerness flowed through Titania's system, and even before she reached the portal, she knew what was happening.

She actually smiled a little as she leapt through, vanishing even before her front foot touched the rift.