The Big Apology Thread

Yeah. Things have been pretty f***ed up the past few days, eh guys? Wow, did those mods and admins really fuck up. It's a good thing I had nothing at all to do with it. [/lie]

Yeah, in reality, I'm sorry about all this, folks. We (The Modding body, well, okay, just a few of us) tried to pull a few poorly thought-out pranks on the lot of yeh, and in the end... they all backfired. All two of 'em.

The first of these was a "Fake the Mod-Cave's deletion" prank, orchestrated by me and Eon. We made a lot of mistakes, and in the end we decided to shut down the prank a few days early when we realized people might actually get hurt over this. Sorry, guys.

The second of these was EN's "Fake leaving the site after getting offended" prank. I had a slight role in this, and our prank was mostly the inspiration for it. Sorry, EN.

But mostly... I'm not sorry for this whole escapade. I'm sorry that it didn't turn out right, and I'm sorry if we hurt anybody's feelings, but that's honestly all I feel at the moment.

At the very least, if it eases anybody's concerns, know that I've learned MY lesson and won't be trying this again any time soon.

So finally, one last time, for the people in the back row!



(PS: If any of the other mods/admins/officials/whatevers wish to express their apologies towards the members, please use this thread. Sorry once again, all.)
Again, repeating my formal apology here. As of about 5 minutes or so of freaking out about my work being gone upon entering the chat, I was let in on the whole thing and simply remained suspicously silent of it, not taking the necessary initiative to do anything about it. I am with the group begging your forgiveness in the matter.

Again, I apologize to the members, and very particularly thank the members who actually did rush to the aid after they thought the cave was gone (Zan, Steve, and even members like Planeswalking Fieldmedic I know particularly), even when I'm sure it seemed like half of the team was sitting around talking about DnD in the chat, and to the rest of you waited through it without flipping a gasket.

I got an even worse taste of this when, after the announcement, I seriously thought we were losing a great moderator because of the deal and almost did something rash myself. While I bear no ill will for any of these matters, I hope that a double helping of these pranks and their lack of success will bear some testament to how we should keep our pranks in the future. ^^;

Thank you all very much and be assured this will not happen again.
Sorry 'bout the whole mod-cave deal.

Sorry EN, I didn't mean what I said to you in your little "leave" topic.


At least it has new text, right?

Sorry for bugging you so much Twi. But thanks. XD
Ah, frig.

Sorry sorry sorry extremely sorry to every last one of you. I really, really, REALLY should have executed the whole thing in a better way.

April 1st is a bad day for me. :|