Relaxation and Busting

Stephine just simply sunk into the Onsen as she placed her PET and chip folder near the edge of the water, the woman groaning out as she let it wash over her tired muscles. The navi showing up not long after, lounging in his PET with a stifled yawn. So, get us a good bounty, bunny boy? She asked without looking. Puffer-Fs. Yoka, Netfrica and Hades Island. Fifty kills will net us 11,400z if I don't opt in for the rare chip it can drop. And there's always the possibility of getting the rare drop anyways from the fifty kills. He responded and explained. Wait. FIFTY KILLS?! That's a bit of a stretch don't ya think, Jazz? She sputtered, picking up the PET and looking down at him, Jazz only responded by bringing up the list of what X kills would get them.

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2 kills: 400z, turn-in available
5 kills: Spreader1
10 kills: 1600z
15 kills: 2400z
20 kills: Spreader2
30 kills: 4000z
50 kills: Your choice of: HeatSpreader1 (Rare), OR Spreader2 + 3000z

She would only mutter to herself as she looked over the list in front of her, with the picture to the left of the bounty kills and their respective rewards. We get everything -under- the kills we make, so we could afford a speed upgrade if we really wanted to go for the fifty kills and take the extra Spreader2. He would explain, his netop grumbling under her breath as she couldn't argue with the eventual results. made your point bunny boy. We're not gonna do this all in one run though. God knows how long finding fifty of them would be. Plus those don't look very friendly to wood navis. She said with concern. He would respond with a shrug. Eh. At least I'm with a Netop again. I won't get deleted most likely, so I'm not too afraid of it. I'm more afraid of the police finding my bunny ass. Anyways, we're in Yoka, so while you enjoy the water, I'll enjoy the third degree cyber burns. He shrugged, the netop couldn't disagree with that, so she would point him at a point to jack in at and let him go on his way.
Stephine, having been kicked out of the Inn for the moment (after a totally unrelated outburst in -excruciating- detail), would leave a little message for her navi, before quickly hitting the metro towards the Scilabs to grab a few things for Jazz. Hopefully she could get something on the cheap.
The next day after their busting spree and impromptu helping of another bunny, Stephine, having gotten back into the inn and grabbed a cheap room, let out a grumble from her bed as she heard her PET letting out a soft beeping noise as well as a rather bright blinking as she would sit herself up on the cheap bed and let out a wide yawn and stretched from her position on the small bed. Looking down at the PET as her eyes came into focus, the netop would notice the words on the flashing screen. PLEASE INSERT BLANK CHIP. Tilting her head, she bent over the bed and reached down, pulling up her chip pouch. Each chip organized into several different categories, Stephine would quickly pull out a blank chip and send it through the chip receptacle, a few moments passed before the chip finished processing, a chip popping out of the bottom with the Navi-Emblem of Prose on it. Blinking a few times, she would start tapping on the PET for a moment before finding what was going on.

Prosopopoeia Cross
Friendship Level: 1
Elemental Affinity: NULL
Type: Speed (Scramble/Overclock)
Benefits: +10 damage to NULL Elemental chips
showed up on the screen.

Stephine, not knowing what else to do, could only start giggling to herself as it finally hit her in her just-awoken state. That means Prose had a Jazz-Cross of her own, guess yesterday's busting spree wasn't a huge loss on her and Jazz. They could have found more Puffy viruses, that much was true, but she felt like it was worth it in the end. Either way, she quickly got herself ready for the day having slept in her clothes. She would probably make a stop over to Electown on her way back to ACDC. She didn't want to wake the bunnies up either, so she would let them sleep for now. If they woke up, then hey, more power to them. She could hardly sleep last night between the two of them anyways, at least until they finally fell asleep. Either way, she had paid for the room in advance, so she gathered up everything belonging to her and headed out for a new day.