World Tour, Part 2

Upon arriving at the Inn, Vincent heads for the counter to check in and order up a cup of hot tea. Afterwards he'd head over to one of the tables in the lobby to await for his busting partner to arrive.
Sullen managed to find her way to the old style Inn and even avoided buying anything from the concession stands on the way; even if a new teddy bear was especially tempting. She was dragging her wheeled suitcase(s) that was carrying all of her traveling belongings. "With you picking the time and the place it makes me look perpetually late." she huffed.
Glancing over when he heard the wheeled suitcase rolling up, he'd offer a faint smile and stood briefly out of courtesy. "Well, if you prefer you can pick the next location we meet up, and the time as well. Besides, you can't be late when we really set no meeting time. Please, sit, order something if you like. It has been awhile. How have you and your navi been fairing Miss Sullen."
Left the suitcase in your care while she politely ordered the strongest blend of coffee that they had; hotel coffee might have been more expensive than normal but it was always a real treat. When she did return it would take her a few seconds to get comfortable in her seat "True; that is one of the best thing I do like about these clandestine meetings. It was fine, Sally and I actually spent some more time in beach net working at a concession stand. Ended up getting a support program and everything. So how was your reprieve?"
Vincent looked somewhat amused at how calmly she left her things with him, well it wasn't like he'd go through them, just waited for her return and listened quietly while she talked about her own adventures. Though the comment about their meetings did bring an amused smirk to his face. "Ah, glad to hear it, the support program may start out as troublesome, but they quickly become useful. And will continue to grow stronger as time goes on."

He paused to take a drink from his tea before setting it down and returning his gaze to Sullen. " Our own adventures were nothing to major, not like our previous get together. We traveled back to the labs to give Artio time to recover, and then found ourselves a partner in a very odd navi. Seems it was made of gel or liquid of some sort. Though he seemed soft spoken, as his support program had Lucia believing her the navi the whole time."
"Sounds like quite a trickster; I am glad that your getting some more contacts. So slime and a knight so far right? And I agree with you; after seeing what happened to your SP on the beach I was pretty wary about him, I was hoping that you would have emailed me at a later date so he would be alittle more...presentable. So what do you know about this network anyways?" she didn't even wait for the coffee to cool down not minding the hot sips one bit.
He'd smirk before shrugging his shoulders lightly. "Well, you saw Artio when he was in his early stages, I guess it just takes time." Shaking his head softly, Vincent rolled his shoulders faintly. "Honestly no, complete surprise, but that's what makes it fun I suppose. Shall we?"

Glancing around, Vincent would spot a port and send his navi into the net.

[Lucia.EXE & Artio.SP, [url=]Logging In[/url].]
Gave a faint nod in agreement "I guess that is all a part of the adventure." at least there was usually ports to jacking in at café's; she wasn't sure about this old style place though. "Need to get some sort of wireless doo-dad eh?"

[Logging in!]
With navi once more back in the P.E.T. Vincent glanced down only to close the phone like device, cutting off the navi in her further attempts to get some sort of explanation. Still he'd glance over to Kari and offer a faint chuckle. "Well, your navi certainly knows how to end a long night of busting viruses, so I think we'll call it a night as well Miss Sullen."
Sullen rubbed the back of her head; looking down at the empty cup just so she didn't have to watch the amorous display further. "Set the alarm for 7:30am." She muttered to Sal when the navigator was finally back in her rightful place. "Honestly it feels like I sat down and watched too much TV; I'm sorry for the lack of conversation and ending the same way as our last meeting. I mean with the EJO of a SP and leaving on an emotional high note; (though that was totally not my fault) we have to stop exploring so deep into the net at once."
He'd offer a faint chuckle and nods his head slightly in agreement. "True, though it makes me wonder what will happen in our next trip into the networks though." Still he rose up and offered a slight bow as he stepped away."But for now I think it'd be best we get some rest, so I'll bid you goodnight, we'll have to get together again soon."

With that, Vincent turned and went off to his rented room to turn in for the night.
Sullen lingered just alittle while longer to write a few reminders in her P.E.T for tomorrow. "Early bath, email thanks for the chip, early departure to Si-Labs." afterwards she yawned and made way towards her own room; it really had been nice to spend some time with a friend even if it was comfortably quiet.

Vincent & Sullen GET: 4 FXP