GNA Corporate Offices- Electown Branch

As the largest corporate entity in the world, the Global Network Administration takes on a variety of tasks: governance of the so-called "net war" in the best interests of the net's citizens, various aspects of upkeep involved with public area nets, the matching of employers to candidates in their mission board, just to name their most important. With this in mind, their assets are many across the globe; Electown has its own corporate offices, separate from work centers. This is one of the sites where the administrators, business thinkers, and, more familiarly to most citizens, the ones responsible for collecting requests, distributing them to temporary workers, and then assuring payment, are stationed. These folks could be most cleanly described as "mission handlers."

One of these handlers had called Rhonda and Alda to the Electown branch corporate office complex. Before they could see the inside, or for that matter, even the outside of the buildings composing the complex, they would need to get through the front security gate, where one officer was stationed at all times. The gate was really a white concrete wall, almost like a prison structure, running around to surround each side of the complex. There may be another gate on the back or sides, but Rhonda and Alda had been directed to this one, which was just at the end of the main road.

The road leading up to the facility was narrow, since it wasn't a facility that industry-related vehicles ever had occassion to enter, and Electown wasn't the kind of place where you could plan on vast amounts of unnecessary space. Indeed, various other buildings (all corporations, some closely affiliated to the GNA) had offices built in the surrounding area. The GNA, of course, had the largest and most intimidating office complex, but there were a few other close runner-ups... of course, some of those were main HQ and combined consultation spaces, whereas these were intended only for Electown employees.

Currently stationed at the front was a male officer, a young but serious guy with sharp, black eyes and brown hair pulled into a short ponytail. He was dressed in a black slacks with a matching vest and white undershirt, along with a light-purple colored "GNA" logo on his chest. His duck-billed cap had the same logo. He appeared to be reading a book... and watching his PET... and also looking out periodically to scan all sides of his field of vision. With such manic movements, could he really be taking in any details? But his face looked seriously serious, so it was hard to imagine that he was just putting on an act. It was daytime and quite bright outside in a busy district... and the GNA didn't really sell anything or produce any physical product... furthermore this type of building would rarely have any visitors. Rhonda and Alda could easily imagine that handing them their IDs may be the first activity he'd had to take on since arriving at work this morning.
It had been only about 5 minutes or so of waiting when Alda noticed a certain purple haired woman walking over. She was in a dark blue business suit, with a skirt. They actually didn't look all that dissimilar, though if someone took a close look, they'd see that aside from the jackets, Rhonda's was overall higher quality, since it wasn't just her regular outfit with a fancy jacket on top. "Hey, Rhonda!" The scientist excitedly waved at her sister, to let her know she was already there in case she hadn't seen her yet.

"Hey, Alda. I would've been here earlier, since the Metroline had perfect timing, but, well...I'm clearly a genius for walking all this way in 3 inch heels." She motioned down to her feet, which contained the aforementioned shoes.

"Yeah...hopefully this meeting or whatever'll let us sit down. Oh, and thanks for coming all the way out here on such short notice!"

"You know I'd do everything I could to help out my big sis!" Even though the only things at which she was bigger than her was age, IQ, and the bottom number of her visual acuity. Seriously, how many people looked at the big E on top of the eye chart and thought they were being pranked because it looked like a blob to them? "So, you're the one with SmogMan, so you're the one that knows anything about the mission. Lead the way!"

"Yeah, but he hasn't told me much about it, either...hey, SmogMan, what are we supposed to do, exactly?"

The gaseous Navi appeared via hologram between the two sisters, which might have surprised onlookers expecting for a cute young woman to have...something that didn't appear in a 5 year old's nightmares for a Navi. "According to the request, you need to go up to the gate, show the guy there your ID, and ask for VIP guest IDs. Then you're supposed to go to one of the buildings, which I'll give you directions to after you're in. After that, you're on your own, so I'll be taking a nice little siesta!"

"Okay. Thanks!" Hologram out, sisters in. Well, not in just yet, but they were at the gate. The guy manning it looked really bored to her...but he probably didn't have much to do guarding a place like this. Who would really even want to break into the GNA? The main HQ, sure, since that had a database on pretty much everything, ever, but a side place like this? Nah. But anyway, onto the mission! "Excuse me, but, we've been called here. Could you give us VIP guest IDs, please?" Each Hyde displayed their PET screens, which contained their ID data.
The man didn't stop his routine even once the duo walked up, still alternating between eye contact with them, reading a book, and watching his PET screen... it made him look like he was having some kind of seizure. "Rhonda. Alda. Here are your VIP access IDs. Do not lose them. They will be deactivated once you leave he compound," the guard explained in a series of very quick, terse statements. "If you are found roaming the facility without these, you will be considered as a trespasser on private property. Please enter and take care of your business," he finished. It didn't sound like he had been informed of why there were here... for that matter, Rhonda and Alda had barely been informed so far.

He opened up the gate by using some sort of slider on a panel inside his guard booth, which he stepped into quickly and then just as quickly emerged from. The gate slid open with alarming speed. The inside of the facility was much prettier. Somebody had put a lot of work into groundskeeping... all sorts of plants surrounded the paved walkways, which were, of course, handicap-accessible pathways to and from any building inside. The two heard a gentle gliding noise as a nearby security camera turned to face them.

Despite an abundance of security cameras, no other guards were patrolling the inside grounds. The two would have an unobstructed walk to their destination.

The building they had been directed to was decorated much like the outside:full of surprisingly gorgeous plants and decoration, with a sort of feel-good arrangement and bright, sunny hallways. It was actually a far cry from the business-like nature of the Heart Payne HQ where the two spent most of their working hours. There didn't appear to be many workers, although the two did occassionally spy some shirt-and-tie folks moving around.

There were many meeting rooms... on the first floor. After a ride up in a classy elevator, the two found that the third floor where they'd been directed had only one meeting room, with a plate on the front of the glass door reading "Zen Room." Inside, all sorts of beautiful foliage (like an indoor zoo) surrounded a fancy glass conference table with high-backed leather chairs.

Before the two could get too excited, they realized that wasn't where the map was telling them to go. According to the map, the door to the left belonged to a restroom and the one to the right was for the employee wellness center, which looked to imply mostly yoga. They were being pointed... into the restroom.
And they were in. The sisters made their way into the compound, and each took a look at something; Alda, her PET, and Rhonda, the security camera. "Sure are a lot of security cameras here. I feel like I'm being stared at."

"Yeah, there's a decent number of them in R+D. You get used to it. Take a left here."

"I suppose, but it's still a little creepy to me."

"Yeah, I was freaked out at first. I could barely get any work done. But, once you know how to deal with it, it's no biggie." The elder sister suddenly stopped, and extended an arm to make sure her younger counterpart did the same. "All right, according to SmogMan's map, this is the building we're supposed to go in." Huh, now that she was actually looking up at it, it actually looked pretty nice. A whole lot nicer than Heart-Payne's facilities, that was for sure.

The two made their way up the elevator to the third floor, and took a look. "Huh, the 'Zen Room'...looks like a great place to have a meeting. Much brighter than Heart-Payne's."

"Yeah, and you can imagine how the labs look compared to this. Hmm, maybe I oughta get a plant or two for the apartment. It'd really spruce up the place."

"Ahem." SmogMan popped up in front of his main operator, slowly shaking his...everything from side to side. "Yeah, it's pretty and all, but that ain't where the map says to go."

"I suppose it's this wellness center area, then. I'd wonder if we're supposed to do something involving yoga, but that seems odd considering we're in our best attire..."

Alda visibly flinched as she checked the map, then where the map was pointing. "Er, Rhonda, that's not where we're supposed to go..."

"Then where? All I see is a bathroom."

"Yep..." She lifted her PET in front of her sister's eyes, so that she would know the rather unpleasant truth.

"..." The gears in the younger sister's head began to turn, and she soon realized what was going on. "...Seriously?! THAT'S where we need to go?!"

"Looks like it." ...Maybe it was just something so secret that it was the only place they felt comfortable sharing it? She could only hope. "I guess we shouldn't keep them waiting any longer..."

"I guess so." Though a bit apprehensive about the whole thing (then again, who wouldn't?), Rhonda slowly made her way into the restroom, closely followed by Alda. "Hello...?"
Behind the door was not just one unisex restroom, but rather, a split into male/female shower rooms, presumably to wash off the stench of the sweat brought on by yoga (or meetings that didn't go as planned). These shower rooms, however, were blessedly clean and pretty to boot. The tiling was a warm mixture of cream and orange colored tiles, spread here and there with a spontaneous, artsy look. Plants were hanging here as well, suspended in hanging pots (hopefully very securely fastened).

No showers were running in either of the rooms, based on noise. In fact, as the two peeked inside the women's shower room, they discovered that the room looked mostly empty... until they spotted the forehead of a woman in one of the shower stalls. The forehead aroses slightly as whoever was there stood on her toes. Her black hair was matted down with an odd streak of gold hanging down her face, matching her eye color: a distinctive golden-brown. Her complexion looked Electopian, but her skin was rather fair despite that.

If the slightly damp hair hadn't given it away, her bare toes visible beneath the stall door would: she was naked.

"Girls, swiftly gather! I have a tale of loss that will affect you to the marrow!" the woman urged them in a surprisingly chipper given her supposed "tale of loss." She seemed intent on speaking in a fancy, poetic tone, despite her shaky grasp on English vocabulary. "My name is Yun. I am a mission administrator employed by the Global Network Administration and I have been swindled out of all that I keep! My friend, Dan, has a similar set of circumstances," she continued, pronouncing Dan more like "Don." The two would most likely now be hoping for the revelation that Dan was a girl, but nobody came out of the next stall over to affirm his/her presence. "She's a quiet form! But nevertheless we are in utmost perils!"

"The pair of us had just begun to knock away the salt from our yoga routine when we heard footsteps in the bathroom. At the time, we paid them no credence! A foolish mishap! For those very footsteps squandered all of our holdings. My shirt, skirt, tie, and even my undercloth! I am left with zero apart from my indominitable spirit and my PET. To be the victim of such wankery is not befitting of my genius nor that of my friend. So our navis used the only means we have available of recovering from this loss and securing our freedom: the GNA board!" Yun announced dramatically. "And you two have brought us just what we desire, like angels from Nirvana! I can reward you with the things you salivate for. First, however, my conditions: we will need all of your attire! From top to undercloth! Once we are rendered these shrouds, we will proceed to our noon meeting with none the wiser that we were ever ransacked!"

"Now, you may have some concerns: first of all, the security cameras. Already finalized! With my genius and my navi's courageousness, the cameras are all running looped footage for he next half hour, to cover your escape. Next, the impending matter of your own nudity!" Here, she paused, still seeming as though her smile was on. Her eyes,however, were twitching at the corners... the eyes of someone who's been challenged and has no answer. "You will clothe your nudist forms with creativity!" A fancy way of saying there was no available clothing for them. "The burglar also took all towels apart from a single hand towel, which I have used. Your challenge, then, is to get to the back gate of the compound without being seen. If anyone spots you, there will be hell to recompense, both for the two of you and for us! So, if you can accomplish this, I will double your promised reward! I will even mail you compensation for your business attire!"

Yun smirked confidently. "As you can see, my offer is sound. However, I sense hesitation! Know that we have some amount of clout here. We can recompensate anyone for anything. Therefore, if at any point you see anything you would like to take to aid you on your way out, you are free to do so, or any property you need to damage. As for your PET and folder, as well as any other pocket items... to account for your loss of pocket space, I have readied an item of special significance. Look on the counter behind you!"

A slightly wet plastic grocery bag sat there, probably used to carry Yun's shampoo and etc. earlier.

"You can use that to toat your inventory. And worry not! Sightless one, you may maintain ownership of your glasses, for Dan and I have no need for them! If you two can make it to the back gate, a shed containing security uniforms will be unlocked for you, allowing you to return home in decency. Now, please, your clothes. No time to waste. If we lose lunch hour, it will become significantly more biting for you to exodus without undue peeping!"

Yun seemed to take it as a given that the girls would now enter the free stalls, strip off all their clothes, then go streaking out of the facility. On the other hand, if Yun was as wealthy and connected as she must apparently be to ensure the girls could freely destroy and steal whatever they want,she could be a good person to make nice to. Although, she certainly seemed too nutty to be a GNA mission coordinator, let alone rich.
Much to their surprise (and subsequent relief), Alda and Rhonda encountered not only separate areas for men and women, but it was probably cleaner than the bathrooms in their own homes. Both wordlessly and automatically headed for the ladies' area, where they peeked inside, and at first didn't see anything. They both noticed around the same time that there was indeed someone there, though, so they slowly walked in, not really sure what to make of the situation of a (most likely) naked woman that may well have been the one that sent for them. "Hello, we-"

Before the younger sister could start, the woman started to go on without so much as a prompt. Slowly but surely, both sisters' faces could be seen shifting from apprehension, to horror, to intense nervousness as the scene was set. They were willing to do a lot, but streaking was definitely NOT what they'd signed up for. The two stood there, aghast, until SmogMan appeared via hologram on Alda's shoulder. "Hey, you're kidding, right? I'm all for seein' good looking girls in birthday suits, but that's just stupid! If you think for a second that they'll do it-"

"Fine, I'm in."



"They're obviously in trouble, and, well, I actually ran into a situation like in college. Long story, but in the end, I wasn't able to get any help, didn't end well. I don't want to see someone else suffer that...that's why I'm doing it."

"...All right, if Rhonda's doing it, I guess I don't have much choice..." Still, just to make sure, the elder sister took a look downward, to find a second pair of feet. "But, do we really have to give up our underwear? I mean, if you're just doing something that needs a business outfit, you could probably make do without panties, since it's not like people are going to be looking up there...and, it's kinda gross, putting on someone else's USED underwear..."

"She has a point. I'll give up the bra, since I can definitely see you needing that, but if the panties stay on us, that'd be great."

"Oh, and I wasn't giving up my glasses no matter what. If I'm really doing this, for God knows what reason, I'm going to want to see!"

The gaseous Navi hovered, somehow managing to stare blankly despite absolutely no changes to his 'face'. "You two DO realize that this is beyond crazy, right? Plus, what if it's all some kind of prank?"

"Oh, but I'm pretty sure this isn't a prank. Because if it was, we'd most likely have quite the civil suit case against the GNA, and while they could drag our reputations into the mud with them, I find it likely that we'd settle on a number big enough that we could both live out the rest of our lives comfortably. So I'm inclined to believe that this is a genuine request, made by a person that desperately needed help."

"Well, when you put it like that, it makes sense, but-"

"Don't be such a worrier. I know what's at stake. But, first things first. Can we at least keep our panties?" Rhonda looked at the requester, though deep down, she knew that if they were really going to do this, they didn't have much choice if she insisted on wanting absolutely everything.
Yun should have been happy that the girls even let her finish talking. Instead, she raised both eyebrows in shock at the realization that they weren't going to faithfully buy into her plan without questions. "You do have us in a spot, that's true! The heavens will favor you for making the proper decision here. Garb yourselves only in the silky, smooth, fully transparent raiment of saintly samaritanism! And remember that,in this case, I'm offering you a lot of other stuff too!" she nodded, happy that the girls were on board with the plan.

"As for your glasses, keep them! I did say so, didn't I? And as for your panties, part with them! You must understand where I'm coming from, sisters," Yun continued, smiling but shaking her head. She seemed to be in the bad habit of belittling other people without warrant. "What's the only thing worse than being naked and having to explain someone stole my clothes? Being seen without panties! At that point, the thief would just sound like an excuse: it would seem like I figured maybe I could get away going bare-bottomed during such an important meeting! If someone found out, I would be ruined, not to mention embarrassed. So I'm afraid the undercloth must come with me as well."
"Well, if you insist-"

"No. I can't do this." Considering Alda was standing stiff as a board from nerves, there were probably a lot of ways to interpret that. "I just can't do it...yeah, there's the whole reward thing, and it would be an incredibly nice thing to do, but...there is way, WAY too much to lose for us. I mean, I'm an aspiring chemist, and you're an incredible advertisement/public relations expert. If something like this got out after we did it, for any reason...our careers would be ruined. I've worked my entire life just to get to where I am...and I can't give that up so easily."

"Yeah, now you're finally talkin' sense!" Despite basically being a giant head, the SmogMan hologram nodded in agreement. "'Sides, better these chicks than you!"

"..." Rhonda looked over at her sister, then at Yun, with a bit of a sad look in her eyes. Which was probably bad news for one of them. "...I'm sorry, but my sister's right. The stakes are too high for us to risk it...I'm sorry. I hope you understand. Though...hmm, maybe you can get someone to come here with outfits for you, maybe hidden in a briefcase, or some other non-suspicious carrying case? Then you could get dressed, and you could avoid the whole people running around naked thing." Just a crazy thought she had...and she wouldn't be surprised if circumstances put a few holes in her idea.

"Yes, we really are truly sorry we can't help...we're just not the right people for this job." Okay, she probably wasn't TRULY sorry, but she did feel bad for the two women stuck naked in a public shower. Next time she hit the gym, she wasn't showering until she got home. Of course, if she did that, she could always make it a nice, relaxing bath instead...hmm, that was a win-win.
Yun's face went from a content and self-assured grin to a panicked, agape frown as the two explained that they were no longer on board with her genius plan. "No, reconsider! It would be a splendid thing to do! You'd rest easy for the rest of your lives! A-and take it from me, it is far better and easier to make riches in a sudden, fated snap than it is to diligently work for them for years!"

She stood higher on her toes and nearly lifted herself to an indecent point to look over the shower door. "I can't be specific when I make the request... messages on the net are available for everyone to see! I can't just ask someone to bring a briefcase of clothing here! A-And I certainly can't ask a friend or anyone important to bring them!" she continued, placing Rhonda and Alda in the classification of unimportant. "There's not time to get anyone else now! You two are all I possess! Literally, since my possessions were taken!"

"Enough of your babbling, Yun! I say we do what we should have in the first place:find the asshole who took our things and put him in his place!" a voice called from the stall on the end. This one was a bit deeper and a lot scarier, such that one could hardly imagine that Alda's clothes would have been the right fit on her regardless.

"Please, Dan! Thinking has never been your specialty. You can't just take everything!" Yun scoffed.

"This from the one who wanted to take the clothes of two girls and leave them naked? Whatever. The important part is that you two can still get paid and we can still get our things in time for that meeting. All you two have to do is find the criminal and get our clothes back. If you do that and tell me who the asshole is so I can make a public example of him, we'll be fine."

"... Actually, if you two would just recover our garments, that would be fitting. The punishment is kind of extraneous-"

"It isn't, I assure you! If you want that payment, you'd better tell me who took the clothes," Dan asserted.

"But how? We don't have a single clue as to the perpetrator's identity!" Yun reminded Dan. It seemed like they argued a lot.

"Talk to the security guy at the front, the same one who gave you the IDs earlier. He may be flipping out because Yun turned off his cameras, I have no idea. But he would have footage from when the criminal came in here and stole our things,even if he hasn't looked at it for whatever reason... He's just one guy and he's got an assload of cameras... So he can't watch all the footage, I bet," Dan explained. "You got it? Go figure out what he knows and tell him Dan sent you if you want!"

Here, the two finally saw who was speaking to them: a woman's head with long, black hair, streaked with red dashes almost like tiger stripes, revealed itself. Her eyes were brown and narrow, with a look that fit a mafia Bloodhound more than a GNA mission handler. She was so tall that her collar was visible over the stall as well... and it was pretty clear that she had some weight... and a lot of it was in her chest. Yeah, no way Alda OR Rhonda's clothes would have worked.

"Ha! Stupid idea! Stupid, Dan! If they didn't want my genius offer, no way they want your stupid one!" Yun taunted, almost as if she didn't want clothes.

"I don't care if mine is stupid or not. Because you girls aren't going to turn it down, right?" she questioned, tilting her head up to stare further down at them menacingly, as if challenging them to say no. "You two are gonna finish up quick and get those skinny asses back here, aren't you?"
"Sorry, but unlike a lot of people, I actually really enjoy my work. And you can't put a price on that. I'm really sorry about your predicament, but it's just not something I can help with." Alda's frown showed that she wasn't entirely happy with refusing, but at this point, it was pretty unlikely it was possible to change her mind.

"And that's true of me, as well. I really wish I could help, but I can't help in that way. Besides, Alda looks pretty set, and there'd be no point in only one person undergoing it."

"And most importantly, that plan was stupid, anyway!" Two pairs of green eyes glared at SmogMan's hologram. "...What? Like I'm the only one thinkin' that!" With that, the one called Dan finally started to speak, and instantly confirming what he'd just said. "See? Told ya."

"Hmm...finding the person that took your stuff and get it back..." The elder sister's glasses instantly shone, like some nerdy anime character having a realization. "Now that sounds like something we can help with!"

"Yes, that we can get on board with. Assuming that he or she hasn't left yet, anyway."

"Call it woman's intuition, but I don't think they've left the premises. Which means we can track their movements and make 'em fess up!"

"Now see, THAT is a non-stupid plan. We'll find 'em and make 'em squeal!"

"Well, we'll see about that part...anyway, we'll check with the security guy, since that's a good place to start. Actually, better yet...I'll do it. Rhonda, you should stay here with them, just in case something happens. We can always keep in touch, anyway."

"Sounds like a plan. You've always been better at solving mysteries than me, anyway."

"So, to officially answer your question, no, we're not going to turn it down, and we ARE going to finish up quick and get our skinny asses back here!" Though, she never really considered either of said asses particularly skinny...between that and the fact she could tell even from there that the woman had a bigger chest than her and Rhonda combined, she really had to wonder exactly what kind of figure she had...

"Well, you and SmogMan better get going, if I'm one the one holding down the fort."

"I'm going, I'm going!" It wouldn't be hard by any means to get back to the main gate, now that she actually knew where she was going. Hopefully, that guard would be nice and help out without asking too many questions...
When SmogMan addressed the elephant in the room, it became clear that he had immediately set himself onto bad terms with Yun; the look of anger on her face showed that she was neither the type to laugh at her own mistakes nor forgive (nor forget). She corrected it into a sneer that was not much better. "The only failure of intellect I've experienced just now was when I imagined that you girls had the courage to fulfill my grand vision! I won't make that mistake again," she laughed, shrugging her shoulders as though she didn't care. "I suppose it's better to follow a possible dead end then to secure the immediate needs of VIP clients such as myself and Dan, isn't it? A lord like myself never has full control of her vassals. Do as you like, then!"

Dan gave Yun an impatient glare, but otherwise ignored her. "Good, we're on the same page. Whatever asswipe did this is going to get his or her ass kicked, one way or another..." she snarled; Rhonda and Alda could hear her knuckles cracking, although they couldn't see the associated motion. It seemed like handing over the name to Dan was pretty much a death sentence for whoever the culprit was... "But be sure to put your ass in gear... Cause we can't afford to miss that meeting," she murmured, looking aside with annoyance. Whoever they were meeting, it must be someone who could even threaten the likes of them.

With that, Rhonda was left with the dangerous Dan and the increasingly unlikeable Yun. Dan closed her eyes and went silent, but enduring an uncomfortable silence was the last thing Yun planned to do. "Well, it's only natural that something like this would happen. Most of the men around here eye me so hungrily... they want what they cannot obtain! I don't blame them for wanting to take my personal items and lovingly enshrine them. It's amazing all of my clothes have gone untouched this long. And I suppose Dan's plus-size panties just happened to be sitting nearby, so those got swiped as well. How unfortunate, that you're caught up in the web of a noblewoman's troubles, my friend." Further silence.


Alda made her way back towards the front, encountering much of the same scenery she saw earlier, only this time, without Rhonda. People were still few and far between. Thankfully, those that saw her regarded her with plain glances, since she was still fully clothed and not naked as Yun had suggested she be.

As she reached the gate, Alda would find that she'd seemingly been locked in... the gate was closed and the guard was either not around or otherwise inside the guard gate, and thereby out of view. A security camera spun to face her... perhaps Yun had already disabled the lock on them? "Alda Hyde. You've returned. If you are ready to leave, I will open the gate for you," his voice came from an intercom. "You will need to surrender your ID badge upon leaving." He didn't sound at all surprised to see her here, nor particularly inconvenienced by the camera outage, which now appeared to be resolved.
"Gotcha." With that, Alda set off, though Yun's comments did make her look back at her younger sister, who just shrugged back at her. SmogMan's hologram clearly looked like he was saying something...less than nice, but his operator had wisely chosen to mute him while the other people were talking. Once he realized he wasn't getting a reaction, he folded his arms across his non-existent chest, and vanished.

With that, Rhonda found herself alone with...well, with two people she'd rather not be alone with. Even with all her training in public relations, she found it somewhat hard to come up with any sort of positive remark. Ah, wait, she could always talk about what happened to her before. Without her sister there, it shouldn't be a problem. "Believe me, I know what this feels like. In college, I once took a shower, and afterward reached out to get my towel. Except it was missing. As was the bag I'd carried my clothes in. All that remained was a note, mocking me for not keeping an eye on my stuff. They didn't take my PET, but the few people I could call and trust that they'd keep the situation a secret were busy, or not on campus. And I had a major exam in an hour, so I couldn't wait for anyone to free themselves up. And so I had no choice, with absolutely nothing on me except shower water, to sneak out of the gym, clear back to my dorm, which luckily wasn't too far. I managed to get back in my dorm building without being seen, but some girl was talking on her PET, so I couldn't go up that set of stairs. So I had to try and sneak into the main hallway...except there were about three dozen people just waiting there for me. Turns out one of my friends pranked me to get back at me for something...except I actually had nothing to do with it, so I'd gotten the embarrassment of my life for nothing. But I got her back with a vengeance a few weeks later. I may not look like it, but I can scheme with the best of them. But anyway, that's how I know what it's like to be in your situation, and what it's like to not have anyone to help you with it...that's why I was willing to help out at first."


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"

"You wanna get muted again?"

"Sheesh, fine...but pick up the pace! You're not 80, so quit walkin' like you are!"

"I'm going as fast as I can! But you know I wear heels, so I can't go that fast without either breaking them, breaking my ankles, or just falling flat on my face!" And that was the riveting conversation between operator and Navi as they arrived at the main gate. "Besides, I didn't take THAT long!" Looked like the gate was closed, but that didn't matter since she had no plans of leaving. The guard, on the other hand, seemed like he thought she was out. Actually, wasn't that sorta weird? He was being awfully nonchalant at the fact she was leaving by herself, despite coming in with her sister, as well as the fact she hadn't even been gone that long. Suspicious, but then again, she had no proof. She just needed to be cautious. "Actually, I've been sent by Dan to investigate something. I need to check some security footage for the northwestern most building. Can you let me in so I can do that?" All right, if things went to plan, mentioning Dan's name should clinch it, and she'd get to check just who the culprit was. Then again, when did that ever happen for her? She was half-expecting an excuse of some sort...
Dan's eyes continued to show no expression other than malice as she tilted her head thoughtfully, apparently considering Rhonda's story and comparing it to their present situation. "What this person did was no prank," she finally responded, leering at Rhonda as though she were somehow culpable for the situation. "This was a death wish. And once I learn who did it, their ass is mine..."

Yun laughed, waving one hand dismissively. "I'm afraid our situations aren't really comparable! You see, you were pranked, a mere jest by your friends! Our culprit, on the other hand, was so bestially enamored with me that he took it upon himself to steal my things in a crime of passion," she reminded Rhonda, despite having no evidence to support that claim. Dan remained silent. "Although, I will admit, I can see you have a certain allure of your own... That story of yours shows a hint of valor! Given the right opportunity, you may find an opportunity to enter my good graces yet, Hyde sister!"

Her voice rang through the shower room dramatically as she delivered the earth-shattering news. Undoubtedly, angel choirs were playing outside as the clouds parted and the heavens shone a beam of sunlight down upon her... As her voice subsided, however, it became apparent that footsteps were approaching from the hallway... it could be a guy going into the other room, but there was no way to tell until it got closer.

"Ack!" Yun hissed, ducking her head down. "We can't be seen by any co-worker in this condition! What do we do, Hyde sister?! Please think of something!" the GNA mission handler pleaded. "I've got it! Take off... no, that won't work. Quick, think of something!"


The camera followed Alda's every movement meticulously, seeming to twitch with every minor head motion, even. Three was an uncomfortably long pause before the voice spoke up again and the gate opened to let her out so she could circle around to the front door of the booth. "I am hesitant to surrender any information to a civilian. But if you've met Dan, then you must know that I can't refuse her request. Please, step inside," he offered.

As soon as she was inside, it became apparent that at least one piece of Dan's speculation had been incorrect: he really did watch all the footage. Just as the two girls had seen earlier, his head was constantly jostling just like the security camera, observing every screen in his absurdly large collection of monitors, inside the absurdly small and dark office. For how stoic they seemed giving missions the GNA seemed to have some real oddballs in their employ.

"Northwestern building... I can allow you access. Be aware that there are many cameras... I will need more specific criteria. I operate this surveillance on a twenty four hour basis, so I can provide whatever length of time it's needed," he continued, not offering any further greeting or offering a chair.

Besides his console and chair, the other furniture in the room consisted of a miniature fridge she might sit upon, a large office locker, and two smaller file cabinets. Standing room was very minimal.

She also spotted a duffel bag at his looked like a magazine was sticking out. She'd seen him reading a book while working earlier. Perhaps that was me of his reading material? He kept his eyes on the screen and remained silent as he awaited a full response. His exposed biceps, moving in tight gyrations as his hands worked a keyboard and several console pads simultaneously, made it clear that his physique was complete ly overkill for what seemed to be mostly a desk job.

But it was also clear that he must be extremely skilled at his job, given his apparent overqualification. Could he really not be aware that his cameras had been overridden for a moment, nor that someone had snuck into the women's shower room in the northwest building and t emerged carrying all of Yun's and Dan's clothes and pocket possessions?
It took all of Rhonda's patience and PR skill to not let out an exasperated sigh. Why were they irked at her for telling that story? ...Well, on second thought, they probably just couldn't see things objectively, considering they were stuck naked in a public shower. Which did raise the question...why would someone do this? Was it just a prank, or was there malicious intent? ...Or was there amorous intent? She could only hope that Alda would find something in that security footage...

With that thought, something inside her skirt's pocket started to vibrate, which, as she took it out, was revealed to just be her PET. An e-mail...from SmogMan? Let's see.

'To: Rhonda
From: SmogMan
Subject: ?

Since you're there, ask those chicks what their clothes were inside before getting stolen, and e-mail me back the answer. It'll help us out.'

But before she got the chance, the younger sister found herself tasked with a conundrum, as it sounded like someone was entering. It wouldn't be a problem if it was a man, but if it was a woman...that could be problematic. Yun clearly had the same thought, so she had to figure something out. She had a couple of ideas, but it'd be best if she actually went out and checked who she was dealing with. So, she went out as far she could without being seen, then peered over, to check the person in question.


Meanwhile, Alda was still standing around, waiting for the guard to let her in. That it took so long worried her slightly, since it could mean he was getting rid of evidence. But, eventually, he let her in, exposing a world of monitors and cramped spaces. For once, she was actually happy she wasn't a particularly large person as she stepped inside, since it meant that much more room for her.

Oh, he needed more specifics. Well, there wasn't much else she could do, or she'd never get to see that footage. "All right...the third floor hallway. Time...oh, let's play it safe, and start from an hour ago. I'm assuming you can fast forward through stuff that's already happened!"

Her Navi, however, seemed a bit more interested in the duffel bag down by everyone's feet. He didn't say anything, but he did vanish for a moment, to send an e-mail to the other sister. He needed to cover all the bases, no matter how innocuous they seemed.
Yun saw Rhonda heading for the exit and shook her head emphatically. "No! No no no! Do not venture forth, you'll be spotted!" she warned in a hiss that was as urgent as possible without being loud enough for the person outside to hear. Unfortunately, in a rare moment, Yun turned out to be correct: there was no way for Rhonda to peek around the side without being seen and the newcomer was unfortunately already rather close, so they nearly walked into Rhonda as they turned the corner for the women's shower room. "I didn't believe that anyone would be in here yet, since the exercise room was empty when I entered," she commented, more an explanation than an apology. She pressed one fist into her palm and gave a short bow, after backing up to a respectful distance.

At first, Rhonda could easily think she'd somehow run into Yun; the ethnicity, height, and voice were exactly the same. There were few differences to spot... this one had blue eyes instead of gold... this one had slightly long hair and a blue streak instead of a gold one, although it was in exactly the same place (especially noteworthy because her hair was dry of all but a bit of exercise sweat, while Yun's was matted and wet). There was another difference, actually: she was clothed rather than naked. Her outfit consisted of a white, sleeveless tank top, with a shining blue dragon print running from the left breast to the belly, and a less remarkable pair of black, sporty compression shorts. She also wore black, shoes with lighter blue socks, which rode her ankles. Additionally, her proportions were so remarkably balanced and glamorous that if Yun did indeed share a body type with her, it was easy to see why a crime of passion would happen against Yun.

Around one wrist, she'd looped a duffel bag, blue in color. It was mostly zipped, but Rhonda could see that it contained at least a towel inside, so she was probably planning to do the obvious thing: shower following a period of exercise. A quick glance to the right would show Rhonda that Yun was now nowhere in sight, probably hiding further inside her stall (Dan hadn't been visible to begin with). Since they were in the two shower stalls furthest back and there were only four total, most tested with Rhonda's predicament would likely agree that it was supremely important that the newcomer did not end up in either of those two stalls.

"I don't believe we've met; my name is Tsao," she introduced herself, pressing one hand to her impressive bosom. "And your name is... Rhonda," she instantly surmised, reading the tag that Rhonda had been given earlier. Blessedly, she didn't seem to notice that it was a guest tag (or perhaps didn't care). "Are you preparing to go in?" she asked, raising one eyebrow in an expression that made it clear she was now hesitating to enter, which, in a way, was good for Rhonda, since it gave her time to think. The question was whether that hesitance came from suspicion or something else.

No sound came from inside; it appeared that Yun and Dan were going to try to hide their presence entirely. But the girl looked so similar to Yun... surely they were related? Tsao had even said her name loud enough for anyone to hear. Why would Yun insist on keeping hidden from someone she was related to?


"Of course," the man answered Alda simply, with neither gentleness nor pride. "The third floor hallway... When you say hallway, you must be thinking of an area with one hallway and no branches. That sounds like the area near the Zen Room. The Zen Room is equipped with its own camera as well, as is the exercise room. The shower facilities, however, are not. Let's check the hallway monitor, as you've suggested," he continued, reaching one hand up to tap his finger on a monitor near the left side. After waiting for Alda to circle around to a better viewing position, he pressed two buttons, then slowly turned a knob to the right. The picture adjusted... as it did, Alda saw that a woman in gym clothes was coming towards the bathroom (in reverse) from the yoga room. Continuing to reverse revealed Alda leaving the bathroom, followed by Alda and Rhonda both entering the bathroom; here, he stopped to look meaningfully at Alda with his eerie, passive expression. It was clear that he either knew or just learned that the meeting place was, in fact, the shower room. Without saying anything, he kept rewinding to an hour's time... a group of three women in gym attire entered the yoga room, one being the one with the blue dragon tank top.

Over an hour's span, no one entered the bathroom... not even Yun and Dan. They must have been in there for a while, showered but naked, before Rhonda and Alda showed up. "Should I rewind further?" he asked. "I'd like to know what kind of meeting you're having inside the bathroom with Dan... but that's outside the scope of my work. If you told me a bit more about what's happening, however, I might be able to use my resources to help you," the man offered, although there didn't seem to be much warmth in his voice, so he likely wasn't doing it out of compassion. "Solving situations is my job, after all. I suspect there is a situation, if you're asking to see security footage."
Unlike Yun, Rhonda was less than concerned that she was seen; what, exactly, was so suspicious about a (fully dressed) woman walking out of a restroom? Anyway, the person had some noticable similarities to the trapped woman, so there was a chance they were related. They looked more alike than her and Alda, at least. "Yes, that's correct. I'm Rhonda Hyde." She took a quick peek to her side, noting that the other women weren't in any way noticable. Since she knew their clients were in the back two stalls...hmm, maybe she didn't have to find a way to turn Tsao away. "If you're going to take a shower, You'll need to use the very first one. The back two are completely nonfunctional, and the second one's having problems with water flow. Don't worry, I've already contacted maintenance about it, but it'll be a while before they get here." ...If this woman was actually on the maintenance team, she was going to scream. "Anyway, don't mind me, I'm waiting for my sister to show up. I don't know why she picked this spot...but she's weird like that, so whatever. At least this way, I can wait for maintenance to show up and explain the problem." Well, at least the part about waiting for her sister was true.


Alda inwardly cringed as she unwittingly revealing that something was going on. Granted, it wasn't that hard to figure out, but still..."...What? What's wrong with going in a bathroom?" And that was exactly all she was going to say on that subject. More importantly, no one entered the room in an entire hour...that was weird. Apparently, those two had been in there a while. "Hmm...just keep going further back until someone shows up." Nope, she wasn't saying anything more than necessary. She wasn't revealing any more of this ridiculousness than she absolutely had to.

Meanwhile, SmogMan's hologram reappeared, but he didn't seem to be doing anything in particular. Then again, gas clouds weren't known for their facial expressions, so for all anyone knew, he was staring at something intently, with an eerie, passive expression of his own.
"Is that so? Thank you very much for the tip, Rhonda," Tsao replied, looking to the back two showers. "This is quite a predicament... My two coworkers and I have a meeting to attend shortly and we were all looking for quick showers before it took place. No matter how speedily I wash myself, it will be difficult for each of us to get one in," she murmured, pressing her fist to her mouth in a thoughtful expression. "Well, the meeting is really just the three of us, as well as Yun and Dan... I believe it will be fine if we just make it an informal meeting and come dressed as we are. I don't remember seeing the two around within the past hour or so, but I'll send a message to them and let them know that the dress will be casual," she concluded, pulling out her PET to begin working. "'Informal meeting... come wearing your current attire...' there." Of course, Rhonda knew full well that Yun and Dan couldn't come in their current attire, but she now had additional useful information: the other three who were going to be part of this meeting were the ones trying to get in to shower right now. She might be able to use that to further manipulate the situation. "Yun typically likes to take a shower before these meetings as well, usually after a fierce workout of her own," Tsao mentioned offhandedly, still looking at her PET as she attended to some other function. "She probably came in here some time ago and left. I wonder if the showers were out of operation when she arrived... It's strange that I haven't seen her around. I don't mean to gossip, but she's usually one to assert her presence heavily before the start of any of these meetings. To make sure her agenda is well known, that is, before the meeting actually commences."

"She could be in some kind of trouble," came another voice. Another woman arrived, thankfully one that shared no likeness with Yun; if she had, Rhonda would have another mystery to ponder over. The woman was very tall with dark hair and a similar ethnicity to the others, but with lighter skin and no coloring in her hair. Her hair was styled into a topknot bun and combed away from her face, giving her a look that was handsome, if not exactly pretty. Several of her features were distinct: large ears, made especially noticeable due to the tight package of her hair... long arms and legs, with good definition. She seemed very "spartan," which was a polite way of saying she was athletically built but not terribly well endowed. She wore an amulet around her neck that seemed to have some spiritual significance, perhaps, with an engraving depicting several men holding hands, standing side by side. She also carried a duffel bag, smaller than Tsao's and looped over one shoulder. Her outfit was a green tracksuit, which did little to offset her lankiness. "That Yun... I keep telling her that if she wants us to trust her, she has to trust all of us!"

Tsao sighed, crossing her arms over her expansive chest. "She's strange; eager to impress, but never eager to use a favor she's earned. Oh well, we really shouldn't gossip... Rhonda, this is Ryu," she announced, stepping aside so that the two could meet. The newcomer's name was boyish as well.

"Rhonda! Good to meet you," Ryu continued, extending one long hand for a shake. "If there is ever anything you need, I would be honored to do whatever I can for you."

"That's a strange way to greet someone you've just met," Tsao chuckled. "But that's just your way, I suppose. Now, Ryu, why have you come? I thought I told you there is only one operational shower, which means there's no time for us to all prepare..."

"I heard, but you're mistaken. There is a way! Listen: we will shower together, as sisters. If all three of us use it together, we'll finish in the same amount of time. And they're so spacious, it will be simple! Let's consider it another act of bonding, strengthening our friendship!" Ryu announced, looking perfectly serious despite her bizarre suggestion. It was almost as outlandish as what Yun had asked Rhonda and Alda to do when they'd arrived.

Tsao looked aside and blushed, apparently embarrassed to have such a suggestion thrown out in the presence of a stranger. "Thank you, Ryu. I know you mean well. But you should think about how that would sound or look to others..." she replied.

"I've offended you! I apologize," Ryu responded, swiftly bowing. She turned to Rhonda, making a serious face. "Washing together is not something we normally do, I assure you! It was merely a suggestion. Please don't think less of Tsao's character for my shameless behavior. But I feel there should be no shame between women." She appeared to be the type to say more than she needed to. But more importantly, Rhonda could easily be wondering why Yun was so afraid of being embarrassed... By accounts so far, the two were not only willing to hold an informal meeting in any sort of clothes, but also, seemed to be accepting almost to a fault. Could Rhonda solve all of this by simply getting Yun some new clothes? From her outside perspective, it would be hard to imagine anything that Yun could stand to lose by coming to the meeting in new clothes, whether the others knew she'd ordered them or not. "I also didn't intend to imply anything negative about our friend, Yun, when I say that I wish to help her. She simply finds herself in trouble frequently... She has bad luck." Tsao smiled and looked aside as Ryu spoke, obviously thinking that some of Yun's bad fortune might be the result of something besides "luck."


"What's wrong with going into a bathroom? You don't think it is appropriate that I question the circumstances of you girls, who are issued guest passes, meeting with one of our top authority figures inside such a place?" the man asked, showing no emotion, although the wording of his question sounded indignant. "I'll continue rewinding then..."

The tape continued to cut backwards... then skipped into blackness briefly. He frowned, attempting to replay the part again, but it was clearly missing. "How can this be... Did someone sabotage my tape or cameras? That can't be... unless I was fooled by a looping image. The lost time accounts for roughly a minute... someone could have entered and left during that time. I assume that this is the information Dan's looking for? Or should I rewind further?" he asked. Although, really, this complication only served as a hindrance for Alda and revealed very little. That time period was almost certainly where the clothes were stolen, but the culprit could have arrived and left within that simple minute, and their identity had been hidden.
"Er, nice to meet you, as well." Rhonda extended her own hand to shake Ryu's, but she was getting some weird vibes from her. Not bad ones, just...weird. Maybe it was how she greeted her. Or maybe it was that she seemed perfectly eager to take showers with other women. She'd hesitate to do that with her own sister, much less non-relatives. Still, crazy idea time! "Hmm, you know what you should do? Just have the meeting in the shower, and kill two birds with one stone!" Granted, in her case, it was at least three birds...of course, she wasn't really serious about it. Mostly. "Just kidding, of course!" ...Mostly.

Hmm, now that she thought about it, maybe they could just go buy some new clothes for Yun and Dan? Then again, she didn't know their size, and since she had neither the opportunity nor inclination to get a good look at their bodies, she couldn't really hazard a guess. ...Wait, that wasn't true. She and Alda were specifically chosen to come here because they were close in size to them, weren't they? But at this rate, they wouldn't have time. If only they had access to something...wait a second. Wait a second. They DID have access to clothes: the very clothes procured for them if they'd given their actual clothes up. It was a surprisingly obvious solution, and it didn't raise a ton of questions. If she could just get Alda to sneak them in...

...Oh, right, she had company. "I'm sorry, I was just thinking about something for work. Speaking of which, I need to send some mail. Just give me a minute..." With that, she whipped out her PET, and started typing away, making sure it was tipped away from any prying eyes, even though the two women didn't come across as that sort. And, sent. Phew. "Anyway, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. I imagine your friends are fine. Not like you could get in much trouble in a place like this." And yet somehow, two certain ladies did...


"As a matter of fact, I don't! I think it's very inappropriate to ask questions that aren't relevant!" Unlike the guard, Alda was quite visibly indignant, as any further questioning on that line would result in her immediate execution at the hands of an angry naked woman. "And another" Wait, why'd the screen go black? "Yeah, I'm thinking that's what she wants. But if that camera was sabotaged or something...maybe we need another perspective. Can you bring up footage for every other camera on that floor during that timeframe? ...And actually, is there any sort of 'off the grid' camera or something unofficial up there that could record things that you know of? It might be useful."


...That was her. "Excuse me for just a sec!" Probably something from Rhonda...yep.

TO: Alda
FROM: Rhonda

Remember how originally we were supposed to sneak around and find some outfits out back? Well, I just got the idea to take them and bring them to the other two. They picked us because we have similar body types, apparently, so they should fit them. Just, be discreet, okay? Maybe there's some sort of bag you can borrow and put them in?

Well, that was a plan. Actually not a terrible one, since it didn't involve either Hyde stripping down. She'd get right on it as soon as she got an answer.
Ryu smiled warmly, clasping her other hand over Rhonda's for a firm, yet awkward and difficult to escape, handshake. "I think you're on to something, Rhonda! In such close quarters, naked, without anything but our own flesh, we would only grow deeper in our understanding of one another. Our bonds would be strengthened!" Ryu responded, beaming in anticipation.

"Ryu is... not the best at detecting jokes," Tsao laughed, glossing over her coworker's enthusiasm for female bonding. "I think our informal meeting will be progressive enough without the x factor..."

The other woman closed her eyes and nodded, conceding the point. She looked like she was finally acting reasonable, until her shoulders slumped and she opened her eyes again to stare at the floor, clearly crestfallen that the suggestion hadn't panned out.

"Don't pout, Ryu... besides, I hardly think that Dan would be the type to enjoy such a meeting. Given her..." Tsao started, then froze mid-sentence. "Well, she's not one for bonding."

"Right. I had forgotten... all the more reason we should bond with her, though, so she can-!"

"That's not the only reason... the five of us together in such a small space... I don't think... Well, she has been doing quite well in terms of overall loss and she is clearly benefiting from the new employee wellness program, but-"

"Oh... oh! Well... yes... but..." Ryu murmured, but Tsao shot her a glare that said they needed to drop the subject. An awkward silence developed before the two broke it simultaneously, turning their faces seriously towards z Rhonda.

"Have you met Dan, Rhonda? In person, I mean?" Tsao asked, crossing both hands behind her back as she spoke. Rhonda could hear a wet splash from the back shower, very much like somebody standing up.


The seated man frowned and ceased pressing the issue, although he was clearly suspicious, as perhaps he should be, being a security officer and all. "I can bring up the data of other cameras from the same time frame, yes. If you're asking if I have extra cameras that aren't tied to this network, I do. If you're asking if they're set up and/or recording from secret locations, they're not. But if you're looking to record something yourself, I can provide a camera," he responded, while setting up the console to display other footage on other monitors. His hands were moving extremely fast on each of the controls, as they had been when he'd been multitasking earlier upon his first meeting with Hyde sister. Perhaps more interestingly, he seemed to have far more controls in use than he could feasibly need for just the monitors being operated; his hands jumped between two knobs and a small arrangement of buttons as he brought up each feed. It was very difficult for Alda to follow the movement with her eyes.

When he had managed to open up footage from the rest of the floor's cameras. Everything seemed to be in order... over the time where no one should be present, no one appeared, even from the elevator. One detail was surprising: according to the footage, no one left or got on the elevator during the blacked out period from the other footage. In fact, the elevator seemed to weirdly not have been moving at all, even up or down past the floor, at all during that time. Which, granted, happened from time to time in real life elevator situations. "Did you notice anything unusual?" The guard asked, looking back up at Alda.
"No, I'm afraid I haven't met her face to face. I've spoken to her on the phone before, but that's it." Technically, it wasn't a lie; she hadn't seen Dan's entire face, and she had in fact spoken to her. "She came off as a person, though. Very no-nonsense." Ugh, Alda needed to get back here soon, though it might be better if these two were gone if she came back with a pair of outfits. But in that case, how could she get rid of them without raising any suspicion? It was quite the conundrum. "Is she like that in reality? I mean, sometimes what you hear over the phone isn't what a person's really like." For now, she'd just keep up appearances while thinking of a good idea to get these two away.


Alda was used to dealing with small stuff. Her daily work dealt with things at the molecular level, after all. And even she wasn't able to fully follow this guy's movements. He was seriously coming off as overqualifed. "The way you're moving those knobs and stuff, I'm starting to think it's a waste that you're stuck in here all day!" She seriously wished she had that kind of dexterity...and she wasn't even particularly clumsy.

Anyway, she watched the footage, and saw a whole bunch of nothing...which was exactly the problem. ...And then, she got a crazy idea. But, it actually did solve the problem of why the person behind this wasn't filmed at any point, even disregarding the missing footage..."Well...actually, there's something I need to do right now. But I'll leave my Navi here, and he can keep watching, okay?" She set her PET atop the filing cabinet, and a hologram of the menacing, floating cloud popped up. "Have fun, you two!" And with that, the operator was off. Her first stop, the back gate, where there should be some things to clothe a pair of naked women. And at this moment, she felt extremely glad that it wasn't her and Rhonda that needed those things...

Back in the camera area, SmogMan...floated around, making no motions other than the usual gaseous body thing. "Yo. I've been paying attention, so go ahead and keep rewinding. I'll tell ya when to stop." Really, he wasn't very interested in the whole thing, but since he'd basically been told to care by Alda by being left behind, he had little choice.