As they get off the train, Dave checked the address again.
"Allright, the coords are 67.88 / 23.74, that shouldn't be far from here" said Dave, and started walking. It only took some minutes to get there, they were standing right in front of the shop's entrance.
"Look at that ... " nodded Dave towards a guy who was standing near the entrance, " ... this must be him."
He walked over there, and accosted the guy.
" 'Scuse me, Sir? My name is David Springfield, and this is my partner, Timothy Python. We are looking for Mike Rodriguez to discuss our mission's details ... " introduced themselves Dave and waited for the reply.
"Ah, you're here. I'm Mike," the man replied courteously. He seemed to be pretty nervous about something, as the man couldn't stop fidgeting with his fingers. "We'll uh, just talk outside for a bit. I'm on break right now, but it's gonna be over in a few minutes." Looking to his left and right nervously, he started.

"All right, so here's the deal. Some appliances in the electronics section of the store have been... malfunctioning a bit. A few of them on the shelves have been scaring customers from time to time," explained Mike. "They're all connected to the store network so we can monitor them, but we can't fix the problem ourselves. The ass of a manager we've got doesn't let us bring our own PETs into the store, and we can't call in outside help from the net because he shut off the external network. So we sent out the mission."

Pulling out a crumpled piece of paper from his shirt pocket, Mike gave it a once-over before handing it to the two. "Here's a list of the appliances currently found to be malfunctioning. They've all got jack-in ports, so don't worry about that. Be careful, though, some of those appliances can get pretty dangerous."

Quote (Crudely Written List)

1- Sharper OXED TV, fourth row from left, #9 from left
2- Prosonic Hi-Fi Set, #1 from left
3- Api Induction Stove, second row from left, #2 from right
4- Gizmo-A Refridgerator, second row from left, #11 from right
5- Klean Washing Machine, third row from left, #10 from right
"Allright" said Dave, and he took the paper from Mike, and went in.
"Let's do this. It says fourth row ... one ... two ... three ... four ... this is it!"
Dave prepared his PET.
"You ready?" asked Dave Tim
- I don't understand why you can't bring your PET inside the store, but you don't need to worry about it any more, we gonna take care of it. The fan in my house also got infected once, and started to blow hot wind instead of cool refreshing breezes. I live in Netfrica and it was still in the summer so I know first hand how irritating it can be. - and Tim was still in his speech, when Dave cut it short and took the paper.
- We gonna be careful. - Bid farewell Tim and followed his partner into the store.

They found the electronics section of the store quite fast. At first sight everything looked natural. After deciding to start with the first one on the list, namely the Sharper OXED TV, Tim just nodded as a response for Dave's question and plugged in the jack-in cable of his PET.

- Enchanter, go in with Caerbannog and clean-up. And don't forget to watch each others backs. - said the operator.
- Leave it to me. But I most admit that it's really exciting, I've never been in a TV before. - and after a short laugh, Enchanter alongside with his support program, disappeared from the PET.