Area Darkholme & Divinity.EXE

Quote ("History")

- Soryu Gosthe, oldest child of the family, gets ownership of Higure's chip shop.
- The Gosthe's parents divorce, creating the Gosthes and Darkholmes.
- Area, youngest of the family, joins Soryu Gosthe in the chip shop to work as mascot. They both live there.
- Personality of Area has been affected by Soryu a lot.
- Solaria.EXE, Area's previous Navi, had disappeared without obvious reasons. Could have been due to a bug.
- 3 years after Solaria's disappearance, she decides to return to the NetBattling business.
- Area Darkholme has become a student in an acting school.
- She has had a childhood relationship with fellow Net Operator Hal Belfast, but they decided to break up after Area started her studies and Hal inherited the company.

Area Darkholme
19 years old
Area is a girl of approximately 6 feet and 150 pounds. Her body is slim, slightly tanned as all members of her family and is busty for her age. She has dark grey eyes and wears 'modern' glasses with a black frame. She has silvery grey hair that hangs down to her shoulders. On top of her hair she wears a black beret with the symbol of yin-yang on the front.
She wears a normal white shirt with the symbol of yin-yang on it. Covering it is a black leather jacket that she likes to keep half opened all the time, making it possible for others to see her shirt. The jacket reaches to her hips and the sleeves reach to the ends of her arms.
Below it she wears tight leather pants that reach all the way to her ankles. Even though it seems too tight to fit, she can easily walk around with it.
She wears normal black shoes that seem a bit pointy on the end.
Serious in battles and usually in conversations too. Area loves to react sarcastic to people in a venomous way and always has something to reply with if someone does the same trick to her. She tends to shift to the dark to observe others from there to gain information if necessary. If she is around people that do react kind towards her, she will react a bit shy and clumsy as she's not used to people like that. As part of her acting classes, she has studied in lying to an audience about being someone else and Area does this occasionaly in normal situations.
PET Modifications:
The PET is like any other, but it has the yin-yang symbol on its rightful spot and the case is completely transparent and shows the electronics within it.

Divinity is a slim, kind of busty, humanoid Navi with a 'normal' skin color and a white bodysuit. She has white hair, in a ponytail, with a streak of yellow going through it. As most Navis, she lacks ears and has round objects instead of them. These are silver with gold edges and a gold cross, think church, on them. From these objects comes a white visor that covers her white eyes as she has no visible pupils.
Covering her chest and shoulders is a silver strong-looking armor. The armor on her chest has a large gold cross on it, covering the part between her neck and breasts while the lowest part of the cross goes between them slightly, and looks as if it came from an actual church of God. In the middle of the cross, the place where it all connects, is Divinity's emblem: a yin-yang symbol. On her shoulder are extensions of the armor and look like balls that are slightly bigger than her shoulders. On the 'armored balls' are golden lines in a circle with the golden cross on it, pointing outwards.
Below the armor she has a golden 'belt' attached to the armor. Hanging from it is a long white skirt all the way to just above her feet.
On her arms are silver gauntlets that cover her entire lower arms. On top of these gauntlets, pointing outwards, are shields that cover it entirely and also extends a bit towards her upper arm. The shields cannot bend along with her body so sometimes stick out of the length of her lower arm. The shields don't cover her hands. The shields have a golden line on the edges while having the picture of a golden cross in the middle, reaching out to the points of each shield.
She has strong-looking silver metallic boots that cover almost her entire lower leg. On the part just above her feet is another shield like on the guantlets, but less big. It merely covers the part of her boot and is covered by the same colors and symbol as on the gauntlet shields.
Soft-hearted and always tries to see the good in Navis and Operators. She acknowledges viruses as bad things so is not afraid of fighting them or destroying them and won't hesitate when making a last attack. She is usually, if not always, serious about what she does and what she has to do. Unlike her Operator, if she's around friends or people who are kind she doesn't really change in attitude. But she remains kind in a serious way.
Custom Weapon:
A silver, a line of gold going across it, staff with a golden cross on the end.

Quote (Techniques)

Rapid Shot:
Jab/Slash/Something Melee with the staff.
Charge Shot:
Light beam shot from the cross on the end of the staff.

Quote (Signature Program)

Name: Angelic Gift.
Description: Divinity summons a white orb shining with a bright light to start with. She commands it to assist a Navi of her choice. The orb will float behind that Navi and encase it with two transparent wings. A wing disappears once it gets hit, followed by complete disappearance if both are hit. If only one gets hit in one turn, then the other won't disappear and just remain for the next turn. (( ONE WINGED ANGEL, LOL ))
- 2 1-hit barriers on 1 Navi.
- Can select target freely, including herself or enemies.
- 2 turn cooldown.

Along with this registration I would like to request permission to use Soryu Gosthe in posts if necessary. I won't magically give myself chips because of him owning it, but I will include him in my posts now and then.
As Legacy Items I would like the following:

Quote (Legacy)

- 2 NaviCust Expansions.
- Attack+1 NaviCust Program and Charge+1 NaviCust Program.
I think this works. As for the using an NPC in posts, that should be fine too. Chances are I'll have the old Majin make an appearance or two so who am I to say no? Approved and stuff. You know the drill. Closed as well.