MISSION: Finding old crap.

"Man, this is my second trip to Scilabs today... Ah well. Let's find that part." Tsujsa said as he placed the PET back into it's holder. "Try asking the receptionist if they throw away any outdated Navi Customizer parts." Validus suggested.

Tsujsa did exactly just that, as he approached the counter. "Excuse me, do you keep any old or outdated Navicust parts?" He asked the receptionist.
The receptionist looked at Tsujsa with slight annoyance, for she had been busy with her work, and this person wasn't making the work disappear any faster. More contribution to the annoyance was the strange request. Out.. dated.. Navicust parts? What would you want those for? Bah, I don't even care.

Suddenly, she lit up. Probably had an idea or something. Tell you what. I'll tell you where you can get what you're looking for if you do a little something for me, all right?
"Might as well. What do you need me to do?" Tsujsa replied to the woman.
Well, here's the deal. I've got this report that I need to get from one of my colleagues. Her name's Ms. Whitaker, and she is slightly hard to deal with. I'd be glad to offer you the information you'll need if you just ask her nice and proper for Jane Isaiah's report for her proposal. I have to warn you, though. Ms. Whitaker is very short of temper. You'll have to play real nice with her, or she'll explode. Doesn't take false flattery much, so don't try that, or she'll just fume up more, the receptionist said. With a smile that suggested a sinister intentions.

Have fun~
"Uh... okay..." Tsujsa replied.

"I have a bad feeling about this, Capn'." Tsujsa's PET sounded. Tsujsa shushed Validus. "So where can I find Ms. Whitaker in Scilabs?"
What, I'm supposed to tell you that? She's always moving around, doing stuff, talking to people. chugging a cup of joe, whatever. She's not a lab-type to begin with. Run around a bit, you'll bump into her eventually. She's got this giant nametag that says 'MS. WHITAKER'. Probably can't miss her, the receptionist replied, exasperated.