Party at The Rozalin Famiy Estate.

The Setting Post

Anybody arriving to the address would come face to face with a large beautiful two story peach painted mansion of a house. It was surrounded by at least an acre of clean cut grass on each side, with a long ashy grey concrete drive way running right up to a round about right in front of the house. In the center of the round about was an elegant fountain that poured a small stream of water in each direction. A little ways to the left of the house there was a fenced in basketball/tennis court, right beside a pool area. The pool was a normal rectangle shape, with a much smaller circle shaped in ground hot tub bubbling to the left of the pool. There were numerous fold out lounge chairs all around the pool area, as well as an outdoor bar had seemed to be set up just for the occasion.

The sky is clear, with a few small puffy clouds hanging around here and there. A warm sunny day makes it a great time to be outside, though it's slightly humid. At the front door was a butler. A short light skinned bald man. He dawned a plain black suit, with a white button down underneath, topped off with a simple red tie. He was ready to greet anybody, and give them entry to the house, it looked like the outdoor festivities had not began. So whenever Joseph, Destin, or both happened to arrive, it would probably be best to head inside first and get a feel for the type of party they were in for.
Joseph was the first to show up, getting off a bus that had taken him right up to the estate's drive way. He decided he would wait for his friend to show up before entering. It seemed like a good idea not to face the unknown alone. He pulled up his PET to see if there was a reply to his message, only to see that the house had plenty access to Jack in ports so why not go ahead and send Sparks into the net so that he could get a start on their bounty hunt. "Sparks.EXE jack in, execute!"
Less than half an hour later, Destin Obscura walked up and rang the doorbell. He was a Caucasian male born from Netopia and stood about 6'3" and roughly 220 lbs. His build is that of someone who enjoys the occasional sport, but not one who goes out of his way to find one to do. As such he is not too fat, but is not incredibly muscular in one aspect of his body or another. Most would not recognize him from the thousands of other people who follow this same pattern. Minus the height, as he is probably taller than the average person of ACDC.

His hair was a dirty blond, similar to the color of straw when it is hit by the setting sun. Destin grows it out quite long and fashions it into a ponytail with a bit of white string. There is no more than one such hair-clip at a time, so the tail usually fans out a bit during times of movement or wind. His eyes are a radiant blue-gray color reminiscent of pools of water in an underground spring. And he always carries a light scruffy stubble on his face. The whole effect gives his appearance a touch of California surfer-hippie. This isn't helped by the fact he wears pretty much one outfit, jeans and a white tee-shirt, no matter where he goes. Which is exactly what he was wearing when the door opened for him.

He carried a large dark blue beach towel rolled up under one arm. It looked like a pair of white swim trunks, with blue and black wavy designs, were rolled into the towel. He smiled and raised his free arm, palm out like 'hey, what's up'. "Yo!" he began to whomever opened the door. "Hey, what's up? My name is Destin Obscura and my friend Joseph invited me."

Destin blinked a moment at the butler. "Uhh... I didn't know I was going somewhere fancy." He tried to slick back his hair with one hand messily. "Um, ok, lead the way sir," he said as he respectfully passed through the doorway and then moved out of the way for the butler to close the door. Then looked around as the butler lead him to the living room.

They were intercepted moments later by Joseph. "Oh hey, Joseph, good to finally meet you in the flesh," he said as he tried to shake Joseph's hand. "Oh, say, is Birdy her nickname, or?" he asked, trying to feel out the level of addressing people here. Before they were led to the living room and he waved a little with his free hand as they made introductions. "Hey all. Name's Destin. How is everyone today?"

The bald headed butler answered the door seconds after Destin's knocks. "Oh yes, you must be one of Birdy's guest, you can follow me." He was set to lead Destin into the house, but Joseph hurried to the door just then. He had been fidgiting with his PET on a bench at the corner of the house.

"Hey there, I'm Joseph. I'm one of her guest as well." He looked at Destin, getting a good look at the guy he hadn't met yet. "You're a bit bigger then I had imagined." He said aloud looking up, since he was of a smaller build, standing only 5'9 140ish pounds. "Allow me the introduction, I'm Joseph, Sparks' operator." First he bowed, then held out his hand requesting a hand shake.

Whenever their greeting was completed the butler would once again say, "Yall can follow me, Birdy and her friends are in the kitchen."

Just as they had started moving, Destin asked Joe about their Host' name. "Honestly man, I just met the girl last week...". He spoke quietly. so that only Destin could catch what he was saying. "I didn't know that this place was gonna be this nice... or anything. Feel much better about not doing this alone." He released a small chuckle, then flashed a smile as more and more people started coming into sight.

The inside of the house consisted of dark tan hardwood floors, with a red walled interior. The two guest would be led to a very spacious kitchen, with a about ten or so people all in seperate groups. The butler stopped in front of the girl Birdy, who Joseph had met at the coffee shop a few days prior. She was with two other girls. One, a tall light light skinned girl with a slender frame. A curly Black Afro poofed out atop her head, she wore a simple yellow dress that stopped at her mid thigh, and some white sandals on her feet.

The other girl shared the same complexion as Birdy, with a taller, thinner body, yet her curves were still noticeable. Her faced shared a few similarities to Birdy's yet they were slightly stiffer, more mature looking even. She wore some light blue denim short shorts that fit snugly, a few inches above mid thigh. A plain red tank top covered her upper body. "So you are the guest my little sister invited? Which one of you is Joseph?"

Birdy herself also had on a tank top, hers was all black, with a flowing cream colored skirt that stopped at her knees. She pointed at the younger of the two guest. "There he is. He's cute right? Came to our coffee shop the other day." She winked in Joseph's direction, then stepped towards him. "Thanks for coming. I know we hadn't talked much but we love having guest over, and you didn't seem like a bad guy so here y'all are. This is my sister, Bianca, and our friend Taja." She referred to the girl in the red tank top first, followed by the girl with the afro.

"Ah well, from first sight y'all seem like nice people. We have plenty of food and drink, help yourselves." Bianca pointed at a bar like table in the center of the large kitchen. It was covered with large aluminum trays. Different meats like steak, porklion, and chicken brest. Different sides like veggies and macaroni. At the end had different glass bottles of various liquors and sodas. "If y'all dont want alcohol, then we can also get you some coffee, since that's what our family is known for after all "

Joseph's face was wearing a sheet of light pink as Birdy threw out the cute compliment. "No problem..." He replies steadily. "I would like a caramel iced coffee... I'm a little young to drink don't you think."

"Nonsense, it's all in good fun here." Birdy laughed, she held a delicate wine glass in her hand. It was filled half way with a dark red wine. "But I'll grab you some coffee if you insist."

"What do you mean it's what the family is known for anyways?" He asked, looking puzzled.

Taja interjected this time, "Oh you came without knowing, I'm liking you even more. The Rosalin family owns the Rozalin Coffee Company. Which is the mother company too plenty of small coffee shops around the world. Such as the one you visited the other day."
Destin waved away the alcohol. "If you've got a mug with some ice in it, I'll take a coffee and coke. I got a cat's tongue and don't like hot beverages," he said as he put his stuff down on the floor against a wall, before grabbing a plate. "Don't mind if I do. Thanks for the spread," he said before lightly filling his plate with a little bit of everything.

"So you're the heirous to the 'Coffee Kingdom' huh? How's that working out for you? Have any interesting stories?" he asked as he scooped some veggies and macaroni salad onto his plate, then went looking for utensils nearby. He then leaned on the counter to listen, as he held the plate with one hand, while the other used a spoon to scoop some macaroni salad into his mouth.

"We serve our coffee hot or cold Destin." Bianca smiled, but went and retrieved the mug, coffee and coke. She sat it down on the counter beside him. Since she was close, the smell of her perfume, a feint scent of pineapple, drifted through the air, almost overshadowed by the over powering aroma that floated upward from the plain hot coffee. "It's going great, we grow most of our beans here, and ship them off to all the companies. My parents, my sister, and I all enjoy coffee, and its some what of a passion to us." She left the drinks to be mixed at his choosing and stepped back off. "As for story time, why don't we put that on hold for now, I'm gonna go get ready for the pool, and hot tub. Yall enjoy your dinner, and don't hesitate to ask Birdy for anything you may need." With a turn, she headed to a staircase that was a little ways off passed the kitchen.

Birdy herself had left, and returned with the drink Joseph had requested. The creamy colored liquid sat in a delicate clear class, with a few ice cubs floating towards the top. Joseph reached out gently to recieve the glass, and took a generous sip. The caramel flavor sent a chill down his body as he swallowed, and the icy beverage slipped down inside him. "That's good, thanks alot. Better then the last one even." He smiled, then finished making his own plate. He posted up right beside Destin, and began to dig in, taking a few more drinks from his cup.

"If yall don't need anything else at the moment, I think me and Taja will go ahead and get ready for the pool as well?" She looked at Destin first, then drifted her eyes towards Joseph, who met her gaze as he was stuffing his mouth full with a huge piece of steak. She laughed, he blushed.

"No... I think I'm fine." He tried to say, but the words were somewhat muffled due to the food.

Unless Destin wanted anything else, the two young ladies would turn, and head up the same staircase the elder sister had ventured towards earlier.

Once they were gone, Joseph let out a sigh. "Man I didn't expect anything like this. It's crazy big."
"Mmhmm," Destin agreed with his mouth closed as he chewed. After a moment he swallowed, "Didn't expect to show up at a mansion when you called." He placed the plate down on the counter and looked to Joseph. "So, we finally meet in the flesh. How's everything going with you?" He reached down to take a piece of meet and plop it in his mouth. "Mhm, to be honest," he said with his mouth partially full, "I didn't expect your call out of the blue like that."

He closed his mouth and took a moment to finish chewing and swallowed. "I know that our navis hangout, but like, not us specifically." He pointed between the two of them. "And it is not like we have reached out to each other or anything before. So, this party must have been as good an excuse as any for you to drop the invite. Am I right?" he asked.

"Not that I am against the idea," he said waving his hands a little. "Just caught me off-guard is all. So anyways..." he scooped another scoop of macaroni salad towards his mouth. "Talk. What do you want to talk about? I'm all ears," he said as he shoved the food in his mouth, closed, and began to chew. The momentary silence giving Joseph the floor.

"Honestly, I just wanted to meet you and hopefully make another friend. Growing up I didn't spend much time with other kids because I was always training. Kendo, or doing stuff with Sparks took most of my time." Joseph responded, taking another giant bite of food. His plate was roughly half full now. "I hope you don't find it weird that I invited you out here. We hardly know each other, but I also don't really know the girl who invited me." A feint chuckle proceeded the statement.

He paused to eat, and allow Destin to speak some more, before picking the conversation back up with, "It is a very nice place, pretty girls, good food. I know we just arrived but are you having a good time so far?"
"Mmhmm," Destin munched along as Joseph talked. "Seems like you and Sparks go way back. I only got DragonierMan when I moved here from Netopia," he said. He stopped for a moment to take a drink from his mug. "*Burp!* Ech, sorry. Anyways, nah, I don't find it weird that you invited me out here." His eyes glanced around the kitchen, "Well, maybe not here specifically. Like I can see us meeting in a diner or something. Not a rich lady's house."

"Anywho, we might not know each other that well, but our navis sure do. And they are good friends. I know, because I have seen it." He smiled. "That is good enough for me."

After that he dug into the food again and let Joseph talk. "Mmhmm, that it is," he said after swallowing again. "Can't wait to check out the pool." He paused at Joseph's followup question. "I mean... not much has happened so far. I guess I could say I am having a 'good time' eating this food and shooting the breeze with you." He set the empty plate down on the counter. "But the day is still young, so I could get surprised one way or the other."

His last line hinted at the potential that things could go wrong. Or really right. It was still up in the air. It also hinted at the fact that he didn't think anything of note had happened yet to put his mood one way or the other. He was probably not satisfied with just shooting the breeze and eating food, regardless of whether he liked the individual he was talking with.

((OOC: Pretend that this first paragraph was in my introduction post... since I forgot))Joseph was wearing some plain khaki shorts, with and olive green and tan stripped polo shirt. A pair of plain thong flip flops. In one hand was a small black bag that carried his olive swim trunks. The other hand gripped his PET.

“How is your Navi DragoneirMan doing?” Joseph asked. “Last time they were together was Sparks first trip in the Rogue. Thanks to your Navi we have learned and grown so much.” He glanced down at the PET that he had sat on the counter. Having been caught up in the excitement, he missed seeing his Navi face down in the snow and the adventure at the old ladies house, so as far as he knew, Sparks was doing just fine. He slotted in a few more chips before refocusing back on Destin.

“The pool does sound good. They should be ready pretty soon. Wonder where the restroom is?” Joseph looked around. “I’ll be right back.” He stepped away in search of a room to change in. Almost right as he turned a corner, the three ladies came back down the stairs and approached Destin.

Birdy wore a vibrant all yellow two peice bikini, while her old sister dawned a red one. Taja wore a two piece of her own, it was a sky blue, with white cloud designs scattered all over it.

Birdy looked around and asked, “Where did Joseph go?”

Assuming Destin answered, Bianca followed up with, How was the food? It was to your liking I hope?”
It was at that point that Joseph would probably notice that Destin did not have his PET with him. Destin shrugged at the question about his navi. "Beats me. I left my PET at home. I'm sure he's fine though."

"Good to hear that he was helpful to you two. I made sure that he was loaded up that way... Even if there have been some complications down the line," he continued. He watched as Joseph put a few chips into his PET. "Looks to me that Sparks is in it huh? Remind me later to show you the cool semi-automated battlechip system I got for my PET. Maybe it will work for you."

Then Joseph went off to search for a restroom. Destin waved and called after him. "Sure, you go first and I'll wait here."

Moments after Joseph left, the three women returned. It was possible that they heard Destin's calling out to Joseph before he disappeared around a corner. Regardless, Destin took a moment to get an eye full of the three pretty ladies in their swimsuits. He gave a nod as if giving his approval, before addressing their questions. "You just missed him. He went to find a bathroom to change. Should be back soon."

He nudged the empty plate with the back of his hand, moving it just a smudge out of the way so he could lean lightly on the counter. "Yeah, the food was *urp* good," he said as he raised his free fist to his mouth. "Nothing to complain about. You guys going to get something before or after the swim?"

“We already had some before y’all showed up. Might eat some more after a swim.” Taja responded heading towards the front door.

Joseph came back into view wearing nothing but his swim shorts and some thong flip flops. Now shirtless, the others come of see the true definition of his body that came from the many years of kendo practice. He laid eyes on Birdy, and his face turned the shade of a ripe cherry, in response to her eyes digging into his appearance like a shovel. “Sooooo..... should we head outside huh?”

“I think the sounds like a good idea.” Bianca chimed in and followed in the direction as her friend.

Unless Destin declined, Joseph stepped off intending to walk side by side. He was nervous, yet tried to act cool, like the ladies gaze wasn’t effecting him. He didn’t want to seem like he didn’t normally get this type of attention.

The group walked outside, and into the pool area. It was a pretty simple set up. Cement was laid as the ground word outside of a large shallow/deep end rectangular pool. A large hot tub, big enough to fit at least ten people, was in the ground a few feet beside the pool. Lounge chairs circled the area.

Few people were swimming now, a lady and an older man hung out, waddling in the deep end of the pool, while a few younger children played in the shallow end.

The girls sat their towels down on lounge chairs. “So fellas, which should it be? Hot tub? Or pool?” Taja asked.

“But first, can you boys help us put the sun tan oil on?” Birdy asked handing a small brown bottle to Joseph.

“Yea Destin, how about you come help us out over here as well?” Bianca smiled politely before all three girls laid face down on the lounge chairs, comfortably awaiting the hands of their guest.
Destin checked over the spread of food to see if he could see where they had eaten from. It was possible they refilled it after they took their portions as he didn't see where they could have taken a bite from. It was then that Joseph came back, looking athletic, and in his swim trunks. Destin was still in his street clothes, his trunks and towel propped against the wall, but he didn't raise any objections and followed the others out just the same. He would let them get settled in and then head back to change.

He noticed a bunch of people already in the pool when they went out of the house. "Oh hey, didn't know that the party was more than just us. That's cool," he said, trying not to sound surprised of the development. It wasn't as if he really cared one way or another whether there were other people at the party besides the five of them, but it would limit their free reign of the area, and what they could get away with.

His thoughts were interrupted by being handed sun screen. "Huh? What? Oh sure, no problem," he said as he squirted some lotion on his open palm as the girls settled down. He knelt down between Taja and Bianca, leaving Birdy all to Joseph. Destin's hands were warm to the touch, and slippery from the oil, with some small rough callouses from lifting weights. He alternated between Taja and Bianca, starting with their arms and moving down to their shoulders and neck. Moving down from there to their backs. And then to their waist above the hemline of their bikinis. Finally finishing with their legs. As one section was done he would switch to the other girl to complete the same corresponding section from the other girl. Needless to say, this took longer than someone just doing one person, leaving Joseph extra time to be with Birdy.

"You girls have good skin," Destin complimented as he went. "But who are the other people here? That your mom and dad?" he asked.

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Bianca giggled. "No our parents were inside entertaining the other guest. The estate is large, so lots of people usually get invited to these parties. If y'all stick around, it'll probably get even busier later on."

"Yea I noticed there were a few groups of people in the kitchen area, but it wasn't that many I didn't think." Joseph said, as he rubbed the oil into Birdy's back. He massaged it into her shoulders, then delicately rubbed his hands downwards towards her waist. The sunlight beamed down on the girls, and reflected off their freshly oiled bodies.

"That feels nice." She said quietly, "Don't forget my legs now."

He did as she asked, and continued to spread the oil up and down the back of her thighs, all with a red tint on his face. He glanced over at Destin to see how he was staying cool in the presence of the pretty ladies. He thought to himself, "I'm glad he came, he's pretty cool."

At that moment, a voice rang out from the house. It seemed to be a calling for the children that had been playing in the front of the pool, because they gathered their things, and ran off back to the building in speedy fashion. The older couple in the deep end of the pool were locked into each other's focus, and didn't seem worried about anything else going on around them.

"So Destin, what kind of things do you do for fun?" Taja questioned, turning her head to glance at him while he rubbed her back.

"Taja, let the man go get changed first." Bianca smiled. "Do you have your things? There's a small bath house right there." She pointed to a small building off to the side by itself a few feet away from the pool. "If so, go change, we can hop in the jacuzzi when you get back."

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Destin noted Bianca's double entendre regarding 'it'll probably get even busier later', but didn't say anything in response beyond a smirk. He then got down to work on massaging the oil into the girls' bodies besides Joseph. He wasn't a ton older than the girls, less than a decade, but his physical interest in the younger women wasn't much on display here. Even though he only met them less than an hour ago, he seemed to attack the problem in a way that it seemed natural. Just doing a job for a friend.

"I don't do a whole lot for fun, my life is fairly boring." Destin commented as he went, trying to answer Taja's question. "I read a little. I play a few board games and video games with others every once in a while. I watch the occasional show or movie. And every now and then I take a nap. Nothing fancy. How about you guys?" he asked back.

But before anyone could respond, Bianca interrupted them with a question about whether Destin had changed. He shook his head. "Not yet. I left the stuff back in the kitchen. Let me just go find a place to change and I'll be right back," he said as he stood up to go fast-walk into the house again. "Be right back!" he called over his shoulder, leaving Joseph with the three girls. All alone.

~Some time later.~

Destin returned and made a beeline for the jacuzzi. He winced a tiny bit as he slid in, his body not used to the temperature spike right away. "So? What I'd miss?" he asked.

Destin’s return and sudden rush to the heated waters shook everyone away from the conversation they had started earlier. Joseph was in the tub a quick second, followed by the three girls. Birdy slid in to Joseph’s right, while Bianca was on Destin’s left, and Taja to his right. The tub was spacious enough to occupy maybe two-three more people, but for the time beingnit was just the five of them.

“I love hot tubs, they are probably one of my favorite things in the world.” Joseph exclaimed.

“They are nice aren’t they?” Bianca said. “You didn’t really miss much, Joseph told us how you guys became friends. The net sure does bring people together dosen’t it?”

“The three of us surf the Net with our Navis from time to time. We arnt too big on virus busting, but we’ve been known to get busy sometimes.” Taja added, sliding closer to Destin so that their thighs were touching, “He said your Navi is pretty strong, is that true?”

Joseph chimed in with, “Yes it’s true! DragoneirMan is awesome. The strongest Navi I’ve ever seen.”

“What about your?” Birdy asked.

“Sparks, he’s my best friend. We’ve got a long ways to go, but together we are a great team.”
Destin leaned back on the seat and sunk a little into the hot waters until his chest was half-submerged. "Hmm, is that right?" Destin commented. "Well, I wouldn't say DragonierMan is the strongest navi I have ever seen, but I would definitely put him up there," he continued. "Though I will say that Joseph's Sparks has come a long way. It won't be long before that navi is in the same league as the best of the best."

He rose a little bit back out of the water slightly to adjust himself. "If you guys are surfing from time to time in a semi-non-combative style, perhaps you three might be interested in joining the Neo-Shogunate organization that we both joined. They have been recruiting for all sorts of combat and non-combat roles."

He raised his right hand half-out of the water, palm facing out, and sweeped it, causing a small wave and ripples to follow. "That way we can easily keep in touch. Maybe go on missions together. C'mon, it will be fun!" he propositioned. "What do you think?"

Both Bianca, and Taja were as close to Destin as they could be, without basically being completely on top of him. “Maybe we could take you up on that one day, as long as you promise your DragonierMan will protect our navis.” Taja responded to Destin’s invite to join the NeoShogunate.

“Sparks recently enlisted himself, and we’ve made a bunch of cool friends already.” Joseph added. The waters warmth was beginning to make him sweat, but he refused to get out. He was enjoying meeting Destin, and hanging out with the pretty young women.

“What kind of missions have y’all went on?” Birdy seemed genuinely interested to hear more about the NS experience.

“We’ve fought viruses together, and even saved a giant ninja Navi from being stuck in a dam! Some nasty looking pirates showed up, and we decided to get out of there though.” Joseph explained.
Destin reached behind him and grabbed his own towel, wiped the sweat from his brow, and then placed it back where he got it. "Yeah, sure, no problem. He's had plenty of practice protecting other Navis before. It shouldn't be a problem. You'll have nothing to worry about with him watching your back," he rambled a bit as he was squeezed in on both sides by beautiful women. Stay calm, man. Play it cool, he told himself.

"M-Missions? Man, there have been so many. I don't know where to start," he began to explain, before there was a chime behind him on his PET, next to the towel. "Hmm... I wonder what that could be?" he questioned before a tiny holographic figure flickered into life above the screen. It was DragonierMan in all his armored glory.

The knightly Navi placed one hand on his chest and bowed his head. "My Lord we have completed our mission successfully and have returned to the Tower. Lyntael, the Navi we assisted during the mission, was accepted into the Neo-Shogunate. Her diplomatic skills will make a fine addition to the non-combatants within the NS. Nightshade and Yumi have also returned, and Suzume and Aya are entertaining the three of them right now. They will handle escorting them back to their homes afterwards."

Drago then raised his head and took a look around, identifying three unknown women, two of which were snuggled against Destin. "Oh? It appears as if I am interrupting something." But then his eyes came upon one familiar man. "Oh Lord Joseph, it does me good to see you. How is Sir. Sparks? We haven't heard from you both in some time. Please inform him that we have recruited another member to the NS by the name of Lyntael. She is a young woman with blonde hair, green eyes, and wears a yellow vest and skirt. You can't miss her."

Destin had rotated around so his knees were proping him up on the bench, so he could look at Drago. "You have good timing. They were just asking about our missions. Perhaps you could regail them with a story about your most recent mission." Drago hesitated for a moment, his eyes looking down in thought. "I'm sorry My Lord, but it is still a little too early to recount what happened. Some of the things we do for the NS would be what you would call 'classified intelligence gathering' and would cause problems if they got out too early." He looked up after and squared his shoulders. "But if they have questions on other topics, other less-classified topics, than I would be willing to answer their questions."

“Ohhhh, why you so secretive.” Taja picked at him. “We won’t tell anybody Mr. DragonMan.”

“Uhhh I think he said his name was DragoneirMan Taja, don’t be rude.” Birdy snapped.

“We’re both doing well. Sparks, and Lucky seem to have stumbled into a wild situation. They are battling a giant dragon in Sharo Rouge Net.” Joseph explained while he slotted in a chip, before turning the device around so the rest of the group could see what was happening on the screen.

“Yea, my Navi wouldn’t stand a chance against that thing.” Bianca added, “But it looks like your Navi is facing it head on.”

“That’s the only way to do it in my opinion. Virus busting, and Net Battling are so fun, it’s all about finding, and overcoming new challenges.”
DragonierMan snorted, a little holographic steam coming out of his dragon skull-like helmet. "Sparks has been trained up to be a proficient battler, if I may say so," he said with a little pride at his own mentoring. "Courage and skill should see him through against this threat, as so many before. I will stay to watch my comrade conquer yet another foe." Drago crossed his arms and watched the screen from across the hot tub.

Destin rotated back to his sitting position in the hot tub. "So tell me about your guys' Navis. What kind of things do you do with them?" he asked Birdy, Taja, and Bianca. "Maybe we can hang out later this week and you can show me around to all your haunts. Either on the Net or in the city."