Everett Wheeler and Fanman.exe


Name:Everett Wheeler
Appearance:Everett is like any average teenager. He wears a navy blue sweatshirt with the Scilab logo on it. He also wears a gray T-shirt tha you can see from under his hooded sweatshirt because it is longer. He also has on long white basketball shorts that run down a little past his kneecap. His shoes are white basketball shoes as well with socks that are unseeable so it looks like he has no socks on. His eyes are a cobaly blue color. His hair is brown and long and slightly gets in his eyes.
Personality/bio:Everett is a dear soul with good intentions. But he does tend to wind up in michevious situations. For instance, when he was very little, he fell into the bagage sorter in the airport when his family flying to Netfrica. They saw him fall in and tried to save him, but they couldn't in time. Everett fell down a pit into the bagage sorter. It was a big room fill of suitcases that was tranfering lugage, but at the bottom was a capsule sorter that put the persons lugage and trasfered him. He suddenly realized that if he was stuffed with other luggage that he would'nt make it and suffocate. While crying for help, he found a PET wuth new navi data. I t didn't seem to belong anyone, so he grabbed it and pressed the neter button on the PET. suddenly, a navi appeared on the screen. That navi was Fanman.exe. Everett quickly jacked him into the network and stopped the system just in the nick of time. As soon as he was rescued and after his parents hugged and kissed him out of being happy he was alive, they asked who the PET belonged to. They used the PET history feature to see, and to his luck, their was no history fo use. Everett named the navi Fanman and that is how Everett and Fanman became close friends and a new team.
PET Modifications:With Fanman's wind abilities, a airconditioner is installed in the bottom so it can cool down Everett on a hot summer day. it also can be used as a heater to heat things up.

Appearance:Fanman has a green dome shaped head with long slanky gree arms. he has a big fan on his chest and has black legs with green boots.
Personality:Fanman is pretty much like his Operator, he is good hearted and tends to get into mischiveous situations. One time he was walking through the net and got caught up in the middle of a crime scene. The navis were blasting each other with basic buster chips along with their own attacks. it was an ensuing battle, until Fanman used his Fan to vacuum suck all of the villians. THe villians couldn't escape and after about a few seconds, Fanman stopped the suction and let them drop to the ground. They scurried away and before he was able to claim the credit, Everett jacked him out. Fanman was really mad about this, but forgave Everett later because he didn't know.
Custom Weapon:Wind wave-This attack shoots 2 air shot based blasts per fire, but instead, the shoys are shaped like small aword elemental sonic waves.
Signature Attack:Heavy wind shot-Fanman pwers up the fan on his stomach and shoots a giant slightly powerful ball of air from it. It requires a 4 turn cool down and does 70 damge.
2 things that I can see.

A 70 damage signature attack needs a 4 turn cooldown.

And second... that sprite. It's a frankenstein that is obviously AirMan and Punk. You'll need to either get rid of it, or make it less obivous what base sprites you used. Also, I just noticed you referenced Sparkman in your description, you'll have to explain it in a way other than 'like Sparkman's'.

Other than that, it looks decent.
...Well i'm not so good of a spriter. And your right it's airman and sparkman, but the arms are color man, not punk. Punk has more straight arms.

The cooldown thing I'll quickly edit.

Do you know somebody who could make a better sprite then. Or could you do it? I'd really apreaciate it, that is if you really don't allow Franken sprites. What is exactly do i have to edit besides make it less obvious?
okay, i'll work on it a bit.

So is it approved?
Well, you could always ask around in the general area. In the meantime, you should just take the sprite out, and edit one in later. No need to waste time waiting to RP.
I see no further problems. But you'll have to wait for an Admin or Offical to approve you. I can only help you out, I'm afraid.
Well, I can't see anything horribly wrong and Steve can't either, so...

Get: Atk +1, Rpd+1, Chg +1, Undershirt
Get: Rageclaw, Cannon, Shotgun

Post profiles where required.