Teaming Up

Seeing as this is a board made for cooperative tactics, I figured I could post here for this request of mine. I'm a NetBattler who has recently started after being on a long hiatus of fighting viruses. I currently have 4 chips and I could use someone to help me through the first phases of receiving more strength. I need someone to help me collect more CHP data of viruses to create chips. We might even stick together and fight together some more. I'm willing to take anyone as team mate, but I prefer someone strong.

- A. Darkholme -

I'm the Navi in question, Divinity.EXE, and I'll tell some details about myself. I'm a fully defensive Navi and am quite versatile. My Operator has filled my NaviCust with a lot of charge power so I'll be able to do some damage even if I am out of chips. I just need someone to back me up if this will happen since my normal attacks are pitiful. I'll look forward to meeting someone interesting and strong.

- Divinity.EXE -
I have not yet saved up enough for a Sword chip, and need some extra cash myself. If you need some help for backup and possible offense, I'm your man.

- Rafael

My god this one's formal. We rocked up to the Chip Shop and priced the Sword chip, waaaay to much for us. I am pretty good at the offensive stuff, and could whoop the butts of all viruses. Bring it on!

- Lavaman.EXE
Hello. My name is Frederick Swift, although most people (including myself, heh) call me by my surname. My navi Gunner and I have some battle experience, and we are looking to improve our teamwork skills. We have ten chips at the moment, although one of them, a Flameline, is of little use to a Cursor navi. We have also procured a Speed Upgrade.
If you choose to accept my offer, the matter of time is up to you. My navi is currently engaged in battle, but I expect he will soon be finished.

One way or another... Heh heh...

A little morbid, but true...

<Swift and Gunner.EXE>
I apologize Lavaman and Rafael, but you must've seen the part where I noted that I prefer a stronger teammate. Seeing as Swift has reacted to my request and has stated that he has a big supply of weaponry, I will go along with him. Don't take this the wrong way, but I am merely looking for the best options to continue.

- A. Darkholme -

I'll look forward to meeting you, Gunner. Name your place, time and we shall be there. This topic has served its purpose.

- Divinity.EXE -
Bah, don't worry about it. Hope gunner blows some heads off.

- Rafael

What the hell are you talking about? Slice that guy's head off! Now!

- Lavaman.EXE

You can't do that in the real world, Lavaman.


I don't care! Do it! Use that pipe ov - *MUTE*

After some... difficulties on the Net, I think Gunner and I are ready. How does the Scilab area sound? It's intermediate between Electown and ACDC, so it should offer some powerful chips without placing you in over your head. There's a cafe in front of the Battlechip Research Centre where we can meet. I'll be the one in the black fedora.

See you shortly.
<Swift and Gunner.EXE>
I'll be there.

- A. Darkholme -
hey we would be willing to team up anytime so just send me a note if you wanna and i will come.
------Sicon tartus

Yeah my net op is right we are willing to team up with you at anytime so let me tell you about me. Im a full on attack navi....but i just have the starter navicust. and my folder has Zapring cannon,RageClaw,shot gun. my sig attack is demon aura. and if you wish i would be willing to soul cross but thats your thing

You big silly. Check the postmark. ;3

This thing's been dead for so long, a couple of the people who've posted here have decided to die too.

Best of luck with the team effort, guys.